What was the biggest scandal in your small town?

What was the biggest scandal in your small town?


I love in a Canadian border town. This police officer, nice as hell, that my grandmother cleaned for would gift her things, and seemed to have alot more money than your average cop. She would get wine, cheese, and other things. The most gifted item however, was cheese. Now, at the same time, there was a pizza place down the street from my house. The owners lived a couple doors down, and I was friends with their son, and the parents were pretty cool as far as neighbours go. They also had alot of money, for owning a pizza place in decline. After a bit, things got serious. I would see undercover police sitting at the end of my street in my way home from school nearly every day. They weren't very incognito, but neither were the pizza place owners. Eventually though, things came crashing down. A whole bunch of cops and restaurant owners were taken to jail in the largest cheese bust the town has ever known. That's right. Cheese. The price of cheese in Canada is ridiculous, so a few members of the police department decided to use their abilities to smuggle it across the border. They would go across, buy all the cheap, good quality stuff they could get, then use their badge to get back across, as the border patrol and cops all know eachother, so the chance of them paying duty was 0%. Anyways, that was the big scandal in the town. You can probably look it up if you search for cheese smugglers, or cheese scandal


This was honestly refreshing after reading so many other comments.


Probably the [Brown's Chicken Massacre](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brown%27s_Chicken_massacre), where 7 people were murdered at the restaurant over a robbery. Case was cold for 9 years until the girlfriend on one of the murderers went to the police that he had confessed to her. He and his friend were eventually convicted through DNA and a confession.


Weird to see here I used to work with the lady who turned them in. I found out about it because we were having a discussion on bad ex"s in the breakroom...she won for obvious reasons


Surprised to see this here. Am from the same town outside Chicago and went to the same HS as the two kids who were killed in the massacre went to.


The killers were also idiots for having dinner at the restaurant right before closing and tossing their leftover chicken bones in a garbage can with a fresh liner. The police preserved the refuse with a theory that they might have been eaten by the killers and they were right. That crime effectively killed the Brown’s chicken franchise in Chicagoland as there used to be a few dozen, but sales plummeted after the murders and they never recovered.


Most people don't realize that Dick Portillo's brother, Frank, owned/owns Brown's Chicken. He was on his way to being just as big or bigger than his brother when this happened.


Not much of a scandal but more of a tragic event. In my small cow town, there was a missing little girl that was found in a suitcase that was floating in a water canal. The culprit turned out to be her neighbor who also had a daughter the little girl would play with. The entire city was shocked as it hit really really close to home


Sandra Cantu? Sounds similar to her case. An awful tragedy


Yes this case was Sandra Cantu. I was in 8th grade at this time and I remembered the school being filled with parents to personally pick up their kids when they didnt find out Huckaby did it yet. I remember it was rumored a serial killer was on the loose so of course parents who never pick up their kids before came to get their kids home safe.


A guy brought a baggie of grass to the police department, saying he had bought it off of the teens hanging around at the downtown park. He wanted them to shut down the drug dealing. The police politely informed him that it was grass. As in lawn clippings. Such was the big scandal in our small town.


Back in the 80s, during my senior year one guy in my high school class got 4 girls pregnant in a month long period. None of the girls were his girlfriend. The guy and his family left town during the middle of the night soon after that.


4... He got 4 women pregnant in a month? Did people in the 80's know about condoms? What the fuck


Small towns usually have the problem of the pharmacy employees being connected somehow to your own family. A lot of teens are incredibly paranoid and embarrassed about the prospect of buying condoms from someone they personally know or who could blab about it to their parents. So many of them go without out of embarrassment.


I've often wondered if self-checkout lines have contributed to a falling birth rate.


Oh absofucking-lutely. My Ma (who is a singer and knew everyone around town) was hard-core anti-sex and a few of my friend's mothers were too, like abusively so. Self checkout was a godsend.


Was outside on my driveway playing basketball and multiple helicopters flew overhead. My friend in another neighborhood over texted me saying they evacuated all of the houses on her road and there were fbi or bomb squad agents or something there. Later found out some guy on the street tried to taint the town's water supply with blowfish venom and kill everyone.


Not sure if that's creative or stupid, using blowfish venom to destroy a town sounds like something a comic book villian would do


Should have put a hallucinogenic in the water supply then put a microwave emitter on a train.


In 2013 I moved to a very small rural town. I bought a handyman special and proceeded to fix it up. I painted and did landscaping and put up an 8 ft privacy fence. In the back corner I planted a garden with all the usual veggies and large portion was dedicated to okra. One day, a couple of months later I was sitting on my couch when I heard a hell of a commotion in the back yard. I went running out the back door only to be met with dozens of armed men in full tactical gear. All guns pointing at me. I hit the ground spread eagle because I didn’t want to die, but I was thoroughly confused. As I lie there with my face in the dirt I heard an uproar of laughter coming from the back corner where my garden is located. It seems the local Leo’s took it upon themselves to call in the DEA for a huge marijuana crop on my property. Turned out some nosey busy body had reported seeing marijuana in my garden and turned me in. To this day the cops in this town have not lived down the day they called in the DEA to bust me for my okra crop. It cost this little town 10,000 dollars and was in the local paper for wasting all that money because they didn’t just knock on my door and ask to see my garden.


I am a small town reporter and this is the most small town USA story here.


A group of zebras escaped a local, legal habitat and have been roaming the suburbs. It’s been weeks and they still haven’t been caught


So many of these are “teacher rapes student” or “parent kills child” or something horrible and then we’ve got “Group of zebras escaped”. Thank you for this one.


*quietly sneaks by*


Mayor and several city councillors were taking kickbacks and bribes from demolition/construction/cleaning companies for clean up contracts after a hurricane, funded by FEMA. The companies would give the mayor and city councillors like a couple grand, then the company would get FEMA funds in the tens of thousands to clean up/destroy a hurricane damaged property, only the address given to FEMA and listed on the contract were fake, or already cleared, so the companies got paid to do nothing.


