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Thanks for caring. Some neighborhoods have portapottys. I know they’re probably not for us but it’s nice to see them in places where there aren’t a lot of bathrooms. I don’t understand why Amazon can’t do this. The technology is there to have a network of portapottys that unlock through the flex app. Not sure why they don’t do something like this. I’ve held my pee so long that now I have issues with my bladder. It’s always hurting. Not even sure if it’ll ever be the same again.


Probably due to money even tho they have enough. But I do see where you’re coming from. Thank you for delivering packages to people!


Maybe they could fit a small commode in the vans lol


Well the vans are getting larger so they could possibly fit one in lol


Bezos ain't the CEO anymore. Also, Amazon delivery is not what makes Amazon money, it's their web services. They don't give a shit about delivery. My BIL is a programmer for Amazon, this is what he tells me.


Okay but without drivers they wouldn't be getting the product to the customers so no we don't technically make them money but without us there wouldn't be customers and therefore no money. So yes, in a way we still make them money.


Well the bulk of their profits come from AWS (their software runs a huge a chunk of the markets and websites online). Amazon shopping and delivery is a small part of the giant it is today.


Are the Drones still being worked on?


Oh my bad, I mean Jassy. And damn that sucks, I get that they don’t make the money from the drivers Ig but got damn treat the people like humans.


I don’t know why he didn’t go inside the van and close the doors.


He did do it inside the van with the door closed. He jsut did it on my property and it bothers me that drivers even have to do that.


Yeah its embarrassing for us too. I just got to the point where, I don't care, anymore. I'll seclude myself as much as possible, but if i gotta piss, i'll piss in the bottle. Throw away the bottle at RTS. Usually can't find a bathroom on my route, so i have to. Since it's a sexual harassments charge to piss in public, even if you're trying to seclude yourself. Honestly, some of the laws here are total bullshit. I don't see anything wrong with secluding yourself away from houses and opening the door and taking a piss, as long as it's not on private property.


Exactly and I feel you! Y’all deserve sm better. If you gotta go to the bathroom amazon should help you find the closest local place that has a public restroom for you. Or find you a public place.


How are you certain this occurred?


Because my dad came driving in from grocery store and saw the van in our driveway. The van didn’t move for a few minutes (our package was already left near our garage door) so my dad knocked on the door to make sure the driver was okay and he said he was using the bathroom.


Because the driver immediately flung the door open upon hearing a knock and exposed himself to a customer? Please help explain.


sometimes we sit to sort packages too but ill at least pull out of the driveway 😅


If you don’t mind me asking what area are you in?


All I’m going to say is I’m in a rural area in CT


Okay yeah wasn’t me but i may have had to do it yesterday💀


Damn lmao. It would’ve been funny if you were my driver lol.


I knowwww I read it and my jaw dropped like did I just get caught 😂😂😂


Lmaoo. I felt bad for the driver so I didn’t report him and gave him a good review 😂


I'm always on a mostly rural route. I just face the van away from houses on a dead end street and puss out the side door. I carry a bar if soap and water with me to wash my hands and I'm square.


At my station, we aren't allowed to use the bathroom inside and they took away the portapottys outside that were for driver use. Then they proceed to get mad when there's a "Unknown Stop" on the way to our first stops because people stop to use the bathrooms... Bathroom situation is overall pretty rough.


That’s 100% bullshit. I feel for you.


I'd call up your local news station on that, I'm sure they'd love to hear about amazon not letting you use the restroom.


There is no justice lol. From working at the company, it is apparent in their business model and policies how little Amazon cares about its lower level employees, who are mostly exploited and then tossed when they're no longer useful, or become a liability. To my knowledge, only the DSP owners, the warehouse exec's, and the advertising/marketing employees actually work for Amazon. Drivers and warehouse workers are employed by subcontracting companies to limit both pay and liability (expenses) to Amazon.


We are rural customers. I would hope that you guys would just sneak on the other side of the garage rather than peeing in a bottle. We all pee on the ground out here.


