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Cluster migraines. I seriously wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.


I cut my hand in half on a tablesaw, had it mostly put back together over 6 surgeries, spent over a year in 3x/week physical therapy, reruptured two tendons during PT, had those repaired, and I would go through all of that again to avoid a single cluster headache. I hope you find relief, if you haven't already. I was very close to just ending things out of despair, literally setting a date to kill myself if it didn't improve, when mine just gradually started stepping down in intensity. It's been years since I've had a proper cluster headache, though I still feel the "shadow" of one every now and then. Hang in there, I pray it improves for you. There is hope.


They are called suicide headaches for a reason, one of the worst experiences of pain alongside trigeminal neuralgia and ureteric colic (kidney stone) stay strong, I hope you never have to go through that again.


I have had two out of three. I had some kidney stones when I was in high school, which culminated with me lying in a hospital bed and asking my poor mom to suffocate her own son with a pillow to the pain would stop. Morphine only made the pain worse, until they combined it with Toradol. That experience gave me a lifelong fear of drinking dark colas, as that's supposedly what caused it. I started getting cluster headaches in my mid twenties. I haven't identified a trigger for the episodes, and I'm fortunate that the headaches occur on a 25-hour cycle during an episode and only last a few hours per headache and a few weeks per episode, which is apparently on the slower end. It makes it easier to plan around, knowing when the next one will occur. I totally understand why they're called suicide headaches. I don't know how I would handle them being more frequent. It's like my head becomes two separate entities, one of which is in horrible pain and can't think while the other one is just fine and perfectly cognizant. It's like I have to rely on one half of my brain while the other is trying to escape through my eye socket. Edit: I had a brief experience with trigeminal nerve pain, from a botched dental procedure. They accidentally damaged my nerve while applying Novocaine, ironically enough. It was like white-hot lightning was burning me from my jaw to my temple. It stopped quickly enough, thanks to the Novocaine. The thought of feeling that all the time is terrifying. I still have minor nerve damage on that side of my face, and need extra anesthetic at the dentist before having work done.


Damn that is insane. I hope you never get any pain like that ever again.


Scrolled looking for this. I deal with what my neurologist calls ‘cluster type headaches’. They destroy me but are apparently not as severe as true cluster headaches. I can barely turn my head or take a step, vomit until my throat is raw, and crying just makes it worse. Thank goodness for Botox injections. I have given birth. I still vote cluster headaches.


I occasionally get migraines, but are cluster migraines and cluster headaches the same thing? I've dealt with a thunderclap headache once and thought for sure my immediate death and/or permanent mental disability was in the very near future. Most migraines, if you've had em enough, let you know when to start separating yourself from the real world for the next few hours. The thunderclap came on so quickly and intensely, the shear magnitude of pain had to take a back seat while I blindly wrote the inevitable doctor cutting my brain open exactly what happened just prior to onset. Had no idea headaches got worse than migraines then, so trust me when I wish all the relief you can ever receive from those bastards.


I have never heard them called cluster migraines (not that I have a massive knowledge base about them). I assume they are the same as cluster headaches. It took me a long time to get the correct diagnosis but my neurologist witnessed me have one and went ‘Oh! I know what is happening!’ My nose and eyes always run when I get them which I assumed was just from severe pain but is apparently a marker. I had never mentioned it to him because it didn’t seem important to me.


Can't believe I had to scroll so far to see this. My father has cluster migraines. I've seen him ducktape and superglue deep lacerations closed, work hard farm labor for 20 hours, 4 hours of sleep, and carry on for two weeks like that. He broke his leg so bad when he was a teen that the bone came out- he'd been alone on a snowsled and had to crawl, bone sticking out, almost a quarter mile to get help. Cluster migraines make him crawl blind on the floor and vomit with pain. Even talking about them, you can see a fear beyond anything else in his eyes. Thank god he gets years between clusters. I'm sorry you go through that too, man


Cluster headaches can fuck right the hell off. The minor ones are misery, and the severe ones just might make you wish for your own death. Thank fuck for psilocybin.


How do you medicate with psilocybin? I’ve started looking into microdosing for my migraines but can’t seem to figure out the right routine


I’m interested in this as well - I have to double my preventative when a cluster hits and my blood pressure drops ridiculously as a result. In the middle of a cluster I would try literally anything to get it to stop. Literally anything, it is excruciating


1/10th. of a gram/daily to start. Increase by 1/20th. of a gram as needed roughly weekly/10 days. It doesn't take much.


