Which city is your favorite in the state you live in?

Which city is your favorite in the state you live in?


Atlanta. I love their food, the zoo, and the aquarium.


I love the sheer amount of trees covering the city.


Seriously? I'm from Atlanta and when I visited the UK I loved all the fields


Personally I find alot of rural England pretty boring as someone who lived near it my whole life. Much of it is neverending farmland in my eyes. But there are definitely nice places if you ever want to visit again. The Lake District, Snowdonia in Wales and Devon. I strongly recommend a visit to a seaside town called Newquay in Cornwall, beautiful place.


When I go back I will have to check some of those places out, I was in Newcastle, Northumbria and Cumbria. I guess its just a case of familarity breeds contempt


Underrated vegan food in Atlanta, too. One of my favorite cities to overeat in.


Underrated foodie city in general. So much good food in Atlanta from all over the world.


Bruh Atlanta aquarium is the best in the southeast.


I went to the Atlanta aquarium recently but honestly I prefer Chattanooga aquarium - especially after the addition of the new building. They’ve got parrots, stingray petting, butterfly garden, and generally just more to see IMO. After seeing everything at the Atlanta aquarium I felt like “wait, that’s it?”


I loooved visiting Atlanta!! Agree on all points. I spent like a whole hour in the mole rat exhibit and learned so much about them lol


Atlanta has true 1st generation immigrant cuisine that you just don't find in other cities.




Cool city


Was looking for this. Had a page search bar up as the page loaded. Happy to find it up here.


Very nice city


Cloudcroft, NM. Sits at the top of the Sacramento Mountains at 8,600 ft in elevation. Tons of pine trees, cool summers and manageable winters. On clear days you can see White Sands 4000 ft below you.


Sounds like a little slice of Heaven. I used to live in ABQ and the top of Sandia was my favorite to be, looking out at forty miles of nothing is really a bewildering experience for someone from Illinois.


The top of Sandia is a really cool place. We use to go up there at night and look out over the city.


It's also a great place to go fossil hunting. My dad used to take us every summer when we were kids.


St. Petersburg or Key West


And St. Augustine.


I never knew that there was a St. Petersburg in Florida.


One of the guys that founded the town was a Russian immigrant and named it after his birthplace.


Not Lawton


Fellow Okie here. I literally can’t think of one city or town that’s my favorite. But for sure NOT Lawton! Lol


I can not up vote this enough!


I used to work with a guy from Lawton. I have never been, but he spent a lot of time trashing every single thing about that place.




Actually fantastic




Prolly Austin or San Antonio.


I dig SA and think it’s underappreciated, especially relative to Austin. What do you like most about it though?


I wonder that too. I've done the riverwalk, Spurs games, Pearl brewery area, New Braunfels parks. Other than that, I don't know what else to look for


The worst thing about Austin is the traffic.


Yeah. Not the cost of living or anything.


Asheville, NC. I love the vibes and i love being in the mountains


Ann Arbor


Yeah either Ann Arbor or Grand Rapids.


Annapolis. It’s just gorgeous, older buildings, lots of history, on the water.


I was born there (I live across the country now), I just hope I get the chance to visit someday!


LOVE Annapolis. Beautiful, historic, great food


New York City. All my stuff is there. It’s got my favorite Chinese restaurant. I saw a boat here once. Need I go on? EDIT: also, one time, I was on the way to the port authority bus terminal, and I saw a guy with a really funny hat. It was done up in the style of one of those “Make America Great Again” hats, but upon closer inspection I saw that “America” had been replaced with “Westeros”, like from the popular Game of Thrones series. I tried to barter with the man for his hat due to the social capital this hat would surely bring me, but he just stole my shoes and wallet. Live and learn!


What kind of boat?


Floaty kind.


That's my preferred kind of boat to be on.


Dude I also saw that boat. It kicked ass.


You in Kings Landing.


fellow new yorker, definitely NYC as well!


oh my favorite of those knockoff maga hats was a "make brisket (some price I forgot)/lb again"


Steamboat Springs


Any place that is not Pueblo


Hmmm. I’ve been having a hard time choosing one. Where would you stay in Steamboat? What clinches it for you?


