This poor boy...

This poor boy...


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Power move: come out of the stall and shit in the urinal


Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do


Probably one of the few times I'd condone that fecal behavior


I thought this said "feral behavior" at first.


Still kind of accurate that way.


when I was 7 I saw some kids do that lmao


No one’s ever challenged you on this because they’re too afraid to.


Challenge the assistant principal to a Yu-Gi-Oh duel.


Don’t challenge a 15 year old boy to do that, cis or trans lmao.


I was coming to say this in THOSE EXACT WORDS, well done.


How is this a thing more than one person thinks of to suggest...


That’ll show em


Real men stand to shit.


Then wash your hands in the same urinal


Conservative assholes: "They're gonna rape our kids and sexually harass them!" Also conservative assholes: "I'm gonna need to see your privates if you want to take a piss."


> They're gonna rape our kids and sexually harass them! My response to this is, "if someone wants to rape/sexually harass someone else, a picture on a door isn't going to stop them"


So you're telling me that a drawing on a door isn't actually a better deterrent for sexual predators than potential years long jail sentences? How weird! /s "Welp, can't commit that crime that could send me for a decade in jail, there is a drawing on the door! My only weakness! Damn!"


A decade? Try six months.


#Ohoho looks like it’s time to remember that time Brock “The rapist” Turner got six months for being a rapist and raping someone.


Do you mean Rapist Brock Turner? Or Brock Turner Rapist? Maybe the news story about Brock Turner rape? Gotta make sure every possible combination of words gets used so that someone searching the name doesn’t accidentally not find that Brock Turner raped an unconscious woman.


Brock Turner "The rapist" got even less than that. He was released after three months.


my brother literally said the judge was in the right cause Brock “The Rapist” Turner’s brain hadn’t fully developed and thus he shouldn’t be held as responsible for it. This man is 21.


Hey, your brother's an asshole, just FYI


He’s a lot more than that…


yea i already know i cant wait till I move out in a couple months


of which, Brock Turner (the rapist) served three


TERFs act like it's some kind of magic ward that only allows in people the law says are allowed to be in.


Well, if that'd be true, wouldn't it prove trans people are the gender they say they are? (Which ofc they are.) Since they can easily go to the bathroom of their gender.


And even prison, if there is no attempt at rehabilitation and you’re just used as a slave for capitalism, doesn’t reduce the probability of predators doing predatory things. So they get out and go assault more people. So yeah, if the threat of prison isn’t a deterrent, a sign on a door *definitely* won’t be.


It's like if people actually believed that the "no weapons allowed" signs actually kept them out and people would not bring weapons where they're not allowed. But then again, I guess you can't refuse or suppress the rights of inanimate objects


Dammit and I'd been thinking we could just put "no raping" signs everywhere to fix everything


Kids have a higher chance of getting raped in a bathroom by a GOP legislature than a transgender person lmfao


Well we've been doing it with the TSA since 9/11 so I'm not surprised by anything anymore at this point.


It’s *disgusting* how many conservatives are using trans people to sexually abuse kids.


Like everything conservatives say these days, it's 95% projection.


Only 95%?


You have to mix some truth in there sometimes, otherwise it's too easy to ignore them.


Also conservative police: “Masturbate for me, child boy or ill take you to the hospital to force you to get hard” https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2017/12/forcing-kid-to-masturbate-for-cops-in-sexting-case-was-wrong-court-finds/


And he was a pedophile, how shocking and surprising...


Poor kid… That’s just vile🤢


Penis inspection day to own the libs


Or play sports. Don't forget that one. 🤪


Jokes aside. This is freaking disgusting. This should be treated as sexual harrasment and that person put in jail as a minimum. As a parent I would totally go to that person and begin a fist fight to make them learn nobody will treat my child like that.


This is what swirlies were invented for.


"Sorry kid, you *do* have to get out of the stall...because this creep needs a swirlie!"


I'm not even a parent but I immediately started fantasising about striding in there, grabbing him by the back of the collar and dragging him out the bathroom. To then be thrown to the floor and aggressively interrogated. I had to work hard to write "interrogate" rather than something much worse.


Love the proper use of *who* and *whom.* This is a lost art


A quick tip to help remember the difference between who and whom: If it’s he/she then it’s who, and if it’s him/her it’s whom. In this case you’d say “he is harassing him,” hence “who is harassing whom?”


Yes, in more academic terms, if you are referring to the subject of the verb (the one performing the action), you would use "who." If you are referring to the object of the verb (the one upon which the verb is enacted), you would use "whom."