My spine chews on my nerves because there’s no discs/stuff to lube the gaps between the bones. So, on a bad day, my entire nerve from spinal cord to crotch feels like it’s a sword inside of me. The entire thing is sending every pain signal it’s got. And all I can do is lie there and scream. It happens a lot.


I have a couple discs like this too. I had back spasms so bad one night while I was sleeping the pain threw me up out of bed. My wife told me I was flopping on the wall like a fish until I passed out. I finally got away from manual labor and the steroid injections started working for more than a year. I haven't needed a shot since 2014!


Nice! If you wanna let me know what you did that made your back better, I’d love to hear it.


Not who you asked but I was bed ridden until I tried PRP. It was expensive though.


Haven’t had that yet. I’ve had radiofrequency neurotomies, every steroid or pain-killing injection on earth, but not that yet. I have a friend who did PRP, and he says it did nothing. He feels hella ripped off, lol. But it’s awesome to hear it’s worked for you! Cheers.


Came here to say herniated disc crushing my sciatic nerve. I've had it happen twice, both eventually ending in surgery but only after months of incapacitating, mind destroying pain. I live in constant fear of it recurring. Sometimes I get a little pang and almost hyperventilate in terror. It's impossible to convey to those that haven't experienced it how bad it is.


I have SFN and a herniated L5 in my lower back. My lower extremities are on fire. I can't describe how much pain I eat everyday. The worst thing is you don't look sick so people often forget how much you're suffering everyday.


I was gonna say bulging discs- two months bed ridden and passing out from pain to use the bathroom. Lost over 15 lbs couldn’t eat because of pain. Back stuff is no joke.


Oh my god. I'm so, so sorry. I have chronic back pain that isn't NEARLY this bad, and it still makes me miserable. I can't imagine living with what you're living with. I'm so sorry.


Hi. When my disc ruptured I kept trying to describe the pain, and I decided it felt like God had hooked his finger through my butt and around my sciatic nerve and was very slowly pulling the nerve out, tearing all the little tendrils along the ankle, the calf, the knee, up my thigh, and into my hip. 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and narcotics had absolutely no effect. I’ve given birth twice without any pain meds, so . . . Surgery helped. Regular exercise in a pool helped me really a lot (shallow water exercise, not deep water or swimming for me). Getting my core stronger was useful. Concentration meditation (NOT necessarily mindfulness) provides a way to work with your mind — Shinzen Young is a western zen teacher who works with people in pain. Giving up thinking I can ever lift anything heavier than 10 pounds has been really difficult but absolutely essential. Not killing myself has been very important, although at the worst, if I could have driven myself to the bridge, I would have jumped. Hang in there, friend. Fuck pain. Keep seeking treatments. Any minute you don’t have pain, relax and enjoy and feel the relief. Know that healing (or at least improvement) is definitely possible. Edit: Shinzen Young, who I recommend, teaches vipassana, not zen.


Ruptured a disc back in 2018, I felt this in my soul. Still have lingering sciatic nerve pain that shoots down my right leg. It doesn't feel like a lightning bolt anymore, so I can live with it. Knowing how bad it was makes this more tolerable.


I can't imagine that kind of pain, and I'm sorry you go through that.


Cheers. Thanks. Been almost five years, no treatments have made much progress yet. But I’m going to see one of the world’s top neurologists soon, so, ya know: fingers crossed.


Two herniated discs in my lower back. It hurt so bad I would go very briefly blind when the pain got its worst. Also, I can handle a lot of pain but that had me screaming like l was being murdered, both from pain and the terror of possibly triggering it again. Just moving was terrifying.


The pain was so bad I couldn't walk. I fell down in my shop on my mill then to the floor. I forgot my phone in the office and had to wait on the floor until my partner came out back to the shop.


I literally thought I broke my spine! I called my parents crying because my husband was freaking out and didn't know what to do. My dad came to my house and said "it's just a back spasm" and PICKED ME UP 😳 never been in so much pain before


Torn ACL, LCL, and meniscus. Bye bye knee


fuck all at once?


yup, eventually adrenaline kicked in and i felt nothing but those first 5-10 minutes were hell!


Wait, doesn’t it usually work in reverse of that? I did my ACL and was fine for a little while until I sat down. Then i was howling for mummy.


