What object would be impossible to kill someone with?

What object would be impossible to kill someone with?


a snowflake. it'd melt as soon as it touched anyone so it'd technically be a drop of water that killed them.


I dont think a snowflake is a single molecule of water, so there isn't a set size of snowflake. So you could potentially make a giant snowflake and use it as a shuriken.


you got me there.. now i want to see this in an anime lol


their own dead body..


I heard this podcast where the bubonic plague basically causes parts of your body to die before you’re actually dead. So maybe they could do that by infecting the bubonic plague.


Bubonic plague is fucked, yo.


Fortunately, due to modern medicine, it's very easily treated with antibiotics, although cases of bubonic plague are pretty rare nowadays.


But if it's immune to antibiotics then we're fucked


Necrosis! Necrotic tissue eats into the rest of your body! A modern day treatment for necrosis is putting maggots on the effected area because they eat the necrotic tissue but don’t eat living tissue!


Last podcast on the left just did a series on the plague. Figured you might be into them if that wasn't already the one you were talking about (it's on spotify)


Hail Yourself!


Technically, yes. However, I would like to propose a solution: time travel.


I use the dead body to create a dead body


Everything is lethal if you try hard enough


A single grain of sand?


I'll put it in your blood stream. If it goes the right way it will block somewhere where the blood goes to your brain and you'll die off of it. Or it could block somewhere around the heart and give you a major heart attack.


But how would you get the grain of sand into the bloodstream? If had *only* one grain of sand…


A single molecule of H2O?


Hadron collider that shit through your brain stem




Incredibly unlikely, but technically speaking a single neutrino can kill you. It just has to be one of the tiny portion to interact with you, happen to hit a specific portion of a DNA molecule, and have the body fail to repair the damage. You now have terminal brain cancer. You're more likely to win the lottery twice in a row, I think




So what you're saying is there's a chance






The ways nuetrinos can kill you. Number one. If you had a hydrogen bomb pressed to your eyeball as it went off, and you could somehow survive all the other effects of it, the nuetrinos would be dense enough to kill you. Number 2, being 1 AU or close to a star going supernova. Again, same thing, if you could avoid being incinerated, vaporized or turned into plasma, the nuetrinos would be dense enough to interact with and kill you.


1-Dimensional String?


Rip that shit from your body outline like Ed, Edd, n Eddy did


Well it wouldn't be impossible to kill someone with, just extremely unlikely. I'm assuming you give it enough energy that if it gets absorbed it kills the person.


Getting beamed in the head with a particle accelerator actually has a 100% survival rate.


100% survival rate **so far**


How are you gonna put it in my bloodstream lol


With a chainsaw. Should help with the desired outcome too.


Accelerate that gran of sand to 99.999% the speed of light. Now fire it at your head. The energy stored in that grain of sand would vaporize you and maybe half your town


Suicide bombers would be pretty dope in the future. Just launch me fam.


In [this article](https://what-if.xkcd.com/1/) by xkcd founder "Randall Munroe" he answers the question of if a baseball is pitched at 90% of the speed of light. We can use his findings and the tiniest bit of quick physics to work out how destructive a single grain of sand is at 99.999% the speed of light. The relative energy that an object has at higher speeds increases exponentially as you approach the speed of light. Here we're increasing by 4 orders of magnitude going from 10% away from the speed of light to 0.001% away. The grain of sand is about 5 orders of magnitude lighter. So cancelling out it's about 10 time weaker than the baseball that was pitched. The baseball would have destroyed a baseball stadium and possibly the entire town. I think it's safe to say that the grain of sand could have managed to kill a person.


When Little Timmy saw the thread And spied the words therein - "So *everything* can kill?" he said, And softly scratched his chin. "The world's a truly tragic place For someone such as me - I'll have to make my sheltered space The safest spot to be! "It's simple then! The answer's small - I'll never go outside!" And so he never did... at all. And Timmy fucking died.




