50.000 Vorkath KC, not even Rigour unlocked. So obvious, yet I have no idea how they make it this far without getting caught. Any legitimate player would have bought Rigour after making 5b+ GP.

50.000 Vorkath KC, not even Rigour unlocked. So obvious, yet I have no idea how they make it this far without getting caught. Any legitimate player would have bought Rigour after making 5b+ GP.




you make a good point


It's hard to argue with your assessment.


I'm sorry to have missed that, they seem to have risen in popularity as of late




Why wouldn't you get rigour on an alt to make those kills faster?


And considering it's only what? 12m now, no brainer. Rigour is the single best range upgrade you can get and that price tag is wayyy to good to turn down, especially if you're gonna do 50k vorkaths, even if it's a goldfatmer/bot or actual player.


Costs more prayer though, maybe they cant calculate profits


That's just an average Vorkath enjoyer.


That's my 70 prayer pure


Worst part is you can bet based on the other stats that it’s more than likely a hacked account that someone used to play. I’ve heard of several people taking long breaks, coming back to find their account was hacked and they had like 5k kc at zulrah/vork. Secure your accounts and stay safe, everyone.


Just happened to my buddy left his acc as a 60 def pure wirh 95 mage came back to over 2.7k zulrah kc and 1.2m exp to 99 mage.


.. a 60 def pure? Have I warped into a different reality?


Yeah was odd. Botter put him to 79 def so now hes going main acc


So…98 mage?


Yeah 98 mage.


Happened to my sister. Low level account, maybe 300 total. Came back after about a year, unlocked the account, logged-in to find high combat starts and a ton of boss kills, can’t remember which boss. No wealth on the account though.


this account has like almost the bare minimum req's for dragon slayer 2


It would be an incredible waste of time and money for literally any bot farm to bot accounts all the way to ds2 completion. Far more reliable to buy a hacked account to use.


Possible this is a gold farmer, not a bot


It would still be a waste of their time but it’s not unreasonable for them to train up their own accounts. Just seems like membership would cost an arm and a leg for someone who can pay their bills farming Vorkath.


When i got my old main back it had 16k demonic gorilla kc, ~60 zenyte shard in the log


Happened to me a while back and they managed to kill 8k gargoyles and 16k wyverns before getting banned… Edit: I swear it was Jed, because the same thing happened to 2 irl friends. All of us were easily able to recover perma banned accounts that were supposed to be unappealable.


This happened to a main I had that was used for a zulrah bot account, but when I recovered it I got banned for macroing. It was permanent and unappealable, got it back several years later by sending in an email. Classy Jagex


I mean if you get your account back and its combat stats have been trained to max, that's not the worst thing in the world haha


There was also the guy who blatantly botted and got 5 "perm" bans and claimed to have been hacked every single time and got his account back. Jagex really can't monitor anything.


This bot almost has 99 magic from crumble undead lmao. Jagex seems to not care about these bots


>Hi reddit! I just got banned on my vorkath alt, can any jmods please at least check my ticket i tried to appeal I didn't bot


>I swear I've never ever botted in my life for realzies guys! Just look at Gudi's last video where he got falsely banned!!11!!!!!1. Must have been the same thing for me too :(


He can’t afford rigor, that’s why!


That’s Jose, he’s #2, everyone knows who #juan is


idk i know a few people who wont buy rigour thinkin its too expensive and a lot of players dont understand how good prayers are.


Sarcasm or do do you actually think this might be a legit/ non gold-farming player? I really hope it's the former.


Because simply farming gold isn't against the rules and when they don't get caught selling the gold, there is no reason to ban them


If you have killed 50k vork but don’t have 6b+ of loot on your account then it’s pretty obvious what happened to it


Sand casino?


Except that you still run the risk of banning an autistic person that fell in love with Vorkath and uses it to fund several alts or something. Jagex tends to err on the side of caution to avoid as many wrongful bans as possible.