Tore my ACL and meniscus. Didn’t know I tore it til 3 months later when I felt it slipping occasionally and it would hurt on really deep back squats lol Only real pain was after surgery and recovery


Finding my little girl dead in her bed. She was 16 months old. I still feel the coldness of her skin on my hands. EDIT : You are fantastic,thanks for the kind words.


So sorry for your loss.


My heart hurts for you. I pray you find some kind of healing♡


She was such a happy girl and she brough light into my life. I promised her that I would shine her light in this world and to try to share her happiness with as much people that I can. I was without a purpose and now I'm finally putting my life together since I made her this promise. It is really hard,but I stand by my words.


Live your best life for her <3


As a mother with 2 toddler kids, this is my absolute greatest fear. I am so sorry for your loss, I know me saying this will never take the pain away but I hope one day you find peace and healing. Sending love your way.


As the father of a 2 year old and having a "scare" with her around that age (The only time I have been hopelessly terrified), I honestly couldn't imagine ANYTHING worse. I would take every physical pain in this thread simultaneously from now until death over the pain of losing a child. I am really sorry for your loss.


I’m so sorry for your loss


I can’t imagine anything worse than this.


My ex-husband telling me my son “didn’t make it” after a car accident.


I can’t imagine anything worse. So sorry that happened.


I know it can't mean much, but I'm so sorry. Sending you all the love and good vibes in my heart. Truly, I know it's probably not possible but I hope you one day find peace


I'm so sorry for your loss... Losing one of my kids is literally my worst nightmare.


I'm sorry for your loss. My son was born at 27 weeks with other complications. After three week fight we had to let him go. The only time I got to hold him was when I had to let him die in my arms.


Mine was at 24 weeks. He only lived a day and a half. I only got to hold him as he was dying too. Fortunately he had a cuddle cot, and the funeral home let me visit and hold him as much as I wanted too. I spent more time with him dead then alive.


I cut 1/2 my finger off. That wasn’t the worst pain. The worst part so far has been when I jammed the nub tip into a steering wheel a week after I lost it. Edit:word.




The day my sister died. This was mostly emotional pain but I imagine that someone could have stabbed me in the leg and I would have still been more distraught from losing a sibling. *edit* Grammar


Same, but it was my brother. Couldn’t talk about him for 2 years without crying. He was bigger than life. I still, years later, expect him to show up at my door.


My brother died last year. I am so afraid I’m going to forget him. Miss him every day.


I can promise you, you will not forget him. This kind of trauma won't allow you to forget. The best we can all do in these situations is reminisce on the good times with them. You'll be fine eventually even though it may not seem like it now, but you will never forget; that I can guarantee.


I feel for you man, it was the same for me. There are still bits and pieces of memories that even my wife hasn't heard; still can't talk about certain things without falling apart. It's been sixteen years since she passed and there isn't a day that goes by that she doesn't pop into my head. Physical pain heals, mental pain doesn't, it's just figuring out how to live with it. The ending of 'A River Runs Through It' kindof says it how it is: "Maybe all that I really know about my brother Paul is that he was a good fisherman. No my father replied, he was beautiful." Or something to that effect. That quote specifically helped me a lot over the years.


Same, but also my brother. He completed suicide at 17 years old. My dad found him and I arrived shortly after. It was like an elephant stomped on my chest before I collapsed and blacked out. Sending my love to you both. I hope you are in a better place with the loss now.


My brother died right before I graduated high school. It really is something else. It felt like it broke me as a person. That kind of grief also hurt physically in a way. Even now every once in a while it feels like someone punches me in the stomach when I think about it.


My eardrum bursting.


I was going to write this as well. I am currently dealing with a middle ear infection and burst ear drum and I have been out of commission for two days. I will have moments where the pain is tolerable and I have some ray of hope that it will be okay, then the stabbing pain starts again and it is excruciating. Literally in more pain dealing with this than giving birth. Hoping the antibiotics kick in soon!


The joke is, when the ear drum bursts, the pain is gone, bc the pressure is gone. I am an involuntary expert, had about 10-20 ear drum burst bc of middle ear infections. I am glad that I can still hear well at all.