[0.99999999999999999999999999717519551c](https://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=sqrt%281+-+%28proton+mass+*+light+speed%5E2%29%5E2+%2F+%282000+J%29%5E2%29) for a proton to be reasonably lethal.


That proton "only" hit with the energy of a major league baseball. Not likely to be lethal. But if we found one oh-my-god particle, it's likely there are others. And if, as one might expect, it is an average proton emission from whatever process caused that one, there may be some faster ones out there.


Fun fact: the kinetic energy of a major league baseball is about the same as the kinetic energy of a bullet, just spread out over more surface area and time. The KE of the oh-my-god particle was “only” about 50J, compared to the 2000J of a bullet/baseball.


I had to look it up (I'm a gun guy and not very familiar with joules) * A typical 9mm NATO (pistol) has over 500j * A 7.62 NATO (battle rifle) has about 2500j * A 5.56 NATO (M-16, less for M-4) has about 1800j * A 12ga slug is about 4000j Not a converter bot, but I stayed at a holiday inn express last night.


Fair. By the same token though, a single proton going that fast isn't going to deposit much of its energy in your body. The subatomic shrapnel of it colliding with the atoms in your body will almost all wind up going out the other side.


Anything with mass would kill someone at the right speed.


Wouldn't there be a lower limit where the mass wouldn't be sufficient? Say a single neutron, even going 0.99c, simply wouldn't be able to interact with enough matter to kill you. Right? [This guy](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anatoli_Bugorski) survived sticking his head in a beam of protons in a particle accelerator and it still didn't kill him.


"Bugorski understood the severity of what had happened, but continued working on the malfunctioning equipment, and initially opted not to tell anyone what had happened. " I love how this attitude occurs even at a perticle accelerator lab.


I mean this was in soviet russia. They're a little bit famous for this attitude around dangerous high tech equipment, such as a nuclear reactor...


I mean, Russia hardly conqured the market on playing with nuclear reactors without sufficient (or basically any) safety precautions. Search "demon core" for some good American stories of people doing incredibly stupid things.


he survived but it fucked him up


The question was about killing. Fucking someone up is not good enough.


If it's enough to fuck someone up, it's almost certainly enough to kill them just by tweaking a few conditions.


Holding his head in the beam long enough would likely kill


Then we aren't talking about a single particle but a whole beam of them


Dude was even denied disability after having is head be shot at the speed of light


A neutron wouldnt interact with the electromagnetic force, so it probably wouldnt cause as severe of a reaction as protons passing through you. right now we are all being bombarded by neutrinos, which do not interact with the strong interaction or the electromagnetic force, and they do nothing to us because they barely interact with us.


There goes my anti neutron collision spray idea


[Obligatory xkcd](https://what-if.xkcd.com/1/)


>A careful reading of official Major League Baseball Rule 6.08(b) suggests that in this situation, the batter would be considered "hit by pitch", and would be eligible to advance to first base.


>What would happen if a baseball was thrown at 90% the speed of light? TLDR: a walk


Well, you kind of skimmed over the nuclear explosion.


Brevity = wit’s soul


Are the physics/maths in there correct? Edit: based on the responses (and some googling), it seems it's safe to assume that the answer is "yes," thanks to all who responded.


He triple-checks his calculations and has a lot of ridiculously smart people that read his comics. If he made some kind of mistake they'd be all over him in a heartbeat.


Almost certainly. He really does his homework on jokes.


I'm inclined to trust Randall Munroe


The guy is absolutely brilliant and vets all the math/ physics he includes in his comics and books.


Seriously, the dude worked for fucking NASA! Pretty sure he double-checks his math.


Amen, brother.


A wet noodle


I just want to remind everyone that the singular of spaghetti is spaghetto.


I once wrote a comment about cannoli which involved referring to a single cannolo, and was complimented on my accuracy. I had looked it up bc I neither speak Italian nor grew up in an area where Italian food was popular.


