I am a long-time motorcyclist in the US and "filtering" which is lane splitting at lights, is not normal in most states. People doing it and breaking the law is an issue because it is not the norm and people aren't prepared for it. The last thing you want to do is surprise someone. I've spent more than a decade living and working in Japan and filtering is normal there. People are ready for it and it is expected. I have done it many, many times and it is not an issue at all. I'd love to see it legalized in the States. The biggest downside I have found is when you pass someone lollygagging around on a scooter only to have them filter to the front at every stop light. Then they proceed to go 5 mph to the next light. That is frustrating and, I think, dangerous.


no I would do it too


No - living in CA, I’ve come to expect it.


Absolutely not as it doesn't affect me. Anybody would do the same if they could get to their destination quicker.


Not at all. If they fit, why not?


Stop lights? No, not really. While driving? Feels hella dangerous to me and easy to be in someone's blind spot, unless it's like bumper to bumper traffic.


If it's legal in their area there is no reason for it to bother you. Plus, people spend way too much time focusing on what other people are doing. Do your thing and live your life.


I drive a bus and have my motorcycle license. For me: yes because it isn't legal in my state. As such I would never do it myself unless traffic is stopped because of an accident and I can split lanes to get out of the traffic jam, but not for a red light. I see to many idiots run lights or play on their phones at lights, they aren't paying attention to a biker pulling up next to them.