Males of reddit, how would you feel if a girl gave YOU a flower?

Males of reddit, how would you feel if a girl gave YOU a flower?


Back when I worked as a pizza delivery person I had just gotten off a long shift in the dark months of the year, and had stepped out into the parking lot, which was a rather dark and eerie place at night. I was super out of it, feeling coated in dish grease and general grossness and just ready to get out of uniform when this little girl runs up and thrusts out her hand at me. She reveals this little origami flower, beautifully folded. “I made this!” she said with all the pride in the world. To be honest I was so tired and confused that all I could do was blink at it and try to figure out what the heck was going on. I glanced back and saw her parents waiting by their car. I told her the flower was beautiful and really well folded. She smiled and handed it to me and walked away. I asked her if she wanted it back and she said no, it was for me. Yeah so it’s been like three years and that thing is still hanging out in my car. It’s been squished and mangled but to this day it makes me smile.


Lucky... My most memorable moment as a Dominos driver was when a customer answered the door and as i was pulling their food outta the bag, their toddler comes running from down the hallway, doing some type of Indian warrior yell the whole way down the hall until he gets to me, then he yells "hiyah!!" And punches me straight in the nuts!! Hahahaha...i couldn't believe it! Let's just say the parent gave me 5 stars and a extremely generous tip..lol she was mortified.




Even if it doesn't work out to be a relationship, I'd probably remember it for the rest of my life. I don't think I speak for just myself when I say guys don't get many interactions like this. I tend to hang on to those little things when I'm sad, or just feel like getting lost in thought pertaining to the possibilities of what could have been.


I’ve received flowers from a girl. Even though she wasn’t one I was interested in, it was a sweet gift and it still brings a smile to my face when I think about it.


Awfully sweet. I think I'd really like that.


And here my sorry ass thought guys are disgusted of flowers, can't blame me though, my brother is


I have 0 clue which flower is which, but getting a gift from someone I care about still means a lot




It would be one of those things that I think about years later to cheer myself up if I'm ever feeling upset.


I'd love getting a flower or flowers. My kitchen could always use some life


Idk about flowers, but at an old restaurant job I had one of the waitresses I was homies with got me a pineapple, because I talked about how much I love pineapples the whole time I was there. I felt very loved. I took it home, cut it up, and ate the whole thing... Then I googled how much sugar was in a pineapple


Is it too much?...I have a habit of eating f*cking whole huge pineapples (it started from a simple/small reason but now its a habit)


I'm curious. What was the first reason?




Yes, his cum tasted awful before


It’s true though, those Japanese bukkake guys take ridiculous amounts of zinc


Fruit like apples and pineapples are basically 90% sugar and water. The sugar is packaged around fibers though, which makes it healthier to eat, and there are additional vitamins and minerals.


I read this as “I have a habit of fucking whole huge pineapples.” Had a few questions at first. Man, I’m sleep deprived.


Eating an entire pineapple would tear the insides of my mouth apart. I can't eat more than a few slices without feeling like somebody dropped an acid bomb in my mouth.


Confusion first, being happy second, saying thank you third.


Not forgetting about it for the rest of my life fourth


Is there a "same" reward?




Or the "This" award


found the reddit employee


Waking up fourth


I'm giving you virtual flowers. 🌹🌹


I'd be incredibly delighted.


She could give me a hydrogen bomb. As long as it's out of affection or kindness, I'd love it.


a hydrogen bomb would be the best gift because then i can overthrow a small government


Weekend plans


eh i do it like once a month


Yeah, burnout is real. It's not special if you just do it *all* the time.


Hydrogen......hydrangea......what’s the difference as long as it’s out of love hahaaa


I'd either be super happy or think it's a prank


I remember back in high school, I got a rose for Valentines Day on my desk in home room. I immediately thought someone was just messing with me and chucked it into the trash. Looking back on it, I was just being an idiot and paranoid somebody was just messing with me.




Geez, yeah thanks a lot for adding to my fears guy. Edit: I was referring to the guy who did AY_YO_WHOA wrong, not that his comment was adding to my fears.


I feel for you. There were a couple of mean girls in my junior high class who kept trying to make me think that different guys (my username "reads" male, but I'm cis female and bi) had crushes on me. Thankfully I knew how boys behave when they like you and knew she was full of it.


did you find out later who it was from tho? I'd do the same thing too most likely


Yeah, actually a couple years later after I had graduated, found out it was from a girl who had a crush on me and I was just oblivious. Apparently it really hurt her feelings which made me feel like a complete jackass.


