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Been a fantastic reign so far. The recent Shift into a no nonsense bad-ass Has been real interesting too.


I love this version of hangman. Very similar to when we went into the bucks revolution match. Drinking with the fans and just not taking shit


In kayfabe, it's makes 100% sense. He gained confidence. He knows he is the best. Aew is so good


I’m digging it!


Agreed so hard. Been an excellent run. This is what wrestling is all about.


It's way better than constantly going "uuuhhh"


All bangers, no Hange…..wait.


All bangers all Hangers. That's the cowboy shit for you


All bangers, no limp wangers


This is the best Hangman has looked since Full Gear imo. He pulls off the badass thing well. I'm surprised the match wasn't more back and forth. I feel like he dominated pretty much the entire time.


Dude I thought COLE was gonna win given how domaint hangman was


So did I. I was worried the whole time waiting for ReDragon to interfere. That's how he should be booked. Dude had the crowd the whole time and was just showing off.


Yeah there were a few moments that usually spell a loss. But I enjoyed it! One key thing I think we need tobtake away from this is that Hangman has shown vulnerability, he wouldn't land that kill shot with the chair to Adam Cole, that will be how he loses the title down the line! I love it, that will kick-start the next evolution of Hangman!






Boring champ


All Killer, No Filler


It’s been one hell of a reign.


OOPS, all bangers!


I don’t wanna hear any talk about ‘boring champion’, guy puts on nothing but bangers


He is so boring only one good match vs danielson


Well you're clearly in the minority




Me thinks Punk vs Hangman gonna be an all timer


He better beat punk!


The fact that Hangman has to share time with so many other big stars now where the other three champions really didnt, should be taken into consideration. But I think each champion has had their own challenges to deal with. All in all, Hangman is doing fantastic.


I thought Jon Moxley had the best reign a champion could ever have -- I watched every single match he had that year -- but Hangman has been just as good, just a bit more low-key on account of the fact that he never seems to be on Dynamite


I think the early stages of Omegas championship run with those early matches against Moxley actually added to Moxs title run as well. That exploding barbed wire death match I think would be legendary if not for that botched explosion :(


Holy shit yes. Not a single bad match, not a single mediocre match... bangers all around. How is people saying Hangman is underwhelming


WWE plants are saying he's underwhelming.


Or just maybe people have different opinions. Fuck yall don't have to be like this all time.


Check out the general comments in Squared Circle.


TK isn't going to knock on your door and suck your dick. Neither is Vince. Neither is Gedo or any other booker for that matter.


Exactly If you talk about presentation, Hangman is average looking (which is kind of the point) but I see how some people might not be into it.


I've enjoyed Hangman's reign tho lol That wasn't what my comment was about


Some definitely much stronger than others. But all of them rock solid.


I think we can finally put the “Hangman’s reign is so boring!” argument to rest after tonight. One of my top favorite matches.


The dude is the ace of AEW, no question. Thats my World Champion.


Wangman's been killing it!




Return of WANGMAN!


I love his run as champ. He puts on great matches and gives everything he has. People just want instant gratification. Hanger earned that shit and he continues to make anyone who challenges him earn it. When he eventually gets beat, it will be because that person earned it. Not somebody who's been winning by nut shots. Cole will have his time, it's just not now.


Banger counter : 7/7


Best fucking title reign ever. Yeah I said it.


Bullseye partner


Our Champion is awesome


I don't know why, but I just can't get behind Page. His matches are good, he's a great performer, I'm just not a Hangman fan.


His matches have been so great. I just wish his storylines were more interesting and didn’t take a back seat to so many others.


Hes definitely put on all bangers makes up for him not really having a strong story


He's been a good champion but I'd like to see what Punk can do as champion.


He’s a great wrestler but only an average champion at this point. I don’t think this run is nearing its end, so hopefully some more meaningful stories can be told.


Need him to have a reign over 277... maybe over 346 days. But, I expect he'll fall just short of beating Omega's reign. Hope he holds on until All Out where he'll be at about 290 days as champ. Maybe that's when someone ^(MJF) finally takes Hangman's place on top of the mountain.


I like the way you are thinking here. We’re hopefully looking at a 200+ day run but unlikely to see his reign go on for longer than Kenny’s. More than anything, the next few feuds need to solidify the World Championship and the wrestler wearing the belt as most important aspect of AEW.


Nothing about his reign has been interesting since the second danielson match. He had a meaningless feud based on geography with archer, a random match with no story with Dante Martin in the middle of a dynamite, and a boring mid card feud with Adam cole.


Tell me you a 🤡 without telling me you a 🤡


AEW fanboys are just as bad as AEW haters. Why can't you be normal?


Yep. I was massively into Page winning vs Omega but now the world title isn't even in the top 3 fueds in AEW. Tonight's match was dull


This was easily the worst match of the title reign and I know I'm going to get downvoted for it


That’s the thing though. It may have been of not as high quality as his other title matches but it was still a fucking barn burner.




the chair thing was because at the PPV he tied cole up and beat him and got boo'd for doing heel tactics. (he apologized for it to the crowd after the PPV) This was the reverse, it was him realizing he went to far before and he wont do it again.


Sure wish I remebered it was on at a different time …. Guess I’ll watch the crappy YouTube highlight


Sorry, Page has been booked terribly. He’s a slightly less intimidating Test.


Just found the worst take on Reddit.🏆




Is that even a fair comparison from him lmao 🤣 I don’t see anything in common from hangman and test


Blonde hair. Boom. 🤣


Go back to Squared Circle.


Wtf, you guys are toxic.


Sorry, I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. I watch AEW and pay for the privilege in the UK. I find Page monotonous because, in my opinion, his booking has been woeful. That’s just my opinion. Not everyone without a semi for Tony Khan is a plant or a bot or has an agenda against AEW.


This was the first title match that was just ok in my opinion


CM Punk vs Hangman Page when?


Hangman v CM Punk is a PPV main event.


This is my champion. This is OUR champion. His storytelling through matches is literally the best in the world, he channels his inner badass with dark thoughs but so far can control himself. At least until what I hope will be Punk where he'll go over but will have to channel his Bullet Club Hangman


Now just let him open Dynamite with an in-ring promo. He's god damn earned it!


I am always holding out hope that Miro will come back and take the belt off Hangman, redeeming himself from his God above and wife below him.


I can easly say his reign is my favourite out of all in AEW, can't wait for his match at double or nothing


Does anyone feel like Hangman just ran over Cole both matches? They seemed so one sides both times.


They're building Hangman up for his defense against Punk eventually.


Son of a bitch! What is this ratio I am seeing about Hangman's reign as world champ?


No argument on the quality of the matches. However, some of the match buildups have been subpar. He deserves better.


His stories and segments have been lackluster imo but the matches make up for it If you judge the best AEW champion so far overall its Kenny imo if you judge purely on match quality it's Hangman


What I love about his defence against Dante is that it was a way to 1) Acknowledge that Dante was ranked and earned himself a title shot 2) it was a way to reward Dante for all the work he put in while his brother was on the shelf and 3) it was a nice sendoff for his singles run.


I'd say the misses were between the matches.


Adam Page is the best champ we’ve had since Jericho. He’s fantastic.


Honestly was left disappointed tonight. Felt like that match needed more time and I don’t think the rivalry has reached the point for a Texas death match stip.


Ah yes the good old wangman times