Meanwhile every time Gudi posts a video to his channel he gets banned...




First time in my life I’ve ever had to write “err on the side of caution.”


literally any number of things could have happened to that money, u cant just assume someone is a rwt and ban them


I have more than 6b and havent bought or sold gold. Not everyone does, but some do so I see your point. But its not black and white.


OP's argument would apply to a gold farmer too. Rigour would speed up kills, ending up with more money overall. OP's logic is that only a bot wouldn't do it, and that's because it'd take too much effort to program that in, though I don't really buy it because rigour isn't quest locked AFAIK.




You don't need any quests to use rigour. Just 74 prayer and the scroll


> OP's logic is that only a bot wouldn't do it, and that's because it'd take too much effort to program that in No, the bots and goldfarmers use bare mimimum gear and don't buy things like rigour/build pohs because you can't sell them and there's always a risk of getting banned. They never store any significant wealth on those accounts.


What you're saying about goldfarmers is opposite to what cch is saying. You're claiming they never store wealth on those accounts (ie consistently sell/trade away the gold), but cch is claiming they don't get banned until they sell the gold. I honestly don't know which is true, but if what you say is true, then cch is incorrect that these accounts don't get banned because they haven't RWT'd yet.


Gold farmers and bots constantly offload gold. Anyone thinking them storing 5b in drops to sell in one go when they don't have money for food is naive at best. It's just an excuse Jagex uses for not banning them.


I wouldn't think every single one of them is the same. I know that a successful gold farmer actually does pretty well in terms of local wealth. It's a communist country so while the government is failing to adequately provide, it does give a baseline that when you add untaxed wealth on top of it you can do fairly nicely. The *monthly* minimum wage is $2.40 USD, so making $1/hour from farming is a substantial increase over the poorest. That being said, I definitely don't want to diminish their struggle or claim they have an easy or great life. just that I think some could hold off on withdrawing wealth if it was beneficial to do so.


Iirc a lot of these are literally just them not knowing about the game.


If this is a case of a gold farmer who plays for an income I don't think they're going all the way to hundreds of dollars worth of gold at a time without selling along the way to sustain themselves. It really just leans towards my personal theory that gold farmers sell off the gold to mains personally (most likely through programs like discord where there's large communities of OSRS players who will gladly buy gold). A high level account giving a bunch of gold to another high level doesn't really look any too different than splitting a boss drop or giving gp for a loan.


Except if they were using a bot.


Wooooow aint no way in hell this guy is playing ”legitimate”


50k kc ...


he just likes the challenge, extra defence makes it trivial


I can tell you exactly how this works. This is a handplayed goldfarmer. They dump the gold regularly, most likely 1-2 times a day with any of the following methods: Droptrade PvP world droptrade PvP death Selling to store and mule buying from store Falador partyroom. However, Jagex has 0 tools to monitor any of these methods. Therefore their argument is that they can't ban anyone before they've sold the gp, when in reality most of the profits have been sold long time ago. There's the issue. The unwillingness of the company to invest in proper resources for employees is the true core issue here.


He's just playing self-sufficient game mode and doesn't have friends to do raids. /s


I'm likely to get quite some Vorkath before rigor because I'm more likely to do solo content, and I'm playing a Bronzeman account where I can't buy Rigor (or anything else) until I first get it as a drop or PVP loot.


im surprised a bot/goldfarmer wouldnt even get it tbh


50 isn’t that much! Keep it up!


Can someone explain why rag gear is a sign of a bot or gold farmers? Like if their sole goal is to make money, wouldn't they make much more Gp/hr with better gear? Then they could always sell their gear when they are ready to cash out.


But jagex is doing all its can against bots!!! /s


It’s probably a J mods personal bot


Not having rigour doesn't mean anything of value. Don't people in this subreddit brag about how everyone should be inefficient? Not that they are either or not a bot


He has 50k vork kills, 51 con… this is a gold farmer idk how you can think it’s any different