What’s a job that you just associate with jerks?

What’s a job that you just associate with jerks?


any job where you can steal customers from your colleague. salespeople can be one


My mom was a used car salesman and I'm a stock broker. All of her sales tips were just like that...illegal in my industry!


"Put. That. Coffee. Down. Coffee is for closers"


Fuck you! That's my name! You know why, mister? You drove a Hyundai to get here. I drove an $80,000 red BMW that's parked right outside. THAT'S my name! And your name is you're wanting. You can't play in the man's game, you can't close them... then go home and tell your wife your troubles. Because only one thing counts in this life: Get them to sign on the line which is dotted.


3rd Party Recruiters. False charm, constant lies, ghosting people, spamming, terrible attention spans and an inability to simply read a darn resume to see what people actually do rather than just 1 keyword. “Hey are you an Engineer or Artist? We have a role for you!” OK buddy, way to narrow things down…


Personal trainers at a lifetime. Had this one incident where this trainer kept blatantly laughing at me whenever I I did my next set of deadlifts and it honestly disheartened me so much. I already had some hesitancy of getting on the stage area because it was so out in the open. Don't miss that particular place.


A smart trainer would offer tips and help to showcase their knowledge and build clientele. Plus, it's their fucking job to encourage people to aim for workout goals. I hope you found a new place where people are helpful and trainers actually follow their job description if they want to interject during your workout. Best wishes to you and that trainer can fuck themselves.


Thanks man. I ended up cutting all the bells and whistles and working out at an Anytime Fitness. Was wild paying 140 dollars a month just to have my locations close earlier then most other facilities.


Aww, that's awful! I'm already self-conscious when I work out, if someone did that to me I probably would have burst into tears...or chucked a dumbbell at him, depends on which life stage I was at in this hypothetical. Glad to hear you've gotten away from that, fuck that guy.


The first time i tried a "try a free session with one of our personal trainers" thing at a gym, the guy had me do deadlifts, saying, "just pick it up and keep your back straight." I tried it (in retrospect, way too much weight for a beginner) and he just says, "no not like that, not that, what are you doing?" But he _won't tell me what i need to change to do it right_. Eventually he starts laughing and calls over another trainer to say, "look at this, i don't know what he's doing," and i was too timid back then to say anything. The other trainer pretty much ignored him and showed me how to do it properly right away, but seriously, some people should not be allowed to teach.


I work in entertainment. Talent agents and managers top the list, then some talent themselves.


Shit howdy that's true. I worked in the music industry until a little bit before Covid and some of the most baffling behavior I've ever seen comes from talent/ managers. I once was running a show where it was more or less a metal music showcase for NAMM years ago. There were some pretty big names on the list like Yngwie malmsteen, and a few other medium names in metal plus a bunch of smaller bands. Well it was supposed to be a showcase. 17 bands, 15 minute sets, supposed to be over before 10pm, started at 5 pm. No biggie I've had gigs like that before, but not with all this management there. Because it was a NAMM show there are a ton of sponsors and other bands, like on different stages as well. Long story short I get a few managers that try to fight for more time because their bands need it more. My spidey sense is tingling because a couple of the bands don't even talk to me they just send their manager to check in. Weird. Cut to the first band that plays over the set, just like 10 minutes over. Whatever. Well everyone noticed that and decided nothing mattered. The first few bands go 5 or 10 over which was manageable but not ideal. As soon as we get to the first "big" act they just keep playing. 5...10...20 minutes over the set time. I go up to their manager and say if they don't get off now I'm turning off the stage and they'll look stupid ( no lights, backing tracks, keys or stage monitors at that point its really hard to keep playing) manager goes up in between songs and comes back to my booth and says " they only have 2 more songs" and shrugs. I called security back to my booth, then shut down the stage and let them slowly realize they can't hear themselves and that they're all sliding out of sync. I get ran up on by the band and their manager after the show telling me how unprofessional I am and that they play over time all the time and nobody cares (which is bs). I just point at my 17 band list and told them to leave. Nobody else played over their time and that band got banned from playing NAMM events in the future so really super not worth it for them. I have so many more stories that's just the first that came to mind.


This was a good read. I love when people stand up and lay down down rules


Out of the 8 or so years I did live audio I only shut a show down like 3 times , and everytime it's embarrassing for the band.


I booked shows at my college. We got some pretty big bands that came through, thanks to a healthy budget from student activity fees. It was pretty awesome dealing with some pretty big acts at 20 and good experience. Once there was a small-ish pop punk band that had a drum riser listed on their rider. We had them booked in a small multi-purpose room and we had the dimensions of the stage in contract, so they should have been well aware it was a small stage and there wasn't physical room for a drum riser. The band gets there and loads in when the manager notices there wasn't a drum riser and starts FREAKING out. Yelling at me and the other student committee members. We start calling everywhere we can think of to find a drum riser...never mind it was a 200 cap room in the basement of a college. Fast forward 15 minutes, and the drummer walks in and his manager tells him about the situation. Dude was like "oh that's cool. No big deal." The manager never talked to me after that.


That shit happens all the time in my audio tv world. Some managers et al. want job security and try to make it as difficult as possible to actually interact with the talent. Often the band/crew/talent themselves are super chill and don’t care. It manifests in all sorts of ways from being insanely specific about the gear or staging on the show, to how you speak, or if you’re supposed to speak at all while putting a lav mic on them. I shudder to think how much of my time has been wasted by made-up requirements and even worse the shortening of my life span from all the unnecessary cortisol.