Thats rough buddy. I hate complicated shit like that. I got one too last year and I figured out who it was and later asked her out... she said no. Which is ok? But I heard she actually did have a crush on me so to this day Im trying to figure out what I did wrong


I'm sorry did you just fucking ZUKO this guy?


Fuck yeah I did. I thought the reference was subtle enough. Thats my favorite line from the show. Just finished watching it


I always lean towards prank or kidnapping plot when a girl openly shows interest.


same, also for me mostly it's like she must be nice like that to everyone why would I be special.:)


You *surely* are joking Lest mine eyes are deceived What *have* you been smoking? What's this I've received? It looks quite exquisite It smells quite superb This *was* quite a visit And it *isn't* an herb? A...flower, you say? Well thats quite the ordeal Surely you play- But wait... this is real???


I dont know why the hell I just read but I loved it


He looks at the petals, the crimson, the blue - Their shade and their stipple, their dapple, their hue - Their curve and their twist and their shake and their sway - Their gleam and their glow in the light of the day. He stares, and he sighs at the beauty, the grace - The poise and the frame in the form and the face - The look and the life and the love and the luck - But since it's a flower, he says: "... what the *fuck*?"


Oh my gosh it's from **you**!! The kingpin comes by! The legends are true! You're the reason I try! The honor is mine For your flowered bouquet I can't *even* define You've made my whole day :)


Now kiss, you two, And say, "I do," And then, to make it true: The loveliest of flowers With swirls of blue for each of you.


Now there are three of them!


They're multiplying, quick get the top commenter's hydrogen bomb


We having a poetry slam today


I thought the first poem was from you for a second, so I was really suprised when I scrolled down and there was an actual sprog poem.


What I'd like to know is if they're now best friends or worst enemies




>she must be nice like that to everyone Whenever I thought a girl was interested in me this was what really happened


Worst is when you liked her and she confesses later on she actually did like you and you thought she was just being polite.


Definitely have been there before. Sometimes you just don't know and would rather not make it weird or uncomfortable.


I think it's because most guys either have a direct experience or have witnessed an experience where what appeared to be obvious flirting was not and the guy got reamed for assuming it was.


It's really difficult to distinguish honestly so I tend to assume their being nice, it's a painful way to live but it's less painful than being seen like a man whore because I can't tell the difference


Don’t drink anything that she gives you, that’s for damn sure.


Instructions unclear. Currently tied to chair with no pants.


Just woke up in my bathtub full of ice. What'd I miss?


A great supper of liver-and-onions and a couple kidney beans!


"sorry it was for a tiktok"


'The jury finds it was justifiable homicide, Your Honour.'


Either she likes me or this is some plot to kill me and sell my organs, the latter is far more likely.


We’ve seen your lifestyle and your organs are not desirable.


“Lol alright Ashton get the fuck out here where ya at”


"how much did you pay her you ass" lmaoo




"You get more flowers when you die than you got in your whole life. All your flowers arrive at once, too late." - George Carlin [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YdZcP-C52M](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YdZcP-C52M)


“Dead people receive more flowers than the living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude.” -Anne Frank


Carlin was the wokest person I have ever had the pleasure of listening to


His “Modern Man” monologue is pure genius. My fave.


I saw George Carlin in either 2004 or 2005. He was working on the material that eventually became *Life is Worth Losing*, his penultimate HBO special. He started the show with "Modern Man." It was like a machine gun. He didn't stumble once. To write something that long and dense and specific and then walk out in front of thousands of people and trust yourself to nail every single syllable... I just remember thinking that was so fucking cool. The writing of it, the rhythm of it—I can only imagine how many times he went over that piece, again and again in his head, until he had it word perfect. Dude was just the absolute greatest.


I assume they're just sending flowers. Sorry pal.




You would enjoy the sub r/rimjob_steve


I'd be on guard, probably a prank.


