Husky didn't knew the owner was home already

Husky didn't knew the owner was home already

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Who needs an alarm system when you have a husky?


You'd think. But when my mom got locked out at 2am, and had to knock on my window and wake me up to let her in... My husky didn't bat an eyelash. He didn't even wake up.


We always joked that ours would likely walk the burglar home!


I have 2 massive Wolfhounds and the one would easily walk an intruder around showing him where all the good stuff is. The other would be fine if he stayed downstairs but if he walked up he would probably attack as he was growling at my mom when she came upstairs.


We call ours the anti-security alarm, he only freaks out and loses his mind when it's someone he knows. All other strangers he doesn't even move in the bay window.


Seriously. That’s an air-raid siren with fur lol.


~~air-raid~~ i-dont-want-to-leave-the-park siren


> Who needs an alarm system Or a demonic possession


The neighbors must love living next to that every single day


Why do people insist on buying this breed outside of cold weather, spacious, rural areas? They’re all the rage here in Dubai where it’s not only very hot, but most people in the city live in high rise, densely populated apartment buildings. The dogs just scream all day. It’s madness.


Canadian here - even up north, these dogs are known for their volume. It’s called the “sled dog cry”. You can hear the kennels of Singing/howling Huskies from over a kilometre away. And they can stay outside for hours upon hours in -40C pulling the sleighs. I cannot in my life, imagine this dog living in Dubai or any other hot climate, it seems cruel. On the plus, when you hear 50 huskies go nuts at once, you know something is wrong.


I can't imagine them in Dubai either... Mine's mixed with Samoyed, and I felt bad for her this summer. She didn't even want to go outside when it was 30°C +, and that's just 2 months a year in Quebec. We had to go run and play late at night and early in the morning so that she could move a little.


30°C is equivalent to 86°F, which is 303K. --- ^(I'm a bot that converts temperature between two units humans can understand, then convert it to Kelvin for bots and physicists to understand)


What a noise that would be....


My friend, it’s quite a noise even when nothing is wrong.


Don't get me started. There's one in shelter in Bahrain, the poor pup. Who the hell first brings a husky into the e Middle East and then abandons it? To add insult to injury that's probably the best behaving husky Ive seen in my life. Every time I take him out he's freaking out that he can go for a walk and run but then 2 minutes and all he can do is chill in the kiddie pool while I cover him in cold water because it's Too. Damn. Hot.


Start a go fund me to get him to Canada or northeast us and I'll donate. The northeast us shelters are pretty barren so we import dogs from down south all the time. I'm sure you could find a husky rescue that would take him if you could get him on a flight.


I will also contribute financially.


In my experience Arabs seem to love huskies (as in want to own one, I have yet to meet one that treats them well.) I guess there's something about owning something exotic.




I’m half Arab but I take wonderful care of my dogs and give them all the love in the world. I’d be so devastated if they died as I think of them like my own children. I’m a Christian though, Muslim Arabs (and Muslims in general) don’t let their dogs inside which is a bunch of bullshit.


Well I can confidently say that I have not met all Arabs:) I'm just saying that the few husky owning ones I've met weren't good owners. So there's no reason to read it as a generalisation! Edit: I would wager that islam is a big reason though. When you have an "unclean" animal you're not allowed to use as for anything other than for a job (or touch when wet iirc?), it doesn't really create as good basis for treating those animals well.


The majority of Arabs don’t like the idea of owning any type of dog.


It's a lot of the Middle East actually. My Step Mother also used to believe this (she's from Afghanistan)


They think they are dirty


They are assholes.


Poor baby. It’s so sad. And the mentality here is that when they get bored of the animal or they get too big it’s perfectly acceptable to just abandon them and get something else, so you get fancy breeds in shelters like that often.


There's quite a few of them, unfortunately you're correct. But say, the Salukis take the heat gracefully the big derps they are because they are local and used to it. The Husky? Not so much.


