AITA for pretending I was the hotel owners wife after 2 teenage kids started berating my kids and my siblings?

AITA for pretending I was the hotel owners wife after 2 teenage kids started berating my kids and my siblings?


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NTA..... I absolutely LOVED your story! Honestly, the parents should have had enough common sense the moment their child started cursing. If anything, they learned a lesson not to act like a bunch of jerks towards others because they never know how that would later come back to bite them. NEVER REGRET what you did! I'm saving your post because I absolutely loved it!


Thank you, lol! I feel terrible though.


Don't feel terrible at all. You helped correct bad behavior and most importantly, the parents were allowing their kids to curse so you made things right. That entire family grew in a POSITIVE way from what you did. Honestly, you helped them!


Thank you for that. That does make me feel better. Our kids weren't raised with much tension or yelling so this was new to all of us. I'm not sure why this was my immediate reaction but I didn't even hesitate. I guess it's better than yelling at them.


Obviously you aren't the hotel owners wife, so if they were kicked out it wasn't because of you. There is no Chance that someone went to them because of your fake call. If they left on their own it's because the parents know how bad behaved their kids are, lol.


I doubt they were even kicked out, or left because she pretended to be the owner's wife. I think they were probably about ready to check out anyway, and just stopped at the breakfast bar so teen drama queen could stage her bitchfit.


You're very welcome! You're a great person and I saved your story because reading filled me with joy. Your story ends with, "The Good People Win!"


Nta! Omg! Who lets their kid do and say that?! My kids are her age and I would be embarrassed and angry with her! Also I’m in the same situation as you. We have been in a hotel for almost 3 months and continental breakfast is a thing here too. They serve us though because covid and they ALWAYS give me like 8 links or 10 bacon! I don’t want any of that anyway but the food goes to waste and the workers feel better if you waste it rather than themselves. I would have done something similar! My daughter went up to the office because she accidentally shut the door on herself while walking the dog so she grabbed breakfast too, but she didn’t have a mask because she wasn’t going to go to the office yet but she wasn’t awake and closed herself out. The breakfast lady asked her if she wanted her to-go box of breakfast while she was getting a room key and this other lady flew out of nowhere and yelled at my daughter about a mask. We have been here 8 weeks at this point we know everyone and I was getting diagnosed but didn’t have answers yet, extremely sick and this lady just snapped at my kid about Covid. WTAF? So as sick as I was I went to the office had them call the manager as he wasn’t scheduled and the lady got a talking to about her demeanor towards other guests and he was actually pretty upset with his employees for not sticking up for my daughter right then and there as she is visits the front desk all the time just to say Hi and spread cheer with our dog (who is good citizenship certified-he can go volunteer at hospitals and libraries). These people needed a reminder that their lack of parenting isn’t anyone else’s problem


I’m sorry you’re in such a shitty situation, but your daughter really should have a mask tucked in her pocket (at the very least...) if she’s out walking the dog. Especially as it sounds like you were actually symptomatic with Covid (it’s a bit unclear)? Like come on, now. We’re almost a year into this thing....


She should always have a mask with her. I’m glad someone said something to her.


Honestly, this was so clever! You’re fantastic. NTA.


Well-played. I like you, OP.


Where do you think the kids probably get that shit attitude from? More thank likely from their parents that didn’t see a problem with how their kids were acting


They have been checking out that morning anyway. Don't feel bad for that rude family.


Tbh that’s probably part of why that girl felt so ballsy as to cause a scene. Since she was leaving anyway, she must’ve thought it wouldn’t matter to ruin someone else’s day.




In a very inventive way too


I wouldn't feel terrible. The fact they decided to leave right after that suggests to me that they decided to take a vacation. They'll go to another hotel where the daughter will maybe think twice at cursing out random strangers


They chose to leave though? Nothing made them other than you pretending to call someone. NTA


NTA That was awesome :)


NTA I too loved this! Good for you. I would’ve applauded if I was sitting there. It’s sad to see kids being ruined because they have such bad lazy parents. I’m sorry for your home loss and hope things get better soon.


