What code words do you use with your team for stuff in game

What code words do you use with your team for stuff in game


Their names??


This honestly seems like the most reasonable answer. You don’t need a code word for an NPC that can’t hear you and decipher the code.. Is “big chungus” really easier or better communication that “warrior”? Just seems kinda cringe.


My opinion exactly, like if things have long or complicated names then sure make up slang, but Drone, Warrior, Praetor and Crusher work well enough, however I do call the "Pathogen Crawlers" Nuggets, because of that one line XD




I just call them what theyre actually called lol. That or some form of the word asshole


"Bigguns" for Warriors and Crushers, "Praes" for Praetorians, "The Bitch" for You-know-who


Mostly we call them their names or something similar, Prowlers are just hunters from L4D so I just call them that. Spitter is obiviously just spitter, bursters are bursters or poppers, Drones I'll cheekily call Big Chap (since the drone design is based on Xeno from the first Alien movie and that xeno is refered to as Big Chap by figures/media) Warriors are just warroirs or big boy. Haven't thought much for the others ones yet, will probably just call them their name ha. Though my boyfriend will make jokes about the synths for not being musical devices since he's an musician that uses synths and such, haha


"Crawlies" for the drones, "anger dude" for warriors, "snips" for spitters, "a confused yell" for the bursters, and "big momma" for pretorions how ever their name is spelled. Oh and "tricericock" for the Tanky headbutt fucks.


We call drones "Timmy" because we activated the card where there was always a drone on a stage with tons of synths and "Go get em Timmy!" just seemed appropriate.


I made the mistake of using the card where runners where prowlers. Not a fun experience