Yeah that’s just confused me more


It makes more sense in German where there are three version, wer, wen and wem. Oh wait no it doesn't


“You’ll learn this next year” “They covered it last year” *at me, almost 19 years old and never actually having any semblance of a clue of how to use “whom” while also simultaneously forgetting that Google has been right there the entire time for this specific minor issue* Thanks Reddit user for giving me a surprise learning I didn’t have to rely on my shitty attention span to figure out on my own.


It’s *that* easy?? All this time I could have just remembered it using that??


Yep,that's it. You can also just never use whom because it's archaic.


Yeah that’s pretty much what I’d been doing haha


Oi! Whom is gorgeous. Give it the respect it deserves.


Screenshotted this cuz it’s something I actually have anxiety about (using who vs whom). I should probably be on medication.


just use who for both, it's more natural, there's literally nothing wrong with it. whom was lost because it's a vestigial part of English's case system, it literally serves little purpose since the entire case system has elided.


Next we abolish her/him


It’d be neat if/when English finally elides the last vestiges of its gender system. It’s more than likely, tho I can’t say when it’ll happen but since gender isn’t productive anywhere else in the language it seems only natural that it’d be lost eventually on pronouns too. 🤷🏾‍♀️


Was moreso talking about the basically-nonexistent-by-now oblique case but yeah that too would be cool. The only real benefit to having a gender system in English is making it easier to distinguish between antecedents of pronouns but besides that it's an irregular mess. For other Indo-European languages maintaining the gender system is somewhat important because practically all nouns and adjectives rely on it, but with how massively oversimplified English is, it's really unneeded.


Ah, yeah that makes more sense. I agree there. Honestly, that the oblique case has held on this long is kinda miraculous, given how we lost cases everywhere else. Anyway Mandarin also seems to do just fine without a noun class/gender system to mark antecedents, it isn’t a necessary thing and it’s the direction English has been trending for almost a millennium now, so I dunno.


wait it’s really that easy


i thought the same thing lmfao


*Ryan used me like an object*


Said who. That's not a question. Chew on that for a second and tell me if it makes sense...because I'm not really sure.


Second only to trolling, which is truly an lost art.


Trolling is a art


> who and whom speaking as a linguist, but it's a 'lost art' because it's no longer part of the language. that's neither a good or bad thing, it's just a thing. also, no such thing as 'proper' in language, there's validity, but validity varies from speaker to speaker.


So what I’m reading here is that this principal who is in charge of children likes to watch young boys pee.


That's just creepy. Like this man wants to see a child genitals? Cis or Trans that's some pedo shit.


No but you see, this child was one of them transes and therefore a predator, the middle aged man _needed_ to inspect his genitals for safety reasons /s


you say this is sarcasm, but conservatives in Florida rallied to pass a law allowing them inspect the genitals of student athletes. it’s nuts how it goes over their heads that this is what they sound like when they support these things. https://abcnews.go.com/US/florida-governor-signs-bill-targeting-transgender-athletes-1st/story?id=78023592 https://www.out.com/politics/2021/4/16/florida-lawmakers-pass-bill-legalizes-teen-genital-inspections


Poor guy, suffering abuse from someone who should be setting a good example to his charges. Bilogical sex and gender are different and it doesn't matter what anyone has genital wise for an overwhelmingly majority of things throuhgout life. Thats true even in relationships. Me having a dick only makes a difference to me when I take a piss on the way home from a pub, that's about it. Everything else 'masculine' I do is completly unrelated to that. Why are people so obsessed about others genders? Also, won't a young boy be as in danger from a preditor in a male bathroom as a female bathroom? Moreover, doesn't this mean that cismen who can't use a urinal (my best mate has a micropenis and can't use one) for any reason aren't really men. What about those who are really short, or have suffered a horrific injury, have confidence issues etc. Are all those not really men and deserving of using the mens room?


right wing people don’t care about circumstances like that they just want to justify bigotry and treating trans people like less than human beings


>Also, won't a young boy be as in danger from a preditor in a male bathroom as a female bathroom? Definitely yes. They're both astronomically small probabilities. However, in the minds of these nutjobs, it's based on the assumption that most men are rapists and all women are not. So a "man"(trans woman) in a women's bathroom will *definitely* rape the women, while a "woman"(trans man) in a men's bathroom will not.


Again, not surprised this was West Virginia.


True story time: had an ex from WV, and she was one of only three girls from her year to graduate, nearly all of the rest got pregnant and dropped out before 12th grade. The queer kids from drama class all moved to somewhere more tolerant as a group the week after graduation. This was a town just 2 hours from DC. Appalacia is very pretty, but scratch the surface...