Watching avicii basically beg to stop touring while his manager kept bullying him to do one more every time he asked. Was heart breaking to watch


Recently watched the Amy Winehouse documentary, and yeah basically the same thing. She needed help and was getting it, but a few people with interests (her father mostly) kept her touring.


A father exploiting his artist daughter for money? That would never happen.


Yeah, it’s a whole industry of jerks. I’ve heard of agents that barely even got clients auditions, so if you were getting them that’s a good sign on you. A lot of work needs to be done to the whole infrastructure. I hope by the time I retire, I will have made a positive impact on the projects and folks I’ve worked with.


I used to do event catering (big concerts) and almost everyone was cool, even the artists, except Alan Jackson who seemed to go out of his way to be an asshole. But once in a while someone who worked for an artist was just flat out shitty. I get that in a way that’s their job so the “star” doesn’t have to, but it was so unnecessary. By far the worst example of this I ever witnessed was a tour manager for Dolly Parton. Now Dolly herself was very gracious (and short, like I knew she was short, but not THAT short) but her employee was horrid. Also cool: Bonnie Raitt, Steve Miller and Robin Williams. And none of their “people” were jerks.


I work in entertainment. 100% agree. My agent is a dick.


Ari gold has entered the chat


MLM’s on Facebook. Girl I haven’t talked to since high school: “hey girl!! Long time no talk! Guess how I’ve been losing weight?! You should try this product too!” Like… ya. Ok thanks


My favorite was "hey, I'm not sure we've ever spoken but I got your name off this shirt from the swim club we were both in when we were 10. Wanna join my company that [explains obvious pyramid scheme with no actual job or sales tactic to make the money]" That's the day I cracked down on my Facebook settings.


Respond: Hello obviously bullshit job title at bullshit company. Sorry I already have a real job.


"I guess some of us want to be entrepreneurs" cites person who is not a CEO


Got roped into sitting through an MLM presentation for microfibers. Toward the end this snake oil salesperson was insinuating that her cloths could cure cancer.


I got tricked into going to a sex toy presentation. My lab partner in a college class invited me to an "all girls party." I was told there would be snacks. I figured it would be a good way to make friends and also have snacks. Sure as heck, it's pretty fun and I meet some people and then we get told to have a seat because "the real fun" was about to start. And it was an hour long presentation on some of the most AGGRESSIVE sex toys I have ever seen. I think a lot of people were mislead. I was also the only person not to buy anything. I wanted friends, not an overpriced sex toy. So sad.


They use sneaky tactics and peer pressure to make sales. And they almost always try to recruit at these parties. Also, everything is way more expensive than it has any right to be.




"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves." - Matthew 7:15


Additionally: “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full.” -Matthew 6:5


Reminds me specifically of [this video](https://youtu.be/UWt5PJhCmmg). I know everyone has seen it already, but the part that always got me is the thing that starts their defense of owning the planes is saying "You can't [pray] on a commercial plane." Like, what? You can't make a spectacle of yourself where everyone can see you on a commercial plane. But you can pray on a plane, bro. According to his account, he gets up from his seat and makes it known that he's about to pray. Yeah, you can't do that, but all that isn't a necessary step in praying.


This is something that confused me so much as a church kid. It’s not like they don’t mention this verse and no one knows it. It’s heavily referenced, but then they would get so excited if someone made an obnoxiously public display of faith, like Tim Tebow was the height of religious activism for praying for a game when probably 70% of the other players are some form of Christian, too, and just doing a silent prayer in their heads for every play. It really has to come down to the misinformation campaign Christian political hucksters have run to make Evangelical and Fundamentalist Christians think they’re a small persecuted group when the population is still majority religious and mostly Christian. They interpret “secular” as anti-religious instead of just deciding that we aren’t gonna play “which faith is best” when in mixed company of lots of beliefs. So, they think forcing a captive audience through a loud display of praying is activism for Jesus when the data-driven reality is that you’re showing off in front of mostly other forms of Christians and then a minority of other beliefs and non-belief that just get alienated by the experience.


The thing I hated when hanging out with the youth group crowd, was the performative "Witnessing." Especially when attached to personal anecdotes. Cause what can you do? No one wants to say "actually Meaghan, I Don't believe you when you say Christ came and comforted you after you only got a B- on your chem final. And I think you're just relishing the attention we're politely giving you and that's why this story has taken 20 minutes and counting to tell!"


Every surgeon I've ever met was either one of the kindest, noblest, most intelligent people on the planet or a fucking sociopath.


Surgeon here, for everyone saying "yeah I wouldn't mind having an over confident sociopath work on me" trust me...you do The cocky surgeons are the ones who take the biggest risks and feel the least amount of empathy when considering the potential consequences. Not to mention they crush the morale of their support team which can often psych them out at critical moments. My talent comes from years hard work, not unearned arrogance, and more importantly I am comfortable enough with my own fallibility to double/triple check instead of just rolling the dice. Not controlling your ego is what gets people hurt and makes for a miserable work environment for everyone else around you. It's a shame that surgeons are associated with being jerks and it's an even bigger shame that most of them deserve it.