[Among the oldest dog breeds, as far back as 7000bc.](https://www.akc.org/dog-breeds/saluki/) Wow.


That's heartbreaking


To not be too grim, he's getting good care and plenty of walkies at least during the weekends. The shelter is well managed and there's plenty of volunteers.


Well at least he's a lot better off at the shelter than with the person who brought him to the desert in the first place. What were they thinking?? Please give the big floof extra cuddles and scratches from me


Will do, going to visit him on Friday!


Same thing in Arizona. We can only walk dogs in early am for 4-5 months out of the year, but plenty of huskies everywhere. I just don't get it


To a lot of people, dogs are a fashion accessory, so you gotta have the right brand


My neighbor below my apartment keeps their pitbull in the garage then let's it loose with no leash when they let it out. I called the cops about it, but I guess since it was a first time complaint the cops didn't care. But the poor dog will be crying for hours in the garage alone.


You will probably have to call in noise complaints repeatedly for them to care. And maybe report it to the landlord as well. Those neighbors sound like bad pet people.


I kinda want to break out the Garage Dog


That really hurts to read. Unfortunately you're right. My god, I could never see my dog as anything less than a family member.


People suck.


Well you found the root problem, but how are we gonna solve it? May I suggest feeding them to the huskies?


Oh shit we didn't start doing that already? Brb got to call something off.


I know right now I guess back to dog food… she is just going to love that.


and her coat is so shiny now


Every time I hear the term "designer dog/breed" it infuriates me.


I remember thinking this when dogs that fit in a purse were all the rage when Paris Hilton had one. And a friend always commenting that "accessories shouldn't poop."


"Ew, you still have last year's breed?"


It’s really like that.


This sub totally put me off to owning a husky (I was leaning more towards corgi or retriever anyway).


Being a dog groomer is what did it for me. After quitting as a groomer, I started working in a medical office, one of the reps had heard from a coworker that I had worked with dogs previously and asked my recommendation of how to get his husky to “behave”. He was hoping I could some how miraculously say “all you need is to snap your fingers and he will listen”. This guy was keeping this dog in a crate from sun up to sun down, not exercising the dog at all mentally or physically so the dog was resorting to destroying everything. He basically wanted a lap dog, but in a husky’s clothing. He was not thrilled when I told him how much work this breed is; they crave exercise and need a job to do to keep them mentally and physically healthy. Without that type of structure in their lives, they become escape artists that can destroy everything, and scream constantly while they do it.


Ugh so sad! I wanted something lazy like me so I got a cat! And I know kittens need lots of attention so I got my self an old man since it’s my first time owning a cat as an adult. I’d feel so horribly guilty doing that to a dog that needs so much attention and specific climate.


Yeah, it was incredibly unfortunate. The conversation did not end well when he basically didn’t want to be responsible for the dog. He was hoping his wife or kids would take care of it. He wanted a husky that wanted to be a couch potato. My response was, well you should’ve gotten a stuffed animal then.


> He wanted a husky that wanted to be a couch potato. If by couch potatoe he meant crazy eyed, ball of zooming madness he'd be spot on.


This is the way to go! I am a big fan of senior kitties. You get the fun of having something to love and nurture, but you don't have to leave the couch most of the time. And the kitty gets a nice home for their golden years. Only downside is having to let them go too soon (for my heart anyway).


Yes for sure! I worry too much and take him to the vet too often when it’s really not necessary. But the first time we had to go he was able to get away with only meds and new Rx food rather than surgery simply because I noticed symptoms right away and brought him right in! It’s quite expensive but that’s what I signed up for and budget for as well!


You sound like a good cat parent <3 He's a lucky boy!


You are a wise person and I'm sure you'll make a great caretaker for that cat. Any advice you need feel free to DM.


If you want a dog then get a greyhound. Lazy as hell. Let them out to run for 5 minutes a day and they sleep the rest.


