What do you think about workplace wardrobe - do you think it is appropriate for women to go bra-less?

What do you think about workplace wardrobe - do you think it is appropriate for women to go bra-less?


Who am I to try and enforce what people wear? I couldn't care less


As much as I like woman's boobies, I really don't stare at them while I am working. I doubt I'd even notice if they were braless. Personally, I think it is appropriate if a woman wants to go braless.


If the men who aren’t as efficient, as their peers, in self control could not bother fellow female workers in a sexual way then yes, I think it’d be appropriate.


I dont think it's inappropriate but I do think telling someone what kind of underwear to wear is ridiculous.


For me personally, I wouldn't go without a bra in a professional setting. I don't do that in general in any setting as it's about modesty and support. I'm not concerned about other women nor is it my business but if a friend asked me (and this question is constant in this sub for some reason -but I digress) for my opinion on whether that was a good idea or not? I'd be like 'nopers'. But that's just me.


Because I'm writing an article :)


Personally, I think we should all wear what we want. we are all gonna fucking die and we decided to waste our thoughts (and emotions) on when to wear what fabrics. If i think about it too long its incomprehensible, the shit we concern ourselves with, and then im just mad. But in reality, I would never show up to work without a bra on because there are so many people who just couldn't handle that.


No... Women should be allowed to go topless, maybe make it mandatory even to not create confusion


I personally think it depends on the workplace... As someone in business I wouldn't think so


Depends on the job and the uniform I guess.


Depends on where you work. I worked in a men’s prison for sex offenders and many female employees needed to be talked to about appropriate attire. I wore turtlenecks and blazers and slacks even in summer. Long coats to cover butt, etc. My boss who was a woman wore very inappropriate clothes. No surprise she was sleeping with inmates.