Your comment reminds me of the gynaecologist I worked for who would treat some pelvic prolapses with obliterative surgery. If the patient was post-menopausal he would routinely fail to check if she was still sexually active, or tell her that sex would be impossible after (having removed half of her vagina). I diverted a few ladies, including a couple aged 80+, at the pre-op assessment appointment after establishing that their prolapses weren't bothering them as nearly much as the loss of their sex lives would. Then I would get it in the neck from him later for daring to disagree. Worked for a dozen or so gynaes in my career, I'd say about a third were too sociopathic to be safe doing it.


I went to a gyno recommended by a coworker for an ablation. He was clinical to the point of off putting. But…he had Jane. After his assessment and recommendation, in came Jane. Mid sixties, sweet as pie, and explaining that I could still get pregnant (but it would be a bad idea) and get STDs. I said “I’m married and my husband had a vasectomy” to which she responded “honey, things change.” And went on to tell me about various patients who cheated and got an STD or got divorced then got pregnant from a one night stand. Jane was awesome!


If he had enough self knowledge to know he needed Jane, he did well


My mom is a nurse. She always warns people which doctors at her hospital to avoid. Says you get better care when they treat their support staff well bc the staff isn’t nervous to bring up concerns with them.


Worked for/with surgeons for 4 years. I confirm this. Also age doesn't mean anything. God complex is really a thing in that field.


What's the difference between God and a surgeon? God knows he's not a surgeon.


A consultant knows everything but does nothing, a surgeon knows nothing but does everything and a pathologist knows everything and does everything but 24 hours too late.


Oh you're getting me started here! A family doc, an internist, a surgeon and a pathologist go duck hunting. They come across the first duck flying out of a bush. The family doc raises his shotgun and says: "looks like a duck, flies like a duck, must be a duck" and takes the shot. Bags himself a duck. Next duck flies out and the internist raises his shotgun; "looks like a duck, flies like a duck, rule out quail, rule out pheasant, goose vs duck most likely." Takes the shot and gets himself a duck. Next a whole flock of ducks fly out and the surgeon raises his shotgun and empties the whole fucking thing, blood and feathers everywhere. When all the carcasses have hit the ground he turns to the pathologist and slaps him on the back and says: "hey, go tell me that one of those is a duck."


Doctor jokes? Doctor jokes. How do you hide a $20 bill from an orthopaedic surgeon? Hide it in his textbooks. How do you hide a $20 bill from a radiologist? Hide it with his patient. How do you hide a $20 bill from a neurosurgeon? Hide it with his kid. How do you hide a $20 bill from a plastic surgeon? Trick question. You can't hide money from a plastic surgeon.


Ooh, also, another neurosurgeon joke: Is it better for a neurosurgeon to have a wife or a girlfriend? Trick question; he needs both. That way the wife thinks he's with the girlfriend and the girlfriend thinks he's with the wife and then he can go to the hospital and get some work done.


Ha that one's good. Here's another one: Why did the neurosurgeon get kicked out of mass at Sacred God's Cathedral? He offered to sign autographs.


Worked Neuro ICU for a couple of years, can confirm.


How do you hide a dollar from a surgeon? Put it in the patient's chart.


How do you hide $100 from a pediatrician? You don’t have to; they’ve never seen $100.


Totally get why being able to legally split people in half and then put it back together and make them remain alive can develop in a god complex


I worked in pathology/ lab for a hospital. Surgeons are some of the most bizarre critters you will ever meet. They would call and demand to know why results for a test they ordered were not in. One: bacteria takes time to grow, and two: the nurse/ tech/ lpn has not sent/ brought/ drawn the samples yet… therefore I can not give you results for samples I don’t have. They didn’t get it. Edit: Thank you kind stranger for the gold!


I confirm. I work in microbiology and some doctor want me to grow bacteria faster. Sure man, let me go grab my time machine.


I believe we have had the exact same conversations with doctors.


Next time ask them how long it usually takes a patient to heal up from whatever surgery they’re currently doing. Whatever number they give you, ask if they can’t do it in half the time if they just work harder…


Oh I've heard it all. "Can you turn the incubator up to make it grow faster?" "What are the sensitivities? Me - it was no growth. Him - but what antibiotics is it sensitive to?" A particularly irrate doctor demanding results for a sample we hadn't received and hadn't been informed about. His angry response - " well the next time you don't receive samples from me, please phone me and tell me!!" Ermmmm.......no.


>well the next time you don't receive samples from me, please phone and tell me Malicious compliance, call him every day(or multiple times a day) to inform him you haven't received samples from him until he apologizes.


He specifically said "next time you don't receive samples, call me". Not next day, next hour, or next minute; next *time*. And, well, time keeps on ticking... so the only proper way to fulfill his request is to phone him immediately after getting off the phone with him.


This thread about surgeons really deserves its own post.


Yeah, it's interesting to read. A childhood friend of mine was arrogant at a young age. We drifted apart after his arrogance got to a point where I didn't like being around him anymore. I'm pretty sure he wanted to surround himself with others who were more intelligent or charismatic than me anyways. He became a surgeon. I recently spoke with his mom after many years and even she said, "I love the kid, but he's such an arrogant asshole."


