Ask your school not Reddit ASAP




Can I be the first to say…. I’m sorry for your loss. There will always be another exam… there will never be another Grandad that you have just lost. Hug your mum/dad whoever just lost their parent, it’s really hard for them too. Talk to college/school, you’ll be given extenuating circumstances. The funeral date will be between 2.5 & 3.5 weeks in my honest opinion.


Could you not give your exam timetable to whoever in your family is planning the funeral and ask them to not do it on any of those days? Sorry if this is an ignorant comment, I'm not the most knowledgeable when it comes to how funerals work. R.I.P. to your grandad


tbh out of all the comments i read this is the most sensible and logical option


Missing the exam means you'd need to undertake it in the next exam series. Bereavement is different to funeral arrangements- it refers to the sudden trauma of losing someone, not the feelings of grief in the coming weeks or later funeral arrangements. If you miss the funeral, your emotions and thoughts are likely to be elsewhere anyway. It's ultimately your choice, go to the funeral or do the exam (which can be resat later anyway). A very tough decision either way but reach out to friends and family to help you.


no you cannot sit the exam the next day. sounds harsh but that's the way it is


u have to sit ur exam im afraid


Likely not. [AQA](https://www.aqa.org.uk/exams-administration/exams/unforeseen-circumstances) says the below about it > *"When students are disadvantaged during their exams due to unforeseen personal circumstances such as illness, injury or **bereavement**, we can sometimes make mark adjustments as part of a process called special consideration."* > *"If a student thinks they may be eligible for special consideration, they should discuss this with the exams officer at their school or college. The school or college must support an application for special consideration."* Most likely they will be given 'special consideration'. OP should check with their specific exam board and discuss it with their College as well. Even if the funeral doesn't allign with the date of the exam, it may be worth for them taking this 'special consideration' given that the mental strain of bereavement may have a significant impact on OP.


This. Additionally the process to do this is through your school - make sure you tell them asap as special consideration gets lodged on the day of the exam usually. It will be good for a maximum of 5% grade boost. If you miss the whole exam they may use other results in the exam series to work out your grade. For a pre-planned event it may not be possible. Condolences.


This mark adjustment doesn’t mean you can skip the exam.


It depends on what will be judged. I'm unsure whether or not they would consider a funeral as a justifiable reason to hand Alternative Arrangements (I would imagine so due to religion though). Nevertheless, OP likely qualifies for Special Consideration, and further details can be discussed between them, the College, and their exam boards.


I think you get a maximum of 4 or 3% on the paper above the average, so they may not be happy with an average mark


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I thought that might be the case, obviously it's not ideal, but it'll be ok


I'm not sure what exam board you're with, but at least CAIE has some special considerations for this: https://www.cambridgeinternational.org/exam-administration/cambridge-exams-officers-guide/phase-5-exam-day/special-consideration/


I mean, you could just say you have COVID and get your result for that exam extrapolated from your other paper. You don't need to have proof of a positive test anymore and just need to contact your school saying you have COVID.


might be risky to lie though, idk what would happen if it was found out but i’m guessing it wouldn’t be good. doesn’t seem worth it when you could probably get concessions for grief anywha


1 make sure the school knows. Even if the funeral is on a day you can attend you won’t be 100% and the exam board needs to consider it. 2 I had an exam clash once and we had to be chaperoned by an independent party from the start of the missed exam to the start of when we took the second one. For us it was just lunch, but in other years it included staying overnight at school and no access to phones etc. I am really sorry to hear about this, I wish you all the best.


this happened to me with my GCSES and they told me it's not a good enough reason to miss an exam and get my predicated so I still had to sit it. They marked it nicer though apparently