What was your actual experience seeing a ghost?

What was your actual experience seeing a ghost?


Rented casper on vhs as a kid, had pizza and candy. Fucking awesome.


i screamed "a g-g-g-g-g-ghost!" and then ran away leaving a puff of smoke in the shape of my body that then got scared of the ghost and also ran away




mister boombastic


I thought I saw a ghost once when I was a teenager, turned out it was a garbage bag hanging in a tree. I swear it waved at me, though.


That's a rubbish story


When I was 16, we were driving home and I saw someone in the road. It was misty and by the wooded area. I said to my mum there's someone in the road... but when we got closer it disappeared. Was a bit creepy tbh.


When my highschool sweetheart died 5 years back, I thought life was over for me. But one day when I was showering, I saw her silhouette. She was THERE! She called my name, it sounded like a hollow echo. It was lovely. I haven't changed my apartment since then, and have tried to recreate her appearance, but I guess she hasn't been able to connect with me. But I'll keep trying.


I don't know, can't look myself in a miror


I don't want to see a ghost, I'd rather have a piece of toast and watch the evening news.


We were visiting a friend's house in upstate New York and my daughter was playing in a dried up creek, stacking stones. It wasn't in the woods but there were some skinny trees spotted around. We both turned around at the same time and saw a woman in a white nightgown pass behind a tree. Then she was no longer there. As it was told to us later, there was a woman who lived in that house had died after a long illness. It was a hair-raising moment.