What’s the best way to deal with Earwax?

What’s the best way to deal with Earwax?


Debrox was recommended by my dr


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Some safety advice in regards to cleaning your ears. 1. Never stick anything smaller than a pinky in your ear. 2. Do not stick Q Tips inside your ear. They can leave fibers behind, and you also risk puncturing your own ear drum. They are only supposed to be used to clean the outside of your ear.


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> They are only supposed to be used to clean the outside of your ear. Lies and propaganda


I've actually put a q tip in my ear before not a good exp I touch my eardrum, but haven't punctured (thankfully) don't and I say DONT put q tips in your ears


My aunt used Q Tips a lot as a kid and she ended up getting bits of the Q Tip stuck in there and had to get it removed. Truly something to avoid.


I use Debrox, available at any drug store, to soften the wax. It'll work it's way out on it's own. If that doesn't work, see a doc. It doesn't need to be an actual doctor. You can go to a CVS and they'll take care of it for you. Never put Q-tips in your ear. I used to dig around in my ears with Q-tips and I learned that it doesn't help at all. At my first cleaning the nurse pulled a chuck of decades old earwax that looked bigger than a marble. I couldn't believe it would fit out my ear when she pulled it.


A lot of people don't need to deal with earwax because it takes care of itself for the most part. But there are eardrops specifically designed to remove earwax if it becomes a problem--you can pick some up at your local Walmart (or whatever equivalent you non-American folks have). I bought some Debrox for a while back because I was suffering from a nasty ear infection and it was fighting the antibiotics. Also don't use ear candles unless you want to become deaf at best or set your body on fire at worst.


I use a car key. People say this is wrong, but people say a lot of things. I'll never listen, because I cant hear shit anymore bwahaha.


Please ignore all the people telling you to stick things in your ears. You can either push the wax further in or damaged your ears. The best thing is to go to a doctor who will flush out your ear safely and correctly.


they sell drops that soften the ear wax. I booked an appointment, and they told me to buy it and see if this fixes the problem. I ended up returning after the drops didn't work I recommend trying the drops before booking an appointment, so you don't end up paying for two appointments ear doctor appointment are not cheap.


Yeah definitely something to consider. Sorry I didn’t think about the price of it. I got it done here in Australia and it was only about $20, but I understand my circumstances would be very different to other counties.


lol, i'm aussie. both appointments cost me $200 total. I think I got ripped off


Mine may have been a different circumstance cause I had an ear infection and needed to get it cleared out to be properly diagnosed. I’m not sure.


[This](https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B005M2B5P0/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1) is what your doctor will use to flush your ears and [this](https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07CP3GSGT/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1) to catch the water. But it's tough to do on your own if the wax is really in there deep. You can't tell what direction to shoot the water. My current doctor actually won't do it so I go to Med Express. I'd just as soon go there anyway because I can drive by and see how full the parking lot is and come back later if they're busy. I've had it done at 3-4 different locations and they all told me they do it all the time. My issue is a combination of eczema in my ears. I think the dry skin combines with the wax. I started experimenting with products a few years and found one that works for me. I've been using [Miracell ProEar](https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B0001AGMWE/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1) and haven't had wax buildup since. It only takes a drop or two so the bottle is still like 1/2 full.




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I put it off for years thinking it was gonna be some big thing and be expensive but I was just playing myself because I was there maybe 20 minutes tops and it was only like $15.


Also don't use ear candles unless you want to become deaf at best or set your body on fire at worst.


I had it done recently at an urgent care, it was only $147




Can’t you also do that yourself? You can buy the rinse at Walgreens and just let it sit for a bit then sit back upright and let it drain out




Yeah great point. I’ve heard from a few people it’s quite an expensive appointment. Some have said you can buy ear drops to help loosen it, so that’s probably a cheaper option.


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DO NOT use q tips, you can cause a damage within your inner ear. Go see a doctor if it bothers you, there you'll receive help or an advice.


Doesn’t answer the question… but for some reason I’ve started watching earwax removals on TikTok and YouTube… It’s seriously crazy how some people s ear can hold SO MUCH earwax. And not just earwax… but also skin. Before a few weeks ago I wasn’t even aware that the inside of the ear has skin…


My son has trouble with earwax blocking his ears every once in a while and we’ve found peroxide to be most effective [this page explains some options ](https://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/how-to-clean-your-ear)


That's what Debrox is. Much cheaper too.


Not sure about that other product, but peroxide is like 75 cents a bottle so pretty much the cheapest thing I’ve seen lol


Hydrogen peroxide few drops, let it bubble them drain




I'm asian with a non asian spouse. I clean their ears for them.


I'm half Japanese too, why didn't anyone ever tell me about these ear cleaners? Where do you get them?


Go to ear doctor once a year


Hydrogen Paroxide + flushing with water works great if you have a blockage. Don't do it if you have any holes in your ear drums though.


Ear wax removal system. Basically a special squirt bottle that blasts out the wax.


There are certain medical sprays for that. Ask a pharmacist.


I bought an ear camera that connects to an app on your phone. Has a little light and a little spoon. Was able to easily remove wax and could clearly see my eardrum. Spent like $20.


Where did you buy it from please?




Unfolded paper clip


Yes. Use the small round part to remove the wax.


whatever you do, DO NOT USE COTTON WOOL BUDS. I repeat, DO NOT USE COTTON WOOL BUDS. I can guarantee they will make the situation much much worse.


Push it back in with a q tip and save it for later


By not dealing with it. It's there for a reason. This is like asking how to deal with eye moisture and people are telling you to dab your eyes with paper towels to get your eyes nice and dry.