This is totally mine. I had had a terrible infection, was on my second round of antibiotics, and had to fly home for a wedding during college. It burst on the flight during landing. My dad picked me up at the airport and I was crying because my ear hurt so bad. “It just needs to pop, you’ll be okay” but friends, I was not okay. Waited two days before I could go to the doc and they found a worsening infection, popped blood vessels, and ruptured eardrum. I was nauseous, couldn’t eat, couldn’t hear, stayed very dizzy, felt like absolute crap, had even worse vertigo than normal, and was miserable the whole wedding weekend. I still have issues with that ear and wish it on no one.


Losing my eight year old this year.


This is a weird piece of advice, but it's what I wish was given to me after my loss: Nothing is going to "work" to fix the pain. If that makes sense. Nothing will dull it, stop it, replace it. No therapy, no groups, no books. The tools we gain from those things for grief help us *cope* so we can function through the initial pain, but nothing cures that pain but time. With time you truly will feel better. The sadness isn't all consuming anymore. I know at first it just feels like you're surrounded by it. Awake, asleep, no matter what it's there and its so inescapable and overwhelming in its agony that you don't even know how to function sometimes. But that does go away. I promise you. Sadly there's no way to expedite it. This pain of loss is something that we must see through to the end. Just please know the way you feel now is not forever. If you have other babies remember that even though you must continue to be mommy, you don't have to hide that you are hurting. Let them know it's safe for them to hurt too. Having the world ripped out from under your feet is staggering. You'll struggle to find your footing again. But you will find it again mama, you will. I promise you.


Thank you so much. 💙


You're very welcome. Feel free to DM me if you ever need, even if just to offload the sadness you're carrying for a moment. I know I needed that sometimes. 🖤


Likewise, I’m here for you. The loss of someone *that* close is very difficult. Especially if it’s your own child. I’m so, so sorry for your loss. But like the kind Redditor who wrote that inspiring message, only time will help out. I’m here for you. You can lean on me. I’m so sorry. I’m sending lots of love and support your way.


I appreciate it so much. I prepared for alot in my life never losing a child. I have my daughter and shes my world. One day at a time trying to rebuild after losing my little bug hunter. I have a place that was gifted for his ashes and as soon as I can afford to do so im taking him up its right by his favorite lake. The world gained the best gaurdian angel. 💙


How much do you need to afford to do that? I know there is nothing I can say to ease your pain but if I can help you gain maybe a little closure by helping you accomplish that sooner, I'd love to be able to help you with that


I raised a child as my own for 4 years (met his mother when she was 7 months pregnant, his father was never in the picture and died when he was 2.) Eventually when he was ~3, we broke up but she agreed that I should stay in his life. a little after he was 4, she was pregnant with her second child living with another guy, and just cut me out completely. (I had been having him 1-2 nights a week at my place after we broke up.) It's been 4 years since then and it still hurts. I can't imagine having your child die. I take solace in the fact he's still out there somewhere, happy with a little sister... But it still rips my heart out everytime I think about him or see a picture of us together. His first words were calling out "It's DADA!" pointing at me when I came over to her house. I never knew if I wanted kids before I dated her and experienced fatherhood, now it's the biggest hole in my heart.


You’re a good man and I’m sorry that happened to you


There is an old Sanskrit word called “vilomah”, that recently has begun to come back into use because English has no word for a parent who has lost a child. The word means “against the natural order” for a parent whose child died before them. It may not mean much but I think it’s a really powerful word, and I’m truly sorry for your loss


I came here to whine about my broken ribs. I'll just quietly let myself out.


Hey as a nurse can confirm broken ribs suck you have to breathe which makes it suck more ugh its horrible. 💙


losing my mom to cancer suddenly in august. life has been a never ending nightmare since then. i keep waiting for the day that i wake up and feel okay but until now, i’ve never dealt with anything difficult without my mom there to support me. i miss her so much.


Hey, I'm sorry for your loss. I lost my mom to cancer a little over three years ago. Her decline was sudden, and... I 'get' it. It took me about four or five months to 'feel' and MAN that was bad. Eight months to crawl out of 'total despair', about a year and some change to be 'almost okay', around two years to start to feel actual feelings again (without feeling guilty), and finally just about three years to be able to visit her grave. The pain changes, and at first you might feel guilty about that - but don't let that guilt rule you. You will still find yourself wanting to go to her, to talk to her, to ask her things. Do it. Just talk. She's your mom, she's part of you. She grew you and raised you. She's with you whenever you need her, even if she's not physically there.


urinary tract infection / kidney stone


UTI that spread to my kidneys. Worst back pain ever. Also uncomfortable af


As soon as I read the title I came here to write this. Jesus fucking hell, I've had severe sprains, infected wisdom teeth, and a torn rotator cuff. Nothing came close to this.