Latching onto this comment to tell this story. When I was in college I was in a long distance relationship. One day my girlfriend called me and said "Hey, I have a question for you. [Her best friend's name] needs a guy's perspective. She wanted to get her boyfriend a present and was thinking he might really like it if she sent him flowers to his house." Now I knew the boyfriend a little bit from when all of us had hung out and from what I knew of him this was a horrible idea. He was very much a "dude." Worked as a mechanic, dressed like Fred Durst (it was over 15 years ago, but still), talked about nothing but dirt bikes and articles he skimmed in Maxim magazine. So trying to be helpful I said "Oh no. Tell her that's a horrible idea. He doesn't want flowers. Send him a pizza or something he actually would enjoy. Flowers are a terrible gift for him. She's just getting him something she would want, she should think about what he would want. Like maybe a new video game or something. Plus the guys he lives with will clown him for weeks after they see the flowers. I think it's a waste of money and a terrible idea." My girlfriend said "Oh. Thanks." And we said our goodbyes and I went about my day feeling like I had helped out. Until about an hour later. When there was a knock on the door. It was the flowers my girlfriend had sent me. Really beautiful bouquet. I loved them (although my roommates did clown me, it was pretty easy to shut them down with a "yeah they're a gift from my extremely hot girlfriend. How are your bagel bites, Andy?"). But of course when I called my girlfriend to thank her she refused to believe me that my advice was different for her friend's bf than it would be for me. I felt really bad, but at the same time don't lie to me? Or at least do the thing _before_ you send the flowers. Anyway she got over it and we broke up a year later for unrelated reasons.


My mom is notorious for asking leading questions about gifts she's already bought and wrapped, so I feel your pain. One year I was really into running and she asked me about pedicures, so I said that I wasn't really concerned about how my feet looked and I needed to keep my calluses for running, etc. *as* I was opening up the pedicure set and callus remover that she had bought me. Another time it was a bunch of long hair supplies that I opened up while we were having a conversation about how I had an appointment to get my hair chopped off in a bob the next week. To her credit she doesn't mope about it, but why set yourself up for disappointment by asking a question you don't want the answer to?


Considering she didn't complain or mope, she was probably asking those leading questions to get an honest opinion from you, instead of getting a fake "No, I love it!".


Nah, she's always disappointed in the moment. By "not moping" I mean that she just doesn't drag it out for an extended period of time.


Important question, is she disappointed in that she expected you to be more grateful, or disappointed as in she thought she got you a great gift but is upset that she didn't?


I don't really know, but it always passes quickly. I just don't get why she sets herself up for both of us to be upset-her because of the gift, and me because I've walked into making her upset. My philosophy on gifts has always been to smile and say thank you. It's not like I open things and say "Ugh, I can't use this!" afterward.


I hate it when people ask a different question and blame you when the you answer the question they asked, not the one they wanted you to.




I was the sister-in-law in your story. When we surprised my husband's parents with ultrasound pictures, my MIL's first words were "Oh no." Ouch. ETA: My story isn't as bad as some of the responses I'm getting. So this happened years ago, back in 2013. My husband and I weren't married yet; neither of us actually felt the need to get officially married, because it just wasn't how we defined our relationship. I actually get along with my MIL quite well. However, she was raised in a strict Catholic household (her father still complains that they don't do Mass in Latin anymore), so her response just stemmed from her strict upbringing. Extra clarification: we had planned the pregnancy, and we were even in the middle of closing on a house together when we announced it. She was just confused about why we "couldn't" just get married before having a baby. We eventually got married in 2018, only because I switched jobs and my new insurance sucked.


This one made me LOL for real! Not at your pain, It just hit too close to home! When we announced our pregnancy to my vast ocean of in laws my husbands biological Dad stood up and shouted "I SAID DON'T KNOCK UP THIS ONE!! YOU'RE FUCKED!!" And stormed off. Some people just live for drama! :)


He sounds delightful


oh NO


Oh nooooo hahaha


> "yeah they're a gift from my extremely hot girlfriend. How are your bagel bites, Andy?" what a powerful fucking move


Tip of advice. My Girlfriend was notorious for this. What I began doing was giving my input from my perspective and then giving the actual answer to her question. Example: “Do you think Jake would like this Cat? Me personally I wouldn’t want a cat, I’m allergic. BUT Jake grew up with cats and loves them. So I think it’d be a great gift for him.”


Just the requirement that she had to think "the other guy is also a man, so if he wouldn't like it, obviously my BF also won't like it as all guys are the same" is mental.


For unrelated reasons....So she says..... Exactly one year ago Oct 23rd it was a rainy day I sent you flowers....


An ex-gf asked me right before Christmas what NFL players jersey I would buy if I was going to get one. We were watching football at the time, so it wasn't out of place. I am a Cowboys fan (rip 2020) and this was around 2006 or 07. I said, "Probably Jason Witten, or a classic like Emmitt Smith or Aikman. Definitely not Tony Romo." On Christmas day I opened my very first official NFL jersey. It was Tony Romo. Oops.


