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“Wtf did you say to me?”




Right in the kisser


That slow head turn. 🤣🤣


It was a PERFECT 'What the F**K did you say to me?!?' slow head turn


"Do you want to die peasant?"


That’s when I knew that girl was in trouble. 🤣


“Bish, what you say to me?”


“No you shut up b* , I’ve had enough of you abusing me like this “


It literally looks like it's about to try to escape again, realizes what she said, and then is like, "Oh no you didn't..."


Thank you for this; I had the sound off and went back to watch again with sound. It was very much worth it!


"The fuck did you just say to me you little shit!"


Came here to say that fr fr


So did she. She prepared for that slap.


She new it too for some reason.


Right after the girl said "shut up" in response to the cat hissing. Like "did you seriously tell me to shut up?"


Went the full palpatine with that one


Locking-on to target.


"i warned you..."


The fuck did I just hear you say?


“Who’s your boss bwish!”


U wot m8?


It was at that moment that she knew she fked up


Fuckin’ terminator turn.






She knew it was coming in hot.


Anything you do to the cat after the hiss is squarely on you. She got a pretty generous warning by cat standards.


That’s why she’s got the blanket over her legs she knows shit is going down lol


Seriously, I've seen cats go from "I'm enjoying this" straight to "WHAP WHAP WHAP" with no warning, this cat was being downright magnanimous.


That classic triple whap


ah yes, the classic chomping on my hand after I fell for the belly rub trap (again), all while still purring.


something something bohemia style beer.


I'd be lying if I said I didn't learn that word from that movie.


When cats go whap whap whap, are they scratching or just hitting? I feel like getting slapped by a cat wouldn't hurt, but obviously if they're *scratching* it's a whole different story.


my cat is usually very polite, but doesn't like her medication and once gave me an open-paw slap right on my temple. it discombobulated the fuck out of me and i had a serious headache for like two days i also have plenty of scars all over my hands and arms from having to wrestle her. the slaps don't leave scars but seem to hurt more than scratches (for me at least)


There’s times when it doesn’t hurt then there are other times. Those fucking hurt for a while. But they are still little shits that you can’t get too mad at.


In my experience it's a no-claw slap that doesn't really hurt. If a cat wants to hurt you the claws and the teeth come out, this is just a "fuck around and find out" warning.


someone needed their nails trimmed. it was that or the vet.


Hahahaha that fuckin head turn tho


Same head turn mom does when you’re muttering something while walking away.


Right before you catch a fucking shoe to the ear.


I never even got a head turn! It’s just “The FUCK did you say?”


Surely that's not the first time that has happened


Every 2 weeks, anything more and its like playing with dancing scissorpaws.


Like playing hand clap games with Edward scissorhands


I’ve never cut my cats nails. They use a scratching post though


She wouldn’t be filming if it was. Thinks it’ll get her likes from strangers on social media.


I mean, it did get her likes from strangers on social media.


Yeah I would like to see this planned. Maybe it’s high probability but not a onetime thing.


Always point the sharp end away from you when doing maintenance on the fluff razors.


But they have five pointy ends


Yeah, it can be tricky. I've got 6 of these chonks and the struggle is real.


As soon as I saw that slow head turn I knew she was gunna get smacked


Those are the wrong kind of clippers


Yeah she’s mashing their nail down, no wonder they’re pissed.


She's hurting that cat, hence the response.




Omg, is this chick seriously using human clippers? Ugh...


"whatchu said to me??"


## Holy moly, that full stop, slow head turn, direct stare, long look AND then swat[!!!]… ### That’s brilliant. ![gif](giphy|8AgI6IlcxWxM0BLMHv|downsized)


Excuuuuuuuse me?


You shut-up!


ok...i did not realize you were attempting to clip nails...at best, you need someone to hold the cat while you clip; however, neither one of mine will allow it anyway, so I always get the vet to do it when I carry them in for their annual exams..you have to be SO careful, or you will nick the inner (pink) part of the claw and it hurts the cat really bad, and bleeds.. if you decide to do it yourself (with help) get someone to hold the cat wrapped in a towel and pull one paw out at a time and clip the nails...


