Nobody else knows either. You are doing just fine! Also don’t trust social media, no one every posts the bad or the boring. Since graduating college I’ve used social media less and less and it’s made me feel better about myself and stop comparing myself to people my age.


"*The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you're still a rat.*"


Don’t panic.


Show up and constantly learn. NEVER STOP LEARNING!!! People say it's too late to learn such and such, BS they just don't want to change systems or "the way it's always been" for them (they want things to be easy.). Life is never easy.


People will hate you for being more educated than them. They will tell you that you're wrong about basic knowledge which have a degree in and shout you down. They will call you arrogant for understanding things they don't. Learn to dumb your speech down and try not to overly out perform people. Remember that knowledge is knowing what to say, wisdom is knowing when to say it and accept that you're wrong even if you're not or you will lose most battles you win.


Good luck. It's rough.


Two words: Good luck


No one cares about your feelings, it’s results that matter. It’s not mean, it’s just reality.


Repeat after me: "Would you like fries with that". Seriously it depends on if the degree was gender studies or humanities or liberal arts.


Keep trying. If a job does not come through, if it’s hard to make it, if you’re used to winning everything and you suddenly take a few L’s. It’s ok. Keep fighting. It’s ok to feel the pain and cry. Eventually, you will be victorious and those hard days will inform your future - do not go gentle into that good night!


Learn a trade skill lmao


Don’t get discouraged if your job hunt doesn’t result in immediate gratification. Feel free to learn side hustles in that mean time. Be modest about the offers you do receive, but don’t low ball yourself completely. If your current workplace offers roles that allow you to develop your skills, use those opportunities wisely. It’s okay if you take a bit of a break post graduation to recharge. Most importantly, don’t let a “timeline” dictate where you stand; just continue to progress!


If you suck for money, be enthusiastic about it.


Best piece of advice I can give you is never date a single mom and if you get married get a prenuptial agreement.


You have lived life on easy mode. Now real life, being an adult starts. The shock of starting real work is very real. The good news is we have all made the change in the past. You can do it.


Buy real estate as soon as you can. Don't sell any, unless doing so allows you to improve your position (asset valuations, or cash flows) in same. Buy more when you can.


Suicide hotline number saved


I hope you got an internship while in school


1. Build good credit and pay down what you can immediately. 2. Save now, save often. (_advice I wish I had_). 3. When you do get a job, give it 100%, but don't drink the "kool aid" (_meaning: don't fall for their dogma. They are not loyal to you_). 4. At work, you are an asset until you are not. Then you become expendable. (_meaning: you can be the best and still get laid off_). Nothing personal, but it hurts like hell. 5. At work, your work friends aren't you real friends. 6. At work, HR is not your friend. They are great people but they work in the interest of the company. 7. At home, live within your means and have a budget. These will be the lean times until you find a job that pays the big bucks. 8. At this point in your life dating will be fun .. and expensive af. So if you find yourself single (_like I was_) don't fret. It's economically beneficial.




Unless you want to be a fat unfuckable gender undetermined perpetually offended muppets, don't listen to anything they say and forget every single thing your perpetually offended, unfuckable, gender undetermined purple haired college "professors" told you.


Go back to school. It sucks out here.


A Handful of practical advice- 1) **If you are looking for a job** \- As soon as you get a job, start looking for a better one immediately. 2) **Take risks and start a business** \- It's your responsibility to take as many risks as possible. Remember, no person has become wealthy by working and renting out their time. Start a business when you are young. 3) **Relationships** \- Approach women, and go on as many first dates as possible. It gets hard to find the right person the more you age because you get more responsibilities. 4) **Learn to create new habits and break bad ones -** It's a framework that can be applied to any part of your life. 5) **Dress like a man** \- You aren't a teenager anymore, so don't dress like one. Learn how to dress, this is important. How you project yourself to the world can be the difference between getting paid 30K a year to 60K a year. Good luck!


Your soft skills matter more than your technical skills. Look at successful senior people at your company, and learn how they behave. How they show disappointment, anger, happiness, etc. One of the top managers scolded me the other day since I had caused a delay. He did it so nice and professional, that I was appreciating being scolded!lol Learn how to communjcate with others. And lastly, learn how to be good with your coworkers, but not get involved in their fights/drama. Specially, never ever get involved in a fight between 2 managers.


Don't take yourself so fucking seriously.


Focus on doing a few things: 1. Build up your savings. If you're not in a workplace that pays you well enough, learn some skills in a field that will do so and then make the jump when ready. 2. Keep your apartment clean - women like men who can keep things clean. 3. Stay in shape - duh. Pretty much, make yourself into a competent person and things will magically work out.


Don’t sign up for any credit cards.