yes you are supposed to have it in exam mode and yes you do gain an unfair advantage by not having it in exam mode (else exam mode wouldn't even exist lmao)


True, but what advantages do u get? I had it in exam mode in my mocks, but didn’t really change much


breaks the jcq regulations for allowing data retrieval and access to functions that are not allowed (external add-ons and I think some matrix/vector stuff is blocked)


You lose access to conversions in exam mode, but that’s pretty much it (for UK mode). IB mode makes you lose access to some vector stuff too, but you still have access to that for A Levels.


Wdym conversions?


Like m/s to km/h, etc This is for the CG50. I don’t know about the Classwiz


The main thing is that you can't store things in the calc's memory for use during the exam


It's meant to give you disadvantages. The exam mode isn't for you, it's to make your calculator less powerful so you can't use it to make the test easier. It's to level the playing field with people who have worse calculators than yourself and also to make sure you don't cheat. They will check it at the start.


Do they have exam mode on rpn calculator?


They never really check our calculators, I'm doing Edexcel.


im doing edexcel too and the most they do is ask you to clear your calculator’s storage


Best put it in exam mode either way


This all the way! I do invigilating to get some extra cash, and at some centres we check every calculator, at others we don’t. Depends on the supervisor of the day and how religiously the centre (or school) follows the rules to a t. I know that in my A-Levels, the Mathematics wasn’t checked, but the Further Maths was. So just put on exam mode to make sure and give you peace of mind!


Hi! Will I be allowed to use 2 a level maths calculators in my exam? The fxcg50 and the fx991 ex? Thanks


The rules state that it’s “candidates may use **a** calculator i. an examination unless i’m this is prohibited by the awarding body’s specification”. So that suggests only one calculator can be taken in. I am not sure as that’s a question that was never addressed. I would ask your exam officer, they will be able to check.


You would be drawing attention to yourself having two. Drawing attention could raise suspicion.


Yes, this is fine.


Whats exam mode?


disables some calculator features that could be banned in exams like note taking, external applications, computer algebra etc.


What calculators have them? Does the standard classwiz calculator feature this exam mode?


classwiz wouldn't need it because you can't load external software and there's not really any banned capabilties on it. the prizm calculators like the cg-50 have it because they support running external software and have applications that can store notes etc.


Surely you can just put it in exam mode if and when they check. Then as soon as you start the test, you flip it back. Or am I not understanding something


no it lasts for 12 hours once enabled, and can only be disabled before then by connecting to a computer


I see. Thanks for clearing that up


yes, i had a further maths exam next to me and they got checked


I was told they sometimes check them and if they do yours NEEDS to be in exam mode. If it isn't in exam mode then you can put data in the calculator's storage and access it in the exam which is obviously an advantage..


Exam mode clears the history to make sure you haven’t stored anything in it. Seems a sensible precaution for little effort!


(from casio) "This mode allows you to quickly prepare your calculator for exams. This mode restricts access to Memory mode, Program mode, eActivity, vector commands, Program commands(W (output command), : (multi-statement command), l (carriage return) ), E-CON3 mode, data transfer, add-in applications, add-in languages, storage memory access, user name editing, so these modes and functions are not available during exams" if it doesn't make a difference to you whats the problem with just getting into exam mode? then your screen will have a green border and be super obvious so no issues


You absolutely must put your calculator in exam mode, especially if it's one of the more advanced graphing calculators like the fx-CG50. You'll also have to ensure it's in the correct exam mode (A-Level rather than IB). This is because it's very easy to programme the calculators to e.g store important equations you need to know, constants you need to remember, etc. Putting your calculator in exam mode takes away access to this.


if they dont check its calm


I had Edexcel Econ and Business and my calculator wasn't in exam mode but then again it also wasn't checked by invigilators


They check ours before we enter the room and again before we start the exam.


Mine wasn't for my aqa further math exam, so I'm guessing most likely not but don't bank on it!


I had an AS-like exam (end of first year content) and they changed all our calculators into exam mode (graphical that is).


Mine wasn't I had a test today