Graffiti is another one like that. If you’re talking a about a single instance, it’s graffito.


You know, I'm not sure I ever considered the possibility of a singular item when it comes to graffiti. Always thought of it as a continuous noun, like water.


Could easily be choked on


If an open heart surgeon drops a wet noodle into the patient's chest, pretty sure it could get infected and kill them


Great. Tell the whole world why don't you. Soon no one will be allowed to eat and perform surgery. I hope you're happy.


This comment made my day


“Is… that a spaghettio?”


Pretty sure the noodle would block something critical before infection would run its course


Yea but at that point, you’re killing someone using a wet noodle AND very expensive surgical equipment. If you have someone chest open, you can kill them in so many different ways. You don’t need the wet noodle. Killing someone with only a wet noodle seems like it would be a much harder task.


Shoot it at them at the speed of light.


If the gluten is very tough, you could try to garrote someone with a piece of spaghetti.


But wet spaghetti is rather pliable!


I am a baker and spend a decent amount of time trying to strengthen the gluten in bread. My goal is now to make a piece of spaghetti that is strong enough to kill a man.


I hope you succeed. It would start a new assassination trend.


Dude. This is literally now my serial killer MO. If anyone else comes at me with spaghetti, I'm taking them down.


Edible evidence. The perfect crime


This reminds me of a story called Lamb to the Slaughter. In the story, a wife kills her husband with a raw leg of lamb, and puts it in the oven to cook. She then went to the store, as if to get stuff to prepare the lamb. After coming back, she "finds" the body, and calls the cops. The cops investigate the crime scene, and the wife-turned-widow offers them the lamb. They then proceed to eat the murder weapon while looking for a potential murder weapon.


I love how Roald Dahl wrote stories about women justifiably killing their husband’s when he was a shit husband. I can only assume he was self-aware. He wrote a shitty husband perfectly. The Great Switcheroo May be the only funny rape story ever written. Edit: I just realized he also wrote My Uncle Oswald, which has a lot of rape. I grew up reading him (loved Matilda, the BFG, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Danny Champion of the world), but now I’m getting weirded out my how much rape is in his adult stories.


Wat. Roald Dahl. Rape story. You just destroyed my childhood.


It was almost the perfect crime. But it needed more oregano and a dash of cumin.


What if they have celiac disease




Nice try, Mr. Wick


"Challenge accepted"


A bubble


Okay, so admittedly at this point I'm just really high and trying to think up crazy scenarios of how to kill people with all these things because I had a shitty ass day. So hear me out. This could actually be a very brilliant system of spreading poison. Oh I can't finish this idea. This could be like a terrorist weapon. Weaponized bubbles. You make a concentrate that includes soap and poison get a bubble gun and boom. Mass casualties from the dude with the bubble gun.


I'm really loving this guys "so I'm really high" prefaces. Also, the creative brain is so maniacal.


I had some pain killers - or maybe anesthesia - with a surgery one time and while I was stoned out of my mind, I came up with a solution to fix climate change. Unfortunately, I can’t remember what it was. All I remember is that it seemed so obvious. I don’t know. I’ve never tried weed. Maybe I just need to get some Alaskan Thunder Fuck and a note pad and then we’ll see what problems I can fix.


>Maybe I just need to get some Alaskan Thunder Fuck and a note pad and see what problems I can fix. I call that Tuesday.




> I came up with a solution to fix climate change. > All I remember is that it seemed so obvious. just bottle up the polluted air and release the pressurized air we have in containers bruh


Depends on the chemical makeup of a bubble. A bubble the size of a TV filled with Chlorine gas and made from soap and cyanide would kill someone.


Introduce the bubble into the bloodstream. Wait for the embolism.


A drop of water


Could kill them if that’s all you give them


For more than 3 days, absolutely.


Or if its not distilled, inject directly into blood stream and see what infections it causes


Water drop shot at 100000 mph will insta kill


How exactly do I get it to 1000000mph?