This is why we cant have nice things. But seriously, corruption is the evil that plagues every system. Anti-corruption laws should be the most strict and stringent laws we have. We should be thinking "is that really a fair punishment just for *that*" when there's a corruption case be it a public figure like the mayor in your example, or someone in a publicly traded company or non-profit skimming money. Corruption is corruption and it should be stamped out at all levels.


Corruption, and the expectation of corruption, literally destroys societies. Like, Afghanistan. Sarah Chayes has written extensively about it, including “Corruption in America.”


There was an anesthetist, who worked at our local hospital and another hospital in a different town. He was rather well known among other doctors and known to be good at what he was doing. He only had a small problem with being addicted to pain killers and anaesthetics. So to feed his addiction without getting caught he shot up part of his patients' drugs before injecting the same needle into his patient. Thus went unnoticed until it was discovered that over 60 of his patients got infected with hepatitis. And that he was the source for it. He was fired and his license revoked as far as I know. But the hospital's image still suffered quite a bit.


didn’t even think to switch the needles. Idk how it works at hospitals but in the vet world we can take the needles off normally. Even so still screwed up he even did that at all, he should have gotten help Edit: we do use luer locks too when needed. Most of the time we do have the animals on fluids so we put a catheter in and then inject the meds thru there otherwise yes on some occasions we do just put it in the vein after sedating them


I'm super tired and was like... What does being an atheist have to do with any of that. Then I realized I'm an idiot.


Shit like this makes me wonder. I had a dental experience approx 5 years ago that I cant shake off. I had a filling, so he shot me up with novacane . He began to drill but I felt *everything*, so he gave me another shot. Still felt pain, so he gave me a third. *five novacane shots later* (which is apparently max doses) and I still felt pain. At that point, I was freaked out and in pain and threatened to walk with a hole in my tooth. He made me sit down to finish the tooth while I felt everything. I haven't been back to a dentist since and I need to.


It is likely that the dentist was just not doing their job well or that you are immune to novacaine. There are alternative. Please seek out a dentist that provides alternative. Going to the dentist is not really optional in the long run


College professor was found tied to a tree and burned months after he disappeared. Police ruled it a suicide




I’m still not sure why they called it a suicide. Everyone knows there’s no way it could be that. I recently heard that a documentary was made about it. Not sure where to locate it because it was some obscure group that made it




Man, I really hope that was the story /u/mountsunrise was talking about. Because it would be even more fucked up if the same thing happened multiple times.


Bruh that is totally suicide just like the guy that shot himself in the back of the head 3 times with a revolver.


Or the other guy that was found dead and bloody inside a suitcase that was locked from the outside, totally a suicide.


Yep. Nothing to see here folks just a suicide case.


The mayor went to meet what he thought was an underage girl but was really the cops. Around the same time, the son of the bazillionare owner of the biggest company in town also got caught with an underage girl. Somehow right before trial she recanted and declined to prosecute. Something in the water down there.


>Something in the water down there. And I don't think it's the fountain of youth...


it’s the fountain of *attraction to* youth


I'm from a small Oxfordshire village and one of the kids I went to school with was the son of a pilot for Virgin Atlantic. He got caught trying to fly a plane drunk. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/3338069.stm


Sherrif's son assaulted and beat his girlfriend to death before setting their house on fire. Abandoned their two year old daughter (who had no doubt witnessed the whole horrible thing) in her aunt's driveway without making contact, but her Ring Camera went off at 3am. They caught him next state over two months later on a different violation. There was no active manhunt from anyone. They knew who do it, and they just ... didn't care. It wasn't an active cover up so much as a whole bunch of inactive lack of care. He was transferred back home and got off on a ridiculously low bail. They've pushed his case back to 2022. He's in protective custody somewhere, because people have been posting all over local Facebook's about how they'd do the cop's job for them if they found him.


In 2000. A girl’s body was found on the steps of the local middle school. She had been beaten, raped, strangled, and burned. The officer that arrived at the scene was a rookie officer. Since he was the first in the scene the police department made him in charge of the case. The case was massively botched. The murder had shocked the community and a lot of people were talking. Several years later, the police marked it as a cold case. A local woman was doing her own detective work. She reached out to a journalist from the UK. The journalist flew to meet the woman and investigate the murder and missteps by the police. They uncovered a massive cover-up. The local police department was hostile towards the journalist and local. To the point that the state FBI branch had to get involved to protect the investigation. Due to the police departments terrorizing behavior, they ended up getting investigated by the FBI. Apparently they knew who had committed the crime. A local drug dealer, who was cozy with the police. He eventually was arrested and sent to prison for life. The police department got a slap on the wrist. The journalist went back to the UK and the local woman moved to a nearby city.


Also for anyone reading, this wasn't just a case of Mayfield Police Dept. (Kentucky) just looking the other way. A female officer *took one of the witnesses home with her under protective custody* for a few nights. Another officer pulled the Murderer over the next day, his car reeking of gas (which he used to burn the body), and the officer decided to not follow up at all on the lead or report it to anyone. They sent that one female witness home days later without ever even getting even a statement from her. They were absolutely complicit in this murder and there are no two ways about it. This is all in addition to local PD outwardly harassing and threatening the local woman and the journalist as you said. I won't post it here because then it'd be "witchhunting" but you can very easily find Mayfield PD's facebook page with a quick search... Scum of the earth.


Also from KY. I remember when this happened and the coverup was uncovered. It still to this day upsets me to know that this happens.


This sounds interesting. Could you tell me the name of the case or the town it was found so I can look for documentaries?


https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-19558804 This is the main article


Oh wow. I went to Mayfeild many times growing up to visit family so reading that really shocked me. Never expected to see that quiet, small town pop up in something this horrendous


Gonna have to go with the woman who killed a 8 month pregnant women, cut out the baby, and tried to pass it off as hers. Edit: The one from my hometown was Kennewick, WA circa 2008. 2nd edit: I should give an honorable mention to a more recent, less grisly scandal, and that would be the whole “Ghost cattle” scam Easterday was running. $250 million dollar scam, and a “accidental death” that sure looks like a suicide.


Yep. Happened in my town too. The woman brought the baby to the hospital I now work at (I didn’t work there at the time, but my supervisor did). Horrific story and baby didn’t survive.


