If you had 6 months to prepare for a zombie apocalypse that you knew for sure was going to happen how would you prepare, keeping in mind that no one will believe you about it?

If you had 6 months to prepare for a zombie apocalypse that you knew for sure was going to happen how would you prepare, keeping in mind that no one will believe you about it?


Pollute the water supply with an enamel-eroding solvent. Zombies can't bite you if they aint got no teeth


I would buy BEANS


I'm going to blow my retirement on sushi and whore it up for 6 months. Maybe when there is 1 week left I'll know a hot prepper guy. Don't care if I die in the first week, it'll probably suck to live long enough to be expected to have children to rebuild society.


Fortify in stock a parking garage and stack as many weapons and bullets as I possibly can


…And die in the first act.


Make a biteproof suit and buy lots of tinned food.


I'll just move to the English countryside and live in peace.


Assuming I learn about it today, I can see that it would start in December. I'd stock up on food and firewood and maybe weapons. I doubt zombies could survive in the cold but even if they did I'd just wear winter gear and they couldn't bite through it. Also I'd make a snow fort surrounding the house.


Kill myself,who the fuck would want to live?


Pile up all the drugs


I would consider moving house. Maybe buy somewhere in the country. But then buying and selling a home in the U.K. can take months so maybe that’s a terrible idea and also living in a remote area means less chance of being able to raid a supermarket. So ok, I stay where I am. I start hoarding supplies - food, water, wood, weapons (we don’t have guns in the U.K. but anything is a weapon if you want it to be). I would start barricading the upstairs of my house - too many windows on the ground floor and too much risk. I would still board it up though. First line of defence and all that. I’d find somewhere to create a secret safe space in the attic or something. Difficult to get to but possible to escape from. Then I’m gonna fill the “safe” spaces with tinned food, water and books.


Move to New Zealand. They know how to quarantine


Don't care about them because they wouldn't be a danger they can't realy distinguish whats in front of them and they couldn't walk right (there is no intelligence in them, the brain is rotting, they're only some nerves) there is no danger. Not like the f king mafia city adds 🧟‍♂️


Get one of those large EOD suits and an FN Minimi (M249). I’d also get a bunker stocked on food with a hydroponic garden inside too.


Create a protective suit and wield a godendag (big stick with a spike on one end). May stock up on more modern weapons, but I would need a steady supply of ammunition. Build fortifications around my home. I would use a system of trenches, barricades, and spikes to make a difficult to breach barrier. Stock up on food and water. Perhaps start a small garden to help sustain myself. Invest in solar power. Being able to generate electricity after power stations fall will be critical. Doing so may allow more survivors to join me, bit it may make me more of a target from survivors as well.


Move to Sweden. It’s a neutral country just like in ww2.


Neutral to zombies?


I think you mean Switzerland. Sweden is a nice place tho.