Going dry at Phosani's Nightmare

Going dry at Phosani's Nightmare


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I spend more time running back and forth to the boss than killing (read as: dying to) it myself, but I just suck at Phosani for some reason


I was happier getting the slepey tablet than I would have been with a unique. Tele to it is perfect.


Slepey tablet is a unique


You got this brotha man! Just started learning this past weekend. At about 155 kc after a week of grinding and about 5 kills away from turning my K/D positive! Think im at about 155 kills 160 deaths. Its quite an unforgiving boss but sometimes its better to dodge than dps


Isn’t it always better to dodge?


Eh once you get better at the corner walk during black holes then you can focus dps. But after teaching a few friends that cant get the corner walk down. I just tell em to avoid the black holes at all cost as opposed to trying to attack during that special


Corner walk? Is there a good video showing this? I've done a lot of normal Nightmare KC and learning Phosani, but I don't think I've seen that technique before.


Umm king condor might get into it in his video. I mainly just picked it up myself while watching streamers do it. If you tag phosani and highlight her tile, you’re able to time a walk onto any corner tile of her box, then if you click her at the right time you attack while getting pushed back over the hands that have already gone up. And if you time it well enough, the black hole wont appear in that corner so you can just walk right to it, wait for just before her attack, click on her to get pushed back and repeat


Brother keep trying! It took me so many attempts to get the first kc. Then i got Plateskirt at 16, Tablet at 18, Helm at 63 and another Helm at 100. Currently at 120kc and stopping for now. Its definitly worth the grind!


in the long run yeah it's worth it but you got mega spooned so you can't really say it's "definitely worth it" just from your anecdote


Well yeah im obviously talking about „in the long run“. I got pretty lucky.. i know that. I just wanna motivate because maybe the same will happen to him aswell.


Anecdotal evidence is best in slot ;)




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I downvote everyone who edits their post about getting downvoted, not sure what the initial ones were for.


You’re getting downvoted because you’re basing it’s worth off your extremely spooned drops, people don’t like hearing about others extremely lucky drops


Basically he forget that people in this subreddit are man babies


It’s 6.4m / hr if you do it for a year straight smh


Yeah I was curious about how long it would take the other day and at 7 kills an hour if you hit droprate it works out to be something like 430 hours to hit the gp/hr listed due to how rare the big money uniques are. Eldritch orb and Mace together are 1/2 of your gp/hr here


3010 kills yikes


>Eldritch orb and Mace together are 1/2 of your gp/hr here And the 1/512 Primordial drop from Cerberus is 80% of your gp/hr last I checked


Man I really hope your killing more then 7 cerberus an hour tho


I have around 400 hours at regular solo nm and phosanis combined, and ive hit the gp rates. It actually did take me about a year of only killing nightmare, I started like last October. Its just the way the boss is, cant just drop in for 100 kills and leave like zulrah


I've had 2 inq drops in 350kc. But I would both trade them in for that damn tablet


Its always someone getting double that gp/h or super dry people. But please dont tell me ur like 200 kc dry


Lmfao s tier edit


so is there "Nightmare" and "Phos... Nightmare"?


Yep. Regular nightmare and then phosanis is a solo only more difficult version.


Man I went 375 kills dry to get a fucking staff money hag doesn’t exist


385 for my staff tonight, shit game


I had nothing but 3 staffs and pet till kc 1230 :( then staff 4 on 1223, then harm orb finally on 1235kc. I managed rank 76 pnm at the time from pure dryness


How I feel about all of the boss profit tables.


Except vorkath haha


Best I can do is grapes and a wrath tally.


Them grapes add up


More bosses should be like this (as in you should NOT make any money while dry)


Steady on there buddy! The casual gamer police are about to come and shit all over you. I think you’ll find that all bosses should shit out 3m/hr+ in alchables via an unlimited instance, right??? That’s totally healthy for the game!! It’s not my fault I have 8 wives 9 jobs and 46 kids in wheelchairs


Normally I’d agree with you but gauntlet must be protected at all costs, it’s top tier content


Completely agree. I think the perfect balance would have been something like theoretical gp/hr: skilling < high levelled mobs < smaller grindable bosses < big bosses and raids, yet in terms of consistency it would go the complete opposite direction. What we currently have is close it’s just the small bosses are way to OP in terms of their blend of gp/hr and consistency. And the drop-off in gp/hr for skilling is so sharp that it isn’t really worth doing at all, much of which is probably thanks to the small bosses that shit out resource drops constantly.