Don’t feel terrible. NTA. You have been through a terrible experience with the fire and that is going to keep hitting you in all sorts of ways for a long time. Feeling brittle and reacting to stressors is perfectly normal. That being said, I think the way you reacted was absolutely brilliant and the fact they moved out of the hotel without ever being spoken to by management after your Oscar-worthy performance is hilarious! Hang in there, take care of yourself so you can take care of your family, and I wish you a happier 2021 than this crap year.


Why? I thought you were awesome! So cool to play it out like that!


NTA... agree with your comment. ~~if my daughter did anything like that...~~ actually strike that, it wouldnt happen because i have taught my daughter to have respect for other people.


Exactly. Same here! I'm baffled by this teens complete outburst and her parents letting it slide.


Also, you didnt confront her rudely or yell at someone else's kid. ( her parents definitely should have corrected her) They dont know who you are or what you're going through. They need to learn basic manners. You handled it as civilly as you could have without making yourself look bad in front of your kids/siblings. NTA at all and HILARIOUS


Yo what is going on with this sub? These posts are always made by a user with a name combination like $name$name$numeral or $name$word$numeral or some variation thereof. Then they are written to garner a clickbait-type reaction, they hit the frontpage and get a ton of karma, and then the account gets banned. Like this post isn't even 5 hours old and the user is already banned. I've seen at least two more posts with the same user-naming convention banned in the last 24 hours here.


That throwaway username format is the offical suggested one for posts here. The stories have clickbaity titles because people know they work. Users get banned because they like to argue with everyone. Lmao. (i do agree that like 90% of the shit I read sounds like bullshit.)


While I agree that the other family was awful, I’m concerned about possible unintended consequences to hotel. OP was clever and I can appreciate that, but if I was hotel management and got wind that someone was using impersonation of hotel family to intimidate other guests, regardless if other said guests were wrong, I’d kick OP and her family out because I couldn’t trust them. What else is OP willing to do if something upsets her? Her actions could result in bad reviews. Should have let mgmt handle it


Exactly, I as a mom would have said something snarky as in "I'm sure you learned your vulgarity from your parents who apparently weren't raised with manners." But what he did was spot on, the fact their parents let them behave this way was just so wrong on so many levels.


NTA...pick up your Oscar to put in your new home. Hang in there!


Thank you! We are trying :)


The real AH is Roland.


Hes a major AH. Lol


Please tell me you chose the name Roland because of Schitt's Creek...


This is fucking hilarious; so I actually did 🤣 I've been watching it nonstop.


Schitt's Creek is THE BEST! If you havent watched the special they released after the finale (interviews with the cast about how the show came together etc), I *highly* recommend it. Just have tissues ready if you are a crier like me.


So many tears were shed. I miss that show already. Sigh.


Poor girl....she scared of Roland.. LMAO


U got her good though 👌


Wait, am I missing anything? I don't see any Roland mentioned, just Ronald?


You what's the funniest thing about this? The hotel is the one to blame if the food was not sufficient enough for all the guests. It's the hotels job to provide enough food for the guests. So not only is the teen wrong, but so is everyone here who is assuming that it's your fault and that you raided the breakfast. Some of y'all are hilarious


Exactly!!!! I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that every person who is saying shit like that has never been to a hotel with a complementary breakfast. It’s their job to make sure that there’s enough food for everyone who wants to eat. It’s not a thing of “well it’s out so we’re not gonna restock it!” NO. That’s not how that works.


I worked at a hotel and your right THATS DEFINITELY NOT HOW IT WORKS. In the resturant at the hotel we would have Sunday brunch so here's my experience with it: Night before look at reservations but also the amount of people staying in the hotel prep the normal brunch items to fit the estimated number of guests expected to show up Then prep all the extra protions of food we have left over form the banquets that happened during the week (if a party of 10 needs 30 cupcakes but recipe accounts for 48 the extra 18 will be saved for brunch) The next morning get everything baked, cooked, plated and sent out once the brunch begins Remove apron and check dining area ensuring there are no empty or half empty food options every 30mins. Refill as needed if an item runs out its replaced with another. At the end of brunch we bring everything back in at my hotel servers, busses, managers, cooks and any security who walked through could pick up the left over items that weren't even sent into the dining area. Everything else gets trashed.


Yup. That's exactly how it worked for brunch at an apartment community I worked at.