The Sheraton at the base of the village, especially in summer. I live in evergreen and it’s kinda cool on its own, but going to steamboat and seeing a different natural beauty that is somewhat more of an intentional destination than Keystone or Breckenridge or the Vail valley is kinda nice.




Baltimore. Love the aquarium and stuff


My city, Boston :)


It's the only city in Massachusetts after all.




Friday Harbor, Washington


Riding the ferry in past other islands with the mountains in the distance, is truly an enchanting, you're entering another world experience. And the cute downtown on a freaking island. I'd have to agree with your favorite place followed by North Cadcades & Mt Rainer NPs.


It’s a really special place. Yeah, if OP hadn’t specified cities in his post, I probably would have gone with Crystal Mountain, but I love Friday so much.


Not really a city, but a small town. White Salmon, Washington is truly one of the most gorgeous places I have ever been (I am biased because it’s also my hometown). As for a true city, I love Seattle. I know we get a lot of shit, and there are definitely some major issues that need to be addressed. But this city is beautiful and it’s the first place I’ve felt truly safe being myself (I’m gay). Plus the culture here is an introvert’s dream lol


Is this multiple choice


Can be if you want






I would not mind San Diego.


I feel like just everyone likes San Diego. LA vs SF gets split, but SD is Switzerland of the feud. I'm always surprised when I go to LA and there's 20 million people in the area when they could probably just go 2 hours down to San Diego and live there for cheaper and with less traffic instead.


Being from the Bay Area, this is very true. Many people have at least a slight sneer of contempt for “Southern California” which is mitigated by a “San Diego’s kind of different…”


I love being a San Diegan, but LA has its benefits. Bigger job market, more industries, more of a cultural hub, etc. Wouldn’t live there myself, but I get why so many do.


It's all about access and proximity. It's why humans congregate and form villages, towns, cities in the first place. The more people you have in one location the more they build upon each other and create more things upon which to build. You don't get a Great Pyramid or an Empire State Building from a bunch of isolated homesteaders. You also don't get a WWII, but I guess you take the good with the bad. Which is not to say that San Diego is a village or anything, but it's not LA. Which is certainly a selling point for a lot of people lol, but it's also a strike against it for others.


That’s my next stop when I retire in 2024.


Ever since the writers of Brooklyn 99 have been joking about San Diego being boring, it's kinda got to me. For being the 8th biggest city you'd think there'd be a lot more going on, especially when it's so close to LA I think since the city has a bunch of military, mixed with the whole surfer culture, sometimes SD can feel a little sleepy for such a big city. It's a very chill vibe here


San Diego is not boring. I’d take it over Brooklyn anyway. Then again, I live in NYC. San Diego is the perfect city for me- the beach, the lively boardwalk, the hidden coves of LaJolla, the gas lamp district, the weather, the bayside, the zoo… I can go on and on


I can’t think of more different places that San Diego and Brooklyn. You might be living in the wrong place my dude


It’s kind of like San Jose It’s big but lots of suburban areas and strip malls


Houston. Big city, surrounding lakes for fishing, and an hour away from the beach. I like it. Weather is a downside. But it gets better in the fall/winter.


Any local eats you can recommend? Trying to plan a weekend trip down there, I don’t live that far away and I’ve never explored Houston


Houston’s food scene is extraordinarily diverse! Watch Anthony Bourdain’s episode about Houston before you come visit. There’s lots of recent posts about best restaurants in /r/Houston. Search those before asking because the edge lords in that sub will rip your head off.


I'm from northern California and have been out to visit my best friend in Houston 3 times. The one restaurant that still haunts me to this day is Killen's BBQ in Pearland, about 30 minutes south of Houston. I have tried and tried and tried and have been unable to find anything remotely close in the BBQ world. That brisket was life changing. Last time I went I had another friend from Northern California with me and we ordered some of everything on the menu. No regrets.


