Its a lifetime duty. Im still trying and battling myself to build my character. Sometimes, I want to be a bitch and cave in to being a bitch but I push through but sometimes i cave in and be a bitch and hate myself afterwards


Doing worry about caving. That's entirely fine, acceptable, and valid. Life sucks somedays, and you can, and *should* cave; you're character building during that because you show yourself empathy, with which you can give empathy to others when they cave. There's no shame in it, feel no animosity toward yourself.


i cave so frequently. especially after a day of lectures and I have no clue wtf I just learned. I want to continue grinding at the topic until I understand or go work out but I'm just so tired, more mentally rather than physically. but i just end up gaming or watching youtube till its time to sleep. i usually regret it in the morning


Back in the 3rd edition days I could rip out a character maybe every 20 minutes, even with a little back story to account for whatever biases I was mini-maxxing. 5th edition changed everything. Now it takes hours and I spend too much tine cross-reffing between the DM guide and the player's guide. Missing my GURPS guides now.


Few minutes to an hour, D&D Beyond's system is a lot of fun, really depends on what you want. But I take my time, good characters require time and thought but are worth it in the end


When I became a man. Meaning when u provide for yourself, don’t need help from parents, others can rely on u financially, emotionally etc. Give it time. Watch some positive masc content


i really want to speed up the process. i want to get there as fast as possible but I know the journey is gonna be long and I just need to keep at it, but it really bugs me that I'm not entirely independent, I want to be the one who can step up to the plate but I'm just not there yet :((


As long as you dont fall for superman or batman, you develop it pretty fast. Figure out ur flaws and work on it The sooner u start, the sooner & better u get


I think somewhere between age 32 and 35 is when I really started to feel like my life was becoming worthwhile, dumped "old baggage" and got into a position of good mental and physical health. But really its continuous process.


Thats not a goal it's a journey. Things you value will change. Priority's shift sometimes overnight or in 30 seconds. Who you are will change and by the time you figure it out it will change again. You need a code keeping you together but that's a lot simpler and smaller than you think it is. It's that last inch of you. That which you will never compromise no matter what happens. You cant really know what that is until someone comes to take it from you.


It's a continual process to try to be better than I was the day before every day. Now, there is a point where you begin to become more comfortable with who you are at this particular moment of your life. For me it was about 25/26. I was totally lost in college too. I think it's pretty common for a lot of people. At 23 I decided I didn't like myself and didn't see that person accomplishing what I wanted to with my life. So I took the time to figure out how to become that and then put that plan into action. It wasn't perfect and it took time, but it worked in the end. And I become more and more comfortable with who I am, what I do, and the things I stand for every day.


I usually just hit random and go with the first character that looks half decent/funny


damn u dont think character creation is fun tho? sometimes designing a character is the best part of the game


Nah I don't have the patience for it, my attention span is much too short. Only time I ever made a character was when all the random ones in DS3 sucked for me so I just made a super buff hobo in 2 minutes before starting the game.


That’s a normal feeling. But you can’t be who you want overnight. It takes a lifetime of practice, learning, and patience. In reality you never get there. You just a little closer every day. But that doesn’t mean it’s hopeless. You’ll be much happier if you keep at it than if you gave up. Be proud of who you are even though you’re not a finished product yet.


ik what u mean, if u start working out results don't show up the next day but only after u keep at if for a while. but I sometimes I don't see the progress and lose sight of the road and that infuriates me


That’s normal. I understand and I feel it too. It’s important to reality check yourself and put things into perspective. Think back on who you were, the habits you had, and so on. And then think about who you are today and the progress you’ve made. It can be hard because progress isn’t always linear but it’s good to try at least.


36, still building mentally, i’m pretty happy, but my body is shit need to get that in order haven’t learned to play the guitar my patience still needs work, and i need to get better at staying on top of chores and shit that needs to get done around the house guess what I’m trying to say is, it’s a never ending process, but everyday you work at something Also, in Uni is not a great stage to work on many things, you’re a student, worry about your grades


If you've stopped then you're doing a bad job. Always strive to be more than you are. It doesn't matter that you will never reach your ultimate goal, the effort yields it's own rewards.


My character was established by the time I was 16. It has nothing to do with uni or girlfriends or jobs. It's *you*.


Always working on it. I recommend you do the same.


My entire life up to this point. Everything I am now was because of what I did before. That's how the process goes.


Who i wanted to be, what I tried to be, and what I am today are not even close. And todays me is most disappointing.


It is like losing excess fat. After you get there it is a lifetime activity maintaining it. You are also called upon to increase it to meet new challenges in life.


29 still building it.