[OC] Old Hotel in North St. Louis County, Missouri

[OC] Old Hotel in North St. Louis County, Missouri


Dam lwts buy it


Mold and asbestos abatement will eat you alive. Not to mention the vermin, homeless folks, and gangs that will need to be removed.


This sounds like the plot of a movie where the action genre meets horror. "After battling an endless bureaucracy to gain control of his land, this one man faces vermin, homeless, gangs, and his most lethal adversary yet, mesothelioma."


Was in that part of town looking for flea markets a few weeks ago. I'll bet that building was awesome in its heyday. Now the area is just kind of scary and run down.


Here are some videos about it. [exploration video](https://youtu.be/MncWZAoXuVU) [another exploration video](https://youtu.be/l2nJ8FCrKKY)


Oh cool, thanks for sharing! I assumed it was a hotel, pretty cool that it was an apartment building.


The original plan for the complex was for there to be a twin tower on the opposite side of the low rise building attached to the tower.


Ahhh, the classic circular architecture, allowing every guest to get a "Strip Mall View"


I installed the cell antennas on the top of this building in 2014. It was not abandon at the time, at least not fully, and I suspect it is still not abandoned. Honestly this place is burned in my memory so vividly by what I saw there and it has in part shaped my life since.


What did you see? And people were still living there in 2014?? Wow!


Yes people were living there. There was even a day care operating on the first floor. What I saw was a level of neglect I was unfamiliar with previously in this country. I was ignorant of its true nature, I was naive and sheltered. Now I see it more clearly.