I visited Houston once. Drove there. On the way in, I saw the hurricane logos on the sides of the highway pointing in the opposite direction for emergency evacuation. Nothing personal, Houston, but that’s gonna be a no from me.


/r/Austin in shambles at your answer ha ha


Our largest city only has 70,000 people, but if I had to choose a town that’s my favorite here I’d probably go with Newark or Dewey




Pretty much no contest for IL lmao


Savannah. I've been there's on a few trips and it's had the best history, architecture, ghost stories, and really indulges me in my love for seafood. We went to Clary's with my college class since it was one of the stops we made on the trip my English class took about after watching the movie "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil." The food was incredible, cheap, and had really big servings. I ordered a chocolate eclair and it was so big we had to split it three ways while on another trip with some family friends who were visiting family in the hospital but had to eat that gross food and I recommended Clary's. Forsyth park and all the historical sites like Riverstreet, Boneventure cementary and the founder of Girl Scouts Juliette Gordan Low's home. Easily the best town in GA!


Leavenworth WA


Not a City but if you’re from here you understand, San Francisco Bay Area. Despite all the haters the bay is nice we got lots to do good food easy access to the beach and some of the best weather on the planet.


For real. Nothing beats the bay


Okay, but which part.


Did you read the first 3 words of my post? Lol the entirety of the Bay.


I'm not going to pretend it's as different as two countries or even states, but you'd have very different reasons to like SF or SJ or Marin or Oakland.


I live In The South Bay but the entirety of the bay is close enough to every thing else. Marin the City Oakland San jo we are all close enough that the entirety is available all the time


My current home, Key West


Toss up between Buffalo and Rochester.


Awesome cities. Smaller city... But Ithaca is pretty sweet too.


I mean both are pretty similar in terms of wealth, economy, crime and schools. Both have trendy neighborhoods, top 100 universities, indie music & art scenes and tons of festivals. However, Buffalo has way more big city amenities like pro sports, a theatre district, subway and a 4 am last call. Rochester just feels a lot smaller.




I was in Bend for the first time a month ago and loved it. It felt like a good balance of city and small town.


I fucking love Bend. I lived there in the late nineties and never gave up on my dream of returning to stay someday


Unfortunately other people agree; the last 5 or so years have not been kind to real estate.


Bend is one of the best-smelling cities in the world


I lived in Bend when I was a kid for a few years before my mom got her senses back and we moved home to the Bay Area. It’s pretty and the people we knew were petty assholes. Have not returned to Oregon in 36 years. It was my experience I’m sure it’s nice.


Eureka springs, Arkansas. It’s a beautiful little hippy town and most of the people who live there are extremely nice.


For me to have an Arkansas flair, I really haven’t been to a lot of Arkansan cities. Obviously heard of it, but I never been there. I tend to stick to my side of the state.


Definitely a unique and lovely town, but I think I should visit more. Would love to stay in the haunted hotel. I live in Fayetteville and I think it is my favorite place in Arkansas. I moved here last year and I fucking love this town, even though I’m usually more of a big city person. Bentonville however is pretty meh in my opinion.


You should go in October. We did the haunted ghost tour of the hotel. It was neat. I love all the little shops with their witchy vibes.


Utah here: if you’ve never heard of Hanksville, I don’t don’t blame you. It’s at a fork in the road and hour south of I-70. One road can take you to Capitol Reef National Park, another dirt road can access areas of Canyonlands National Park, and the road down State Highway 95 takes you to Bullfrog Bay at Lake Powell/ to the Four Corners. I love the vibe, there’s a gas station inside of a sandstone monolith, and the best burger I’ve ever had. Nothing but vibrant red sandstone anywhere around, but it’s beautiful, people are super nice too.


Joshua Tree/Pioneertown


Houston for city and Carthage for town


Honolulu or Lahaina


I’m partial to Kailua, but I grew up there


West Valley City. This is a very unpopular opinion here, but if you want some semblance of diversity and good food in Utah, West Valley it is. Some other suburbs of SLC and neighborhoods within the city are decent, as are Park City and Moab.