But why do it at all


I like how the video cuts off right before she smacks the cat upside the head. Good editting


Fr tho I feel like when it cat attacks u you should probably let them go, unless they are like known for attacking u in which case u should probably get them trained by an animal behaviorist


You’ve never owned a cat have you


Lol; exactly what I was thinking. You can let the cat go (and most people’s reaction is to do just that). However, getting the cat to let *you* go is another thing altogether.


I've grown up my entire life around cats and currently own 3, they almost never attack me, only time they ever have is when I accidentally step on them or something, they never attack out of anger tho. I have however seen many cases of very hostile cats, and it's usually because the person doesn't leave them tf alone.


Well then somehow you’ve miraculously been lucky with every cat you’ve owned. Cars will attack if they’re uncomfortable. Such as being held for a nail clipping. It’s quite normal. A friend of mine from school IS an animal behaviourist who works on cats, dogs and horses, and shes said the same. If a cat constantly attacks you unprovoked then yes, there’s an underlying behavioural issue. But in the example of the video posted, perfectly normal reaction for a cat that, for many reasons, might not be used to/happy with nail clippings


> **Cars** will attack if they're uncomfortable. I absolutely love this Typo!


Ye but you shouldn't continue to hold the cat and make it uncomfortable after it attacks you, also as the guy said she pretty clearly smacked the cat upside the head after it attacked her, she edited to not show it but u can easily tell by her motions after being struck. Ye a cat might attack you but if they do you shouldn't continue to make it uncomfortable, also even if u do have a friend who is an animal behaviorist, why would I believe your word on that with no proof and take it as credit to what your saying.


If the cat gets mad every time you try to trim it’s claws and you let it go, how will you trim its claws? It becomes a health concern


Imagine being downvoted for saying you should leave an angry animal alone and not hit them


Where did they hit the cat?


For some reason these people think she hit the cat after the end of the video. Literally *nothing* implies that


Yeah, she turns her head to the cat while smiling. She knew it’s way she covered her legs with a blanket because the cat doesn’t like their nails cut and the people all like she’s hurting the cat cause she’s pressing down on the nails you can’t even see if she’s clipping sideways or not cause her hand and knee are in the way.


Yeah. Though i believe its the human that need the lessions and not cats. I agree that happy cats are far less destructive than the ones with frustration or otherwise unhappy lives. My experience is just as anecdotal though. But with my interaction with cats have taught me that they are very intuitive animals with a good understanding of respect and pride. I have never met a cat who didnt like me, and i think its because i try show them the same respect I would show any human.


This guy is absolutely right and I’m not sure why he is being downvoted. I also grew up with cats had 4 and this is exactly right. Reddit needs to chill.


I don't know why you're being down voted. If a cat starts to attack you, you should let them go and give them space unless you absolutely have no choice but to continue (like giving meds). Return to the task later after treats and cuddles. It's normal for cats to get hostile if they're uncomfortable or in pain, but continuing to do what you're doing can be dangerous for both you and the cat. And if a cat has behavioral issues, aka known for attacking you, it's perfectly reasonable to bring a professional into the situation.


Usually the animal behaviourist has to train the human on how to handle the animal!


I don’t know why you’re being downvoted. You should put a cat down when it doesn’t want to be held. You then work to build their tolerance with treats and things. It’s an adult sentient being, you either respect it as that or think it’s a stuffed animal. And if it’s the latter you shouldn’t have a cat.


Initially misunderstood "you should put a cat down when it doesn't want to be held". Couldn't find a /s and was quite confused.


Pretty sure you need special clippers for cats and dogs to not cause them severe pain and a potentially aggressive response.


Worse than picking on the Godfather. Took his time to strike


Still better than my cat...


I know I’m anthropomorphizing it but that slow head turn was perfect.