This is why access to birth control and sex education is so important.


As someone from WV, I am also not surprised. We’ve got more progressive people than we’re given credit for, but, overall...yeah, not a very forward-thinking place.


Idk what area of wv your in but for me it’s as bad as the stereotypes


F. I grew up in one of the relatively affluent parts of the state and am currently in one of the uni cities, which is probably why I’ve gotten to see more of the sane side of the state, but I’ve got no doubt that it’s really bad in a lot of places.


South Carolina here. Growing up in the place I did I was insulated from the usual conservative insanity. I was always defending my state as “not as bad as people think.” It’s actually *worse* than people think.


That's kind of how I feel having grown up in Texas. I'm in one of the metro areas, which overall tend to be more progressive. Overall? Yeah, it's a shithole.


I could tell you horror stories of my time living in WV as a trans person.


I've heard more than a few myself from trans people from flyover states. Hope you're in a much better place, now.


Haha working on escaping, only a few weeks left. It's sad because I work in public lands and I love WVs public lands. It's such a beautiful state. But it's definitely a hostile environment for trans people to say the least.


I know what you mean. I love the mountains and all the river valleys, there are only a handful of similar places in Oz, and you will rarely, if ever, see them in the snow or swollen with water early in the spring. Parts of Tasmania and the Blue Mountains, maybe, but they can have their own problems.


Almost hell, West Virginia...


This is why I don't use public bathrooms. I had an adult confront me in the men's rest room (I'm transmasc, and it was my first time using a gender-afirming restroom) and tell me to "sword fight" him, because "real men use it wisely". I haven't used a public bathroom since.


>tell me to "sword fight" him, because "real men use it wisely" Um… Nope, lost for words.


Yeah. So was I.


Uhm What


I’ve heard of transphobes confronting trans and people they think MIGHT be trans in bathrooms way more than whatever conservatives are fearmongering about this week. they genuinely see gender nonconformity as a threat.


Two of my cis female friends have both been challenged in bathrooms, I never have been. The last time anyone said anything to me in a bathroom was to ask if the stall I used had any paper.


Some men like to pee while sitting too.


Sometimes I just want to rest my legs. Sometimes it's an excuse to be on my phone and away from work longer.


Right? Because if your boss asks you why you were in the bathroom for 25 minutes you can just say 'I had hot wings last night.' Ending the conversation right there.


I like peeing while sitting because urinals are kinda icky.


I get performance anxiety which is in turn exacerbated when there's no *fucking* dividers


Or those ones that go all the way to the ground and even on the floor slightly, forcing you to stand weird, or the middle comes out too far doing the same thing


Let's just do away with urinals in general. *Especially* the troughs they have at stadiums.


Absolutely, having s few more toilets is way more useful, and private


Pee aerosols *shudder*


Have mercy 😭


Honestly question, isn't sitting on a toilet ickier than not touching anything?


I'd rather touch butts with a stranger than stand there with my dick in the wind.


Splatter. A high-velocity liquid stream shot at a convex surface tends to result in a lot of returned droplets. For both urinals and toilets, the lip of the bowl tends to catch most. However, when sitting on a toilet gravity catches (almost all) the rest; at a urinal, you are shooting close to horizontal and thus most of the momentum is horizontal and hence very little of it is decreased by gravity, leading to more droplets being returned to the source. (In the case of peeing while standing up at a toilet, the extra distance it falls yields a higher velocity from gravity and thus more droplets are reflected further before the downward acceleration of gravity wins. While basically none of it gets back to the person peeing, it splatters all over the bottom of the toilet seat giving a very quick buildup of the gross yellow ring.) To answer your question specifically, it depends on the person. On the one hand, there's the general ickiness from sitting on a public seat without pants on. On the other hand, there's the feeling of having pee splatter over you and your clothes. For me, the splatter is ickier since I can just not think about how many butts have sat on the seat. One other consideration is the fact that urinals have no toilet paper with which to dry off the end of the hose (which, due to the considerations of the first paragraph, has experienced more splatter than if using a toilet). Contrary to popular belief, three shakes is *not* sufficient to remove lingering droplets from the outlet and thus you get the icky feeling of pee drops inside your underwear.


I can wipe the toilet seat with disinfectant. In urinals, I am not protected from urine splatter.


I sit down so I can play on my phone for a minute


>I sit down so I can play on my phone for __a minute__ ...really? *sigh* I know that there are no consequences since it's the internet, but telling such an absurd lie really reflects poorly on your character. ^(it's really 20 minutes, isn't it? It's ok to admit it. Your boss won't know you posted here.)


