Same man, I'm a consistently and genuinely happy person.


That makes me so angry


10, I desperately want to get out of the hood/ghetto and succeed in life man…


Good luck mate, it must be hard but you can do it.


Step 1 is to get out of there. Trust me, the issue with getting out of there is the people you are surrounded with and their seemingly sound advice may actually be counterproductive; sometimes you better walk out and start from scratch and even if it'll suck the first months, you will be able to progress further from there. I got out an entire country just to get away from the hood and the dictatorship, I had nothing, I listened to nobody, it sucked, but it worked out at the end. Do what everyone else does you'll end up like everyone else; in order to get out of the hood, and most people want out the hood, you must do what others that want to get out of the hood don't. ^(Also before someone be like "but money", I had 150 bucks when I left, that's it, all of it; and I had to cross borders, not just leave to the next city, trust me, you need to get out, that's step 1.)


Thanks for taking your time to respond, man. This is a good bit of motivation I’ll use and I’ll save this.


By the way once you are out you will figure your inherent advantages :) \- Your finances tend to be **much** better than other people because you learned how to get by in the hood with very little. (for example I can afford a small home with my very average salary, most don't, they spend too much). \- You tend to be happier, as you appreciate what you have got. (I am still amused with clean water) \- You are sharper, in the hood you had to be sharp, in the world of bureocracy, there's a lot of BS too, which proves, ineffective against you. The main disadvantage is that you are always the hood guy, but, it's not that bad; you know how to grow ;)


maybe you should visit a psychologist, dude?




0-2 I recently found out that depression can manifests as "undirected anger" or "anger without a source". Angry mental state can also affect your physical health negatively due to stress hormones, blood pressure, etc. Maybe reflect and think about your mental state, even consult a phycologist.


I've worked with a lot of young people who have disciplinary issues. Quite often, if you scratch the surface even a tiny bit, it becomes super clear it's depression or neglect. To adults, it often looks like the girls are catty and mean, and the boys are being disruptive or getting into fights, but both are known to be irritable.




usually starts a 1, then gets to like 6 or 7 during meal times with kids then goes to like 4 for story/learning activities and then 8 for cleanup + bathing and -10 when kids are in bed and I’m just hanging out with my wife


Why have kids if you’re pissed around them lmfao


I guess I’m just trying to raise my own player two and my backup player two to game with


hey dude I hope shit starts working out better for you. The age is temporary and they start growing up and becoming more independent and understanding consequences independently. This stuff is very short term and you’re also not a stupid husband, or a stupid father, kids take a lot out of ppl. you’re showing up in their lives and they’re gonna remember that when they’re around your age PS I saw your user name so I was just commenting on that in the post


thanks man! ya, life is already 100x better than when they were babies love them


I don't get angry very often, I just breakdown and start crying instead. On a daily basis maybe a one or a two, I get angry whenever I'm tired or haven't eaten.


I normally start at 0 work rises it to a 5 on a bad day, and then after I leave and go to the gym I go to a zero. I used to have severe anger issues growing up, and over time I realized it’s a waste of energy. I try to keep myself cool now and even though other people will get to a 10, I’ll just relax and take it easy, I thrive and live for pressure now. I rarely get anywhere above a 7, and even rarer is a 10. People know when I’m angry, that I’m angry for a legitimate reason. When I reach a 10, I’m capable of blind rage which I don’t like doing. In the last 7 years, I’ve probably reached a 10 3 times.


1-2. So not angry, just annoyed.








I fucking needed that. Thank you.


I'm pretty chill.


0 I realized bad days never work out for me so I worked really hard to not have them any more


I'm a 2 most days. I'm too depressed to get all that angry, most I ever get during the day is annoyed most of the time. I don't remember the last time I ever raised my voice, let alone actually screamed in anger.


A 1 most days, 2 on bad days. Lately my brother has been being a dick to my parents, so that pisses me off when I hear about it, but usually for like 20 minutes and I'm calm again. What are you so mad at?


I try to be cool all the time. In my years I've come to realize people are going to do a hole things to you and around you and you can't stop it. But normally I wake up cranky. I don't get a whole lot of good sleep. But leave me alone until noon. Let me have my coffee, my tunes, and some snacks. Then I'm good.


I am envious. Every time I try to chill or relax I remember all the shit that needs done.




I have a wrath imaginary friend. I only see her or interact with her maybe once or twice a month.




Almost never.


0. How does that kind of energy serve you?


On days I work, maybe a 3-4. No higher than 8 on a bad day. On days off no higher than 2. I'm never angry for very long though. I'm a big guy so I learned to cool off pretty quick since a lot of people are scared of me in a good mood.


pretty laid back until I have to deal with some people. Then more confused and irritated than actually angry.