Its gonna shoot water in your face


Pepper water


Man this hits close to home. It's so rare for us guys to receive presents such as flowers, that if I were to be given one, I would instantly go into alert mode. It would have to be a prank for sure


Statistically the correct answer


That would make my year


Would make my decade


It would make my entire life sadly


Yeah it would make my daisy.


I’d sneeze because pollen fucking hates me


Fun fact you're probably allergic to trees rather than flowers: oak pollen, birch pollen, and fir pollen are huge culprits. Large flowers such as lilies, daffodils, orchids, roses, and tulips probably won't draw a sneeze at all-- they produce heavier pollen that clumps in larger particulates and doesn't usually escape the petals. Don't stick your nose in them, obviously. But still. Enjoy your flower; you deserve a respite


Thats not a very fun fact. Tree pollen sometimes fucks me up something serious completely at random.


i think i now know what awaits us in hell.. satan with a huge pollen covered strap on




I'm quite allergic to some flowers - lavender (unfortunately in nearly every scented anything to 'calm you') is the worst, makes me start coughing immediately and smells like road kill to me. Trees are real bastards though, there's some kind of trees near work that drip sap all over the sidewalk that make my eyes and nose turn into a river and make me cough. Grasses and ragweed are as common as trees too though. Ragweed looks sort of like green lavender, so it's technically a flower.


Pollen feels indifferent about you, it’s you who hates pollen


You don't know that, pollen might be engaged in a coordinated effort to fuck your life up... pollen is the plankton of the plant kingdom.


I would pull the classic Mosby, say "I think I'm in love with you" and see how it goes. Edit: Spelling




Oh yeah you could totally Mosby them. You could Mosby the hell out of them.


Any effort goes a long way on me. I tear up easy so I’d probably be a bubbling mess saying thanks over and over.


Wow me too. One time my sister randomly got me a book I wanted and I cried lol I do not know how to process people being kind to me.


Just the imagination almost made me tear up after realizing that the only presents I got since the age of 12 were from my family on my birthday or something. I am thankful for that but getting it from someone who isn’t my family would be different


Suspicious and preemptively depressed that I was being made fun of.


I get the feeling I'd make it my mission to keep that flower alive. Maybe I'd figure out if I can plant it, grow a little flower bed in my yard. I don't know if that's an overreaction, but i don't receive a lot gestures like that. It'd be a big deal to me.


It wouldn't technically be keeping it alive, but you could look up local crafts people and get someone to set it in resin for you, then you'd be able to keep it looking as beautiful as the day you got it for a very long time.


That's good to know. I know nothing about botany or gardening. But I get the feeling if I was gifted a flower, I'd build a hobby around it. Er, well, if it were given under that special kinda romantic circumstance!


A girl that I had a crush on (I learned long after that she felt the same at the time) gave me a really nice daisy once. I thought it was nice but didn't know what to do with it. I didn't want to make her feel bad so I put it behind my ear. Apparently just me not knowing what to do with it was enough for her to get sad about it and I felt so bad I didn't talk to her much for a while and that's the story of the one that got away lol


Eat it


Had a friend in high school who refused to give his gf roses after she ate the first bouquet he gave her. Like, literally ate them. I know they are not poisonous, but wtf.




Lol she sounds nuts


Yes. Yes, I believe she was. Or one of those girls who does weird things for attention, like she is edgy. Which I guess is just another way to say nuts.


Rawr, holds up spoon.


*"look, a dandelion. must be the last one this season."*


My wife's friend gave me some flowers for my birthday, I almost started crying. Idk, just a simple act to show someone you care. They sit on my desk now and smell very nice. 😊


Is your wife okay with her friend sitting on your desk?


Desk? Damn autocorrect.


Um yes, hello? Your friends on my desk... He's got something to *show* It looks quite....*grotesque* He's cradled it gently He's holding it too... He's sat quite *intently* And *my*, what a view! Its nine inches long And curved to the right It doesn't seem *wrong* It's quite the delight Its also been cut I *might* be in luck You think its a WHAT? It's a **flower** you fuck!


You were born to be a poet eh?


My mom sent my dad flowers after their first date! They’ve been married 39 years. I think it’s so nice.


A female friend of mine gave me a dozen roses as a thank you for helping her in class. When the roses dried out I put them in a mason jar. 12 years later the dried out roses in the jar sit on my nightstand and the friend is now my wife.


