Starting to feel like Demolisher is the problematic class. (Maybe a bit of a rant)

Starting to feel like Demolisher is the problematic class. (Maybe a bit of a rant)


I have seen mentioned several times on this Reddit that demo is the “tank” class. It’s not. Yes it’s a heavy weapons class and it excels at trash and large mob CC, but it’s no tank-ier than any other class edit: spell check hates tank-ier


Yeah, I actually kinda feel like the Demolisher is more of a support based class, and that's how I play it. It's my job to sweep up adds, and stun elites so that the other classes can kill them.


You're a good Demo


^This This is how I play demo. Use blastwave with cooldown and radius perks to stun elites and secondary weapon to reduce ads to a manageable level for the rest of the team. People who have been saying this is a tank role instantly see 'frontline role' and assume tank. When the reason he is frontline is because his weapons are truly devastating so his team should be behind him to stop risk of friendly fire.


Demolisher is Crowd Control. Definitely not a "Tank." Is it *good* at killing things? Absolutely. But it requires the same finesse to play as every other class. Especially on Intense or higher, where the Demolisher can deal out tons of FF damage if they aren't careful.


Heh, yeah hopefully we’ll see flamethrower users being a little more careful as they learn how quickly they can melt their team. One good thing is that their rockets don’t hurt you. I usually drop them on a prowler victim rather than chance putting bullets into them. When I’m playing with a demo I don’t mind hanging back and covering flanks, debuffing enemies etc, I only care about mission completion, not damage leaderboard, but as you said, part of that is having them not walk in front of you. It goes for everyone too. If you’re at the front, please no strafing.


I down every flamethrower user that hits/downs me with friendly fire, and then wait to revive till there is 3-5 sec left before they die, while continuing to fire in their face. Most players I encountered changed their behavior with the flamethrowers instantly after that.


You mean the ability rockets right? Not the rocket launcher


Ah yeah. I guess that’s what OP meant by micro-barrage.


Bad players are gonna be bad players no matter what class. Pretty sure Demolisher is gonna be a popular class with people simply just because you get a rifle and the Smartgun.


>Bad players are gonna be bad players no matter what *game*. FTFY


I do think this is case.


Flamers should always be up front thinning the swarm so anything that gets past can be picked off from behind, by the people who can actually see where and what they are aiming at.


we're getting really tired of you guys hating for the sake of hate. some of us dont do those things, and this is the 3rd post in 3 days trying to spread hate for people who play a class the devs put in themselves. if you dont stop, all demos are just gonna turn on you.


Demolishers aren’t the only class that can carry flamethrowers to be fair.


Maybe they took a page from Danny DeVito?


I only play with people I know or who use a mic. I realize that’s not an option for everyone but the problems you see are common across multiplayer games. Guess we will have to deal with it here too


This is why I laugh at people begging for "better match making". People's gaming experience seems to start and end with Aliens:FTE and a few single player games. Anyone who's seriously played any multiplayer co op or competitive game in the last 20 years knows that this is how it is. Randoms thrown into your team by pushing a single button are almost garunteed to result in a bad time. Just use discord lfgs / reddit / forums / real-life friends / etc. It will be a much better experience and this goes for ALL multiplayer games.


People are asking for better matchmaking becasue we cant get into a game with other players at all


A problem solved instantly by going to the discord lfg and finding some like-minded comrades.


like I said... I cant get into a game with other players at all. All the like-minded comrades in the world doesnt help if i cant join a game with them


So you invite people on your steam friend list to the game and they can't join you? That is not a match making issue.


Not everyone like us is fortunate to have steam and a gaming PC. Just remember console players are having a hard time playing the game right now and don’t be an asshole


Most big LFG Discord channels have specific sections to advertise for console players. So your comment here has nothing to do with what I said.


Sounds like your preferred class is asshole.


you are missing the point where some console players can't connect to another player, invites to friends fail, and so on. they literally "can not play with other people". repeatedly telling them "just send an invite that will fail to connect" over and over again will not solve the problem


Ok but then this is not a "match making" issue. This is social hub / connection issue. Match Making is specifically "Hit button and be filled into a team chosen at random or via some algorithm. People you don't know". Ya if you can't invite a person to your team, that's an issue. Not having a 1 button click "just give me anyone" not working well isn't a problem because that's the worst way to play co-op or competitive games.


No, I dont have Steam


You’re an elitist moron if you think a game advertised as a co-op shooter shouldn’t have proper avenues in game to find matches and “laugh” at people asking for it while baselessly assuming they don’t play other online games. I don’t care if a player is good or bad, I just want to play the game from within the game. I avoid Discord’s because of people like you who have issues with players of different skill levels. I don’t mind carrying. I do mind whiny assholes that frequent those places.


This post isn't needed. As a demo player and getting stuck with 2 other guys he's pretty on point... It's not being good or bad it's kinda bout players being selfish.


If you are particular about the types of people you play with more power to you, but it’s the definition of being an elitist. Telling people to use third party resources to fill out lobbies is ridiculous. The game should have proper functionality to do that. Again not everyone cares about having a certain type of player on their team, they just want to be able to hit queue and find a 3 man lobby. It’s not rocket science.


So, you do your own matchmaking? Both you and the OP are just talking about people in general. You run into good people and bad, through game matchmaking, discord, lfg, etc The more options, the better.


The difference is that when you manually seek out people on LFG forums/subreddits/discords/etc, you're able to select and vet the person before you even enter a match. Which 100% produces better results than literally any match making algorithm on the planet in any game.


