I did not. I stopped because any time I wanted to talk about my issues they always wanted to talk about me being LGBT… I already figured myself out, I ain’t got no issues with my gender or sexuality, I just want to talk about my problems and work them through with a professional but they always tie it to my sexuality or gender. Even when I asked them to stop they were confused and didn’t, so unless I want to hide myself to a therapist to just have normal therapy (which I did not) I’m just gonna have to suck it up 🤷‍♂️


That really sucks, and I’m really sorry that they fixate on your identity so much


Thank you, and I understand that LGBT people have a lot of issues with their sexualities and gender and whatnot but I just don’t have those issues anymore. I just wish they realized that I can be LGBT and happy with my identities


Not every therapist is good. Sometimes you just gotta find the right one for you.


Amen. I'm still with my first therapist and while we don't talk a whole lot anymore, I've been seeing them since around 2018 and they've seen me from my worst points to my best. Just keep searching and just like a relationship you'll find the right one


Did they bring up your fetish with Gorillas? All joking aside I’m sorry it didn’t pan out.


My therapist argued with me for 45 minutes (out of a hour) about whether or not I had been sexually assaulted


I went for a while and it was helpful. I stopped because my therapist, though she was good kept messing up the billing. It got real bad and I just could deal with it. She would bill me for sessions that didn’t happen all the time and then I’d have to remind her I didn’t see here on those dates. Plus some other billing stuff. It got really awkward at the end.


My experience is I’ve always been really in tune with myself I know me better then anyone. I told my therapist things I already do to work on myself and she said that’s what I was gonna help you with already. So I stopped and realized I’m the key to my true happiness


I feel that, like the self-awareness is acute (?) enough that you can reasonably assess your own issues


It takes a few tries to find the right shrink, but once you find someone good, it’s well worth it.


I still see my therapist very frequently, other than trying to improve my mentality and sorting my life's problems, I keep going to her because it helps. I also have a crush on her, but I know she won't be anything else other than my therapist because she's married, hahaha!


I’m glad that therapy seems to be effective for you!


Seven months strong.


I still need it. I have a ton of unresolved traumas and suffer from anxiety and depression. I need as much help as I can get at this point in my life.


What keeps you going back?


I did go but only for a few sessions. The first session was great, but then the second session was really messed up. He had the wrong patient notes and kept steering the conversation towards my religious upbringing (nope) and my pornography addiction (also nope). The whole session was a waste. The third session the therapist kept prying on things that I felt were unimportant and wound up saying "Let's be best friends, tell me about ____" and I don't even remember what it was now, but I was like nope. Not interested. And I realized I was lying to him about things where I just didn't have an answer just to get him to shut up. I was trying to use Panera as my reward for going. I don't really have access to it normally, it's like 30 miles from home so I don't eat there often, and it's right up the street from dude's office. I did learn a fair bit about emotional management and structure and got some good advice in general. It was less the therapy that had me quit and more the therapist, bad realtionship there. That was right before COVID started and I just never picked it back up because everything was closed and the web options didn't really exist for the first year or so.


It’s wild how one bad therapist can ruin the whole thing, I’m really sorry you had to go through all that


I had one around 2000-2001 that was really good. I have gone back occasionally to work through some shit. I do best with ones that just listen as I talk and let me see their unbiased reaction to the situations that I’ve put myself into.


I’m glad to hear it! If you don’t mind me asking, what makes you realize you need to go back for check ups? (I don’t the official term for the revisits lol)




Thank you for sharing! Do you mind elaborating what you mean by a waste of time?


I tried therapy multiple times and it never really did much for me. The only thing that really helped me was Landmark. I actually credit that program with putting me in a mental space that got me into my first serious relationship in six years that eventually led to marriage.


I’ve done it a few times. It’s always good. It’s important to set goals and get what you want out of it.


Anytime I have stopped its because Ive realised that the sessions have been me telling them a story for an hour. I just started again this week and during the consultation i made sure to list all the tricks i do to make therapists think they are helping. eg “i have really bad commitment issues and can’t bring myself to enter a relationship that even resembles something healthy, i end up dating people where on some level it makes no sense and if it ends i can feel slightly comfortable knowing it was doomed from the start” and they say “that’s really great that you’ve noticed that, and you are very brave to admit it and face it”, while i’m thinking “bitch, my tinder profile says that”


no, it was a waste of time, they mostly just told me to get better and threw the same cookie cutter lines I can get from motivational posters


I didn’t feel like I could trust my therapist, since she was in contact with some relatives of mine, attending the same church. Besides, I wanted stronger medication, and I needed a psychiatrist for that.


I’ve went for a while and after trying a few different people during the course of eight years I haven’t made enough progress to justify the cost and time so I just assume it is something that isn’t for me. My mom keeps telling me to go back and although she is the one who pays I just don’t see anything changing.