7. I have a very hard time not letting things get under my skin, and they compound.


8 but I can have some good days where it's around 5 little things just set me over the edge and people put me at a 10


About 3 years ago, I probably baselined at 5/10 and spiked to 8 or 9 throughout the workday. These days I'm baselined at 0 and I might spike to a 4 or 5 if something annoying happens. 4 or 5 is like exasperated sighs because my wireless mouse isn't working, or a "What the?" when someone cuts me off.


10 angry, sad, depressed, hopeless, lost, confused 10 out of 10 every single fucking day. But if I am with anyone you'd think I'm 0 out of 10 but inside nope


Oh shit. I’m here with you man.


0-3, 4 if you mention management. Tbh there really isnt really good reason to let someone get under your skin and live rent free in your head.


I want to throat punch people about 2X/ day but I don’t think that’s rage, it’s just common sense.


Well said.


11 on a good day.


No idea that's the thing I used to heavily suppress my emotions and even though I don't want to do that anymore I've become so used to pushing them down I can't even tell when they're there until they blow up So I would rate my anger a solid ?


In the evening hours if I think about work I’ll get pissed, up to level 5, but it’s all internalized and it just makes my head hurt. Deleted that fucking work email from my phone that helped anyway phones or are swiping right on stuff and porn


Like 0-1. I only get angry when something at work annoys me and even that is a reasonably small portion of my work day.


1, I rarely get angry


I haven’t been truly happy since 2013 but depending on the day and the amount of stupidity around me I’d say about a 7


0. I virtually never get angry


0-1. If I'm playing basketball: 2-7 If I'm watching sports: 3-8 If I'm watching my favorite team play: 7-10


Usually a 0. I have the occasional out bursts though.


Grrr!! I just smashed by 80" for no apparent reason!!


I’m fine until something triggers me so like breakfast I’m at a 6-7 I wouldn’t describe it as anger though I’ve transcended anger and moved in to passion which can be just a strong belief system.


0 to 1






Depends on the type of angry, but on average I'd say a 4.5 that spikes to 6 once a day


I am one of the people who can go from 1-100 in matter of seconds and than laugh few minutes after.


I’d say a 2-3 but I have occasional days where I’m a 15


Waking up: 1 Drive to work: 2 30 minutes at work: 2-3 Peak at work: 5-6 Ending shift: 2 Driving home: 1 At home: 0


Bro I’m so ashamed i used to be a 3 on any given day but I’ve been through so much shit for the past few years that it has skyrocket to a homicidal 10. I got to to stay in my house on those days. I’m not gonna hurt anyone but I’m just scared I’m gonna say something rude and hurtful and just basically make an ass of myself and my entire legacy I’ve built in life and even humiliate my ancestors. I try not to be a big fucking dick but goddamn the past few years have really fucked me up. I’m really trying.


annoyed would be more accurate for me, but i'm never really angry to the point where i have to be by myself to calm down.


90% of the day I am at 1, calm as a cucumber but the other 10% (The times when I have to talk to other people) I am at a strong 7 or 8. And if you say even a word to me before I have had breakfast 100


5, i just think about a lot of negative shit, constantly. And the more i tell myself not to, the more i do.






An average day would be a 2. I have made many mistakes in my life....ones I'm learning to forgive myself for. I'm quite content with myself at the moment , but at times I can't help but feel bitter about my mistakes.


it depends on how bad my day at work is. I work nights in a children's residential program and I've been facing serious burnout recently. If I've had a bad last hour or 2 of work then I'm angry until I fall asleep not long after I get off shift. I usually wake up annoyed after these days and if the night is mellow enough my mood rebounds.


1. I cant place the last time I've yelled at anyone, even then Ive never yelled at anyone outside of family.


6 to 7, I keep it to my self but I’m usually angry about life. Ocassionaly I hit 9 on a particularly lovely day.


I think you need to meditate and practice mindfulness.


Mindfulness? Elaborate.


Fluctuates, if I think about my ex a 6 or 7, but then back down to like a 1 when dealing with coworkers, then 0 spending time with my fiancé and cat


0-2 sometimes I get pissed off at my self for thinking about shit I don’t wanna think about


Like a 2. I am very chill most of the time.




I guess 0-1 most of the time


I wouldn't say I'm angry like you. Just generally displeased and aggravated at all times.


I’m almost never angry. You should probably get some good quality sleep. I was having anger issues a couple of years ago, which is out of character for me, and I got tested for sleep apnea. I had real bad sleep apnea and now I sleep perfectly with a machine and I’m almost never angry.


I'm rarely angry, I'm often just mad, which settles really fast. So basically 1, maybe 2


Bout a 3 or 4


7ish. i'm angry at myself tho.


Between 5-10


Angry 0.


A solid 9 to 91/2 therapist says I need medication but then told me she cant help me and is recommending another therapist. I used to be happy, now I am one bad day away from no more days at all.