I had a foot torn off on a motorcycle accident. It was a 5 on the pain scale, gallbladder stones an 8, kidney stones are a solid 10.


Seconded on kidney stones - though the first one was significantly worse as I had no idea what was going on. The second time the stone was larger but I didn’t have the panic factor making it worse


Yes!! I had a UTI that spread to my bladder and kidneys. Woke up one morning in agony. Couldn’t even move, so I just curled up on my bed and cried until my mom found me.


It’s a tie between gallstones and chronic back pain for me.


Fucking gallstones brought me down to my knees ended up in hospital 4 days. there's nothing like it


Definitely no joke. 11/10 wouldn’t recommend.


I always go into these threads knowing someone is gonna say gallstones


"Gangrenous appendicitis" was the official diagnosis. Pain went from "Hmm, think I need a Tums" to "Please either kill me or get this fecking bus off of my stomach, I don't care which" in about 90 minutes.


I was hit in the balls 3 times within 30 seconds.


Jesus Christ


No, it was some guy named Fred.


Cancer. Edit for clarity: thanks for the upvotes everyone, but I don't deserve them more than the poster who found their daughter dead. I recovered, mostly, from the cancer a long time ago, though it was the worst pain I've ever felt. I think it compares poorly to losing a young child. Feel free to take the upvotes you gave this reply and give them to that parent. Edit 2. Thank you all so much


scrolled for a while- sadly. stay strong- upvote for you.


Cracked tooth resulting in a root canal. That kind of pain makes you prefer death over anything. You virtually can’t eat or drink anything without extreme nerve pain. Even something as normal as inhaling air into your mouth will hurt the affected tooth. My God, I wish that on nobody.


This. I remember having this pain when I was 15 or so after eating tough food and breaking my molar in half. I had the root canal done and it hurt like hell, especially when I was young too. My root canal failed last year and formed an abscess in the middle of covid. My face blew up and I was in so much pain for weeks, I had to get it redone and the pain was unimaginable (thank god for Ibuprofen) My dentist was pretty adamant to remove the tooth but being 22 and having a permenant tooth removed through almost no fault of my own I really didnt want it. Ive got it redone and im trying to get a cap as soon as possible. Anyways Ive learned my lesson and im really looking after my teeth even getting really pissed off at my own sister because she didnt have toothpaste in the house and I had to drive an hour home just to brush my teeth haha


Suction tube in my urethra 💀 shit was pulled out like a beyblade but felt like pissing magma.


I hated all of this sentence.


I hated the experience🤨😂




Let it rip lmao




Broken femur while giving child birth! - Brian Regan comedy skit about emergency rooms, priceless!!! For real though, an emergency appendectomy where they burst.


Grief. Nothing like it.


I once stabbed myself in the eye while doing yard work. I was binding branches and one moved the wrong way - needless to say I wasn’t wearing glasses for such a simple task. The pain was unbearable and easily the worst I felt. I’ve had concussions, a broken rib, and been injured in a major car accident - but that moment was insane. And, in the end, it was just a small scratch. I had to wear a special contact lens for nearly a month and my vision was permanently damaged.


I was stung on the iris of my eyeball. My eyeball swelled in its socket. Several days later, laying in a pitch dark room as the faintest amount of light would cause my pupils to dilate and in turn cause horrific shooting pains into my brain. It was around this time I had my mom drive me to the hospital where they scratched out the remaining slivers of the stinger and gave me pain meds.


I know this will pale in comparison to a lot of these answered, but having to tell my 5 year old son that our dog passed away unexpectedly. It was soul crushing to see his heart break, and easily the worst thing I’ve had to do as a parent so far.


Understand you completely. I've felt some pretty intense physical pain in the past (broken bones, surgery/medical, OC in the face sucks, but really isn't *that* bad, ect.) but nothing compares to seeing your kids hurt. I'd do all those things 100x over if it spared my kids a bit of hurt and pain.


Man, I just had to inform my girlfriend I found our beloved cat as roadkill a couple houses down from us and I feel this. She collapsed on the floor when I showed her the collar. I sat next to her and we've been crying about it since then, been like 3 days now. Probably not done crying about it yet. I've been next to every pet I've ever had when they died. Not being there to comfort my little Lucy in her final moments makes me want to scream at the Gods to make sure she hadn't suffered at all.