BeachBody coaches. Bleh






The video where Tobey Maguire is trying to pull out of a parking garage but they're blocking him in pretty much sums it up


I forget what actress it was but she was surrounded by paparazzi and one of those dickheads kept intentionally hitting her arm. And when she finally pushed back they all started snapping photos like crazy. He was trying to goad her into a reaction to make her look like an asshole. They are the fucking worst


There’s similar footage of Amy Winehouse. In one they were calling her a cunt to get a reaction. There was a photo of her being papped at like 3am, with bleeding feet and IIRC her face was damaged. Poor girl just needed help. Edit: spelling


That one where she is bleeding in the early hours because they broke a window to her flat to get her out so they could take pictures. Absolute cunts.


Did anyone get arrested for that?


This randomly reminds me of that one time the pope hit a lady and there were a bunch of hilarious headlines, but then if you watch the video that bitch totally had it coming and it was her that was being an asshole trying to yank him around. (He was just swatting at her to get her to let go). [Edit: it was less dramatic than I remembered] https://youtu.be/3WySwhj2SwE


Iirc, that was the first famous "uh oh" moment of 2020 It was all downhill from there


Pope: “ Hey, God? These people are getting out of control down here. “ God: “I got you fam.”


Love that. And the Kanye one. Not a fan of Mr West, but holy fuck imagine dudes with cameras hanging outside your house in the dead of night and *entering your home.* One of the fuckers edges in and stops Kanye's garage from closing, and Kanye understandably flips. Cameraman was *this* close to getting his ass beat.


Question: what stops celebrities from calling the cops on paparazzi? “Yeah there have been people following me around with cameras all day, they won’t leave me alone and have followed me home. I feel unsafe, and they are on my property”


Something something protection of the press. Honestly not sure, maybe they do sometimes, but perhaps paparazzi aren't going to report that in the news if it puts them in a bad light.


Not even being facetious here, legitimately asking. So you can legally stalk people as long as you publish pictures of the person you stalk? Is this like "prostitution is legal as long as you film it, then it's just porn"?


The problem is it takes Cops time to get to a call and while they're doing it the photogs know the pictures they take are worth more than some small trespassing or harassment charge when there are actual criminals being locked up. Plus if the celebs (or bodyguards) touch or damage them or the equipment its a big payday as its their livelyhood and they know the process to sue (and have, many times)


Blake Lively recently posted saying oh look at these pictures, it looks like I'm smiling and happy but that's because it was the only way I could get this man to stop stalking me and my young children who were freaked out. They're horrible.


I think Halle Berry has advocated for a law that prevents paparazzi from photographing celebrity’s children.


Kirsten Bell and Dax Shepard got all celebrities to stop talking to any media outlets that published pictures of celeb kids. One red carpet where every single celebrity walked past the major magazines without speaking or interviewing, and there was no more child photos.


Damn. Just one more reason to love Kristen Bell.


There's a video of a dude online who just chases Sacha Baron Cohen around with a camera asking him a ton of questions and gets no response, bot even a look. So he titled the video "Sacha Baron Cohen is an asshole" or something like that. He was just going about his business, he doesn't want a camera shoved in his face. Even some fans have the "I saw your movie, you owe me *insert whatever here*". Ridiculous.


When I was in school (theatre major) I had the opportunity to meet Bronson Pinchot when he briefly came to do a reading project. He was polite, but a bit standoffish, which sort of sucked at the time, as I was hoping to ask him some questions, or for any advice he might have for a young actor. I mentioned this to one of the IATSE guys (stagehands union) who had worked with him before, and he told me some stories about the kind of thing he has to put up with on a regular basis. The main one that I remember was that Pinchot was eating breakfast, got recognized, and then approached by this guy who basically demands that he "do Balki" for him. Bronson apparently tried to politely decline, citing that he's just trying to eat, it's been years, maybe another time, etc, but dude wouldn't let up. To the point of following BP in his car, and eventually trying to run him off the road before speeding off. Fame: Pro - everyone knows who you are Con - everyone knows who you are


A friend of mine took to being the paparazzi of paparazzis, meaning he went around looking for paparazzi and photographing them. My friend told me the paparazzi got really agitated, angry, and belligerent at that. You'd think that would change their minds about their careers.


Was gonna say this. They literally make their livelihood off of catching celebrities at their shittiest, most vulnerable moments. The recent Britney Spears documentary highlights one of the most extreme examples of this... aka the whole umbrella incident during her highly publicized breakdown in 2007. As if she wasn't having a hard enough time already, she then had to deal with a bunch of dickheads with cameras trying to snap a thousand-dollar photo. They're all fucking scum and I honestly don't know how they sleep at night.


I remember an interview with Emma Watson who mentioned that on the day she turned 18, that was the day paparazzo’s started lying on the ground to take up skirt pics. Animals.


To quote Ricky Gervais' Andy Millman from the finale of Extras: > You open the paper and you see a picture of Lindsay Lohan getting out of a car, and the headline is "Cover Up Lindsay, We Can See Your Knickers". Of course you can see her knickers - your photographer is lying in the road, pointing his camera up her dress to see her knickers! You're literally the gutter press.