Unfortunately, this is more common than one might think. It is called "fetal abduction" and the wikipedia page about it has recorded around 20 cases since 2000, which is - at least in my eyes - insane.


What is the motive here? False delusions of pregnancy?


I've heard post-partum, where the offending woman lost her child and wants a replacement.


Wtf I think I actually heard that one before


Lisa Montgomery? Didn’t she get the death penalty?


Yes, she was executed just this year


[A cop](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drew_Peterson) murdered his wife and got away with it. *Shockingly* he did it again to the next wife and now he gets to die in jail for it.


It's a damn shame two women had to die before they locked him up. Cops should be held to a higher standard but they are constantly absolved of any consequences by their fellow bastard cops.


Oh god, all this violent crime... The last time my town was in the news, a woman started a business "raising mammals", that only ever made losses. When investigated, it turned out she was tax-deducting the cost of raising her kids. /edit: missing word added


A friend of mine's mom ran a daycare when we were in junior high and high school. She got into a fight with the IRS for claiming her own kids as part of the business and writing off related expenses like food, toys, and play equipment. The best part was she actually won because the state law that mandates the number of kids you are allowed to care for in a daycare setting also states that your kids count against that number. Her rationale was that if I can't accept more clients due to my kids then they are, in fact, clients. Surprisingly, the IRS gave her that one.


I’m originally from a down called Hyde, a few miles outside Manchester. Unfortunately, Hyde is famous for Harold Shipman, the once trusted GP who killed elderly patients by overdosing them with diamorphine. My grandma’s neighbour (Jack) was one of his many victims. (Side note: he also did my mum’s ultrasound when she was pregnant with me!). RIP Jack, you were a wonderful man.


Harold Shipman has the highest confirmed body count of any serial killer on Wikipedia. There are worse monsters out there, but they're war criminals, terrorists and democidal governments...


Wow. I listened to the Medical Mysteries podcast about that scumbag... But this makes it so very real. I am truly very sorry you and your family had to go through this. RIP Jack.


Im from a very small town in Canada. Very quiet, nothing big ever came up and it was a fairly tight-knit community. One day, and explosion went off in an apartment building. A 23 yr old, single mother (who also happens to be a quadriplegic) was killed instantly. The case was eventually solved, the explosion was a gift-wrapped piped bomb left by her former financial adviser. He squandered hundreds of thousands of dollars from her and was convicted for it, he was then released on bail and then left the bomb. Wild sh*t. edit: some info was a little off so i recommend reading this for the full timeline https://www.reddeeradvocate.com/news/timeline-of-events-in-the-brian-malley-case/amp/


Jesus people will do anything but take responsibility for their actions.


A few members of a scummy local family broke into a bar, stole money, beer and peanuts. When they went to leave, realized there was a drunk patron sleeping out back on a picnic table. They, thinking he was a potential witness, bashed his head in with a hammer, threw his body into the back of their truck, drove the truck through the old railroad trail and dump the body in a swamp. They were caught almost immediately because there was a trail of blood and their truck was covered in DNA. All over some cash and beer.


And if he was sleeping they could have just fucking left him alone but I guess you never know if he's just faking. Scumbags either way.


Or, better, stick something from the till in his pocket and leave a bunch of empties around him, they'll think the drunk did it. Missed opportunity here.


This guy burgles.


I live in your town, and my father grew up with the parents of the kids. I was aware of who did it before the cops even released their names.


Is this something you expected from that family?


An old man (70/80) killed his wife and his disabled son and then killed his neighbors probably out of envy.




Damn. He went full grand theft auto.


We had some kids arrested with guns and a hitlist on their way to school. This was 6 months BEFORE Columbine.


The local drunk got into an argument with another regular at a popular bar, pulled out a gun, and shot the other guy to death. But that's not the scandal. The guy who died was apparently really nice and well liked in the community. The others in the bar were able to disarm and restrain the assailant until the police arrived. When the sheriff got there, he just said "looks like you all need a few more minutes with him. I'll come back later." So everyone in the bar grabbed what they could find and ended up beating the shooter to death. The sheriff reported it as self defense and the security tapes disappeared. But the bar was crowded, so the real story got out. There were a few attempts to reopen the case or charge the sheriff and some of the bar patrons, but they were all squashed pretty quickly. The really interesting detail, in my opinion is that there were some pretty strong rumors that the drunk had been sleeping with the wife of the man he killed and that he'd been attacked first. So the original shooting may have been in self-defense. But because there was no camera footage and all the witnesses were involved in killing the drunk, there's no way of knowing the truth.


This is very similar to Ken Rex McElroy. Dude terrorized the town, eventually everyone banded together and shot him to death. Then when questioned the answer was always the same, “No one saw a thing.”


My dad was a police officer in St Joseph Missouri around then. He ran into Ken a few times there. People, including cops, were straight up terrified of him. The day Skidmore MO killed him, my dad came home and told my mom “Holy shit - Skidmore killed him.” My mom didnt understand until the news broadcast either later that night or a couple days later that close to 50-60 people had surrounded the dude’s truck, some men grabbed rifles (possibly belonging to Ken) from the back of his truck and just unloaded. Two rounds to the back of the head did the job. And nobody ratted anyone out. To this day it is unsolved because the whole town kept quiet about it. They even pulled his “wife” away from the truck as the firing happened to keep her out of it. (apparently no marriage papers existed and she had been raped and taken by him at the age of 14, after setting fire to her family’s home and shooting their dog). Anyone can be upset vigilante justice occurred here… but usually after people read of everything he did and learn just how maniacally evil (that is not hyperbole in this case) he truly was, they typically switch to “yeah… I guess he had that coming.” Edit: for those that wish to know more, [this is an excellent breakdown](https://youtu.be/tZktTdGHaJY) of the history of it all.


I always like stories like this. "Forty-five people in the bar and not a single witness!"




Suggling cocain is the FBI's job. Damn right they busted those cops, they gotta protect their turf.