Rural customers are kinda 50/50 (at least where I’m at) with how they’ll act towards us. I’ve had a buddy that kept getting question but a homeowner showing his revolver on his hip while he was wearing his vest and in an Amazon step van. I’ve had a few run ins with people coming out quickly cause they heard someone pulling up on their property


Could you imagine things like Amazon lockers around cities but porta potties that you have to have your badge to scan into? Probably a lot of vandalism though but hey I wouldn’t care


yeah everyone has to pee in vans. Its alot to do with time monitored and finding a place near your stop. Thats the thing with high volume jobs and some DSps put pressure on their drivers to perform to make them look good. Alot of customers complain when they are waiting and staring at their gps app.


I mostly do it out of preference. Usually I have time to go off route for it but id rather fill and dump an empty cup ans move at a comfortable pace for the rest of the day.


really? you prefer pissing in a bottle and almost pissing on your hands, pants, and shoes over a legit bathroom? I'd rather return packages then piss on myself. sorry not sorry.


I use a gas station soda cup and just flop my dick over the edge, fill it, then dump it out the window, or back or side door when I get a chance. Easy, little mess. Yeah once I waited too long and accidentally got it everywhere but thats cause I waited until I couldnt hold it any longer. And once I fucked up and dumped the cup on the drivers seat and that was a bad day but it usually works out. Yeah if I have an on route restroom coming up I will use that but I won't normally leave my route.


fair enough 🤷‍♂️


I laughed so loud I woke up my kid, sad but true


Wait a sec! Was it me?


I think it was me


Oh wait i pee in a bush yesterday so no it wasn’t me unless ur referring to a different week.. usually i do it inside my van but sometimes i get the rentals with the windows on the back so ye


Yeah wasn’t you lol


What exactly is Bezos supposed to do? Install bathrooms in every van? If you wanna be mad at anyone, be mad at the people who buy shit daily and demand next day delivery on shit that they could easily get by rolling their fat ass off the couch, driving to a store and getting it themselves.


It’s not even all the peoples fault. It’s also companies trying to get more money. This isn’t just a amazon thing. They were the first ones to make one day shipping like the norm.


thank you.


Ofc keep up the good work!


Naww that’s king/queen shit right there👑 give that driver a god damn medal for bravery! 🎖


Doing it in a driveway is pretty bold. One of my routes included a good chunk of rural deliveries, and one was probably a mile and a half or so of just dirt roads with huge pastures on either side. Made the deliveries, came back out onto the main drag (still a mile from the road) and went there.


I kinda live in a nice rural area so we don’t have that many places where you could pull over abs use that bathroom.


How many clips on netradyne of drivers pissing in bottles. 😂


I think the better question is how many clips does amazon have now because of the camera 😆


I work for ups and let me tell you that this isn't limited to Amazon by any means. Granted a lot of us do it voluntarily to save time, I can't speak for Amazon's situation


I know it doesn’t just apply to amazon. It applies to all delivery drivers. I believe y’all deserve better. Thank you for your hard work!


Turning a blind eye on that stuff is a greater kindness than leaving out thank you snacks.


Hear me out, I’ve heard of people leaving out snacks for drivers and I would but 99% if the time when they’re delivering packages I’m not home abs on top of that I’m 16M I don’t buy the groceries or I would give a driver something like a water and bag of chips.


Lucky for Me im able to find a Park or fast food joint to take a piss or shit.


You’re a lucky one.


Yeah buddy, that's the reality of us Amazon delivery drivers 😩 I wish they put up portapottys all over but they haven't yet.


I’m a woman and this part of the job is seriously ridiculous. I feel like a criminal, parked next to joggers and dog-walkers, squatting in the van and weeing in my portable urinal container. I’ve become the creepy lady who always has a container of unwanted urine. I’m always hunting around for somewhere to surreptitiously dump it before I need to use the container again. Ugh!! When I come across new construction houses with an accessible porta-potty onsite I get positively giddy with glee. There is nowhere near enough time to stop work, and drive elsewhere to find a public restroom even once a day. In a 10 hour shift if I stay adequately hydrated to keep up with the physical demands of the job, I have to go in the van (in the portable lady urinal 🙄) at least 3 times. I usually have a residential street to park on but I could see how a driveway might be the only workable solution in an area with no safe side streets to park.


Often you can pee in the woods if it’s a rural area. But not always. I feel bad for my female colleagues.