The slow turning of the head. - Unbelievable? - The audacity! .Slap the crap out of this hooman


All these people down voting actual intelligent people is the cornerstone of Reddit. This chick is (1) using the wrong type of clippers and hurting her cat (2) not making her cat feel safe and talking like a bitch to it (3) clearly hasn’t put in the work to acclimate her cat to getting its’ nail cut. That cat rightly smacked her trash face. She thinks she’s cute for clout. Because she’s attempting to cut nails on that cat while it’s moving, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s cut it before, hence the distress. For anyone who actually wants to learn to do this: - If your cat doesn’t like being held, that’s the first place you have to start. - Once it’s comfortable being held, you make it comfortable by gently petting their paws. Work your way up to holding paws and then spreading to see the nails - Introduce the cat nail clipper and let them smell it. Pet their paws with it. - Trim just a few nails the first time and just the tips. Cats have veins & nerve endings towards the base. Stop and release if they struggle. Give a treat. - Build them up to all front nails & always give a treat. It may take weeks, but if you love your cat, you put in the work. And if your cat is too feral, let the vet do it. If you can’t do that minimal work for your cat, you shouldn’t have a cat. And definitely not a child because that’s this work x 1000.


Heck, my 2 cats are comfortable being held. I can touch their paws and spread their toes to expose their nails with no issues. They aren’t scared of the clippers and are indifferent about them. I only cut the very tips and have never had an accident. They still act like they are about to be murdered after the first nail is clipped. Of course, as soon as I am done and put them down, tails up and it’s like nothing ever happened.


Very similar with my cats. I can hold them both, touch their paws, spread their toes...etc. They just don't enjoy their nails being clipped. But they just squirm to get away. No hissing or growling. And when they're done they get lots of pets and some treats for being good. Any time I have to introduce something negative to my cats, I immediately after introduce positivity in some form (pets, or treats). That has always had them be super chill about just about anything.


All animals respond to positive reinforcement, humans included, that’s the way to do it!


Yup. But a lot of people think "Oh the cat isn't happy so I should leave it to calm down." Nah. While they're all agitated is when I pet them until they're relaxed and happy again. Now the last thing they remember after a nail clipping or paw touching or face grab is that it felt good and they got a treat when it was done.


Seriously!! My cat trusts me with everything, she looks forward to belly rubs, lets me handle her paws, tail, heck even teeth, without any issues. But as soon as there’s clippers, it’s like a switch goes off. And believe me, I do only the tips and it’s still an instantaneous reaction.


At the same time this video is not surprising. She needs to be educated, bit she's not a horrible cat abuser. This is about how it went the first time I had to clip cat claws. After that decided I needed to do some research and we fixed it. But this knowledge isn't broadcasted everywhere, you have to go looking for it. Don't shame someone for not knowing any better. For all we know that's not her cat and she's doing her best


I didn’t say she was some horrible person and we need to burn her at the stake, lol. But I bet you didn’t film it for social media. You did what a person who loves their cat does. You tried to fix it. This isn’t her first time because she is filming and knows this is the reaction. I’m tired of people filming their pets in destress to get social media validation. Like they’re a stuffed animal and not a grown ass adult creature with thoughts and feelings that should be respected. After the first time, she could’ve figured out how to fix this. She’s got a smart phone. Information is freely available.


Your comment makes me so proud of my good boy. He let me trim him nails the very first time I tried. Scooped him up like a baby, grabbed his peets to see the nail, fast clips (but not the quick), then a treat. That good boy got 5 treats and a bunch of boiled chicken and he was so happy, didn’t whine or wiggle or anything.


Wow you got super hostile very quickly over a pretty damn short video.


She’s literally hurting her cat. That’s what human clippers do. And she’s causing it tons of stress on top of that because she doesn’t give enough of a shit to do a single Google to learn why everything is wrong. And this is posted in a channel about the cat being the jerk... I do get hostile over animal abuse. I do get hostile over thoughtless people doing bullshit for the ‘gram and people defending it like it’s harmless. I wish more people got hostile when they see shit like this too, because maybe we could actually start to fix some real problems.


Shit, do you need to trim a cats nails?! I thought they took care of that themselves.


If you notice their claws getting stuck in things like their scratching posts, they need a trim. Otherwise, I wouldn’t worry about it. My inside cats have always needed it. Not so much with outside cats.


It really depends on the cat and the living situation


Inside vs outside cats? Older cats that aren't tearing around outside?