My therapist told me she couldn't help me. I just stopped trying. Sink or swim, I'm alone.


That is insane that they would tell you that, I’m so sorry


I still see my therapist I've had since 2018. Im only 18, so not quite a man, but they're a good common sense filter for me. Helps me sort out my brain when needed and if not, its a good place to just talk without much judgement. I highly recommend it and if it doesn't work, see if its because they're a bad therapist or therapy just isn't for you


Yeah I stuck with it. I was fortunate enough to have 2 great therapist back to back that really helped me. And I can't lie, my 2nd therapist was extremely attractive. I never told her and never would as I was there to get help but seeing her both for the help and attraction was something I looked forward too weekly at the time


I figured out what I needed in my life and I simply didn't need therapy anymore


Autistic. Been in therapy my whole life.


In January 2021, I restarted therapy with a new therapist after about a 3 year break. This therapist has been the best fit for me, in that we actually connect really well. I keep going because we are making noticeable progress on my areas of concern and his treatment methods are really effective. I feel like I’ve made so much ,ore progress with him than any of the others.


I went during my divorce. Knowing that I liked to write, he encouraged me to journal and bring in entries I wanted to talk about. He eventually told me that I didn’t really need a therapist anymore; I needed an audience. He encouraged me to turn my journals into stand up comedy routines.


* I stuck with it until i was through most of my grief & self-anger issues. * i'll still occasionally call her up once, maybe twice a year. * She mentioned the existance of Mens Groups, so I joined up one of those and that's how i do a lot of my emotional maintenance. there's pro's and con's there, but it is decidedly invaluable to my life. * She also pointed me to a 12 step program that has been invaluable, too. * I went regularly for a total of 6 months in that first stint. it took 6 visits before i told her the last of the reasons i was there (there were 3). I had a lot of things stuck in my head, she helped me see how to un-stick them. * what influenced me to stop was that i "graduated" therapy in a sense, right? She helped me unstick, and between 12-step and the mens groups, i get my maintenance work done regularly. NORMALIZE THERAPY. It is perfectly reasonable and needs not have a stigma attached.


I went for a short time but stopped as I realized it wasn’t working and his advice sucked. I used someone else advice who isn’t my therapist and it worked so I guess I just got a new unofficial therapist which is basically just my friend.


yes. my therapist had me agree to a year's worth of therapy, but she left the practice she worked at after 5 months. i felt really sad to the point where i cried multiple times, and was feeling like crap for a few days. i kept going back because i felt better after i talked to my therapist, i didn't have someone to talk to like that on a regular basis, and i got along with her.


still in therapy for a weekly basis (every Monday). works well and i am in good terms with my Therapist.


Currently new to therapy and going to my 3rd session next week. The first session was just me venting about my recent events, followed by a session where I pretty much did fucking nothing while the clock ticked. From the first session, I can say with near 100% certainty that it’s not my thing. Anything my therapist told me was really basic shit. Having conversations with my friends, siblings, my mom, or hell even myself in the mirror, have gotten me more personal and accurate feedback than what any therapist likely could. I’m not looking for a psychic but I don’t get the appeal. Side note: My therapist said I may have a mood disorder during the second appointment, even though I’m entirely certain I don’t. Seems like she wanted to give me a label so that 8 or so sessions later we can all go home and celebrate curing my imaginary mood disorder


Still doing it after more than a year. Having a competent *psychologist* is paramount. I saw other therapists before, and had a bad experience with psychoanalysts.


One session, and I realised it wasn't for me. A good and understanding friend can prove to be more helpful with regard to being someone who's there to listen to you, and just be there. Just listen to you vent out, pour your heart out. With regard to actual problems and working on them, tbh, I feel I'm smart enough to understand things. This intelligence sort of also comes in the way of me being affected by a psychologist. Like, I counsel people in my life, and with time I've developed what I feel is a really good mix of truth, and a bit of manipulation to change other's perspective. So it's like a trick and when they're trying to help me I'm very cynical and like, analysing their tricks. So it doesn't help. There has to be a bit of surrendering for you to allow someone to heal you. So that's that. Not saying one should or shouldn't use therapy though. If it helps you, please make use of that wonderful resource.


Court ordered. So I satisfied the requirements and stopped dead.


10 years of shrinks. 0 results. I felt like I was just wasting my time after a while.


The fact that nothing improved from it, it just wasted time I could've spent doing something else


I went to therapy and loved it thought I was getting back on track... Then I moved for a new job it all went down hill I feel the progress I made did a 180. I need to start therapy again but COVID was a problem for it.


I didn’t go back to my ugly ass therapist because she was a passive aggressive bitch who was stupid, mute, quiet, sensitive, immature, unhelpful, and opinionated.