I can be both/all


I don't really refer to myself as anything other than my name or dude


36, I still don't call myself a man


The first time after I turned 18 that I became responsible for the lives of others.


You didn't get your license at 16, or?


When the prosecutor insisted I be tried as an adult.


When I turned 18


When i became fully responsible for myself.


I still go by all of those, including man.


When you can assume responsibility for others, without being a douche about it. You never stop being a guy tho


When ppl started calling me old and started looking up to me.


Like 18 but guy and dude are universal. Boy just sounds fucking weird though lol


I think I called myself a man (actually said "grown ass man") was in my 20s when I was walking to my car at the same time a parking meter attendant was walking towards me to ticket my car and I said I was moving it and she started talking to me like a child about how I was over on the meter and I responded "don't talk to me that way I'm a grown ass man"


As a well rounded man... I still use all of the above.


36, this aggression of the M-word toward myself will not stand man.


I wholly reject the premise. Boy is a separate category, but "dude," "guy," and "man" are all interchangeable.


I'm a 31yo fat boy, I can't deny, hide, or claim otherwise


I’m 45. When someone is telling me I can’t do something, I’m a grown ass man and I’ll do what I want. When I’m just interacting with random people, I’m just a guy. When someone is telling me I have to do something, not this boy and you can fuck right off. I never refer to myself as a dude.


16 when I got my license. My mom started calling me a man as a joke, and I thought it was time. I'm 19 now and I'm nearing retirement. Dammit, I feel so old.


I am 29 I don't call my self a man.


When I started fighting fires.


That first self pep talk in the bathroom mirror in high school


On the afternoon of the 25th of June. I think it was a Wednesday.


When I was 13 and started working 8 hours a day 6 Days a week. Still call myself a dude though. My girl calls me sweet boy and pretty boy sometimes. Enjoy that more than I care to admit.


When I was 5


To me it was simple. The first time I properly fell in love with a girl 2 years later she left me and also chested before she broke it off with me. At that point I felt alot of emotions I have never had to deal with before in my life and it put me in a massive slump. First time I cried because I was sad in my teen / adult life Took me about 3 months to sort myself out emotional wise. And once I recovered I started to call myself a man. I now know what it's like to be emotional and I now know how to control myself more. I believe being a man is about fiannly understanding yourself and all of your emotions and learn how to deal with them in a healthy way.


I am not a man I m \*the\* man