Yeah I'm really wondering what hotels these people are staying at, because I've literally never seen one run out of food before the end of breakfast...


Op said in the start there is actually food waste due to the pandemic. So maybe the hotel had now started to put less food and there was unusually many people or there was shortage of certain items.


Or maybe the teen was just complaining to complain, just like she was about the quality of food a second before?


I'm guessing the stupid teenagers saw that maybe there was one sausage patty or one pancake left and freaked out, unaware that more was on the way.


NTA-A confrontation would have resulted in nothing but yelling and the parents would likely have backed up there children when confronted. They were not directly threatened, you did not yell at them as if you were the hotel owner's wife. If the family wasn't eavesdropping (rude) they wouldn't have even known your conversation was going on and in the end, they ran away simply from the idea of being thrown out. That right their says they know what they and their children did was wrong.


NTA. I actually found it kind of hilarious. In the end the parents don't know better and you'll probably never see them again so who cares as long as it solved the problem. Seriously though what horrible kids i can't believe the parents didn't step in sooner.


ESH. Funny story and the teen's behaviour is inexcusable, but impersonating someone else in a position of power to intimidate them is just wrong. It feels like there could have been a lot of other ways to broach this issue without resorting to such manipulative methods.


I use to work in the hotel industry, and I agree. This could have negative consequences for the hotel. Hotels live by reviews and they deserved the chance to handle it the way they deemed fit. These people could turn around and review the hotel saying the owners wife threatened them or something. I get it, I think its justified on a personal level. But I worry this would blow up on the hotel itself


I think more if the hotel hears they will force op and family to leave and would the insurance pay for many hotel options?


Working in hotels, they're not going to turn out an insurance guest, without multiple instances like this or something really bad. Insurance is guaranteed money and in covid times, it's not something they'll give up


Especially during COVID when the hospitality industry is being hit incredibly hard. Not sure why OP just didn't speak to a staff member.


I mean, the family *did* leave on their own accord... plus, what would the hypothetical review say? “We were yelling profanities at other guests & their small children, then we eavesdropped on their phone call & left before we got thrown out. Rude.”?


Absolutely! I'm not sure why my immediate reaction was to jump to this honestly.


Eh. When life deals you a shitty hand like this and you might be feeling powerless, it's an understandable response to try to carve out a bit more control, particularly with stupid, petty behavior like these people exhibited. You shouldn't feel too bad about it. And honestly, it's fucking hilarious that they were gullible enough to fall for it.


ESH I agree and I’m surprised no one else is pointing out the ways in which this could go wrong. Yes, the kids were super rude, but I feel like there were a ton of better ways to handle it. This feels very r/pettyrevenge to me.


aita loves petty revenge, but in the end it is ESH


Yea I just wish those people weren't the majority judgements. It's cute sometimes but why are we encouraging it.


I kind of agree only because this really could’ve blown up in op’s face and made it even more embarrassing/ uncomfortable for the kids.


NTA. Rightly or wrongly, I don't see it as an issue when you respond to horrific / rude behaviour by making sure that they learn a lesson and getting them to go away. Given what you've had to put up with, you don't need that kind of rudeness. They can find another hotel and other guests to be horrible to.


Hey, we had a house fire and ended up spending five months waiting for rebuild. Insurance was going to put us up in the hotel the whole time and I just couldn’t take it eating out all the time So I found rental rental condo that ended up being less money than the hotel would’ve cost for the month. Insurance covered it. That said, No meals were covered after we had a kitchen, but that was fine with me Also check with your kids school district because they had a special fund to help with transportation for displaced students. Not sure if yours are going to in-person school or not but check to see what options are available ETA correct typos


Thank you so much for the information you've provided! I will definitely look into these options! :)


Look into Air Bnbs too. Sometimes you can rent for a few months at a time.


Yup! Those weren’t an option at the time. Also to all you Redditors... If you know of a neighbor that has a house fire, and want to be helpful, bring them toothbrushes (for their entire family) toothpaste, new underwear and pajamas. Often the only thing they get out of the house with is whatever they were wearing


Also ask about extended stay hotels. Those have small kitchens and sometimes even laundry


Seconding this. I had a house fire a couple years ago that took about 6-months to repair. The first two weeks we spent at a hotel, and then were able to get into a rental apartment for the remaining time. The difference in price is pretty big, the two weeks at the hotel (Marriott) cost almost as much as 2 months rent at the apartment. Granted, insurance was covering the cost, but the rental ensured that we didn't bust through the room and board allotment too quickly, in case the repairs took longer. Also, it just feels better as a family to have one shared dwelling, rather than multiple rooms in the same hotel. The only real constraint we had was that both the hotel and apartment had to be within a certain mileage of my home.