Sometimes when you've had a few drinks it's way easier to sit than to try and aim at a urinal.


Bro I've become converted at home but in public I use the urinal because I don't want to be in there longer than necessary


I've said it once before, ill say it a thousand times. The right in the US gets all its nutrition from projection against shadow monsters that only exist in their minds.


The monsters are them, imo.


They really weren't fucking around about penis inspection day


“B-but it’s the trans people who are pedophiles!1!1!” Also transphobes: literally tries to make laws dedicated to “checking” a child’s pants, or demands children to show what’s in their pants.. So fucked up. They’re projecting.


They're salivating at the thought. They'll probably volunteer to help enforce the law.


That's what I'm scared of in school... I'm not sure what my gender is rn but I'm surely transgender (born a female but definitely not one) so I use the boys restrooms. I'm so terrified of getting eyed at by one of the boys in the bathroom. Awful life... Sometimes I wish I wasn't trans.


I can only imagine what this kind of mentally does to your mental health. But FFS no matter who you are or what you identify as we all should at least take a shit in peace. Also glad to hear that you're trying to figure it out instead of forcing yourself to be someone you're not


> But FFS no matter who you are or what you identify as we all should at least take a shit in peace. As a transgender woman, the abbreviation "FFS" made this the most confusing sentence I've read all week.


Yeah didn't think that one all the way though haha


I appreciate that man ❤️ Thanks for that


Hey I'm really proud of you. <3


Thanks dude ❤️ Means a lot to me


I hope everything turns out swell for you! Take care and stay safe!


Thanks my guy :) Means sm ❤️


I wish these people would stop hiding behind imaginary trans predators and athletes and just admit they’re perverts who want to look at children’s genitalia.


I read somewhere that West Virginia has the highest proportion of (out, obviously) Trans Kids in the country. It makes no sense given how Conservative my state is.


Who the fuck thought a teacher willing to walk in on kids using the restroom should be reinstated? It doesn't matter that this kid is transgender he's a fucking child first! No authority figure should be allowed to walk in and demand to see a kids genitals I'm super grossed out that the law, judges, and school saw no problem with a teacher harassing a student, fuck who knows maybe this poor kid might be sexually assaulted by this monster he's obviously obsessed with kiddie genitals 🤢[Child harassed in bathroom gets no justice because of transphobia](https://www.whsv.com/content/news/Suit-dismissed-alleging-West-Va-trans-teen-harassed-in-bathroom-567400551.html)


Aside from the fact that trans people aren’t inherently predators, don’t y’all just love to see the people who go on and on about how gun laws won’t stop criminals from getting them turn around to talk about how they honestly believe that a sign on a door would stop a determined predator from entering a bathroom


It's. All. Projection.


The assistant principal was asking a child to show their genitalia. Hmmm so there is a problem with perverts in the bathrooms. Disgusting. An adult acting like that. How is it so hard just to give someone basic respect


My 6th year principal used to walk into the changing rooms when we were using them to talk to us and then had the audacity to, when it was announced that we'd be a mixed school next year, told us to not be pedophiles. Specifically took our year out of class to tell us that. On his first day he also told me to turn around while I was at the urinal to prove that I didn't have weed. This was the first time I had seen him, so I had no idea who he was.


Its crazy, transphobes always say that if we use proper pronous with trans people and respect their identities, then other cis people will “pretend to be trans” so they can sexually harass children in the bathroom thats already illegal and trans people arent responsible for the actions of others just cause their trans


Cis men scare me more than trans people as a whole.


I had a friend who laughed when she saw this. Made me sick and I'm so happy to never have her in my life!


I'm confused. When I went to school teachers would never use the same bathroom as students, even with stalls. This was all through elementary and high school. But more importantly, dude, what the fuck?


He probably wasn't using it; he probably followed the kid in for the sole purpose of harassing him.


You're probably right. But that's so much worse. Fuck


_Procedes to drop a deuce in the urinal_ Is that what you wanted, sir?


So, the assistant principal thinks this young man is a girl, and is sexually harassing him based on that. Hello? FBI?


"In other news: Vice Principal of West Virginian high-school arrested today for sexually harrassing teenage boy"


If only :( This was a male vice-principal harassing a teenaged "girl", so totes fine. If it was a "real" boy then this would have been gay and totally gross. (Poe's law disclaimer: this is bullshit. Trans boys are boys and use of the phrase "real boy" is absurd and offensive. [Edit] oh, and ~~men~~ harassing girls is bad too.)


If you don’t find something wrong with this, but *DO* when the word “transgender” is removed, you’re part of the problem.