Why do people do this. A crate is for if the dog is anxious and needs to be locked away to make them feel safe. My dog was never crated. My husky got two to three long walks a day, plus play/training in the house. My foster dog was terrified of the outside world so she got 20 mins at a time if I was lucky. She only started wearing herself out and relaxing after she made a friend in the dog park.


I love corgis, but if you're looking for an easy breed, corgis are not it. They are a little easier than huskies, in that they don't scream or require an Arctic climate, but they are still very challenging dogs. Be prepared to give them lots of exercise (mental and physical). Also, they are elite con artists.


It does depend on the individual. I adopted a cardigan corgi after getting to know his breeder- he’s pretty low drive (although fetch is a must!)


Yeah, I mean that's true of all dogs. You can find individuals of any breed that run counter to the breed's demeanor as a whole, but *in general*, corgis tend to be high maintenance dogs.


Good call. And corgis are just the cutest things. I’d love to own one.


They can be handfuls. We have a Cardigan (bigger brindle corgi with tails, not small yellow ones with docked tails) and they will challenge the heck out of you and try to boss you around.


This. Have a 9 month old cardigan. She is so bossy. But damn is she a good dog. Corgis are herding dogs. People forget that. And that means extra work.


Corgi owner here: generally easier than huskies but can have similar issues. They are loud as fuck. They bark constantly at everything. They are bossy stubborn little shits bred for moving herds of cattle. Corgis can’t run and leap like Border Collies so they herd by basically being the biggest loudest asshole. We often joke that every tyrant or dictator who ever died is reincarnated into a corgi as punishment. Because that’s how they act. Imagine having a little fuzzy Eric Cartman running around your house constantly yelling “Respect my authoritah!!!” That’s a corgi. That being said, with good training and exercise they are pretty great dogs. They can be cuddly and sweet and they are freaking hilarious.


Why do people go to Dubai.


Money mostly. My husband had to move here bc his job has him starting up his company’s new headquarters. But as soon as he’s done, we’re out this bitch.


Jesus, I can't even imagine. I have a husky and she insists on walks, off leash, at least 4 times a day. She would lose her mind in one of those apartment buildings.


I was about to say that I have a husky who is very happy in the us south on a smallish piece of land and then you said apartment in Dubai and thought. "Oh yeah, that is kinda fucked"


We call our Siberian Husky a Californian Husky because she LOVES to sunbathe But yeah Dubai is way too hot for a husky even one who likes to sit in the sun


Love smart dogs, would love a husky, but I live in an apartment. So I got a corgi... They are smart herding dogs that don't need to much home space and need lots of runs. As long as I keep him active everything's good.


>buying this breed outside of cold weather, spacious, rural areas? I feel like I should stress how important it is that ALL these conditions be fulfilled and not to underestimate "spacious". I live in Canada, and know two huskies. 1. I'm in Montreal, and a neighbour has a large front yard where the husky can play all day long. I used to see that dog every day when coming back from work. Above -5C it's too warm for them. The dog really feels the happiest when I'm freezing my balls off through my heavy winter jacket. So during summer when temps reach 40C? The poor dog is miserable. Oh and a front yard doesn't cut it. It's now a WW1 battlefield reenactment due to the husky digging holes every fucking where. 2. I have a friend in a rural area. She takes out her husky for a walk once a day. Rest of the time the husky has a large backyard to himself. Still wasn't enough, the husky chewed through a wooden fence to escape. So now he's tied to a rope, held by a kind of giant corkscrew screwed in the ground. The dog runs around it and dug a circular trench. When he got bored he pulled so hard he tore it off from the ground and went for a walk with the whole contraption still attached. They have way too much energy.


The heat isn't that bad but don't even care, if you have a husky you can't exercise enough, I hope it rips every couch you have to shreds to get it's exercise. Can't keep a dog bred to pull a sled dozens of miles through blizzards in a suburban home and take it out for half an hour a day. Literally torture to it.


It’s the same here in Texas. Small apartments with no outdoor space except a tiny dog park they can barely move in with swelteringly hot days but everyone wants a husky. I always just think it’s cruel whenever i see one during summer here because they’re obviously miserable.