Nta- that’s brilliant I love what you did


NTA - and that was a pretty defused and creative way to deal with an issue like that. What a brat and her family are lovely (please note sarcasm).


NTA and a standing ovation for a brilliant performance!


Thank you!




Absolutely. I can 100% agree with this and I honestly dont even know why my immediate reaction was to do something like this. It was definitely an immature moment on my end. No need to apologize to me for your honesty! Thank you for your feedback! :)


Ehhh I don't like to condone lying, but it sounds like they had it coming and commend you for your quick thinking. NTA mainly because it taught that family that actions have consequences, so in the long term they'll be better for it


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NTA kudos to you!


r/pettyrevenge NTA and I love this story lol


That's pretty funny tbh and maybe taught them all a lesson in showing basic manners to strangers. NTA.


NTA, that family was awful. The parents allowed that kind of behaviour? If they're truly stupid enough to just believe you and leave, they deserve it.


They don't know your situation and its awfully presumptuous of them to complain about free food when you're eating the same food as well. Although I wouldn't have pretended to be a manager it'd make your point stronger if you had shamed them by telling the truth of your situation then they'd look like the fools they truly are but it's up to you


NTA. You demonstrated how concerning their behavior was and they recognized that they were acting like AHs.


ESH the teen is an asshole obviously but nobody who fakes owning a place just to scare people has ever been a good person so I can't look pass that


NTA. That whole family was AH. Don’t worry that they left because of your clever act...they obviously had already packed and were eating before they hit the road.


NTA Dude hotel breakfasts are usually pretty big. So she needed to chill and her parents need to parent better. Yelling profanities at little kids that haven't even put food on their plates? Seriously? Also, this is hilarious. Absolute gold.


ESH both sides being equally petty for seemingly no reason, when the obvious solution would be to speak to a member of staff - either the teenagers if they were worried about food running out, or you to get the teens to stop yelling at you. And I'm a bit skeptical of this story because this seems like such a bizarre reaction to immediately think to do in the moment when someone is yelling at you.


NTA I wish I had guts to do something like that!


Big time NTA! Sorry to hear about the loss of your familyhome and everything in it!! Take care


Esh. It went too far.


NTA. You taught them a lesson. I'm impressed you thought of that on the spot. I would have just simply called them on their crap. Behavior like this drives me nuts because kids that act like that grow up to be adults who think they are entitled to everything. Kudos to you!


Very weird story. Weird lie. Asshole.


Esh because now they might go tally to the owner or manager about how rude their family is or leave a bad review that the owners are mean. Editing to say at the very least you should Give the hotel manager a heads up about what happened


NTA. Well done Mumma!


NTA, how did you come up with that in the spot???? Genius.


ESH - Yeah the teenagers were anoying but you were the adult in there honestly your answer was really inmature and I don't think is a nice lesson to teach your kids.




NTA that was quick and hilarious of you! Don’t feel bad they fled the scene. They should be embarrassed and hopefully learned a lesson.


NTA. thats pretty legendary honestly and P.S. dont feel bad—its not like you sent them out on the street, they probably just found a different hotel. one where the kids won’t curse out families in need


Definitely NTA. I had a similar situation a few years ago. Wish I'd have thought of it.


NTA. It think this was such a good way to handle this. You didn't actually get anyone kicked out, you didn't call the cops you just scared them a little, and it worked. I'm so sorry you are going through all of this, especially around the holidays


NTA. Those brats were.


NTA - You are dealing with a lot and your family doesn't need extra from a snotty teen. Her parents should have stepped in. I hope everything changes for the better for you and the holiday season goes as smoothly as possible.


NTA. I'm sorry your family if going through so much. Was it great to lie? No, but the girl's parents were right there and did nothing to stop their child from being terrible. Good luck OP.