I get the first bit and the last bit but I'm lost in the middle.


Told toad is dried out! Told road! Get your head out of your ass!


Is this what it feels like to have a stroke?


I was given a rose by a girl before. I felt awkward, but only because I had gotten her a rose too (Valentine's day) But I also had gotten her a box of chocolates. So, I win..?


Apparently competitive gift giving is a sport now.


Always has been.


Plot twist: she gave the rose back and ate the chocolates.


Double twist: she gave the chocolates back and ate the rose


At first feel like something is odd and off, and be suspicious like someone wants to prank me.. Later probably would feel like the best day this year




I can agree 100%. My bf and I have been together for over 7 years now and best friends for many years before dating. At first, he didn't like hugs and was so awkward with any type of affection, because he had no idea how to respond to it. Now, he's the biggest cuddle bug I have ever seen. I make him gifts and get him little things quite a bit, and he likes to lay his head in my lap and go to sleep. He really doesn't get the affection he needs and deserves with his family, so once he figured out that he can get that affection with me, he just eats it up and is so sweet. Every woman should coddle their man the way they want to be coddled too!


You are a hero and I thank you for making that man happy. Keep it up :)


My first boyfriend really liked Olaf from Frozen and he loved plushies. He was always trying to steal my plushies and take them home. Granted I have WAY TOO MANY of them so I never noticed it until I saw one or two of them just chilling on his bed, tucked in under the cover. So, his birthday rolled around and I went to the Disney store near us to buy an Olaf plushie. I was inspecting them to make sure I got the best looking one when a guy decided he was gonna talk to me. He got up real close and asked if I was buying it for myself. I told him thst I was getting it for my boyfriend. The guy laughed and proceeded to condescendingly tell me that I was being naive and men don't want a plushie. And if I want to make my boyfriend's day, I should just "ya know" *wink wink*. Being a young 20 year old, I engaged his vulgar conversation by explaining thst my boyfriend likes plushies and he needs to stop assuming all men don't. He laughed harder and said that if my boyfriend likes plushies, he's gay and is just using me to cover it up.


You forgot the part about your boyfriend's reaction when he got the plushie. >! That's the part I want to hear about !<


So, on his birthday, I snuck into his house very early in the morning with his grandma's help. He's an extreme deep sleeper and he wears earplugs because he shares a room with his older brother who snores like a hibernating bear. I snuck into their room. He was hugging one of my panda plushies as he slept. So I tugged the panda free by its legs and slipped Olaf into its place. And then I went to have some morning tea with his grandma and we watched the TV news together. No idea what was happening, it was all in Russian and I don't speak Russian. I was munching on a really delicious muffin when I got a text mesage from him. It was a photo of Olaf and him saying "are you in my house?" I laughed so loud he came running down the hallway with Olaf in his arms. I shouted happy birthday. He seemed a bit stunned. He clutched Olaf tight and just stared at me. And then he asked me "is this for me?" I said "yes. It's your birthday present." And then he charged down the hallway again screaming "MOOOOOOOOM, LOOK WHAT JTRISN1 GOT ME! IT'S OLAF! IT'S OLAF!"


Adorable! Thank you so much for sharing, you made my day.


How old are you/your bf?


I'm 25. I think he's 24 but I'm not too sure. We broke up like 4(?) years ago.


If this was your first boyfriend you’re going to be even better at the subsequent relationships and whoever they are with will be super lucky to have you!


Oh I'd be so tempted to punch that guy's face for making such assumptions that all guy's want to have sex. ​ I'd rather get a steam gift card instead of that being a gamer and all, heck, even just spending time together in a game both of us enjoy I'd consider more worthwhile


I wish that guy had given me his number so I could have sent him photos of my then-boyfriend carrying Olaf around and playing MKX with it in his lap. And then a video of him mock crying and telling Olaf how he will seek revenge because I completely eviscerated him in four consecutive matches.


This is possibly the greatest relationship I've ever heard of.


I won't tell you how the rest of it went then lol


Probably wise. Let me imagine there's some joy in the world.


Preach. When a friend of mine gave me a hug after I helped her with some furniture during her move to the city I had a panic attack exactly like when I was watching a horror movie. No fucking idea what to do or how to act, never got to learn it.


When I was in college I helped a new student find a location on campus, she tried to hug me while saying thanks. I dodged her embrace like she was trying to attack me


The worst part is that the suggestion is always that "romancing" a guy means giving him a blowjob. Women get flowers. Men get blowjobs... It's really sad how it suggests that all men want or need out of a relationship is physical in nature, which is obviously bullshit. Not that I don't like blowjobs, but a nice gesture like breakfast in bed or whatever is fulfilling on a completely different level.