I had almost forgotten about these gross upskirt shots that the paparazzi were always hoping for. I remember watching TMZ and seeing paparazzi literally laying on the ground with their cameras pointed upwards hoping to catch that split second when they stepped in or out of a vehicle to snap a crotch shot. I feel like nowadays, that could possibly result in criminal charges. Honestly, anyone whose ever worn a skirt or dress at/above their knees knows it would be damn near impossible to enter/exit a vehicle (especially a low sitting vehicle) without separating their legs for a second to step in/out. The tabloids always presented these photos as if these women were just intentionally flashing their goods to the world, which is untrue and unfair. I believe the UK passed legislation making upskirting a crime, mainly because they were so horrified at how often this was happening in the US.


Yep. Upskirting ended up becoming a specific crime in the UK in 2019, and I believe the horror stories like this were the primary reason why the sexual offences act got updated. It was disgusting.


Lowest of the low. Literally on the ground in this case.


I used to live in the same condo building as her in Marina del Rey. The paparazzi rented a unit at the adjacent building that had a direct view to her penthouse. So even in her own place, she had paparazzi pointing cameras at her 24/7. They used to wait around outside the lobby for her, too.


The more I read about Britney, the sadder I feel. Her life is/was a mess and she seems to be surrounded by parasites, including many of her family members.


I wonder if she even would've had a breakdown without the paparazzi. I had a stalker when I was about Britney's age at the time of her crisis, and I thought it really would drive me insane. I struggled to eat, to sleep, I got jumpy and paranoid and seriously questioned my own sanity. Then add in a baby, the hormones, physical recovery, lack of sleep, and you don't just have one stalker but dozens.... a breakdown is well within the bounds of a normal human response.


And no loving support from your family to boot


I worked as a valet attendant for a hotel that hosted celebrities in Miami and I had the displeasure of talking to a lot of paparazzi. The creepiest fucking people I have ever spoken with! The things they would attempt just to get a picture were absolutely insane! I saw a guy try to tackle head first multiple security guards while screaming "If you touch me I'll sue you mother fuckers!" With a camera in his hand trying to get a picture of Lance Armstrong. They are literally scum, I don't understand how that line of work is legal in this country.


I think it’s just too complicated to make illegal.


Yeah, because they often sell their photos to publications like People magazine and TMZ, which are technically news sources, it’s tough to stop paparazzi without also diminishing “freedom of the press”. It’s disgusting, because a picture of a movie star running out to grab a coffee while wearing old sweatpants and a t-shirt is not news.


I personally liked Daniel Radcliffe's method for dealing with the paparazzi. He wore identical outfits for 6 months, and the paparazzi couldn't sell their photos of him because they couldn't prove that they were new photos because he was wearing the same outfit in EVERY photo. Perfection!


If I was rich and famous I'd hire my own paparazzi team and everytime paparazzi were on to me I'd have my own team swarm them and take photos, follow them around, try to agitate them etc


Fuck that guy from the Brittney doc. Talking about it like a victim.


Was looking for this comment in particular. His self righteous ass acted like he was doing her some kind of favor that night.


I saw a really strange video of Leonardo Dicaprio walking down the street and running into Jonah Hill. I could hear a camera snapping in the background and a dude going 'nice, nice, nice'. Those guys essentially stalk people for a living.


Oh and then they have the audacity to claim they're doing some sort of a favor to both famous people and the public. Self-righteous self-centered assholes.


ThE pUbLiC hAs A rIgHt To kNoW


Like they’re exposing fucking Watergate or some shit and not belittling moderately famous people for going to the grocery store in a hoodie and jeans


That's a good one. It's inpossible to be a paparazzi and not be an asshole.


This was mine as well. I once read that Daniel Radcliffe would wear the same outfit out all the time just to throw off the validity of the paparazzi. I'm not sure how true that is but I read it at some point.


Radcliffe said it in an interview and it appears to be true. Radcliffe's strategy was to make the paparazzi photos worthless on the tabloid market. Quoting a later publication's summary: > But the most effortless way to stymie the paparazzi, Daniel Radcliffe found during his 2007 performance in Equus, was to make sure photos of him were as boring as possible. The paparazzi waiting for him outside the theater after the play could never get a usable shot, because he was always in the same outfit. > "I would wear the same jacket and zip it up so they couldn't see what I was wearing underneath, and the same hat," he told Jay Leno in an interview on The Tonight Show. As a result, every photo looked like it had been taken on the same day, and the photographers couldn't sell them. "They became un-publishable, which was hilarious because there’s nothing better than seeing the paparazzi get really frustrated," he told Leno. He kept up the habit for the entire run of the play. [source](https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/501844/daniel-radcliffes-clever-trick-evading-paparazzi)


That's interesting. Paparazzi culture is so fucking weird to me. one positive aspect of social media is that celebrities can easily provide access to whatever they want, so this particular type of tabloid shite seems to be on the decline. I wonder if the baseball cap + sunglasses + surgical mask combo would also help in Radcliffe's scenario.




I doubt it's on the decline. We might have better access to what celebrities want us to see, but paparazzi still shows everything else they can capture. Unfortunately. I can't imagine what it must be like to have these vultures following your every move for something they can sell to some shitty tabloid.


Russell Crowe did this and it totally worked.


That clip of a group of paparazzi harassing Kanye at 4am, flashing all the lights at him and asking questions, then having the audacity to tell him to relax when he gets confrontational. Called him a bloodsucking mosquito which is exactly what they are


“Aye, good mornin’ Kanye.” “SHUT. THE FUCK. UP.” I thought Kanye’s reaction was completely and totally reasonable. I cannot imagine being swarmed at my own HOME by strangers at 4am. The paparazzi dude even stopped Kanye’s garage from closing in that clip.


