'Dropout Idol Fruit Tart' English Cast & Crew Announced (Full Season Premieres Tomorrow)

'Dropout Idol Fruit Tart' English Cast & Crew Announced (Full Season Premieres Tomorrow)


We have our English cast and crew for **Dropout Idol Fruit Tart**, with the full season (12 Episodes) premiering tomorrow on Funimation! Dubbing Studio - NYAV Post Cast & Crew |Character/Crew Role|VA| |:-|:-| |**Ino**|**Kira Buckland**| |Hemo|Kayli Mills| |Roko|Sarah Williams| |Nayu|Laura Stahl| |Nina|Xanthe Huynh| |Hoho|Christina Kelly| |Chiko|Amanda Turen| |Riri|Ryan Bartley| |Nua|Stephanie Sheh| |Rua|Brianna Knickerbocker| |Producer|Michael Sinterniklaas| |**Voice Directors**|**Laura Stahl, Stephanie Sheh**| |Casting Director|Stephanie Sheh| |Script Adaptation|Zoe Martin| |Script Supervisor|Stephanie Sheh| |Spotting|Heather Gonzalez| |Recording Engineers|Jordan Fox, Julina Henao Mesa| |Audio Editors|Juliana Henao Mesa, Jordan Fox| |Mixing|Shaun Cromwell| |Production Supervisor|Heather Gonzalez| |Production Assistant|Zoe Martin, Clark Cheng| Synopsis: >Former showbiz stars Roko, Hayu, and Nina live together in a dormitory for dropout idol girls. As timing would have it, young dreamer Sakura happens to move in with the other girls just as an announcement is made to tear down the dorm due to a 100-million-yen debt! This leads to the unexpected formation of a new idol group called Fruit Tart. Their sole mission: earn some yen and stop the demolition.


Oh wow its NYAV Post DUB & look at that freaking cast !!!!!! Talk about stacking it. Kira Buckland as the lead with Kayli Mills & Laura Stahl HOT DAMN.


Maybe too stacked, I'm surprised. Nothing wrong with that though, name recognition. I'm watching Number24 right now and im baffled at the talent NYAV Post brought in for essentially an average sports show.


Mills is the song director for Irumakun (and singer for each member of the Valec family). Her being in the cast gives me hope.


I didn't imagine this was going to have Sheh casting. She just got done a gundam movie. You never know someone's next project.


To be fair, this dub was done at the studio NYAV Post, where Stephanie primarily does dub casting/directing work.


Fair point. Stephanie is one of the people in charge.


Stephanie is the casting director for pretty much all NYAV Post dubs since they became bi coastal so that’s not really surprising


Which gundam movie ? Hathaway ?


That's the one


She was the director. I'm not a gundam fan but saw all the castings on Twitter


Loved this show glad it's getting a dub.


Wait what, Christina Kelly in an NYAV (via its LA branch) dub? Well this is rare. I remember reading this [interview](https://www.oaoa.com/local-news/midland-voice-actress-enjoys-anime/) where she also occasionally works with LA studios. Pretty neat she likes to expand her clients.


Christina stated she rented Bryson Baugus's home studio for the dub.


By far the funniest idol show I've watched! I was laughing so hard through most of the episodes! I'm curious if they're going to dub the songs though.


> I'm curious if they're going to dub the songs though. I hope they do, because dubs of music anime leaving songs in Japanese is a huge deal breaker for me. If the songs aren't going to be dubbed until the blu-ray (like was the case with Zombie Land Saga) then I'll wait for the blu-ray. If the songs aren't going to be dubbed at all, then I'll either watch the show subbed or just not bother with it at all.


Ay, might check this out.


My guess would be probably not, but it could be like a Zombie Land Saga situation where they’d dub them for the home video release if they make one. Ever since COVID, it’s been hard to get everyone together to dub music, and it often takes extra time, effort and money, but it’d be nice if they did. Honestly the songs were great in their original form so I can’t complain too much, but it would be nice. Credit where credits due though, one song is already dubbed (Rokos number one hit)


You mentioned that there was a single song dubbed in the Dropout idol Fruit tart English simudub dub? can you tell me which episode, and what song? I also want to hear more songs dubbed for home video release.


Where specifically within the episode is the song dubbed?


I hate to disappoint you, as I made the joke both here and in the full season drop post, but it was Rokos hit song “Broccoli,” whose only lyrics are: Brocco. Brocco. Broccoli. Brocco. Brocco. Broccoli. So technically, since she’s singing the song in English for an ad campaign, it’s “dubbed” in deep quotation marks (or at least in English since Burokkori is the Japanese word for broccoli). It’s a very bad joke, but fans of the show got a laugh out of it at the time when it was originally airing, since it seemed unlikely it would get a dub. I’m sure there’s a chance it’ll get a home video dub if they get the licenses squared away. It would be nice, that’s for sure.


I've been trying to contact the voice actors and ADR directors on social media, and I have yet to receive and answer. I know Funimation would try to dub singing if they can, but they outsourced the dub to a studio outside the Dallas/Ft worth area, and LA Studios rarely ever dub singing for some reason. I don't know if Funimation has a say or not in terms of what the dubbing studio dubs. I know the anime is not on the January release slate. I really want them to dub the songs for home video release. Otherwise, just like with Love Live, they will have to put that disclaimer within the home video release.


So more or less an LA Idol dub! Cool!


It's awesome to see Funimation now utilizing NYAV Post as an additional recording studio for LA dubbing besides New Generation Pictures. In addition, it's even more awesome for Cristina Vee doing voice direction for NYAV Post.