I got my husky because a shitty excuse for a human being was keeping her in a kennel, inside of a closet, all day, for the first 5 months of her life. He was going to put her down because she was a “bad dog”. Nah, I took Mya from him, and she’s been the best thing that ever happened to me. Sure we live in central Texas but she’s thankfully mixed with a German shepherd so she drops almost all of her coat during the hotter months


That makes me sad, surely they shouldn't even be for sale in such an unsuitable place.


You would think so. But alas, they have all kinds of poorly suited dogs here. Bulldogs are another very popular breed in Dubai despite them literally dropping dead due to overheating.


Zomg! This comment got me off the interent today. I bave a bully breed and she's a god-damn-angelfaced baby bear But fuck that girl can't take the heat(or cold). She literally cannot breathe or cool off. This summer I got her a princess cart with accessories(garden cart + battery fan). It's not enough. She was still miserable in the heat. I'm going to try adding a canopy for shade + water mister (pvc piping for structure + old bedsheet + spray bottle for water) but I doubt it will help much. I cannot imagine these owners *taking no responsibility* to protect their temperature sensitive dogs from extreme heat.


Its because they do absolutely no research, they just like the look plus they make the maids take the dogs out to do their business. Those poor women don’t know the dogs overheat. No one here would ever go to the lengths you go through to make your baby comfortable. They haven’t even heard of shoes for dogs to protect their feet from the burning sidewalk. It’s just disgusting. I hate it.


Ahhh! For fucks sake! I'd be *very* tempted put informative signs in my yard directly for the owners to see Things like challenge the damn owners to go barefoot outside since they like burning their dogs feet so much. Maybe literally a picture of dog shoes and the website to buy them, while implying the owners are too shitty/cheap to do it themselves. Probably take pictures for internet posterity while naming and shaming them. No no no. Thats all too much work, better to just pay off the maid to say the dog ran away and take the damn dog home with me. . Ok, I'm done I have to take the truck to the shop today and it needs alklthe fluids topped off, and etc etc shit needs taped shut before I go(inspection, lets pray they pass the monster)




Seriously, huskies aren't meant to be house pets. They go crazy stuck inside.


keeping a husky in a condo is torturing the poor animal


For my experience, hot weather is not that bad, every husky I have and had enjoyed sleeping in the son at 2 pm in August, so.... As for the city, that is a problem, even with a lot of training, huskies are a "wild" breed, they need the space and the exercise and freedom (and company) to be truly happy!


Define hot weather. 2 pm in August in upstate New York is different from 2 pm in August in Dubai.


Yeah and sleeping in the sun vs walking/running in 110 degree heat with 90% humidity on even hotter concrete is not the same. Plus no room to run and play is just a horrible combination for really any dog, but especially husky dogs.


I live in a place with near Las Vegas summers, and a husky blend. The heat during the middle of the day does have change how much he plays, and he loves the mister fan, and drinks lots of water. The heat isn't the big thing though, it's the attention. If he doesn't get enough, he gets vocal and does a lot of nipping. Don't get a dog like that if you can't give it lots of attention and exercise. Fortunately he gets both. Love seeing him turn from a rescue that was deathly scared of men into an affectionate snuggle bear.


One of my neighbors has a husky that's about a year old. We don't have yards in our neighborhood. At least not anything remotely large enough for a large dog. Some days they'll go to work, or wherever, and the dog will just howl all day inside the house. You can hear it at least 3 houses down. Now they're thinking they'll have to give it away because they simply don't have the space for it.


And it could’ve easily been avoided with a cursory Google search. People’s stupidity and irresponsibility is absolutely mind boggling.