At my highschool one year the whole basketball team held a kid down and took turns teabagging him. That was a pretty big thing. Not sure exactly what happened but it was a big story around here for awhile. [here](https://www.fox19.com/story/7853798/3-milford-freshman-basketball-players-face-charges/) is a bit of the story but they don't go into details. A few years before that my school was one of the first in an experimental program where they had an undercover female cop act as a student for most of the school year, she had a bf, and was even in the school yearbook. That was big as well. The only person in the whole school that knew was the super intendant.[here is the story on that](https://www.november.org/stayinfo/breaking3/SecretBust.html) high times even had a small article about it at the time. At the time I had heard she even had slept with one of the students as well and did take drugs even though the article says the cop didn't.


I kinda wanna see a picture of this undercover cop that actually passed for a high schooler.


Must've been a Netflix High School actor


"How do you do, fellow kids?"


It’s probably not that difficult. I’m a high school teacher and made the mistake of wearing my hair in pigtails and a school tee shirt to one of the sports games. The ticket-taker said I looked like a student, and the kid who’d gone in ahead of me (a senior) sat and talked with me a while before her friends came and found her. I’m pretty sure she thought I was another student. If you had a cop fresh out of… cop school or whatever (early 20s), he or she could definitely pass for a high schooler.


My freshman year in high school was the first year for a new gym teacher. She was fresh out of college and her class met across the gym from mine. When she walked up front to take attendance on the first day of gym, we literally thought she was an upperclassman trying to prank that class or a student aid or something. So I can believe it, especially if they were willing to give the job to someone without a lot of seniority on the force.


My home county had a few historic covered bridges. They were quite the pride and joy of the area. Somebody burnt one down. Somebody else saw three young men do the deed. Now we all knew it was a trio of kids on my class. Like most schools we had cliques, two of which were the “preps” and the “burnouts”. The bridge burners were preps. One’s dad was the county judge. One’s mom was the primary real estate agent in town. This posed a dilemma. So the parents of the preps, including the judge, hatched a little plan. They gave three burnouts in my class $10,000 each (mid 1980s) and the promise of a light sentence of 6 months probation if they would plead guilty and take the fall. The burnouts agreed and took their money. The judge figured if the burnouts didn’t hold up their end he would make sure they found guilty anyway. So they showed up in court in front of the prep’s judge dad. They not only didn’t plead guilty, they had a speeding ticket dated the same day and time as the time the bridge burned. But the speeding ticket was for 70 miles away. And since all three were minors, all three were named in the ticket report. The judge had no choice but to dismiss the case. And the parents of the preps weren’t even mad because that was enough of an excuse to effectively end the whole investigation. Nobody got in trouble for it. It all just went away. The bridge was rebuilt, the placard was changed to say “replica of a historic bridge”, and for $10k those precious little boys didn’t get a black mark in their records.


The parents were playing checkers but the burnouts were playing chess


DARE officer selling drugs that were evidence.


My fifth grade DARE officer hit on me at a high school football game while I was still in high school and while we was on duty. I’d smoked and drank to pregame right before too. While flirting he asked if his DARE education worked. Buddy NO. On all counts.


DARE has actually been proven to be one of the biggest failures ever foisted on school kids in the 90s. All it did was make kids really aware of drugs and totally not resist them.


Well yeah, when you tell people that weed and heroin are the exact same level of terrible and addictive, and then they try weed and it's not that bad, tf do you think is gonna happen next?


I never even considered that angle.


Ha! There's an officer in my town who did the same thing. Spoke at DARE things but then gets busted selling weed from the evidence locker.


An FBI on the drug unit spoke at an elementary school I worked at. Asked it kids would take a pill if the person promised it would make them smarter. They all shouted "YES", because half those kids were on ADD meds because it was a high-pressure private school and their parents had them on it to improve scores.


My diabetic boyfriend scared a DARE speaker when he was a kid, because he got excited when a slide showing needles came on and yelled “HEY I HAVE THOSE!”


A local chemical manufacturer’s mixing plant blew up and gassed the whole town. Everything was fine (just horrendously stinky), but it drew up a lot of controversy over their safety protocols. The company never rebuilt the plant, instead selling it to the city which I’m pretty sure became a fireman training site so all good in the end


Not a scandal but there was a house in my hometown that wasn't habitable, and there were plans to build a new one on the property. Instead of just hiring a demo company to get rid of the old one, they donated use of it to the local VFD to do a live fire exercise, and then would bring in a cleanup crew and then build the new home. I thought that was a good idea, I know they have those training buildings and all but this provided an opportunity to do about as real-world of an exercise as you could get.


This type of thing is called a "burn to learn" where I come from.


Our english teacher *raped half the boys track team in high school... AND slept with the vice principal... AND the gym teacher. Everybody knew about it and we were all fairly certain one of the kids was the actual father of her kid, not her husband. When I came home and told my dad that a teacher had been arrested for sleeping with students, he responded: "So they finally caught up with Marcie? Two of my apprentices have her nudes and keep showing the rest of us when we're trying to work." I don't miss my hometown, lol. EDIT: It's already in the comments and eh🤷 https://www.mlive.com/news/saginaw/2010/12/former_freeland_teacher_marcie_2.html


Midland, MI?


Oooh extremely close. Like less than an hour driving time close. Oh no though, did that happen there too? Why is it always Michigan?


Now I’m sitting here wondering if we are from the same town…


High School kid caught drinking and driving. Local cop pulled him over, told him "go home" so he did. Got some more beer from the fridge and went back to drinking and driving. Hit a disabled (wheelchair bound) neighbor, who later died of his injuries. Kid was arrested and charged with manslaughter. Parents bailed him out of jail to await trial. Kid committed suicide.


I don't know if I would say scandal, it was more of a tragedy. This college girl got raped by another student and she laid down or just stood in front on the train tracks that ran right by the university. Those coal trains went fast so I hope she didn't suffer


The guys on the train definitely suffered knowing they couldn't do anything to stop it. Shittiest part of my job.