Santa Barbara, followed pretty closely by Monterey.


Monterey has my vote.


I love Atlanta, but savannah just hits different.


My favorite cities are the small towns. Dexter, East Tawas, St Ignace, Munising, Copper Harbor among them. If it has to be a city I’ll go with Ann Arbor.


We do have a lot of nice small towns


What on Earth is appealing about St Ignace other than a view of the bridge?


Nostalgia mostly. I grew up downstate, it was super exciting as a kid to pass over the bridge and finally be in the UP. We'd stop, walk the downtown area, catch the ferry, visit the shops, climb Castle Rock, etc. Sure, it's touristy stuff but the Mystery Spot is neat when you're 11 and when I drive by now, I get a rush of warm happy memories of visiting in the summer when I was young.


these are my answers too! little towns, especially near one of the lakes and in the up, are so gorgeous and have so much charm to them


Estes Park, Colorado


Saratoga Springs has always been a fun place for me and it's pretty out there but I don't think with its population it counts as a city so I'll probably go with Buffalo. I like its proximity to Canada, buffalo wings, cool naval museum, and for the sake of my pride I can't say NYC


I went to college in Saratoga Springs. Beautiful town.


Honolulu. It's the only city here but it's got it all. Very walkable, bikeable, pretty good transit within the city, lots of stuff to do, easy access to nature, and most importantly most people aren't assholes. I grew up on a rural outer-island so it's also great that I'm close enough to family that I can be there when I need to but there is a nice little ocean barrier that makes it so I don't have to do it all the time lol.


Username checks out




Flagstaff, AZ


I’ve always wanted to visit Flagstaff. Constantly hear good things


Wonderful town


At the risk of downvotes, I'm in Illinois and won't say Chicago. I used to love Chicago, then went to Iowa for school and fell in love with smaller towns. I'll say one of the suburbs like Wheaton or Evanston. Evanston is wild because in other states, it could be THE cool place to go. But in Illinois, it's just a suburb of Chicago.


I'm from Woodhull, IL, originally. There are 900 people there. It's terrible. Give me Chicago any day.


Yachats or Astoria


It's technically an unincorporated community but Canada. Serious answer would be Lexington.


Oakland, CA


Really? Lol. YAY AREA!!


Hell yeah, Oakland is tight. Love the culture and people.


I love to hear my fellow Californians rep their place.


Sheridan, Cody, Laramie.


So many cool ones. I'm partial to Fort Collins, but Boulder has its charm despite being absurdly expensive. Grand Junction surroundings are so beautiful and it's a nice city but it's very much culturally similar to Alabama unfortunately. The small towns really do shine in Colorado though. And not even the overpriced ski ones, but just like the average small town is gonna be pretty nice.


Kansas City, MO


San Antonio 😍


Chicago, Illinois


Atlantic City I eat ass.


Oh no, I didn’t know we were supposed to include a fun fact about ourselves!


Milwaukee hands down


I haven’t really visited any other cities in my state but because I’m closest to it I’d probably say Philadelphia.


Can't answer... too many, all with their own special thing going on. Detroit, Ann Arbor, Traverse City, Petoskey, Mackinac Island, Sault Ste Marie, Plymouth, Holland, Saugatuck..... and more... so many more. All special.


Natchitoches, especially at Christmas.


Memphis. Nashville is too corporate. Knoxville is too Pillbilly. Chattanooga is too small. Memphis is fun, entertaining in many different ways, amazing food, great beer, some of the best tasting tap water in the country(seriously, it's a thing), lots of huge outdoor spaces, extremely culturally and racially diverse, and it has a sense of anarchy about it. I've lived in 17 places and memphis is by far the most genuine character of a city. I love it.




College Station. I haven’t been to Dallas or Fort Worth, and I was in Houston for 5 seconds so I won’t count that either. Need to see both. Haven’t seen El Paso either nor some of the smaller cities like Lubbock or Amarillo. Been to Austin and I’d like to see it after they finish all the construction, but it’s solid, it’s just the homelessness that’s out of control. San Antonio is meh.