The space issue is an important one, how do people not think of that when choosing a dog? I wanted a lurcher type dog for years but knew I couldn't have one because what an awful life that would be for that kind of dog living in an apartment with an owner who works full time. No high energy dog for me till I got the farm. Took in an absolutely lovely couch potato back then though, a middle aged Mastiff. In spite of his size he was a perfect apartment dog. His favorite activity was sleeping, rarely ever barked and was so chill he won over everyone in the building. Even had a few retired neighbors that would dog sit a day a week on a rotation with my work schedule because they enjoyed the company of a big lazy dog but weren't up for the task of owning one.


Had a co-worker who wanted to get one 'for his 6 year old daughter'. Dude was morbidly obese, better part of 350 lbs. and lived in a small to moderate sized apartment. Tried to talk him out of it and let him know that dog was not going to work out well but fatass wouldn't listen. Ended up returning thr dog after a month because it wouldn't chill out and stop tearing up the apartment or scratching their door


Husky's are super energetic too. It sucks to have them cooped up.


Sad 😢


Something tells me they don’t care… probably they’re not dealing with it themselves


Because they don't care about a dog's habitat, they just want a fancy dog for clout and insta photos. It's pretty sad for the dog, last time i checked they are animals, not ornaments.


My neighbor had one it was a fucking nightmare. Did this shit all the time.


I used to want a husky as a kid and knew they were a lot of work but they seem to get really bored really easily. That and they seem so bratty, Id rather have a child..


I have raised about 10 huskies and 4 kids, its about the same amount of daily effort, bratty-ness, screaming, and tantrums from both sides. 12-15 years of it from either one. Kids typically shed less but the dogs listen much better at 9 years old then the children i guess, toss up either way and I vacuum twice a day... ​ Family is NOT a fashion accessory


I was just about to say this. I will NEVER get a husky. They are beautiful and definitely full of character, but the constant whining and communication would drive me insane!


"My dog is an angel he would never do that" - Every shitty dog owner.


I've got a neighbor that sounds like they have a decent sized dog that at some point just starts barking their head off for a good portion of the day. I've never seen the dog and not sure which neighbor it is. I'm guessing the owner doesn't even know what's going on. edit: and the barking has started


Yeah they usually don’t explicitly know but it seems like out of sight out of mind. They “know” their dog barks, but they frame it every time as just that moment. They don’t think but this is the 200th day he has done this it must be his thing I should take him to training or train him myself. This is usually the people who when I visit, their big dog owns the place and they usually conform to it.


Do these dogs live a tortured existence?


No, mine was absolutely spoiled. He never sang in lament like this but he loved doing it when he was happy. They are not the breed for everybody and I don't recommend them for busy urban dwellers as they get bored really easily. It worked well for us in that my wife worked from home so he always had plenty of attention. Awesome fact, ours loved the kids, like seriously, sitting & waiting for them to get up was the highlight of his day. Not so awesome fact, you can make a clone from brushing out their fur. Seriously, cleaning up the fur was worse than collecting the dog poop. Also, we never could successfully train ours to walk without pulling all the time and trying to run. Great for when my son was on the sled, not so great when he would accidentally get out and bolt like a maniac!


Can confirm. My inlaws have a husky and when she gets going shes loudest thing ever. We have two dogs at home so when we dogsit, she loses her mind with all the playing, only to come in and indignantly or lovingly (its hard to tell sometimes) sing the song of her people to go back outside, even after playing for an hour straight. She's excellent with kids though, and the hair, sweet jesus the hair. They're worse than german shepherds with hair by a mile. I have to sweep daily when she's here or I feel like I'm going to drown.


We had a dark red carpeted kitchen (long story) and it was half white most of the time! My boy Nikita was awesome with other dogs and he always submitted to the little guys we had. My Pomeranian was his master and it was funny watching them play in the yard as the Husky always followed his lead. I wouldn't own another Husky as my life is too different now that my kids are all grown (he passed in 2010) but I would get another black Pom. Neither of them ever barked and the only noise was the occasional *woo-ah woo-ah* when the Husky wanted to play.