Those a two big factors, yes. Plus some cats nails just grow different or at a different rate then others. And some cats don’t mind clipping while others will just struggle like you wouldn’t believe, no matter how well you try to train them. Our cats nail clipping needs and tolerance definitely fluctuated throughout his life.


My cat's older now (17) so I've taken to trimming her nails because she has trouble retracting them all the time now and her claws catch in things like blankets, upholstery, clothes...and sometimes she has a really hard time get them out and it hurts her or stresses her out. Also, because of her old lady arthritis, she more often digs her claws into my skin just while cuddling and it really hurts. She's not used to nail trims cuz I never needed to before. She doesn't like them if I'm just trying to have a nail trimming session. So I just trick her which means just having nail clippers near me always. When she's cuddling with me and her claws come out because she's relaxed, I'll hold her paw and trim what I can (usually whichever was stabbing me most recently). Sometimes she'll let me trim a few before she protests, sometimes she's not in the mood at all and won't let me trim any. She's not really a generally docile, cooperative cat, so training her like the commenter suggested wouldn't work for my cat, so I just have to opportunistically trim her nails or ask to have it done while we're at the vet (and even then her cooperativeness varies, one time you could hear her angrily screaming her head off from the back all the way from reception, other times she's tolerant, rarely she's a perfect sweetheart about it, you never know but she will try to scratch your eyes out and bite your nose off if she's not in the mood so I either sneak attack the nails or pay the pros to handle it).


Sounds like my old man. He never had his nails clipped but when he got older he needed it so I'd have to catch him when he was asleep. Then he'd wake up and give me a warning meow which, if ignored, turned into a very angry scratch or bite. He was known at the vet for being the biggest grump and most dramatic but if you weren't trying to do stuff to him he was the absolute sweetest. Man, I miss my buddy. Anyway with our kitten now we trained her from when we first got her so she's great to just be picked up and get her nails trimmed cause she knows she'll have treats.


Hang on - she's "talking like a bitch", and rightly got her "trash face smacked"? Well, aren't you a cranky little cookie. Oh, and also much more intelligent than the rest of us as well? Maybe dial it back a bit mate. You having a rough day?


Seriously, I tell my cat to shut it if she hisses at me and she's spoiled AF. Our cat lets us hold her no problem, we've never cut her nails too short, we always sweet talk her, we've tried sitting, standing, different types of clippers, treats, pets, etc. and she always hisses at us when we clip them. The second we set her down she's happy and purring but during the clipping she is pissed, nothing has helped. Never bites or swings at us with claws out, just hissing and trying to get away. So yeah, I'll tell her to shush. Doesn't mean she's abused.


If you treat a living creature with disrespect, you should expect disrespect back. It’s a real 1+1=2. And I was commenting on all the idiots downvoting people saying smart shit on this thread. Sorry if you’ve never had a cat, but they do not swipe at you with claws if you’re doing it right. There are ways to not get this behavior. My sincere apologies if you need a woman to pretend she isn’t smart to actually intake what she says. But yeah, I am intelligent and according to ways we currently have to measure, supposedly smarter than most people. They can learn to run, but I’m not gonna slow down to a walk so they can keep up.


Good god you sound insufferable.


Maybe if you didn’t use such misogynistic language when spewing your superior opinions they’d be easier to “intake.”


And these holier than thou comments are also a cornerstone of Reddit lol. jesus christ calm down


Jesus is already calm


Yup, but when you get down to brass tax, people care more about the entertainment value abusing animals has Which is also why this comment is so far down, and the post has so many awards


You’re coming off as a jerk and seem jealous of the person in the video. You began with sense, middled into envy end jealousy, and finished with unfounded assumptions.


Jealous…of someone hurting their cat by using human clippers on their nails…then posting it on the internet for likes. Your logic isn’t logic’ing


It’s the words, phrasing, and what you focused on (her trash face) that exhibit your disdain. Then this reply. It all comes off as teenage intellectualism and angst.


“aKTuAl iNteLijINt pEEplE”


This should be on top


I’m so fucking tired of people being dicks to cats and people acting like it’s normal.