Cstat seems like it would be a lot of fun if you’re college-aged, but I dunno about living there as a middle aged man.


I’m a grad student here, so I enjoy it a lot




Congrats, gig ‘em!


Actually the convenience and overall quality of life makes it a really good choice for families. My only real gripe is that eating out there is more expensive than some other places https://www.niche.com/places-to-live/college-station-brazos-tx/ Note that C+ and above in niche for crime means that it’s ultra safe (their scale is rather strange)


College Station, also one of my favorite places to live.


I gotta go with Memphis. I’m a little biased because I was born there, but it’s got this feeling once you visit that makes it special. That, and it’s rich with musical heritage that not many other cities can lay claim to.


Watertown, if that counts. Has everything I need.


NYC baby!


Lewes, DE. It’s a small town but Delaware’s cities are crappy. Quaint, on the canal, historic, beach, state park, ferry to Cape May. It has it all!


I live in Virginia, and Bristol, in the southwest corner, is probably my favorite city in the state.


Lafayette, Indiana


Probably Portland


Portland’s solid, but Kittery will always be my fav for Maine, if that counts as a city


Fort Worth - I had a lot of pleasant & positive memories from when I lived there. Houston ain’t too shabby though. It’s a lot more humid but the winters are much more mild, and we have HEBs all over the place here.


People sleep on Fort Worth but it reminds me of Denver before it blew up.


I might get ridiculed for this but I loved living in Quincy MA. More than Boston. Good restaurants, basically any form of public transport to the city, safe, a ton to do, on the ocean. And you can drive places and park in a parking lot for free for the most part. When we bought it was affordable too. Still is comparitively but values have gone way up over the past 10 years.


Good question. Not a huge fan of MA, but if I have to pick a city, Hyannis?


Hyannis isn’t even a town though, never mind a city


I’ve gone from IA to CA to CO, so from there: Des Moines - Oceanside - Vail


San Antonio. So much history


Springfield… some folks in CO actually have to look it up, it’s out in the middle of no where


If I had to choose county then my hometown of Goochland otherwise I really like Waynesboro or Williamsburg


if it aint pensacola, its great


Maybe Santa Barbara I sort of like Oakland too


Well for Indiana I would say Indianapolis is the obvious choice because it’s just on a much bigger scale than anywhere else in the state. However I think the Lafayette-West Lafayette area is my favorite.




Brooklyn baby!!


Chatham Ma. USA. If you can picture a perfect cool foggy summer evening, that’s Chatham.


St Augustine Florida




Telluride - very beautiful mountain town. All of CO is beautiful, but that place is phenomenal


Charleston SC


Manch is a dump. Concord is all heroine. Nashua is a great mix of both.


Ann Arbor!! Although I grew up there so I may be biased


Charleston and Greenville are tied.




NJ cities are pretty horrible, but my vote for best town goes to New Vernon, may be slightly biased


Living in Jersey means having your favorite city be in another state.


The small towns just outside the metropolitan area where I live in the US are really trying hard—-and succeeding—-to make their towns unique and classy to draw visitors. They offer specific-themed sidewalk art shows, fancy car parades, themed outside cafes and the like. However, the downtown area of the major city that these smaller towns surround is doing the same. All in all, it’s a wonderful thing.


Bloomington IL


South Dakota doesn’t really have cities. Sioux Falls would win by default. If any town counts, I would choose Hill City. It’s in the middle of the Black Hills and like all towns there, practically shuts down during the winter.


New Orleans


After a trip. I would say Milwaukee Wisconsin Is doing it right. As far as favorite place over ever been to Hilton head.


Boone, NC


Living in New Jersey is having your favorite city be in another state.


Chicago is the obvious choice in Illinois, so I’ll go with something slightly different and say Evanston. Beautiful lakefront parks, amazing university campus and a vibrant downtown filled with a mixture of historic and modern architecture