Legal form of stalking.


Whoever calls the shots at the insurance company Edit: oh the irony… was just on my way to get ct scan because my doc says I need one and was called and told it was denied. Here we go again. Glad I’ve been paying these huge premiums for 20 years.


Sis in law had her appendix burst while she was out of town. Insurance is refusing to cover it because she didn't go to one of the preferred doctors. There were of course no preferred doctors in the area and it's the last thing on your mind when you're in that much pain.


I'd argue a *burst* appendix is life threatening. Not a medical expert but I'm pretty sure when it's life threatening insurance is supposed to step in and act like where you went was in network no matter what. Of course they'll probably argue it wasn't life threatening, you should've spent hours driving back to your town or bought a plane ticket and ruin the rest of your life with irreversible damage (but you would've lived!). Hopefully you can get fair coverage from the service you pay for


I'm no expert either but it can kill you in a few hours. Medical insurance and cost of care in the US is absolutely despicable.


Yeah, and it's a medical emergency that could lead to peritonitis. You don't have the luxury of going through your provider directory to find an approved MD when every minute counts. She ought to call the consumer reporter at some TV station to report on it. Chances are the insurers would rather pony up the payment than get bad media coverage for something like this.


I took one of those tests that tells what you should do for a living. It said I should be an attorney or an IRS agent, so clearly I am an asshole.


As an attorney, we’re severely underrepresented in this thread. Someone will hear from my lawyer about this!


You just know the lawyer a lawyer hires is gonna be a top tier asshole.


I think the lawyer that represents himself is probably the bigger asshole.


So, after my dad died, I found out he was behind on his taxes. The IRS agent I worked with was actually SUPER nice about everything, and when I told him I was surprised, he told me they often have to act like jerks because they're often DEALING with jerks. Sure, some of them are that way all the time, but let's be honest, even in retail, there's always that one employee who thinks they're god's gift. I mean, maybe I just got super lucky, but I've talked to others who've said similar things - as long as you're communicating with them and trying to get things under control, they'll work with you. Don't talk to them, or be a jerk to them, and they don't have to worry about being told off by their boss for being a jerk right back to you, because they aren't customer service, they don't have to worry about if you're happy with their service or not. Just my personal experience!


I used to work as a public accountant, and my experience with the IRS was always pretty positive. It’s harder for professionals because we genuinely know the rules better than the agents sometimes, but they always did their best, and nobody was ever rude or snappy with me.


Nah, I used to do IT work for a handful of law firms. They're not assholes, just a very unique form of crazy with a touch of impatience and a flair for the cheap.


In big law firms, the clients are often banks and big companies who get into situations where one day’s delay costs $100,000 (often because so many big projects are done with borrowed money) and suddenly the law firm gets this problem dumped in their lap. (That’s one of the reasons, but certainly not the only reason, that young lawyers end up getting so little sleep.) That’s how Yale law grads end up sleeping by the fax machine. In small law firms, the lawyers (who are mostly middle-class strivers) have clients who are *having the worst experience of their little lives*, maybe divorce, maybe bankruptcy, all kinds of stuff. And the clients come into your office and cry. So half your interactions with other people are super-high stress. When I worked in a law office I had no energy for anything after work and failed to pay my utility bills or properly do my taxes.


All the stories I’ve heard about big firms are just nightmares. Firms calling people’s parents because they didn’t answer their phone on the weekend, new associates being screamed at for not responding to an email immediately, etc. I work in public interest and I describe it as you’re meeting people on the worst days of their lives. With the pandemic, this has just gotten so much worse. I can’t count how many people have cried on the phone to me or told me about their legal issues while slipping in things like, “my ex was on the lease before he tried to kill me.” For a while this summer, I couldn’t even read cases while doing research without tearing up. Vicarious trauma is real.


I paralegaled in domestic for a while. I felt like telling my clients that I am happy to charge $$$ to listen to you cry, but for that kinda money, you could hire a therapist. One Friday afternoon about 3 pm a motion for restraining order was denied because my attorney was being a lazy ditz, and I warned her that our motion did not meet the specs. I spent the weekend trying not to vomit after seeing the denial. :( Edited to add: Client survived the weekend and motion with specs was granted Monday morning.


LOL! Took one of those in high school and said I should be a private investigator. No, I'm not sitting in a car doing surveillance all day to incriminate people. No offense to PIs. Oddly enough I do quality control now in a manufacturing environment so maybe they were onto something but whatever lol.


I took one in college when I was having an issue figuring out what I wanted out of life (you know, that thing that ever 18year old knows instinctively and it's always perfect and something must be wrong with me because I didn't know/s) My main results (more than 15% likely hood): "Retail employee" and "Forest Ranger" .....


Do you sell t-shirts in the woods now?


No, but I just quit my job after working ~10 years in pet retail so maybe that's my next step


Honestly ? A lot of building site jobs. I just remember all the dickhead lads at school who wore their aversion to education and any kind of intellectualism like badges of honour going into the brick laying and scaffolding apprenticeships before going and working with their dad, uncle etc and every interaction ive ever had with most site workers since then hasnt convinced me they arent exactly the same as they were at 15 Both my sisters have dated multiple scaffolders, renderers, plasterers etc and all ( bar one ) have been real life caricatures of the chavvy dickhead tradesmen: loud, obnoxious, volatile, immature, sexist, homophobes who spend most of their wages and evenings on cheap cocaine and shit larger in the same pub trying to chat up their own mates girlfriends.