You are not wrong


Just freeze and you got an ice bullet


I'm not sure if anyone has suggested this already, but this very thread. If that doesn't count, then I give up and concede that human beings are just easy to kill. Lol


One of the suggestions in this thread could be seen by the wrong eyes, and "butterfly effect" itself into a fully formed murder 10 years from now. You don't know the long-term consequences of this thread on this timeline


The Big Bang has killed/will kill us all through cause-and-effect


We are so fragile, yet stubborn and adaptable.


I mean I think with enough effort, technology and creativeness you could find a way to kill someone (maybe not anyone but someone) with any physical object


A blade of grass


Okay I can't think of anything except making a pretty bad ass whistle. But I am technically allergic to grass. Not *deathly* allergic to grass. But maybe somebody is?


My ass already whistles Sometimes


Genuine grass allergy is a thing, and I'm not talking sniffles.


Put it down their airway into their lungs -> pneumonia -> death


We had this argument once and I found an article from 1840 or something where a guy died from a blade of grass that somehow got into his lung and caused pneumonia and he died. So a blade of grass can kill you.


A blade of grass can cause minor cuts. It would be a shame of someone with a clotting disorder were to be cut with a blade of grass... repeatedly.


Anything written in Python Fuckin a, I forgot malware that overloads machines


Write a fuck ton of code to explode someone's PC


Jupiter, you can’t just grab Jupiter and try to kill someone with it


I don’t have the science but I just feel like Jupiter could kill someone.


I mean, technically, if a human just stood on Jupiter, it would kill them.


You can't stand on Jupiter. It's not solid. Besides you'd never make it to the core. You'd be crushed to death far above it. Kind of like the sun.


Aw man, there's an old post on Reddit about what would actually happen if you were able to get to Jupiter, it's so well detailed and very much worth the read. I wish I could remember which sub it was on. The TLDR is yes, you'd die, but there are so many different ways you can die at each "level" of entry trying to reach the core. Edit: Found it, the top comment is what I was referring to and it's my favorite comment on all of Reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/askscience/comments/12eggw/seeing_as_how_jupiter_is_a_gas_giant_what_would/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


Oh my god dude thank you for that so much. Just an awesome detailed comment.


Yeah, like I said, it's my favorite comment on all of Reddit, it's something that I'll never possibly experience but the way it's written makes it so easy to imagine yourself there. I love it.


That's a lot of interesting information that I barely remember. The only thing I really do remember is that -40 degrees celsius is also -40 degrees fahrenheit.


Yeah but you can leave someone on Jupiter and it'll kill them


A single sugar molecule.


Accelerate it to near speed of light and aim it at someone maybe


Yea get right on that….


I don’t have access to CERN, but you could try sending them an email


Just call them on your phone-microwave.


El psy congaroo


Split the atoms


I don't think thats how atom bombs work right?


You're right. Atom bombs use Uranium or Plutonium, and enriched Uranium or Plutonium at that. Enriched meaning it's got higher than average amounts of the fissile isotope. Fissile -> useful for fission. ​ So you need that good shit before splitting an atom is worth anything to you. And even then, nuclear fission becomes powerful because of a chain reaction of lots and lots of atoms. Splitting just 1 isn't going to do you much good.


Plankton lied to me


Nope. Sugars are made up of various arrangements of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. A hydrogen nucleus has one proton, good luck splitting that. Neither carbon nor oxygen can generate energy by nuclear fission. You would have to put in energy to get them to split, and fission would give off less energy than you put in. They would generate energy by nuclear fusion if the conditions were right for that. The conditions for fusing carbon or oxygen are generally found only in the cores of stars much more massive than the Sun.


Splitting one atom isn't really dangerous. Atom bombs are dangerous because they cause splitting atoms to split other atoms, its a chain reaction.


Natural air.


You can pressurize air though.


Yea but you would need more than just natural air to do so.


ever heard of wind?