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Tilt your head to the side and pour some warm/hot water in it. Both ears. Preferably when you're showering.


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I’ll do one ear at a time, so that I can lay on my side, that ear down, so it can drain. If I do both, I have trouble fully draining the ear that was initially pointing up.


That gives me ear infections 👍👍


Uh you need to get all the water out. And let them dry. No headphones or something like that


I try to every time, I’m probably doing something wrong because even just showering can give me bad ear infections lol


Yeah, I guess. That was actually advice from a doctor because my ear clogged up with wax and I've always used Q-tips. These things clogs them even more


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Take a paperclip, open it out leaving a small hook at one end. Push the hook into a loop shape. Insert into ear and scoop out ear wax. Try to avoid puncturing ear drum. Do not follow this advice Use olive oil.


Using qtips regularly


Shouldn't use qtips. They push the wax in further


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Before I reply anything, I’m not a doctor or even well informed on ear health. I had a lot of ear problems when I was a kid. Ear aches and hearing issues. Turned out I needed ear tubes placed in my ears. They eventually worked themselves out on their own, they are very tiny so I never knew when it happened. I’m very careful with my ears. I don’t like to put things in my ears, makes me squeamish and it’s not recommended. If your getting ear aches or find there’s a lot of pressure in your ears it would be a good idea to make a doctors appointment. Ear drops can help with clogged up wax in your ears but definitely get some advice from a professional like a doctor or at least a pharmacist. I only used this when I had ear aches and really plugged ears. I was a kid so this was probably recommended to my parents by our doctor. Sleeping on your side may make things worse if your ears are plugged. Try sleeping a bit up right and straight (this was very tough for me, I sleep on my side) When I notice a lot of ear wax working it’s way out of my ear I use a warm face cloth and only clean the outer most area. When I was dealing with my ear problems as a kid our doctor informed us that Q-tips are not the best and could push ear wax further in. Anyhow your probably just asking about general hygiene. My suggestion, warm face cloth and just clean the outer most area of your ear.


If you really think it’s a problem see your doctor - you’d be surprised how many people think they have an adult ear infection and they just flush it out with this hot water spray and then pull out a mega ear-stone … Anything short of that and you should just leave it the fuck alone


Peroxide is the way to go. I had a lot of ear infections when I was little because I used q tips. The doctor told me to stop because it just pushes it farther down and you might puncture your eardrum


Murine or Debrox works great. 10 drops, let it sit there for 3-5 minutes, gently flush it out with warm water. if that doesn't work, consult with your physician.


Let hydrogen peroxide sit in your ear for a few minutes and then let it drain out.


Hydrogen peroxide and warm water if you don’t have health insurance for a doctor’s appointment, and aren’t blessed with ears that produce minimal wax and unclog themselves.




Wash cloth on the pinky at the end of a very hot shower works just fine for me. I also have a big head and appropriately large ears though.


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Drink it


If it needs cleaning out, I usually lie down on the side and drip some saltwater into the ear. Then let it sit for 15-20 minutes and let it run out when I get up. Then do the same thing on the other side.


Take it off with your finger, then make a candle out of it


Honestly, the best way to deal with it, is to not do anything at all. If there’s a build up, or excessive amounts, see a doctor or get your ears professionally cleaned. If it’s just annoying, clean the outside of your ear with a cloth and warm water. It should soften the wax and make it easier to remove, while the unnecessary wax inside will slide out naturally. You’re supposed to have a certain amount of wax in your ears. It’s there for a reason.


Scoop it out with a Bobby pin


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a good way that was reccomended by my doc is to use youre shower to kindoff wash put youre ear. just make sure the water is not too hot and the pressure is low


Take it out your ear and lick it.


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bobby pins. q tips suck. bobby pins are so much better.


Don’t use q-tips, that pushes the wax to the eardrums. Almost every asian household have them and theyre like mini scrappers for your ears. Feels great when someone does it for you.


Have a spray bottle of warm water and a small amount of hydrogen peroxide with a soft short tube at the end as not to damage your ear or go deep enough to hit the ear drum. Softly squirt it in and have something outside your ear to catch the fluid and earwax. Feels weird but the pop sound from when a blockage is removed feels nice. That was what the doctor at my patient care did when I went in with an ear infection. Had to clear the blockage to see how inflamed my ear was but couldn't discern I'd it was an infection or the treatment.


Sorry, lol, I meant Debrox is peroxide and peroxide is way cheaper. Guess I needed to word that better.


Just get a shop vaccum and shimmey it up in there. It'll work, I bet.


Bobby pin lol


Q-tips soaked in rubbing alcohol. Dissolves the gunk instead of pushing it in further.


100% horrible advice. But I use a ingrown toenail tool, basically like a tiny, metal, flat spoon shaped piece. I scrape the insides of my ear canals. But, big but, you have to be very careful not to go too far in. You can seriously hurt your ears doing this. Q Tips are mentioned, they just don't cut it for me. Another option is to use the ear wax removal kit from the pharmacy as a preventative rather than just waiting for your ear to get clogged. You can mix third equal parts white vinegar, running alcohol, and water to clean your ears out. This is good for dealing with swimmer's ear too.


I get the back end of a metal paper clip and dig it out if it gets itchy. If it’s too clogged, warm olive oil will help a lot


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He uses an ear digger and doesn't care about what everyone else says about putting stuff in his ears.


Pour hot olive oil into the ears.


Twelve gauge




I bought an ear cleaning kit off of Amazon. It has five tools in it and I use it often.


For extreme build up use a water flosser. Set to lowest setting and use the warmest water you can stand. It's messy so do it over your bathtub. I've had some good sized taters roll out of my head doing this.