If someone hits me with a flame thrower I just hang back and stop killing stuff until they’re overwhelmed then dunk them from behind and let them bleed out. That’s if they’re being way overboard with it and I burned a challenge card. There are times where it’s totally excusable to get tagged by a flame thrower. Micro barrage doesn’t damage players. I haven’t noticed anything as drastic as you about demolishers, before extreme difficulty they tend to tunnel vision stuff and let aliens get too close not paying attention. I just hang back and kill the stuff sneaking up on them so they can keep holding down a choke or two.


I did 1-1 earlier today in intense using the human tank card since I had intense for a quest and fully expected murphy's law. Even with doubled health an idiot demo with a rocket launcher took me to 1/3rd and both him and another ally to 1/2 before the end of the first fight because they were playing like it was standard.   They didn't seem to realize there was friendly fire until we'd all gone down once already. After that I think they got it because they stopped slinging rockets in everyone's face to protect them from a single alien the person was already shooting.


The best is when a demo uses the Vulcan flamethrower to try and get a pouncer alien type off of you while you're stuck in a grab. You actually die before the alien does lol.


I give you Colonial Marine de Flambe with a side of Acid Sauce.


6 times this has happened to me so far. Worse one is when the gunner was removing the prowler off me when the demo decided to flame us both and then kicked off saying we were rubbish because we died and wasted the x3 xp card (which the gunner had put on) honestly he was so obnoxious


I main the Demolisher. I playing all classes fair enough, but Demolisher is the one I love the most. You can not single out a class as problematic. All classes played by bad players. Demolisher is actually a important part of the team. Really well rounded. It's rocks the most damage output. Benefits a lot from the Gunners and Docs buffs, or slain all who slowed by the Tec. The abilities allow to control Heavy enemies from far with rockets or close with shockwave. So it's crazy good. The Demolisher is always top damage and kill. That's the class about. If not, he not doing his job well, as it's without party buffs or support abilities. Not like the others. The only thing it's bring in the party is tons of damage (I disagree to show the damage and kill done at the end, some classes support more and damage less, they still same important). The problem is mostly, how strong the players feel. They are think they can handle anything, but they don't. Other is the weapon choice. The Smartgun is God tier. Sadly some other heavy weapons feel stronger, so players change to flamethrower or impact grenade. Those weapons do extreme damage, but do extreme friendly fire as well on higher difficulty. Sadly many Demolisher players didn't consider that. Smartgun must remain the heavy weapons of choice, so they don't damage the team. But not fair to blame a class, just for some players made bad choices.


Maybe it's just me but I think gunner does the most damage. Hard to top "stay on target" and overclock. Also gunner isn't reliant on recon as much.


Clear the room is the Demolisher own buff. It's working differently from Stay on target, but does same job for the Demolisher.


It seems easier to keep stay on stay on target up at higher stacks and it has an almost 100% uptime. My problem with clear the room is another player can clear a chunk of aliens you were aiming at by the time the rockets fire.


Of course. Stay on target is pretty easy to keep high. That's the way it should be. Demolisher already equipped two damage skills, what does CC as well, plus contribute to the third skill. Top on that, the only class who can use heavy weapons, so they have two main weapons actually. All other weapons type available for multiple classes, except the heavy weapons. Clear the room must be inferior/more difficult to use, as the Gunners must have advantages as well. No point to play Gunner if the Demolisher same or better every way. So Clear the room needs more awareness and planning to use. Inferior on a way to the Stay on target. That's a good thing. All I saying, Demolisher still rocks a self buff skill, top on the CC and damage skills, and the unique weapon class only for them.


Gunner does the most single target DPS, its an elite killer. Demo has the best dps stats because it should be killing every single drone on sight.


Demolisher needs to hit multiple enemies with the mini rockets or blast wave for their damage buff. Makes sense to hit a large group of regular enemies before focusing on the elites. Gunner DPS easily exceeds Demolisher because stay on target is easier to build. Overclock even at a base level with an Auto Rifle drops Elites faster than the RPG single shot with max damage buff.


Yes I agree. The "Stay on target" is much easier to use, than the "Clear the room". I think it's a good thing. The Demolisher is one of the easiest class to use. No team buffs as well, so only have to care about his own DPS. It's fair, not having the best and easiest self damage boost. It's already too good. I'm a Demolisher main, I know it. With ability something like"Stay on target", it's just become OP. Still, with half brain used, the "Clear the room" gives nice boost, just when it's needed the most. Sadly, not every Demo player capable to use even half of their brain.


Like many classes in many games, it most certainly DOES attract terri-bad players however. There are certain classes that just attract the worst of the worst. Think-- any sniper class in COD / BF for instance. Guys with the shittiest KDR ratios sitting back camping hitting nothing while your team is getting brutalized. Demolisher is the 'sniper' of this game.


Abilities don’t deal friendly damage.


My final mission experience was a friend and I with a recon pug. He was rooms ahead of us the whole scenario. The final event he was long gone before we knew where to run. We had literally missed the whole thing and I had to run under (spoiler) some legs to escape.


Haha yeah had similar experience with a demo using his flamethrower to kill me more than once in a round. Still gotta love them demo dudes.


The Demo is made to clear the front not to stay behind the rest of the Team. It is no tank. I always wonder why the other players are waiting untill the Aliens become more and more in the room and everything is becomming more difficult. instead of running to the point where the enemies appear.


its not a problematic class, you're just playing with idiots. BIG difference.


I've seen this behavior with any class plus there is a flamethrower in the CQW slot so demo isnt alone in frying his teammates either.


Not gonna lie I feel like the class can be played really well, it has all the tools to be "the trash man" but most people play it as "the elite killer" and it just doesnt do that so you find yourself in crazy situations being overrun because they emptied their smartgun into an elite. Its not a tank, your job is to keep the walls clean, you wax the glass, thats it. You kill every drone you see on sight, then you help everyone else. Knowing your role goes a long way in later missions.


Random Tech: "So i started blastin" meme probably..