Me too. Maybe I’m coming off as harsh but I’m over having patience for people fucking with animals because they’re so desperate for social validation and everyone defending them like it’s innocent.


Good cat tips right here damn thank you for having something worth saying along with "bad owner"


Yeah she should be using a havksaw


The hacksaw would’ve been hard for their paws to hold.. But I agree it would’ve been a more effective way to get rid of the primate hurting them.


"A quién le estàs diciendo shut up? A MI ME ESTÁS DICIENDO SHUT UP?"


No wonder the cat is pissed, she’s using human nail clippers. They put painful pressure on the cats nail because they’re shaped/designed for flat HUMAN nails 🤦🏼‍♀️


This poor cat. This probably won't be seen but here is a great video from a vet on how to do this properly. And yes you can use normal human clippers if you know how. https://youtu.be/o1XisXBVe8g


Why is the cat the jerk??? It’s the undeserved prisoner restraints that deserve to be called names


This is... a little bit more humansbeingjerks Like there are definitely better ways to do this. :/


Animal cat wasn't the jerk ... animal human was. Only clip the nails a few at a time, when cat shows discomfort then rest and try later. May have to do only one or two toes a time, but never like this where cat is showing obvious distress and upset. Also when not in nail clipping mode, frequently play with their paws, holding gently and lightly massaging for kitty to get used to regular paw handling. Over time it should get easier to hold the paws and do more nail clips than one or two a time.


Be patient, don't yell at him. Don't squeeze those paws too hard.


I get that reaction when my cat sees the clippers. It’s impossible to cut her nails at home.


You ignore the hiss, you catch the fist.


Ya trimming those claws is probably a good idea lol


Is that cat named Adolf Kitler?




Just cover his head in peanut butter....or something like that, idk I'm not a vet.


You could see the look in his eyes when he realized he could smack you and make a run for it


Wtf is she doing to that poor cat? She deserves what she gets!


Cats always go for the face. Little bastards.


The slow head turn is top 10 creepiest things I’ve seen in my life and I’m damn near 30 years old.


Not animal being a jerk. The animal gave warnings it didn’t like that scenario.


That slow head turn. It was going south from there


As a cat owner, that hiss is basically your final warning for something nuclear to go off so just drop what you're doing and slowly step away from the cat


Yeah, sorry, but the girl is already pissy herself and talking in a crap tone of voice-maybe someone else needs to do this for her, it’s stressful for both of them. I am curious why she’s trimming the claws on the back paws. I’ve had cats for the past 30 years and have never needed to trim their claws on their back paws-only the front. Feel bad for both of them, not a pleasant experience for either of them


Came looking for this comment. Liked wait, we’re supposed to trim rear paws too? Cuz I haven’t in the 7 years we’ve had our cats. Maybe I was missing something


I don’t really see a reason why you would need to trim them, seems like unneeded stress for her and the cat. Cats basically only sharpen and use their front claws to scratch things. At least that’s my experience. Edit: have to say I’ve never had a friend trim their cat’s back claws or heard of it being done for any reason.


Why is she cutting her car’s nails?


Engine troubles, I imagine


Snort laughed. Thank you.




Helll no I know you didn’t just tell ME to shut up.


But why though? We've had cats all my life and never once even thought about trimming their nails.


I clip my cats' claws regularly, but I never touch their hind claws. Those always seem to be worn down naturally. No way would my cats let me clip em if I held them in that weird, lose sideways position. I always plop em down with their back against my chest, with their hind legs kinda sticking up, grab a front paw and clip away. I don't even talk to them, lol. I just stay calm, do my thing and let them go. They're still not fans of the procedure, but since it takes literally less than 2 minutes per cat, they don't mind anymore.


If you're going to use a towel to trim your cats nails, actually wrap them in it.


people that clip cat claws shouldnt have cats.


This is why i can’t have a cat, they are just as bad as teens. Can’t do it! They just snap and go psycho, I’m going to stick with my bunnies lol


Reason #707 I don’t own a cat


No no. This idn't a reason not to adopt a cat. This is just a video showing what NOT to do with them. Girl deserved the cat slap. Thats not how you do this.