Ty for NOT recommending them to the average. While they are beautiful... they are definitely not for everybody. I cannot stress this enough. U rock


I always think reading reddit comments, at least it's a good thing these people don't own difficult dogs. They really aren't totally unmanageable like some comments will say, but definitely not just a random mutt you found on the side of the road that's happy just to have a roof over its head. I've worked with a lot of *tough* breeds, dalmations, Chows, plenty of pit bulls. Of course they can be monsters, but it's not like only veterinarians are qualified enough to own one. As long as you have the time and resources nearly any dog breed can be happy in less than perfect situations, but don't lock a Husky in an apartment 22 hours a day or you'll end up with a psychopath, it's that simple.


Outside of places that are cold enough for them to do what they love best, running? Yes.


A normal working person simply does not have the means to accommodate a huskies needs, not so cold weather is bad enough as they tend to overheat easily with their fur, but not being able to run around 10 hours a day is what gets to them. Nobody that's working 30-40+ hours a week has time for that, unless that work includes the husky... it's a working dog and should be treated as such because they've been bred for that, they hate not working like shepherds hate not herding a flock. It's miserable.


The huskies are the ones from Scandinavia then helping with the Reindeer?


Huskies were originally Siberian sled dogs, throw 9 or more of them in front of a sled and they'll pull you cross country for 10+ hours a day. The one you're thinking of is the lapponian herder from Finland used to herd reindeers.


Huskies are [sled dogs](https://www.akc.org/expert-advice/dog-breeds/sled-dog-breeds-history-future/), not [herders.](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lapponian_Herder)


**[Lapponian Herder](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lapponian_Herder)** >The Lapponian Herder (Lapinporokoira or Lapp Reindeer Dog or Lapsk Vallhund) is a breed of dog from Finland, one of three Lapphund breeds developed from a type of dog used by the Sami people for herding and guarding their reindeer. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/AnimalsBeingJerks/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


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They pull sleds, there's a great kids movie about one bringing medicine by sled to a snowed in town Balto?


[Balto has a statue in Central Park NY](https://www.centralpark.com/things-to-do/attractions/balto/)


No they’re sled dogs. Might be used for that too but I haven’t heard anyone do that, which I probably would’ve since I live in northern Scandinavia


Well they do, but not most owners. My sister and her husband rescued a retired sled dog from extreme north Nunavut, they also adopted a puppy and just before moving back they found another puppy in the dumpster and ended up with 3. But they have a big yard, the dogs absolutely hate being indoors for more than a few minutes during the day, and twice a day they go cycling down a path with the dogs chasing the bikes. If they don't do that the dogs go absolutely nuts, they need crazy amounts of exercise and regular dog walks are not enough.


Where are you getting your numbers from? I’m not trying to be an asshole, but dogs that compete in mushing generally spend most of the summer fenced up on a concrete slab making the same noises this dog is making. Their conditioning work is mostly in the late fall and winter. They don’t push them 10hrs a day every day in the winter. They train and build endurance gradually, just like you would if you were to run a marathon.


He is making them up. I own a husky and he has been raised from a pup. I put him in the yard and he hates being out there he scratches to come inside because he wants to be around us. He also isn't running 10 hours a day, the extreme trained ones are maybe but that isn't a necessity. I know people who regularly sled, and own several sled dogs, the dogs are content and well behaved and they do not "run 10 hours a day" like you said in the summer time they're significantly less active as its too hot to train even in Canada. If you live in the correct climate and you can spare 1 hour a day you've got enough time on your hands for a husky, don't listen to the nutters who are like they need 3 hours of walking a day.


Thank you! The “no one should own huskies” rhetoric on Reddit is getting extreme. I also own a husky and use a bike tow leash for him to pull. I also lived in Alaska for a substantial part of my of my childhood near a kennel with competing dogs. Living next to that, I can guarantee you (as I’m sure you can as well) huskies are perfectly content in an apartment with regular, moderate exercise.