>Shittiest part of my job. How often does this happen?? Edit: holy shit


Too often. When I was a kid I remember I was riding in my dad's work truck with him somewhere. The truck had, like, this secondary set of wheels that came down so it could drive on the tracks. We were diving through our town, which has a railyard running right down the middle of it parallel to the main street. Some people were walking on the tracks. When my dad saw them, he *flipped out*. Pulled off the road as soon as he could, drove down the tracks to find them, and reamed them out saying he'd already had to clean enough people off the tracks and send them to their mothers in pieces. I have never in my life seen him that angry, before or since.


I remember when I was a little kid I would sometimes pass by a cross near the train tracks that had a picture of a teenage girl. One day I asked my mom and she told me that a few years ago there was a trend where teenagers would see how long they could stay on the tracks before chickening out. One of her friends kept refusing to move so she eventually pushed him out of the way and ended up getting hit instead. I never checked if it was true or if my mom just said it to scare me away from trying it, though.


I am sorry. My brother jumped in front of a train at 16. I think of that train conductor often.


Hello fellow trainman.


A young girl (and amputee) was murdered either directly or through neglect by her abusive parents. They burned their car and attempted to pass if off as a kidnapping by "finding" a ransom note. They chopped the body up and attempted to hide it in multiple places. The prosthetic leg was found in the next county over. The mother is in jail for second degree murder and apparently drug charges, and there is a memorial playground named after the girl, Zahra Baker. I guess it technically happened in the "city" in my county, not quite my sleepy little town. As for the town, the only time it made national news was "dirty dominoes". Some emotions at a local dominoes pizza filmed themselves... *interfering* with some pizzas. Obviously the restaurant went out of business, but I found it funny that when the plot was purchased they demolished the entire building and foundation before building a Verizon store lol


dude burned down his small grocery store for an insurance scam, everyone knew what happenend, but he got away with it.


Where I grew up in the north of Scotland there were a couple of Indian restaurants owned by two different men. One of the owners didn’t like the fact that he was competing for business with the other guy, so he paid a local man to burn the other restaurant down one night. Not only did the local guy manage to leave his mobile phone at the crime scene, but he also singed his hair in the flames; he went into the local hairdressers the next day to have it fixed, while the restaurant was still smouldering. Predictably he ended up in prison, along with the owner who had paid him, and his restaurant was closed down. The other guy found another location and carried on trading.


I live in a small Russian city named Nalchik. In 2005, we were attacked by terrorists. Mobile groups of terrorists of 5-6 people, with a total number of about 200 people, armed with various small arms, including RPG-7 and RPD, enter Nalchik in cars from two directions. There are the first shootings between police officers and militants on the outskirts of the city.14 civilians and 35 police officers and law enforcement agencies were killed. More than 240 people were injured, including 129 law enforcement officers.I was 5 months old then and the stories of my parents are very surprising because now our city is very quiet and almost nothing happens.


Jesus fucking Christ.. Edit. Found it on Wikipedia https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2005_raid_on_Nalchik


kid shot and killed his mom because she told him to clean his room. happened over summer and everyone returned to school kinda shellshocked, and there were tons of advisory assemblies and notices encouraging people to seek help if they felt they had anger issues, anti-bullying rhetoric, etc. that did basically nothing.


a bunch of prominent married men were caught fucking each other during a "hunting trip"


Just dudes being dudes. I mean, if I can’t take a weekend away from the family and enjoy nature and some consensual buttfuckin’, what’s all this even about? Right guys? Edit: Misspelled buttfuckin’.


> Edit: Misspelled buttfuckin’. How gauche


Were they hunting trouser snakes?


::Claps Hands:: "The Aristocrats!"


The real question is caught by who? Police? One of the wives who suspected cheating?


My friend's single male neighbor had a male friend who would show up about one Friday afternoon a month with his camping gear and fishing rods in the car. It was a Mercedes wagon so the contents were visible to any passerby. The car would stay on the street until Sunday afternoon. Some rugged outdoorsmanship, eh? They never left the house. Not a scandal but that story reminded me of this little setup.


That’s just sloppy. Cover your tracks better.


Dude, people meet in the parking lot of 7fuckinEleven for affairs. Like, a block from their houses. Parked next to each other, one car shaking.


Which 7eleven?


This was only last year but I live in a pretty nice suburb of Columbus, OH where literally nothing happens (you usually get pulled over for a traffic violation with 3 cop cars because they’re so bored). But a fairly well-known resident went missing. Husband said she went on a walk and never came back. Left her phone and keys. There were fliers with her picture everywhere. At my gym, local restaurants, giant signs near main streets in the area she could be, etc. Everyone knew her name. Months later, her body was found off a walking trail near one of the busiest streets in town. She had been tied up in a tree and the rope had come undone, finally exposing her. She was badly decayed so she had more than likely been there the entire time. Husband was found guilty of her murder just recently. It was super sad even for the people that didn’t know her personally because it felt like everyone in town was trying to help look for her.


We're in the middle of a similar story in my small town. Woman has been missing for 33 days, husband says they got in a fight and she left her wedding ring and phone behind. Her family came down from Canada and has issued a reward for information, the whole town and a private search time is looking for her without any good leads to go on. Not looking good. Not sure if people have thought to look up in trees though...


5 high-school football players were suspended for a hazing incident involving using icy hot on private parts of a freshman in the locker room.


Having done that accidentally.... Yeeeowch.


A teacher from my middle school was brutally murdered by her son on Christmas Eve. He plead not guilty by reason of insanity


What happened to him in the end ?


Band teacher had been molesting young girls for years. Many students knew and had reported it to the principal, who swept it all under the rug and encouraged him to take a job elsewhere, where he molested countless more girls. https://old.post-gazette.com/regionstate/19991101marianne2.asp https://www.mshp.dps.missouri.gov/CJ38/Offense?page=0&column=name&id=879408


I'm from a very weird small town, so this for sure isn't the biggest just a really funny one I remember from years ago. My friend was a senior in high school and had a long-time girlfriend who was also a senior. While she was on vacation with her family, he had sex with another girl in his girlfriend's bed. His girlfriend didn't know about it until it came out that the other girl was pregnant with his kid. He admitted to hooking up in her house while she was gone. His girlfriend ends up forgiving him and gets pregnant about three months later. So my 18-year-old friend has gotten a 17-year-old and an 18-year-old pregnant within a couple of months of each other. A few months later, before either child is born, he gets arrested for possession of marijuana. The arresting officer was the 17-year-old's dad. He ended up losing a college sports scholarship because of it. He still lives in that small town and is not with either of his baby mamas, and his kids are in the same class. The town only has a few thousand people, so it was pretty scandalous.