My moms widower was an oil rig manager. Dumb ass had a 10th grade education and lucked out making around $300k a year. After the horizon oil rig disaster, they had new regulations and he refused to go over hypothetical accident scenarios on a conference call because “my crew would never make a mistake” and hung up on his companies compliance guy. So he was already in hot water. Then one of the higher ups from corporate was visiting his rig. They were having a meal and the corporate guy was trying to get to know him and make small talk and was talking about how he enjoyed hunting and riding atvs and whatnot. Asked the rig manager what his hobbies were and this dumb fuck straight faced says “I like to fight, fuck, and drink” Needless to say, he was asked never to come back after that month long shift was over. Dumb ass lost a $300k/yr career trying to maintain some kind of badass biker persona. Guy was a fucking joke.


I’ve worked with a few really great guys but you’re right. So many assholes. And divas….. We had a guy quit because he didn’t think we (the engineers) needed to run a certain piece of equipment. Didn’t really effect him in anyway and threw a big stink. Said, I don’t think I need to work here and walked off a $1750/day job…


I get the sense these duechebags get used to this crazy money that they seem to only be privy to because they somehow lucked out in finding a super high demand with crazy shortage of takers industry. Oil seems to be the common denominator in these careers.


get a high paying job straight outta high school, never learn to save, spend it all on grown-up toys (lifted trucks, jetskis, a mcmansion). eventually their body breaks down too much to work in the industry and they have no savings, so they keep working until they get a nasty back injury that their doctor prescribes opiates for, which they inevitable get hooked on. ​ god damnit there's way to many people like that where i live


I used to work with contractors on oil rigs. I was helping them with computer stuff and the dude asks me to use “little letters or big letters” Edit. Just to clarify, he had a heavy country accent working in West Texas. I doubt he was foreign.


That reminds me of a friend who worked in IT who had to work on the VP of Sales' computer. The hard drive was kind of full so he emptied the trash. It almost got him fired because it turns out this guy thought the trash was a convenient place to store important files since you could just delete it from anywhere and it'd go to trash. The same guy double clicked on urls all the time. We were an internet company.


Someone I my company did the same thing! The user’s reasoning was that “It’s the recycling bin, not the trash. It’s used for stuff that will get recycled.”


A friend was doing tech support as an intern and someone asked him "capital or not?" talking about a NUMBER Edit: yo I got 20 comments already about capital 1 being "!" and lowercase numerals being a thing, pls no more


I make that joke a lot, talking about passwords.


Yeah, it's a fairy common joke. It really confuses people when reading out WiFi passwords for example. It's possible that OP's intern friend just missed a joke


Soda fountain operator


We used to go play jacks down by the soda fountain


I would say call center supervisors, but they are snakes in the grass and it's unfair to jerks to be compared to snakes in the grass.


Speaking from experience, I would say those supervisors answering to managers. But yes, there needs to be an overall change in call centers. The management implements certain protocol to boost their own stats. Not concerned about their own people and not truly concerned about customer.


"Life Coach" = burnt out douche/wannabe social media influencer.


Yes! I know so many people who don’t have their shit together but think they’ll do a fantastic job telling others how to get their shit together


I saw one recently, she's 25 and has a website calling herself a life and business coach. She has no business experience. Her life experience is that when she was 23, she was depressed and didn't know what she wanted to do with her life, but now at the ripe old age of 25, she is an expert in how other people should live their lives. I honestly thought it was a joke.


Throwaway account for obvious reasons, but I'm a photographer by trade and once early in my career I did some headshots and a personal branding shoot for someone who was starting their own life coaching company. They spent the entire photoshoot telling me how poorly everything was going in their life and how they'd basically signed up to this Ponzi scheme life coach coaching program to start this business and earn a bit of quick money to pay off their enormous debts before they left it behind to do what they really wanted to do. They then complained about all of the photos, because they thought they looked fat and ugly cause of low self esteem issues. I didn't take their money in the end because it felt like they'd already been conned just getting into this business, but I just remember thinking how can you possibly think you're qualified to coach other people's lives for money when yours is going so terribly.


WAKE UP AT 4 AM AND EAT 7 RAW EGGS Manifest. Positive mindset. Hustle. Invest. *montage of a lion and someone else’s sports car* That’ll be $5,500


Head chef. I made it to sous before leaving “traditional” kitchen work. They’re all fucking miserable unless they own the place and are so rich they can just pay someone else to do the work. The executive chef at my last gig, owner, liked to show up to manager meetings in a car that costs ~$200,000. I couldn’t convince the people in charge of payroll that the reason we couldn’t find and retain decent prep cooks was the fact that they paid minimum wage. Also finance bros. They’re all douchebags.


Restaurant industry is fucked


I used to work for a chef that treated the kitchen like it was Hell's Kitchen. So many walked out on him. He was an amazing chef but fuck he killed morale anytime he was around the team by berating everyone


I have worked in kitchens for 10 years and have met only 2 solid head chefs, one was a female who was a whiz at the craft, and another is my current head chef who also owns the restaurant, he is a great guy and rarely gets angry. You know you’re a good head chef if you get invited to kitchen parties and what not, when staff can be comfortable around you outside of work. It’s what head chefs should strive for.