Yes I frequent the husky subreddits because I enjoy the breed and I have one, but there are some people that are straight up fanatical about their needs. I just recently started bikjorning with my husky, first off since he has been raised as a family dog and not a sled dog he's not great at it, regardless of the breeds inclination to pulling. Secondly he isn't just being hooked up and running 10 hours a day, the amount of training required to do those kind of races is extreme and honestly probably not healthy for the dog.


The cold isn't even really the issue, there fur acts as both insulation and air conditioning. It's that they're a working breed that want to work for at least 8 hours a day. Sitting in a house is tortuous which is why they'll sit there and howl all the time.


> want to work for at least 8 hours a day and then *still* howl the other 16.


They are still a cold weather dog, they cannot run/exercise in the heat as they do in the cold. That's a vital part of their breed as you said. They love to run, and they just can't do that in hot places. Your point about their fur being insulatory is correct, and their fur does protect them from the heat as well. Well intentioned people often shave them in summer but you should [never shave double coated dogs.](https://jimsdogwash.net.au/2018/03/06/keeping-double-coated-breeds-cool-summer/)


Existence is pain.


Nah, some are just dramatic. Mine was never like that. She'd talk, but she would do it when she needed to pee, food or just for fun. She was silent for the first two months. Then one day I was sat on the couch, said her name then howled. She looked at me, I did it again, her face lit up and she howled with me. She wasn't allowed to bark indoors, she wasn't allowed to be too loud, but she was allowed to talk. She was a happy dog.


As a studio apartment owner in NC (yes it stays very warm most of the year), I am extremely tired of people buying these dogs only to put them in 400sqft rooms where they scream all day


I lived this existence for a year. Every morning the husky next door would scream for a couple of hours after the owner left for the day. It was delightful.


how do they ignore an animals painful sounds? really how


They aren't there.


I had an upstairs neighbor who got a very loud puppy who would cry in complete misery from the second she left to the second she got back. My roommate had enough of it and exasperatedly caught her in the hall one day and told her “Ma’am your dog is very loud every time that you leave.” She just kinda shrugged and was like “I’m not gone for that long.” Which first of all not true. Secondly it was clear that she either never heard how loud and long this boi could yelp or did not care a single bit and figured as long as no one calls the cops it ain’t my problem.


I record my neighbors dog barking all day and play it on loud speakers when the neighbors are home.


If you live in an appartment building and your neighbors seem to really hate you...this is why


When my neighbor moved in they had 1 chihuahua that would bark in the am when they left but would tire it’s self out at about noon. They solved the problem by getting a second chihuahua that barks the rest of the day. Stops when they get home and then starts barking again at about 9pm. I hate them so much


It’s really impressive that they quickly learned to take screaming shifts


That's a weird tornado siren


It's Tormento siren.


He’s calling out, but no one’s replying - like the 52-hertz whale.


Allow me to sing you the song of my people


Christ, I hope V-Ger doesn't hear.




Naw, I deserve it.


I have an acquaintance that owns one in one of the hottest parts of Mexico. I feel terrible when I see her instagram post of this dog inside the little apartment she lives in. You can tell the dog is trying desperately to find a cold spot on the floor to lie down. In 4 years I’ve never seen 1 single image of the dog outside or being taken for a walk. Its insane




Yeah, but letting the dog out for a fast shit is not the same as walking the dog. Bigger dogs specially these require a lot of exercise or walking and I’m pretty sure if you’d walk your dog for longer periods you’d eventually have 1 picture outside.


Can confirm lol. I take my corgi outside at least 3 times per day and around 30 minutes each time. Because he does all the funny things, I take a lot of pictures and videos like every single day.


I feel bad for the neighbours living near that.


This is missing the "I'm here" - "WTF?" moment


Because the title is byllshjt. You can see the owner tapping the dogs legs with their foot.


Also in what universe does a dog not hear/smell their owner opening the door and coming inside? It's just a husky either throwing a tantrum or being loud because it's bored.


Dude no shit. Mine knows when someone pulls in my driveway, a quarter mile long one. Its gravel tho so in fairness I can here it far aways.