In the 90s, a very unpopular, nerd girl won homecoming queen and the popular girl, who thought she should win, did not win. The popular girl could not fathom how this could have happened to her, so she began a smear campaign against the nerd girl. She maintained that the only way the nerd girl could have won was if she stuffed the ballot box. The popular girl then questioned all the students at this school to see who they voted for. This was so scandalous, that this was talked about for a literal year among adults at the coffee shop, church, gatherings etc. Luckily, the nerd girl graduated and went to college and lived a very normal life. The popular peaked in high school.


Last year, a girl that was in my grade was murdered by her ex and her friend out of revenge because of their breakup. It shook up our whole school and town for a while. It still deeply affects all of us. I didn't know her very well but we had some classes together. It feels so weird not seeing her anymore.


A visitor shot the town’s unofficial mascot, a tame buck, from his motel room. He couldn’t believe his luck. He didn’t even have to leave the comfort of his motel to hunt. The quarry came to him! Kind of a moron.


I have a vague memory of this.


A serial pooper. Yes, you read it right, a serial pooper. So, a few years ago the news medias started reporting about this strange incident in my hometown - somebody is pooping in the pools in our local swimming hall, and it didn’t happen once, not even twice, but at least three times in the same pool but in three different occasions. The swimming hall had to close its doors for around 6 hours after each case. The perp eventually got caught. Welcome to northern Finland!


There was a serial pooper here in America. The person would take a dump on the fifty-yard line of a school's (American) football field. The person was eventually caught: the principal of an opposing high school. He did it on his morning jogs.


Murder and rape A woman got raped and murdered when she left a local party with him because he was dropping her off (he was in her friend group). When she didn't show up the next morning, her family called the police. They only found her and the murderer because the murderer confessed. His poor twin left to Poland because everyone thought he was like that too. They even said they were shocked that it was the other twin because he was the troublemaker. Happened in Belgium around 10-15 years ago I think.


When a couple of guys robbed a candy store with a gun. I live in Sweden, it was just confusing not very scary. Im not sure why they picked a candy store.


A drunk guy was operating cpr in the middle of the harbour place and yelling. It triggered passers-by to call in an ambulance for help, until they realized he was reanimating an inflatable boat!


Good to read a funny story after all the fucked up ones


the boat died you heartless piece of shit


A teenage girl was murdered and they never found the killer. Tons of rumors. She was missing for months and months and then finally found the body in a swamp.


The disappearance of Joe Pichler Joe was a child star when he was a kid. He did some of the Beethoven movies and most notably was James Vanderbeeks little brother in Varsity Blues among some other things. Puberty wasn't especially kind to him so when the offers dried up from Hollywood, he moved back home to where he and I are from. We ended up becoming friends after a coworker of mine who was a good friend of Joe's invited me to one of Joe's parties that he was semi-famous for throwing. Really nice dude. Loaded as fuck especially for a teenager. Anyway, one day he just disappeared off the face of the earth. I think they found his car somewhere, but no body or any indication of foul play. Just gone. There have been a lot of theories but its just people guessing. His parents put up fliers for 10 years around town. Pretty sad. I hope he faked his death and is drinking Pina coladas somewhere in South America


One of the assistant football coaches at the highschool raped a 15 year old at his house went she came over to pick up a vape and was sent to jail with a $1,000,000 bond and was then bailed out before his court date by a fairly renowned family and then about 3 weeks later was sent back due to having a relationship with their daughter. (16) he is like 27 I believe Edit: https://siouxcityjournal.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/ex-south-sioux-coach-charged-with-sexually-assaulting-2nd-female-student/article_91edfca9-424e-5ec9-a974-c796e72595d0.html Here's a news article


Someone was trying to break into dude’s home. So instead of waiting for him to break in and then shooting him, he opened the door to his home and shot him.


call an ambulance, but not for me


Two guys drove home extremely drunk from a bar in a pick-up truck. The driver woke up the next morning in blood spattered clothes. He had driven off the road and hit a wire holding up a telephone pole decapitating his friend who had his head out the window. He didn't realize he had done it until he saw his friend's body (sans head) in the passenger seat the next morning.


(tongue click)


Okay not to be a bummer, but when I first moved into a small town EVERYONE had shown me a video of a city council member having a complete meltdown at a meeting. She crawled under the table, started screaming, and needed to be dragged out. She was a caricature, and people loved making fun of her for it. I eventually got to know her and discovered she had literally miscarried that morning. No one had ever included that in the story retelling - they just used the video to make fun of her. You truly never know what is going on with people.


Our mayor was arrested last week because he stole money for COVID treatment. EDIT: The money was sent from federal government to treat people with COVID. The craziest part? He's a doctor as well.


Some kid murdered his girlfriend and then burned down the barn that he buried her in. Weird, terrible town.


Local laundromat has broken machines. I’m not joking. The local FB group brings it up weekly.


2 years ago when the press discovered our mayor was a security collaborator in the communist regime(Romania).


Some of the member of the dog pound was an avid dog eater and has been using his position to satisfy his craving


Apparently a vet hospital near ours (I can’t remember if it was one of our sister hospitals, I didn’t hear all of the convo) had a kennel employee rape a dog a few years ago. Like imagine trying to explain to their owners that this girl molested this dog and made it fuck her.


I remember years ago reading a news story about a vet hospital around the Dallas area that had a back room with several dogs they were keeping around as test subjects and blood donors for patients. At least some of the dogs being kept back there were former patients. Their owners had been told their dog was put down... only to find out months later that their dog was alive and being tortured the entire time.


I grew up in a town of about 1000 people, and we had a string of teenage suicides. Like 4 in a year. One girl happened to be dating two of the boys who committed suicide.