Man, I feel you. I suddenly lost my cat in March this year and that was pain I've never felt the magnitude of. I've been hospitalized for acute jaundice following several horrible gallstone attacks that gave me arythmia and I'd do that any day before having to put my cat down.


I'm sorry you lost them, it's gotta be one rung below losing a kid or a parent. I've said to a couple close people already that I swear I'd probably do just about anything for this to not be real. The other pets I accepted and came to terms with it before I had them put down. Our Lucy was taken too quickly from us and without me by her side. It just kills me. Haven't felt like this since I lost my mom which just seems ridiculous but you can't change how you feel. Pain is entirely relative.


I am so sorry for your loss. I understand your pain, and I hope it eases. I was completely torn up as well, and I still catch myself from getting emotional even now after a few weeks have passed. My sincere condolences.


Emotional pain is often far worse than physical pain. I feel ya


Watching my dog die. He was my best friend since 3rd grade and I watched him choke on fluid in his lungs unable to breath until his heart stopped . Most painful day of my life and I can’t not cry every time I think about it . I miss him so much there will never be another dog like him :(


Big big hugs ❤️❤️❤️


Thank you


Broke my Tibia, knee, and ankle cluster. Tibia shot through the front of my leg, bones sticking out and all that, foot was backwards and just hanging on by the skin and muscle. Before the surgery they had to push the bones back into me and reshape my leg. Unfortunately there were no pain killers, so I got to feel and hear every crack and pop of the doctor pushing my bones back into me and in their right places. 9/10 would not do again.


So theres still a chance?




The only time I’ve ever been close to offing myself due to pain was an abscess molar, shits no joke.




My wisdom tooth cracked when I was 18, exposing the nerve. My insurance hadn't kicked in at my job yet, so I had to wait 2 months to get it pulled. That was probably the worst I've ever felt.


Damn. I had a front tooth break partially off one time and the exposed nerve was *agony* for the couple of hours it took to drive to the ER to get it fixed. I can't imagine just living with that. You're one strong mofo. But also the fact that you had to do that is tragic.


I had a horrific tooth pain on Easter one year. It was my front tooth so I couldn’t eat or talk. I was at my dad’s and he gave me a bottle of whiskey and told me to swish it in my mouth and then when that stopped working I just started doing shots. I ended up needing a root canal. 10/10 worst pain I’ve ever felt and I gave birth.


Definitely teeth


I got both my wrists broken with a bible. Yup 👍 was horrible.


One break for the Old Testament, one break for the new.


Two scenarios come to mind. The first one was when I had combined mono, strep, and an ear infection in highschool. It hurt so badly to swallow, eat, or drink, I just laid on the couch and cried for a week until I got so dehydrated I freaked out and hyper ventilated and I ended up in the ER for a night. That was not fun. The second time was when I had an ovarian cyst that burst. This was unlike any other cyst I had ever had before. I thought my stomach was upset so I went to the bathroom. Five minutes later I was on the floor crying and seriously thought my appendix was rupturing. Partner rushed me to the ER and they did jack shit and basically made me feel crazy. Fuck American healthcare.


Ugh. To the nth degree.


That's infuriating. You'd think at this point checking for a burst ovarian cyst in a woman with those symptoms would be par for the course at this point. SMH. Sorry you had to go through that. It's even worse when the medical establishment doesn't help you with your valid medical malady.


I had strep, mono, and walking pneumonia all at once and yeah, I couldn't swallow AT ALL. Laid there drooling until my roommate took me to the urgent care on campus. They put a numbing spray on my throat, made me swallow a literal horse pill, and sent me home to quarantine for a week. That, and when two years later I had a toenail surgically removed, were my most painful physical experiences. Reading the rest of these makes me feel EXTREMELY lucky that that's the worst I've had it!


My brother pepper sprayed me as a joke, I wanted to cut my face off.


Woah what a fucking shit joke. Sorry that happened to you.


I knew getting maced was bad. But I didn't knew how much it fucking hurts around your nose.


It’s just a prank, bro.


Look there’s a camera right there. Relax.


I'm surprised no one has said this yet, but labor. For me, it was induced labor with an epidural that didn't work. They say you forget how much it hurt because of endorphins but I must have missed that part.