My dog does this when no ones at home the instant she sees someone acts like nothin happened


OP is a spam account


We've got a Husky, he gets long walks everyday, gets fed and watered, has his own dog house and a huge yard to run around in but if he gets bored, he's gonna sing me the song of his people. Such is life with a Husky.


I feel like 90% of the comments here complaining about the terrible conditions husky owners must have they're dogs in do not have a husky


> 90% of the comments here complaining about the terrible conditions husky owners must have they're dogs in do not have a husky Do you fail to see the irony in your comment? >!They are complaining about the terrible conditions for huskies and hence they dont own a husky?!<


My bf wanted a husky. I subbed to r/huskytantrums and showed him a video everyday for a week. He doesnt want a husky anymore lol. Huskies are really pretty but i dont want a dog that screams everyday


I love husky tantrums lol, but I just can’t in good conscience get a husky. Where I’m moving too wouldn’t be anywhere near cold enough, even during the winter, and the summers are brutal.




I am grateful for my lazy, QUIET, husky. He will make cute whiny sounds sometimes if he needs something or is excited, but he's never screamed pointlessly like this.


Same! My Husky definitely requires more attention from me than my Lab mix. But, she never screams and is happy having my other dog with her throughout the day.




I remember this being there. https://www.reddit.com/r/HuskyTantrums/comments/k48jdi/wooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaa/


i can’t tell based off of the comments if this husky is being tortured by heat/lack of space or if it’s just bored and singing the song of husky


People are assuming way too much, this husky just looks bored. Every dog is gonna get bored if you leave them alone in the house for an extended period of time. Huskies will sing the song of their breed.


Not sure how, but my husky RARELY screams, and when he does it's more of a low howl for a few seconds. He's dramatic, and a brat, but at least he'd quiet lol He's also very lazy, and just sleeps most of the day, even when better engagement is offered




cut too soon. want to see the dog's reaction when it realizes it isn't alone.


Fucking raid siren


Didn’t knew




Do a lot of research before deciding on a dog breed. If you go with husky, be prepared to care for it. This poor thing more than likely does this every second the owner is gone. I used to live above a young guy who got one. Basement apartment, the dog barely go walked. Came home one day to the entire door destroyed. The dog ripped it apart with his teeth.


What a drama queen! This is another reason why I'm a cat person.


When I had my husky Cricket. She never did this. She would like talk to you like you see other huskies do. Very cool dogs but they need space to run. Mine liked walks but didn't like being outside in the yard very long even in the winter. But when ever she got the chance to run out the front door she would and it was straight down the road to a farm where she would kill chickens for fun.




Huskies always make me laugh


Huskies have that fun combination of needing a shit ton of physical AND mental exercise, due to being very smart working dogs. This is why I prefer labs, dumb and lazy doggos make the best bois


This just scared the absolute shit out of my cat, she fucking flew out the door!! I had no idea she was even inside, let alone asleep on the couch next to me! Holy shit! My hands are shaking, what the hell just happened!?


I was wondering what this dog might be trying to communicate. So I played this on my phone where my black lab could hear it and she seemed very concerned. I showed her the video to allay her concern but that didn't help. It amazes me how empathetic dogs seem to be.


Made up BS title lol


For the love of god can someone please autotune this


RIP neighbors


Sing me the song of your people.


Whatever that husky is going through, I feel the same.


fetch me their souls *insert husky screaming*


God, if I heard that while walking in the woods I'd run like hell!


Is this singing? Or is it a tantrum with no movement?


For some sick reason this reminds me of *The Venture Brothers*, when they introduce the Fantastic Four rip offs and human torch is screaming in pain running around on fire.


Drama Queen 🤩


Straight up screaming for no reason.


I always wanted a Saint Bernard or a Husky but... living in an appartement with a Husky? Working from Mon-Fri for 8h? God Id be kicked out of the appartement faster than I could close my eyes