A beat cop who was a famous drug addict got clean by arresting his dealer and supplier, and got promoted to detective because of it Yes, every cop knows


My favorite Chinese restaurant burned down when I was in high school. Told the fire department nobody was left in the building. Turns out they had multiple people chained up in the basement as part of a fairly large human trafficking operation. Suburb of Detroit. Fuckin’ crazy.


>Chinese restaurant burned down https://detroit.eater.com/2016/2/15/10999956/novi-chinese-restaurant-kims-garden-fire-kills-undocumented-immigrants


Uhh. Fuck. Damn.


A teacher at my high school divorced his first wife who he had two kids with so he could marry an 18 year old who had just graduated high school. He had groomed her for her junior and senior year. To make matters even worse, she had a sexual relationship with his eldest son before the teacher started grooming her.


We don't live in a super small town, but small enough at 50k. There was a murder that happened about 20 years ago that has left everyone scandalized. It was a woman who lived on the wealthy side of town. Her husband was an engineer who worked in a neighboring town about 45 minutes away. He came home to find his wife had been brutally slaughtered. He called the cops, etc. The man who gets arrested is this no name drug addict idiot whose only connection to this family is that he installed the security system. No one could ever figure out a motive, however. He had 3 trials, all hung juries. So he got off eventually, but the elapsed time was several years. Poor guy. Meanwhile the husband moves several states away and says that he is terrified of this dumb punk kid, which is really dumb. No one around town believes that the punk did it. So here's the juicy back story that never made it in the official story. First, they found gay porn on the husband's computer, which is odd to begin with since he claimed that the murderer put it there. Apparently, there was a group of super wealthy (and I mean 1% of the 1%. Not sure why they want to live here, but whatever) locals who were engaging in swinging. The murder victim and her husband were members of this group. One of the other members of this group is a high powered attorney around here. He is an absolute snake. He ensured that the punk kid trapped himself into a made up confession that never had any merit. The reason the attorney did that was to hide the fact that it was actually his wife who most likely committed the murder. The murder victim and the attorney were apparently having a private affair separate from the swinging. The attorney's wife found out and lost it and killed the woman. edit: fat thumbs


Holy guacamole that's a mad story! Worst my town had was someone breaking into garden sheds and then feeling bad when they realised an elderly couple lived there and put everything back the next day lol


This is in north Alabama, right? That's one town over from me. It was all in the papers at the time!


When I was 7 years old my drunk aunt (great uncle's wife), who hated my family, especially my mom, threw my in the dog kennel with her vicious dogs during a cookout while everyone was busy having a good time to notice my absence. The dogs were connected to chains but the length of these chains were long enough for them to almost reach to door of the kennel. I spent 20 minutes pressing myself against the door to avoid the dogs who were constantly trying to attack me while fearing for my life. She knew I was afraid of dogs. She convinced me to follow her when she asked me if I wanted to see her rabbit that just had babies. My mom had ran to the store for something and when she got back, she noticed I was gone. Everyone started looking for me, and when they finally found me, I was so terrified that I couldn't even speak at first. When I finally was able to speak, I told everybody what happened. My mom dragged my aunt out of the house in front of the entire neighborhood and proceeded to beat her a\*\*. My uncle (mom's brother) who is a police officer, allowed the beatdown to go on until my mom slammed my aunt's head through a car window. No one was arrested, my mom didn't press charges because she wanted the opportunity to beat her up every time she saw her. My mom ended up arrested after she saw my aunt at the grocery store and began beating her with the mop she was intending on buying. When my aunt passed away, my mom showed up to the wake and poured pee she had in a jar all over my aunt while she was in the casket.


There was an 8 y.o. girl that was at a soccer game she played at. While walking home, a man grabbed her and kidnapped her. He raped and murder her. Iirc, the police found her body at the bottom of a well. It’s been at least 5 years and I was only around 8 or 9 when it happened, but it did have an effect on the town.


A couple guys on the state champion basketball team hid in a closet and recorded one of the star players having sex with a girl from the school. Of course the guy started bragging and the video got spread all over. When the girl came to the school about it she was redirected to the coach who convinced her not to press charges because he had “a big future ahead of him and it wasn’t worth the mess”. Years later she came out about it and it was quite the shitstorm. Always respected her for not being held down and telling her story, not sharing the town for her personal privacy (as much as she has left).


When I was in high school, two of those "wierd" kids had apparently tricked a younger student into the woods during winter and forced him to suck them off. The school tried everything to silence it but the story spread like wildfire. The perpetrators were swiftly expelled. One of the perps had to move away because of multiple death threats. The other perp stayed in town and got a massive beating by some other students. He eventually moved away too. I don't know what happened to the victim. Hope he got help.


A couple of incidents that I remember from the last few years (both involving our Sheriff's Office). The first was a deputy (son of a fairly well known religious family) that went to prison for statutory rape. He was meeting and hooking up with a 15 year old girl (he was close to 30) behind his wife's back, at home in their bed, and even while on duty in his squad car. It was happening for quite awhile until the rest of the Sheriff's Office found out about it because they saw he was contacting her through his work phone (to keep it away from his wife). Even after they were caught and he was sent to prison, the girl bragged about their sexual encounters and how she knew "what the inside of his closet looked like." His wife is still with him and her and his family claim he has a sex addiction that he is trying to overcome. The whole thing made local paper headlines and the local news. About a year or so later, the patrol supervisor and a recently hired deputy got in trouble. The girl had just been hired (young single mom) and was going through training before being sent off to the academy. She was being trained under one of the other deputies until the patrol supervisor came along and said that he would take over her training. No one expected they were doing anything (he was a well known family man with a wife and two kids) until one evening his wife was just trying to be nice and put his smart watch on the charger and as she did a message popped up and she saw that it was a text message from the girl he was training saying how she loved him and that she couldn't wait to spend the rest of their lives together. It turns out they started hooking up shortly after he took over their training and he was planning on leaving his wife for her. Our sheriff's office has a no adultery policy and so when the wife found out she took what she had found to the sheriff (oh I should probably mention that she also worked at the sheriff's office as a dispatcher and her father was the jail supervisor) and both the husband and the girl were fired. The husband and wife divorced soon after and now the husband and girl are together and have a kid together.