Seconded. Also, physical doesn't always mean sexual. Sometimes I want cuddles or a hug or some back scratches more.


My ex hubby loved receiving back rubs and laughing at my non funny jokes while I gave them to him. I’m not the best at either of those things but he enjoyed the fuck out of them because nobody else was thoughtful enough about him to do that for him. Pretty sad tbh, I don’t think I could survive being a man because I enjoy the perks of being a woman too much.


I always felt like it's odd to give sexual favors as gifts. Isn't that just part of your sex life to begin with? Seems like a cop-out to me. I know I'd be pretty damn unsatisfied if I only got the sex I wanted for special occasions.


I would like to have said something like this, but my words were too dumb. Nonetheless, this was very well stated. Thank you.


I mean I am a woman and I haven’t ever gotten the stereotypically romantic gifts like flowers and chocolates either and would probably also be confused if I did at first. But I do bake and make cards as gifts myself.


My fiance gives me flowers all the time after I said no one ever gave me flowers


I would be honored.


my dad shed a tear, and then asked if we could plant it. ...And then we got into an argument about the best kind of soil to plant it in and who would be responsible for watering it regularly.


I would really enjoy a single flower sort of thing, i would not enjoy a bouquet.


i am gonna have a panic attack


"Great, now I am responsible for these flowers."


I've seen enough assassin movies to know what a single flow means. *I duck the arrow meant for my head and prepare for the next attack!!*.


I’d stand there not knowing what to do with them. I’d give them back and while I Google it.


Cut off the tips of the stems at an angle then stick them in some water. Use a vase if you've got one but otherwise opt for a drinking glass or a mug. Adjust the length of the stems as needed to make sure the blooms are shown off and don't just sit there at an awkward height


I would probably grab a glass(one of the free ones I got from the last fair) and use it as a makeshift vase and just wow her with my bachelor skills No way we aren't taking it to Pound Town


I once picked my boyfriend flowers, gave them to him and he asked “who are these for?” I said, “you!” He said, “No they’re not.” And just kinda walked away.


Man, that’s sad


He sounds confused. Guys don't generally get romantic gifts. It was so far out of his reality that he just couldn't process it. Like if someone gave you slow light, or dry water. It just couldn't happen, so you must have been joking.


confused. what do I do with it? do I have to water it? wear it? can I say thanks, and throw it out? or I need to carry it with me? what am I going to do with a flower? smoke it?


These answers are so....varied.... I guess thanks guys for being honest???


It do be hard out there ngl.


If it was my gf I’d blush a lot and feel really good, if I were single and it was a random girl I’d blush a lot and feel really good. Basically it would feel awesome to be validated as someone worth loving


Like a god damn king


Flowers are fine but a girl once left a pan of brownies on my car’s hood as I left work so I guess what I’m saying is maybe brownies are the flowers of the male world end it would be great if we could make this a thing…


Genuinely... If it was given to me by my partner in a serious way (no pranks etc) I'd probably cry, then press the flowers to keep it forever


I once spent a little over two hours picking, cutting, and arranging a bouquet of wild flowers for my (now ex) girlfriend. She couldn't have cared less about them. Absolutely crushed my heart so flowers are a bit of a sore spot for me. Kind of an unrelated story, I know. Either way, I would be overjoyed to get some flowers from someone I care about. Little things mean A LOT to me.


I love it. My wife buys me flowers a few times a year and I find it very sweet. She isn't the flower type, but I am I guess.


My ex bought me a dozen roses once. Honestly, I was so moved I teared up. To this day it's the sweetest gift I've received from a girlfriend. It's a shame it didn't work out between us, but we remained friends and she will always hold a special place in my heart.


Be confused and think it a prank, but I'd be polite and say thanks in case it wasn't


This actually happened to me, my girlfriend gave me a flower on Valentine’s Day. I was getting her a few too but didn’t expect her to get anything for me. When I received my heart melted.


My current girlfriend surprised me with a rose the first time we saw each other after a period of online dating for our first real date. I was overjoyed and took that rose with me everywhere that weekend. Still have it at home preserved. Now almost a year later she's moving in with me uprooting her life for a 600km move to be together. All I can say is that a girl that gives you flowers is a keeper and I'm planning on keeping this one.