Whats natural? Cause the air gets cold enough to kill people around me all the time. They scrape a few frozen homeless off subway greats every year. Its just the bitter cold that does it.


A mini marshmallow


As someone who's taken a marshmallow to the face, I can attest that marshmallow is very fluffy but very dense. You might be able to project it fast enough to puncture skin.


If you let it dry and harden it could become a deadly projectile.


a singular pea


It frozen so you can shoot out of a gun


The gunpowder igniting would flash cook and explode the pea so it wouldn't travel at all.


A light gas gun might work. They're used in hypervelocity impact testing, so anything coming out the business end is lethal.


Cotton candy. You wouldn't be able to choke someone with it since it would just dissolve when exposed to moisture.




My son is diabetic and cotton candy would skyrocket his blood sugar and without an insulin dose to bring it down, he’d be in bad shape. Also, the same insulin that would save his life, would kill him if he got too much.


You could drop 6,000 pounds of cotton candy on someone.


I just want to see that much, that'd look so soft




I mean the cast of Ghostbusters got injured by the falling clumps of super soft shaving cream so I'd say it's possible.


shaving cream is alot more dense though right?


In the end weight is weight.


You could inject it directly into the bloodstream. It'll dissolve into sugar which would kill you eventually via sugar overdose. Well in theory at least. You'd still need a lot of it though.


I'm super high, so hear me out. I don't have a good answer for this, so I'm just making shit up. Maybe, the cotton candy was produced in a warehouse that also manufactures nut products. And contact with the cotton candy is enough to kill someone with a severe nut allergy.


Or, this is my next idea, triggered admittedly by your mentioning that cotton candy melts if moistened. What if you created a home alone esque booby trap that involved like dominoes and matchbox cars and falling marbles and had a crossbow at the end, and the catalyst that set it all off was the melting of a piece of cotton candy?


See, normally I feel like introducing outside elements is cheating but this idea is so wild that I love it.


Oh my God. My brain just expanded this idea and it's awesome. In our home alone-esque situation, the booby trap immediately preceding The Final Cotton Candy Death Blow is one in which the bad guy gets soaked in water. Which makes him drip water onto the cotton candy, which sets off the whole rigmarole and ultimately the crossbow.


A rainbow.


I suppose a rainbow could distract a driver... That's indirect, though.


A rainbow is an illusion created by reflected light and thus not really an "object" per se.


A single leg hair. Also I've read through a few comments and I just need to ask. OP, how high are you and on what?


Introduce the single leg hair to a jealous violent girlfriend/boyfriend and let her/him do the rest.




Oh shit. I forgot to answer the leg hair. Somebody else said a scalp follicle. And I've got nothing for either. Can anybody help me out?


I mean getting it in your eye would suck, but I doubt it'd be fatal


A single overcooked spaghetti noodle.


depends on how many italians are nearby




that's quitter's talk


A neutrino. Stupidly tiny (less than 1 eV) and hardly interacts with anything. If you accepted it to the speed of light, it still would have way less than a single Newton of force, and that's if it even interacted with you. If you converted its mass to energy, it still wouldn't do much damage, let alone kill you.


Working in risk assessment, I learned ANYTHING can kill you


My dick it’s to small Now I’m going to go cry


Too. Cry harder.


1 Tardigrade??? Too small to block anything?? Short of someone having an allergy to them?


Any imaginary object. Or a grain of rice


If you have a psychotic episode and imagine a baseball bat as a pilllow and smack someone with it, would you count it as death by imaginary object?


you cant kill anyone with pixels


Bright fast moving pixels can cause seizures


OGLE-2014-BLG-0124L It's a planet, 13,000 light years away. You would die of old age before you got to it, long before you got to it, thus it cannot be used to kill someone. Would take about 260,000 years to reach, let alone bring anything back from. It is out of our reach, absolutely.


A single human skin cell


Tell that to cancer.