Goth kid in highschool killed his neighbor with a piece of crown molding because she was going to discover marijuana growing supplies he was mailing to her house. He then carved a demonic symbol in her back and had a glass of water and shower in her house. He’s been living in a beautiful waterfront property since then called San Quinten


with some of the posts in this thread i had to look it up to make sure the dude didn't just get off free or something yeah its a max security prison


Maximum security prison on some of the most expensive real estate in the nation, lol


Our library has been shut down because one of the librarians was filming library themed p*rn there and using the computers there to upload it. She was caught because she was also emailing to people and accidentally emailed to someone else that worked there.


Vince McMahon faked his death in a car bombing.


A couple of the cops beat up a mentally handicapped man who was wandering the streets acting outside societal norms.. The rest of the town called for accountability. Police department tries to silence the leaders of the townspeople through intimidation and direct threats. Townspeople rally and oust the chief and a few of the worst police officers. Reform is completed. New PD is a little too hands off at first and kids in the town ran rampant for a while. A balance is finally found and life returned to normal. I don't believe the man who was beat was ever helped on a personal level. This was the early to mid 80's


Not my town, but my synagogue. A while ago there was some debates townwide around gay marriage, but while everyone was worried, no one cared. The synagogue remained as welcoming as ever, no scandal. A month or two ago, they decided to replace the chairs in the sanctuary. Chaos erupted everywhere. It was all the rabbi has heard about since. Tl;dr from my rabbi: Gay marriage? No problem. Move the chairs two inches? You'll be hearing about it for years.


This is the most Jewish thing I've ever heard I love it


Nice Try HBO.


A girl in highschool fucked a dog. Video went around. The fbi decided not to charge anyone for spreading child pornography. If they charged everyone involved in spreading it about 1/3 of the town would be charged as sex offenders. Midwest is a very very weird area to live in


Big explosion happen in the sky , a nonmilitary aircraft with around 190 passengers ... one week and lots of leaks later it turns out it was 2 missiles from our own armed forces .




Small town, less than 1500 residents. High school biology teacher was sleeping with students for *years*. Wasn't that attractive, but was charming, was the varsity football coach, and conveniently lived in town very near the school. His wife was also a teacher at the middle school. She was easily a 12/10 on an attractive scale and was known for her sense of humor and super model looks. Apparently knew all about it but turned the other cheek. Made it all the way to assistant principal before he was caught, sent to prison for a very long time, she was sentenced to some form of intentional juvenile endangerment, no idea what ever happened to her.


One of the real aggressive dude bros murdered a kid at a party in front of people and got away with it. The victim was a kid from a neighboring town and I think the initial conflict may have been over the victim being too friendly with a girl. Anyway dude bro savagely beat him, beginning at the top of a stairway. Kid fell down the stairs and was already out of commission. But dude bro followed him down and repeatedly kicked him in the head until he bled from his eye sockets. Well anyway this is a small town and dude bro murderer came from one of the few "big name" families in the area. Well connected with local authorities. He sat in county a bit but pled no contest and got such a sweetheart deal he did little to no prison time. Good old boy politics is some real shit.


More of a murder scandal, but About a mile down the road from my childhood home (very small town, we all knew eachother) a man named Jimmy Pritchard killed his wife and stuffed her in the trunk of her car; He then took their daughter to "find her". His daughter and I are the same age, this happened in 99, so we were 7 years old. He got away with it on "lack of evidence". Later he also beat up a girlfriend and then possibly his boss.. He also showed up at my aunts house trying to get in her pants around the summer of 2001; My mom and I showed up just after, My mom, having no fear, called him out on killing her friend, and then my mom and my aunt beat the fuck out of him.. only thing not broken in the living room when the cops finally showed up was a ficus in the corner. As far as I know he's still a free man. Edited to add a link, only one I can find on him. https://www.postandcourier.com/news/closure-elusive-after-9-years/article_fb2ee62e-8692-552a-91a7-4dff6a16e3de.html


At a private school with less than a couple hundred kids (36 in my class) I was arrested and expelled on the spot. It’s a long slim building with high school on one side and elementary/middle on the other. My side faced the parking lot. I was a junior and it was early May. A narcotics task force came to the school to give a demonstration and as a bonus decided to search the parking lot with K-9’s. Well guess who had what they were looking for! I did. So during the search the school was locked down and you have all the windows facing the parking lot. Well they come and get me, bring me to my car, and we get the little bit of weed out. Several task force agents in black walk me to the front of the school where every single person is looking at me through the windows. Some teachers hug me, the principal shakes my hand, they put me in the unmarked car, and that was my last day of high school.


The building sub at my middle school got caught digitally (fingers not electronically ) penetrating two girls in my 8th grade class. Killed himself on bail.


Two young men lured their friend out into the woods in a very rural town. They eventually murdered him with a large rock, sodomized him with a stick and then buried the poor victim in a shallow grave. The young men got in a car and drove to the other side of the state only to be caught by authorities. The body of the victim wasn’t found for a few days. The worst part imo is that the murder was shared with one or two outside accomplices and it was never taken to police. Growing up near here in rural Washington, we’d always go camping or hiking for a few days in high school without parents. I could never imagine being murdered by my friends. I think this was all over the victim dating one of the other murderers sisters. Fucking terrible.


The sweet old lady who was treasurer of First Presbyterian for years had skimmed off 500 grand during her tenure.


My high school was the scandal of my rural hometown, honestly. There was some form of sex scandal at it almost every year, and it was big stuff usually. I mean, there was a drug-fueled, on-campus freshman 3-way that was filmed and seen by everyone in school, briefly on the internet :( There was the girls waterpolo coach who was molesting the ENTIRE team, and all of them thought they were the only ones until everyone found out. Teachers cheating on their spouses with each other and getting caught by students, and I just found out my theatre teacher (whom we all hated, he was a dramatic pompous douche) has been arrested after he was discovered to have been filming the girls backstage changing room for years with hidden cams. He was my teacher for two fuckin years 🙄 nothing else really happens in that tiny town but man that high school keeps on giving out the traumas and news