Nah it was funny and those kids needed to be knocked down a peg


NTA, clever thinking.


NTA. Brilliant way to resolve that confrontation.


By and large NTA. While I don’t agree with lying, you did the only thing that you could think of at the time with disrespectful teenagers and parents that were doing nothing. In the future, sending one of the older kids to grab a member of the staff to deal with the staff would maybe be better than impersonating a person in power, just in case they call your bluff.


NTA. Thise kids and their parents are. You could have told me you told their parents to step outside and proceeded to slap the shit out of them still NTA


This was hilarious. I don't know if I would have done this, but I don't think you're the AH here. I think it's a creative solution to a problem. I'm imagining the other parent going up to the desk to ask them not to remove them or complaining about you. The worst that would have happened is the desk associate would have told them you are not the owner's wife and you have no power, they would probably have thought it was hilarious especially if they heard the teenager cursing at you in the buffet area.


NTA! Those brats deserved it. So sorry to hear what happened to your home, hoping for the best for you and your family. *Hugs*


NTA - And good on ya that was some quick thinkin!!!!!


NTA what you did was smart and it was better than resorting to violence or causing a big scene and besides, it probably taught the family a lesson


NTA. The parents weren't on the job, but you sure made them step up.


NTA Even if you were eating all the food, it's common sense to just talk to a worker and complain or just wake the fuck up earlier.


In all honesty? Nta. What you did was incredibly fuckin smart and kudos to you for making it believable


NTA, genius move and you pulled it off perfectly, with the following assumptions: 1. You didn’t actually TELL THEM that you were the owner’s wife, you just carried a charade along your phone. 2. You explain to the children that lying is not good and pretending to be someone to get what you want is not good. When they grow up they’ll see what a genius move you did, but (IMHO) youngsters need a clear black and white of right and wrong. 3. You didn’t report them to management or anything, you accepted the apologies graciously, and that was the end of it. If they packed up and moved out, that’s on them. The hotel owner might be disappointed, but if he wanted to be prepared for that scenario he should have staff on hand empowered to deal with it. You did great. Genius move and I hope I have the presence of mind to respond similarly.


NTA, they played stupid games, they won the stupid prize. Just be careful about that, because woo lord if that would have turned around.


Nta. This is a GOOD lesson to learn because they obviously treat others as beneath them and one day, they WILL run across an owner who will do the exact same thing. There was a thread about this exact type of thing but the assholes ended up being interviewed by the person they were an asshole to. Needless to say, they didn't get the job.


NTA. You aren't the owner's wife. You didn't get them kicked out. Either they left out of well-earned shame or they left because they were leaving anyway. [Also, this thread has some good info about your upcoming insurance claim.](https://np.reddit.com/r/personalfinance/comments/43iyip/our_family_of_5_lost_everything_in_a_fire/cziljy3/)


Thank you so much for the info!!!


I was looking for someone to comment this. Thank you!


Hahahaha bloody brilliant! 🥇


NTA. I take the fact that they immediately packed up and left rather than face even the possibility of consequences means that the consequences they were imagining were very bad indeed. If even THEY thought they were guilty, I fail to see how anything you did was objectionable.


NTA- you may have changed that family’s lives forever, in a positive way. In a way that teaches them not to assume who/what people are. To be respectful. And most importantly, the common sense of parenting your children when they are misbehaving.


NTA sorry for all your losses. Sometimes you have to face the AH with some consequences even if they are fake. That was funny as hell.


NTA. Pretty damn funny. This was a performance level deescalation. I have been to a few hotels during COVID (summer months) for long term stay (3+ weeks) and it is accurate hardly anyone is eating the buffet food. (Not all hotels even offer it anymore but some still do.) So yes from what I saw food gets wasted. I don’t buy one family is eating all the food. She’s making assumptions since you are a large group. If y’all weren’t together and sat at different tables the result would be the same.


Normally, I don't advise lying, but I guess it worked here. A mild NTA.


NAH- and honestly, I laughed at how you handled the situation. Brilliant. If the parents weren’t putting a stop to that behavior, they clearly agreed and were silent because their kids mouthing off would have less repercussions, so I’m on team hardcore NAH. They need to teach their kids respect, and that actions have consequences. I’m sorry about your home, and hope everything gets sorted out


NTA I would cross post this with Petty Revenge. It was an amazing spur-of-the-moment family defense tactic. I applaud you.