And they say we're the pedos huh


but trans people are the real perverts apparently


I remember when this was on the news. Conservatives can't pretend to care about the children when they turn around and say "Okay, let me see your dick. Just to prove you're a boy of course."


>Conservatives can't pretend to care about the children when they turn around and say "Okay, let me see your dick. Conservatives never stop thinking about children's genitals for a single second.


It's so gross. I'm completely obviously anabolic and have been harassed in a bathroom before


I’ve seen a few videos of men following “masculine” looking cis women into the bathroom after mistaking them for men. (the irony)


Hi FIFTEEN year old, go pee in front of me, I want to watch you pee. Urinate my child


Gotta make sure the kids are safe from the "perverts"


As a cis man we need to ban urinals for all, they're disgusting. We need more unisex bathrooms.


I’m AFAB and nonbinary - I spent several years of childhood perfecting the ability to piss standing up. Fight me at the urinal, Karen. I can write my name in the snow.


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Epic boomer moment when you own a 15 year old at work




Yeah, that being this “hero”’s workplace


Cis men scare me more than trans people as a whole.


That's fucking awful. Isn't this sexual harrasment?


VP/assistant principal at my school pulled a student out of the woman’s bathroom and stopped reprimanding them when I approached. She just sheepeshly walked off. I hate people like that. It’s always the VPs and APs that think they run the rodeo.


"Adult Educator in Position of Power Corners Minor in Bathroom, Demands Minor Exposes Genitals for Judgement."


I have the same haircut


Rethuglicans are really obsessed with the genitals of children.


As the parent of a transgender teen this brings up a deep sense of rage on my part.


kick the VP in the balls


sometimes i screenshot stuff like this so my mom can see it if she ever goes through my phone


I’m just baffled by the fact that this was the assistant principal. Not that I wouldn’t think educators aren’t capable of transphobia, that’s unfortunately our reality. What I’m not getting is how you get to be assistant principal while thinking under any circumstances challenging a 15 year old student to whip out their genitals is appropriate


I want to Punch people like that so much


"sir i am shitting"


That is actually clever


Gendered bathrooms as a concept need to fucking die.


id still find a way to piss in the urinal or shit in it


I don’t even have the words for this. 🤬


Oh dear what a terrible failure with this assistance Principal, reports him to the education departments that he has serious issues needed to be addressed urgently. Yes a serious sexual predator praying on our children’s vulnerability with there dangerous acts seriously so out of control. Please petition signatures support this child makes certain, not to hear such filth said to any child person again x


Why is it that adults lose any sense of what's appropriate and what's not appropriate during this whole transgender bathroom bullshit?!


Poor kid. I know how that feels, I hope he has an amazing life and the assistant principal gets their car shat on by a large flock of seagulls


well duh, nothing says “we must protect our children” like trying to coax a minor out of a bathroom stall to let you watch him piss /s


Goddammit, what is wrong with people?!


It would have been awesome if he was able to. I've met women who could pee standing up by pinching their labia a certain way, or by using [one of these.](https://slate.com/human-interest/2020/07/best-stand-up-pee-devices.html)


If I was his parent I ould fistfight that asshole.


Shit like this happened to me in highschool, it's actually super common


So basically, what this vice principal is saying is that real men shit in urinals! /s


I have never used a urinal in my life. I was born a guy and am still a guy. I'm just absolutely never comfortable with nudity in front of strangers other than doctors or whatever. (Don't know about sexual context - I'm basically a virgin, lol) **Urinals in stalls when?**


Urinals are disgusting. My SO and brother, both born with completely functional (afaik) penises always sit down to pee. There is nothing more boomer than risking standing in your own urine backsplash and not emptying your bladder completely, just for some disgusting display of manliness.


What the fuck is wrong with people?


"trans people are gonna sexually harass our kids if we let the use the *wrong* bathroom!!1!1" "Hey kid show me your dick to prove you're a real boy" Who's harassing whom?


"Show me your genitals, I don't want you to make me uncomfortable"


doesn't this belong on r/AreTheCisOk more?


I said it once and I’ll say it again: straight men are the worst


but us transgenders are the ones making the cissies uncomfortable in bathrooms right? 🤡🤡🤡


Okay, I’m not entirely sure how female anatomy works, but could you use a Wendy’s straw or something?


A funnel would work better, more accurate and less painful


probably a funnel, a straw wouldn’t fit inside the urethra


Would’ve said “doubt you can reach it with your tiny dick syndrome you’re displaying”.


Yeah no let's not respond to toxic masculinity by hurling more toxic masculinity.


It's also basically gibberish. It doesn't make any sense, how can it be "clever"?