Well, hi! Former band geek here. I'm the 3rd bass clarinet player from the right: https://imgur.com/gallery/sKyvkYv If you were really impassioned about music, being a music major might be worthwhile, even thought there are (and always will be) people more talented than you are.) But frankly, making a career in music is incredibly difficult for anyone. I would urge you to continue making music, but look elsewhere for a career. You will be out of school much longer than you will be in school, and you'll need a career that's more satisfying and lucrative than music would be for you. What else could you imagine for a career?


I was looking into majoring in political science. I do enjoy art too but I feel like it would be just as difficult of a major as music.


Political science, art, and music are all difficult to turn into a career, unless you want to teach these subjects. Instead of thinking about what you want to major in, can you tell me what you would like to do in your early adulthood? I'm looking for a realistic possibility; I want to be a ballerina, but that's NOT realistic.