NTA and for fu*k sake some people should learn to fu**ing read.


NTA - and hilarious!! That attitude deserves it and you acted out a good bit of revenge - whilst not actually doing anything!




NTA - That was a very clever way to handle things. It COULD have gone horribly wrong but it worked. The other option was to go to management but I can only think after what you've been through, you need a break from talking to the authorities and having to be the grown-up. ​ I am so sorry for the loss of your house and all of your things. It is a HORRIBLE and shocking thing to go through.


NTA, It sounds like they were just having breakfast before checking out anyway. And in regards to the edit and things people here are accusing your family of doing, even if your family had been getting there early and getting the “best” food or limited items, it’s the hotels job to ensure there’s enough food for all the guests not yours.


NTA. We’d be perfect friends. This was a great play.


NTA Honestly I’ve been to those hotels before and they had a dumpster in the parking garage and me and my family saw LOADS of food thrown out. (One of the bags busted and it was a ton of eggs and toasts lol). For you to eat that much food within your family, y’all would’ve had to eat a tray of food each. Not to mention their backup trays. Most of these hotels have so much leftovers that they donate it to a local food/homeless shelter. So her comment of yall feasting is vvvvery exaggerated.


NTA-apart from that I’m sorry for the loss of your family home. The same happened to my family when we were young and lost everything as well- it is devastating. Glad you’re all okay


WOW, ok, I think you handled that well, NTA, and that's the only judgement I believe we are supposed to make. As for assumptions: I assume those teens and their parents are awful people, and are lucky you DIDN'T call the police, or have staff call the police, for harassment. I'm sorry this has happened to you, OP.


My husband has a saying I love to pull out in situations like this. “You want the jungle to raise your kids, the jungle is going to raise your kids.” NTA


Hahaha, nice!! NTA.


NTA that's pretty funny actually


NTA....life is too short to be upset about something like a continental breakfast at a hotel. Prior to the pandemic taking family vacations it was nice to get breakfast at the hotel but not a deal breaker. If other people staying at the hotel got to the food first then so be it. The hotel will either put out more or we would pick up breakfast on our way to do activities. One family, even if it is 6 people, shouldn’t be enough to wipe out a hotel breakfast. Maybe the kids didn’t like the food and were trying to come up with a way to get Waffle House or Tim Hortons instead.


NTA, they didn't have to leave. They just overheard you and made assumptions that they didn't confirm before leaving. That's on them.


NTA. If I was in your situation I hope I’d be as quick witted as you are lol


NTA That was a GREAT idea! No harm done, and the parents were given the opportunity to teach their kids that their words and actions have consequences (even if the consequence was kinda theatrics lol!) I can’t believe the parents didn’t immediately shoo those little turds out when they started being a-holes to your family!


NTA. Great response and quick thinking on your part. Honestly, even if you guys HAD eaten all the food, it’s the hotels responsibility to keep it stocked during the time they advertise it being open. And those parents should have shut their teens down wayyy sooner.


Nta. They were most likely checking out anyway.


NTA - as a hotel employee, I applaud your ingenuity and wish I could do something similar to awful guests lol


LMFAO NTA the teens were being rude and the parents didn’t parent.


Haha you got them good the little shits deserve it nta


NTA, you handled it perfectly!!! I work in a hotel and guests like that are not welcome. I can’t stand when parents don’t actually parent their own kids. They come to the hotel and expect others to put up with their spawn. Hopefully this will be a humbling lesson on how to treat other people.


NTA. But if anything you should have just pretended to call 911 and say the they were harassing you


NTA, that was incredibly magnificent and wonderfully petty! The fact that their parents let their children swear and abuse others while on vacation or travel is pretty horrid.


NTA, that's ingenious!


NTA she sounded horrible and definitely needed to learn not to scream things out loud , what you did was in fact kind compared to some people who would just straight up fight them all


NTA, that's a marvelous tableau and it shut her snotty ass up. Good on ya!


NTA bro this is golden lmao


NTA but genius!