400kc so far, only got the egg and the tablet. Im doubting that gp/hr is correct


5mil xp dry for pharohs sceptre


The wiki exp rates are so inflated.


Any examples that you can point to so that I can fix them? (Construction doesn't count because they are worded with "up to" because players vary so much in their attention/RL plugin settings/practice/setup. So doing "reasonable" rates actually had people constantly changing them to higher rates because construction - when you are in the flow of it, and have ur screen set up right - is quite easy to hit close to those rates.)


Wiki is top tier, thank you for your contributions friend.


Rates on bosses with high variance / low drop rates are not accurately conveyed - players doing gauntlet or nightmare receive a couple hundred mil every couple hundred hours. Simplifying the fraction down to gp per 1 hr produces a number that only accurately reflects the experience of the tens of players with thousands of kills. I think somehow denoting this variance prominently would lead to much more realistic perceptions for players using the wiki as a resource. It evidently isn't enough to describe it in the write up. Just realized they said exp rates. Similarly, those are prone to providing hourly rates when it'll be hard to find many people who actually skill for an hour straight (depending on the skill). Since it's just stretching say 15 minutes to an hour it's not as misrepresentative and probably not worth complicating or losing the convenient /hr standardization.


I think most people know that high tiered drops skew the gp/hr. Maybe add a gp/hr without rare drops, but I think that's unnecessary as for bosses like nightmare it would be pretty much 0.


If people are too dumb to read the write up, that's on them. Anyone who is competent enough to get to the point where they can farm this content should understand how easy it is to go dry on it.


I think the "best" way to do it would be what mmmmiiiikkkkeeee said, provide profit not including rares, however it would have to be on the "write-up" section below cuz there is just no way to incorporate that at the moment. It feels limp-wristed/ignorable(?) to have "this profit varies based on kph/obtaining rares" as a warning or something so having a non-rare gp/hr available in the text immediately after will be the most viable way. and yes you are right, /ph is not something that will likely go away


You're just bad, if anything the wiki rates are always decently under what the theoretical max is.


Look at your comment history, go outside bro.


\>anon doesn't understand how averages with rare drops work Many such cases!


I can’t even kill the majority of bosses, so I can’t sympathize, I suffer not even having the chance to go dry.


what doesnt make sense is phosanis droprates. if you 5 man you can kill a lot more nms an hr than phosani which would still be more profitable. >but u can kill phosani faster than solo nm i mean yes but why would u solo nightmare


I mean sure, but you'll have to split it 5 ways. If you FFA your effective drop rate is 1/500 from normal NM. So would you prefer 1/500 every 3.5 - 4.5 mins versus 1/167 every 7-8 mins.




320kc 0 drops so far and on an iron. I dont like grandma


I got the tablet at 31kc luckily. At 114 kills still havent seen nothin valuable and im 28m down the shitter in scythe and sang charges.


2 eggs tablet and mace 180 kc ez


This is one of the biggest reasons I quadrolo. Whenever I put a gaming session I pull out tens of mills, guaranteed if not one day the next. For example quadrolo gorillas for me is literally 1 zenyte every 2 hours, luck is not necesary. It's for grinds that involve +100h to hit averages, if you're an unlucky rare outlier with bad rng you can actually waste your time if doing corp or NH, just like some pet hunters have to go 3 times over drop rate kc wise, you at the nightmare might have to do the same to get the big ticket drops and get many dupes of the worse uniques. ​ jagex should divide mega-rare drops into parts (like godsword shards and hilts) so the profits are more consistent instead on the statistical outliers


Would be good to see statistical variances calculated for profit per hour stats calculated on the wiki.


Im now 272 dry... My friend is 320... The drop rate is shit


Say that two my two pets, two hauberks, and harm 🥄