Worked in kitchens when I was younger. Used to find massive problems with alcoholism and amphetamine addictions from chefs who just found the pressure got to them.


This comes from personal experience. Restaurant managers. Anyone that has worked in the restaurant industry knows just how much of a prick your manager(s) can be.


The worst is when the owner puts their kid in charge.


Worked in a Deli at a grocery store where mommy and daddy’s two kids worked there. Both of them had a history of drug abuse, but the daughter had a significantly better attitude than the son. He had the audacity to say I should be wearing my paper hat and my tie should be tighter and shirt tucked in on my break. I looked at him, told him to shove it and he said “do you even know who I am.” I laughed at him, and told him if he was intelligent enough to have a say then they would have given him a supervisor position. He tried to give me a speech on my break, so I definitely told him I was going to be taking a longer break on account of him taking it up with his douchebaggery. Don’t let those people walk all over you. Mommy and daddy aren’t gonna keep them in charge if they run off all of the employees.


> “do you even know who I am.” This always cracks me up.


If you ever need to actually say this, it's not going to work


My fatha will hear about this!


results will vary with how easily you can say fuck this place and immediately clock out


Tried my hand at running a restaurant/bar for a few years in my twenties. Watching the slightly older versions of me doing lines and bragging to the barely-legals about how they "run this town" was the primary reason I went back to school... Kinda makes me want to throw up thinking about how I might have become that guy.




Little by little, the pimps have taken over the world. They don't do anything, they don't make anything - they just stand there and take their cut. Jean Giraudoux


Sales. Any kind of sales. Specifically advertising sales. Source: worked in advertising sales. Second source: people tell me I’m a jerk all the time.


Car salesmen Estate agent Door to door sales


Worked in car sales for 2 years. Couldn’t get out of it fast enough. I felt like a sleaze ball, and I was the most honest salesman on the lot by a country mile


I feel ya man. I used to rent cars at the airport. We literally overcharged and upsold stuff to people just for commission. I hated it. Edit


Same. I used to sell Comcast door to door. Granted, I often helped save people money by switching, but I felt like garbage when I'd occasionally sell TV services to people I assume couldn't really afford it.


Too many experiences to count with how their attitude changes right after they close a sale.


Or when they realize the sale ain't going to happen. As a kid, I can remember a pushy woman selling encyclopedias giving my parents a half hour sales pitch in our kitchen. When it became clear to her that my dad wasn't biting, she got downright pissy.


Bought a car a while back, I always use loans rather than finance. Salesman was the dad of an old school friend, really cheery and personable chap. Sale was in the bag and he was trying to convince me to go on finance even though I said from the start I'd be using cash, eventually said I'd think about it and let him know tomorrow to shut him up. Picked the car up a week later and he pretty much threw the keys at me and told me to fuck off.


They sound like a sales version of ‘nice guys’ lol


Fucking estate agents/property managers


"this is an on fire trash can but, ya know... Could be a nursery"


>"Could be a nursery" *pointing at the 1 square meter space behind the furnace*


Timeshare salespeople


This is what happens when you have straight commission jobs. You set it up to reward very shady behavior and completely ruin the reputation of an entire career path.


There’s always a Bernice or Linda in HR who’s in everybody’s business but their own


I see your Bernice and Linda, and raise you a Brenda




Surgeons. All but one of the surgeons I have worked with has been an egomaniacal douchecanoe. I’ve witnessed some amazing work but it’s a drag being in the same room as them for prolonged periods.


Maybe I worked in a rare place, but I was an ER Tech for 5 years and the surgeons I worked with on the trauma team were awesome. When I got fired for a hospital code violation, it was an attending physician that had my back and got it overturned.


One of my favorite surgeons in the whole wide world- his resident kinda went rogue one night in my Icu, ordering nurses to do things that were against policy but not widely known that it was against policy as it was a kinda weird situation we didn’t often deal with in my icu, and then when I told the nurse not to do it, he threatened to get me fired, and when I printed out the policy, he ripped it up and threw the paper in my face. One short email to his attending, and his attending didn’t email me back, he walked down to my unit before his shift even started, pulled me off to the side to get clarification on what happened, then his face got all red (he was known for havinga bit of a temper and I was nervous even though he’d never yelled at me) and then, he apologized to me, and ensured me his resident would be by shortly to also apologize to me. And please let him know if he did not give a satisfactory apology. He did not give me a nice apology, it was a very short and cold exchange, but I figured the ass chewing he’d already received was good enough and just sent his attending an email thanking him for following up. I haven’t worked with him in close to ten years but I still miss it. Such a great human.


What I've found is the trauma team surgeons can be amazing, but general OR surgeons are absolutely pains in the ass. Probably because the ED gets wild stuff and doesn't know what's coming in so needs to be chill vs watching an OR doc pitch a fit over missing tee time. Experience from going to EMT to working on OR equipment.


Real Estate agents. Idk why but I never feel like I can trust them


Working at the jerk store


The jerk store called, they're running out of you!


What’s the difference? You’re their all time bestseller.


Oh yeah? Well I had sex with your wife!


His wife is in a coma