NTA, well at least not in a way that you should feel bad


I'm going to have to say YTA. I understand what you did and why but explaining to them your proper situation might've been the better call.


NTA hope your situation gets better soon. Sorry you are going through this.


It’s a hotel and you as a guest are entitled to eat whatever you want. She and to be honest, the entire family, sound absolutely horrible. I believe if she hadn’t given out about the food, it would have been noise, your clothes, the colour of the sky etc. The children are horrible, arrogant AH that have been enabled to mature into the wonderful specimen you saw before you.


NTA. You especially shouldn't feel bad about them leaving the hotel. Firstly, they may have already been on their way out and this was their last breakfast there. Secondly, I highly doubt they'd leave just from embarrassment unless they can easily afford another hotel. Stay safe OP and I hope everything goes well for you.


You are my hero


NTA but this story would also fit in Malicious compliance :)




The only thing you missed out on was billing the parents for doing their job for them.


Not the AH. Fuck those teens. And fuck their parents too. Wtf is wrong with AH teenagers these days running their mouths and acting entitled? It’s far worse when the parents are present. It’s mind blowing how parents can just be lax about shit like that. My girls (18, 10, 8) would never dream of or dare act that way in public, much less disrespect other adults or their kids. You did well. Good for you.


NTA. I generally don't approve of telling an untruth, but this was very creative, especially with the hostility being aimed at you and your family. With all the stress you're under with the loss of your family home, (Really sorry about that, btw!) I think the composure your showed was admirable. I might have lost it on those kids.


NTA this is brilliant and I love that you were so convincing that they packed themselves up and got out before anyone official showed up to talk to them. Serves them right and was a very non-confrontational but hilarious way to deal with them. My condolences for the loss of your home - best wishes for the future & Merry Christmas to you and the family!


NTA - Congrats for thinking on your feet and solving the ugly situation without stooping to their level. Don't feel bad!


NTA. Serves them right. They sound like nightmares.


NTA it was the quickest and calmest way to deal with them lol


The hotel has a responsibility to provide adequate food up to the time they close breakfast. Even if every room was booked and every family came down to eat and had their fill. That’s something the hotel needs to be accountable for so EVEN IF your family HAD eaten all the food, that ain’t on you.


NTA, i hope everything gets better and i LOVE what you did. my parents are very lenient but i wouldn't live to tell the tale if i talked to people like that.


NTA. Both an excellent and hilarious solution to an unnecessary confrontation. You used your brain to deescalate, you should revil in your success. Your story has filled me with glee!


NTA - so sorry about all of this happening before Christmas, and as a teenager myself this will be a good lesson for them on making assumptions. Happy holidays and best of luck


NTA. Okay, maybe a little. But it did shut them up.


Lol that was hilarious. Great move too! They left on their own and most likely their parents berated those teenagers afford acting like assholes to strangers. They didn't know your situation and shouldn't have assumed the worst. They got it coming and hopefully will learn from this stunt they pulled. There was enough food to go around and it isn't their job in the 1st place to monitor ir. NTA


NTA. The teens saw a large group of kids and immediately thought there would be no food left. I highly doubt you guys ate hours worth of free breakfast. I wish I had the balls to do stuff like that. I'm proud of you! I only have one kid and he's non-verbal, but I take my teenage nieces and nephews with me a lot. They know better than to ever do something like those teens, but if they did... Lord have mercy because Auntie would rip them a new one in front of God and everybody.


I'm petty and this is something I would do so I'm going with NTA Since you mentioned Portland, I'm assuming you're in Oregon and got affected by one of the wild fires a few months ago? I was really close to the Holiday Farm fire and luckily wasn't affected, but I've seen enough of the damage. I'm really glad your whole family got out of your fire safely. Even if I'm way off base and you're over in like Maine or whatever, still happy y'all are safe!


Yes, its Oregon but it wasnt the wild fire that caused it. Unfortunately it was from a faulty wire :/ the house was built in 1809 and admittedly, we havent had the electric checked in awhile. I am probably to blame for that.


> the house was built in 1809 Seriously? That would make your house one of the oldest buildings in Oregon. Was this house built by the Russians? Lewis and Clark first arrived in Oregon just 4 years before your house was built (1805). Fort Astoria wasn’t even built until 1811. Did you mean to say 1909?