She should not have a pet if that’s how she acts with it.




That is exactly what this is


My wife had her nose sliced open by our cat who decided she was ready to jump out of my wife’s arms and started flailing at her face. She didn’t piss the cat off, it’s just how the cat reacted. Wife ended up in the emergency room getting stitches. And it’s not an easy place to do stitches. She looks ok, but now has facial battle scars. Hockey helmets with visors dude. Hockey helmets.


Not visors. Full shield.


u/savevideobot u/savevideo


[Don't worry fam I got you ](https://redditsave.com/info?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.reddit.com%2Fr%2FAnimalsBeingJerks%2Fcomments%2Fw7v4ik%2Fand_i_took_that_personally%2F)


I'm late but thanks so much!


The struggle is real. Clipping my cat's nails is always a fight.


Best not to tell our pets to shut up?!?


This should be reported to mods by more people. Human nail clippers literally cause a cat pain. Any responsible cat owner who wanted to know about cutting nails, knows this. She’s literally hurting her cat and it’s reacting accordingly.


Humans being jerks. Don’t cut your cats nails.


No idea why you’re being downvoted to oblivion. It’s proper frowned upon to clip cat nails in my country.


Exactly. If you don't like the nails on a cat you don't like cats. Get a hamster.


Why the fuck is she cutting a cats nails?




My cat has enormous sharp claws he seems unaware are painful to the rest of us, but I never clip them. He’s an indoor cat and once a year despite our extreme efforts he somehow manages to escape and spends an hour in two dorking outside until we get him back in. I don’t want to take his weapons away in case he needs them. He hasn’t gotten out since covid though, I think we all got better about being careful in a lot of ways.


My thoughts exactly. Get the cat a scratching post and it should be able to take care of it themselves. I’ve had cats for over 25 years and we never had to cut their nails.


Scratching posts are literally for sharpening a cats nails, they take off the dead or flaking pieces of claw BY scratching it to turn them into little needles. Trimming their nails is good husbandry.


You should always check your cats nails anyways. I had to start trimming my cats nails once they were seniors. I'd rather give them a little trim than have a nail go into their toes. Scratching posts (and my carpet) still get used, but I'm still keeping an eye on my baby's nails.


It’s actually animal abuse, a cats nails are an extension of their knuckles. Scratch post is perfect


Cutting a cats nails is perfectly fine. What you're referring to is de-clawing which yes, if you opt to de-claw your cat your cutting off a part of their knuckle.


Declawing is abuse. As long as you don't trim too short than it is fine


This literally is utter bullshit


Animal groomer in training here: cut your cats nails. The amount of times I see (young & old) cats come in with nails completely curled into the paw pads is ridiculous.


You do not know what you're talking about. I think you are getting declawing mixed up with nail trimming


She kinda deserved it. Cats dont need their claws cut, they manage that themselves.


Yeah my cat does not manage to trim her needles of death.


What's a housecat going to use these claws for anyways? Hunting dust bunnies? Now, if we were talking declawing it would be something else, but this is just trimming their nails basically. Perfectly fine. (Though the cat getting mad is also understandable)


I have two cats, and no they don’t manage their claws. Once their claws get too long, they start getting stuck in the carpet, rugs, blankets, etc. and it hurts when they make biscuits on me. They do use their scratching posts, but it’s not enough to actually trim their nails sufficiently. So yes, cats do need their nails trimmed.


Yes, cats claws get stuck in stuff, that's because it's a claw and not a fingernail. They do not need to be trimmed.


No they dont why would they dull their own claws? You shouldn't trim them if they are an outdoor cat as that is how they hunt and protect themselves. But if they're indoor only then there's no reason not to, it keeps them from getting snagged on stuff and protects your skin and your furniture, possibly protects your other pets too. We trim both of our boys claws since they like to wrestle and rabbit kick each other. Also had a very old cat that literally got stuck whenever she would walk on carpet


Why is this downvoted?! Cutting a cats nails is wrong.


agreed. the lack of response kinda leads me to belive they already know it aswell, but cant accept it yet.


Our cats knew better than to hiss in our faces and, god forbid, pap us at all except during play....