When I was laboring with my son, I honest to god thought I was dying. My doula said, “remember, you’re doing this for your baby!” And I told her, “WHAT BABY?!? I AM DYING.”


“What baby??!” Seriously felt that way too!! Hha


I will never forget. Back labor with a posterior baby and disc issues- they wouldn’t give me an epidural because i was too dilated. Then I had a 3rd degree tear. So much pain I told my hubby during labor that I was going to die and he was legit scared. Broken blood vessels in my face and chest from pushing that giant baby out. Kept telling them that someone was flaying my back open with a box cutter and they looked so confused and annoyed at me. It was awful.


See, all this right here is why I do not want to give birth. I'm good to foster/adopt. But labor? Nope. No thank you. Not for me. Y'all are braver than I am.


I had a very fast induction/labor. I made it up to 7cm until I got the epidural, so I definitely experienced contractions. However the worse part of the whole thing was not being able to push when my body was practically screaming at me to do so. Even with the epidural, I could feel when I was having a contraction and still felt the majority of everything going on down there. I had to wait about two hours like this because at first my baby wasn't positioned right, but then when she was in position I had to wait on a midwife for some reason?? That was the absolute worst mental and physical pain I have ever been through. When the midwife finally came in, my baby was out in two pushes. To say I was frustrated was an understatement lol.


I remember laying in the hospital bed after giving birth and feeling all the pain from all the stitches, and consciously thinking "I don't ever want to do this again. There's no way it's worth it." But also consciously thinking "don't say that out loud or my husband will hold me to it." I'm 38 weeks pregnant now so I guess we'll see how this one goes!


Gout pain. I cry as a grown adult when I have flare ups.


I agree. I'm having a mild flair up in my foot right now. I had a severe flare up in my ankle a few years ago that was very awful.


Grief after the death of my dog. I was completely unprepared for how much it hurt. It’s been 13 years and it’s still painful.


I went through a one hour long ingrown toe nails surgery without anesthesia. Doctor claimed anesthesia wouldn’t work because of infection. I was sent home immediately after. I was shaking for the rest of the evening.


Testicular torsion


Opiate withdrawal, 10 years ago. Imagine the worst flu you've ever had, combined with the norovirus, combined with excruciating arthritis. You're freezing so much your teeth are chattering but you're also drenched in sweat. You're on the toilet shitting your brains out and puking in between your legs. You can't eat, can't sleep, can barely keep down water. Your joints are all so swollen that it's agonizing to move a muscle a half an inch, but its also impossible to sit still. It started to get a little easier after 4-5 days. Felt decent enough to work after 3 weeks, didn't feel normal for months.


Glad you are in a better place now. Congratulations on your recovery.


Thank you but totally unnecessary. It's been so long at this point I don't even think about it anymore. Seems like just a bad memory from a long time ago.


My dad passing away.


I get really bad period pains, I was curled up on the sofa screaming. The cramps were so intense they started to feel like a cold burning pain, that would spread down to my inner thighs and back. Normally when I’m in pain I lay as still as possible but I remember my mum holding me down as I was thrashing about. It was so weird I couldn’t control it, almost like my body was instinctively trying to “shake off” the pain


Oh honey I’m so sorry. Have you been evaluated for endometriosis? Or considered taking continuous birth control (pills or shot) to stop your periods?


Dislocated my hip by busting it through the front of my pelvis (destroying part of my pelvis) and tearing my hamstring 60% through - all in one swift motion.


Natural childbirth. You just drown in pain.


When I was 19 I developed type 1 diabetes, but we didn't know for over a couple months. This caused me to be extremely dehydrated, which made pooping really difficult. So I got some stool softeners, which helped out in the upper portion of my system, but not at the back door where serious blockage was occurring. Over time, it went from a log to a cantaloupe. After around 2 weeks of unpooping misery, I sat down determined to pass my baby, or die trying. 45 minutes of sweat and tears and tearing later and several pounds of absokute hatred finally passed. I laid in the floor for another 20 minutes before forcing myself up to scoop the drain drstroyer into a plastic bag so I could hobble it out to the dumpster. Also it gave me a mild case of hemorrhoids for several months that thankfully passed.


trigeminal neuralgia


Mental pain






I honestly think it's the worst pain, as it doesn't completely go away.


I fractured my back in two places on Monday. It hurt like a bitch. I’m still in pain


Pilonidal cyst


Not seeing my brother and nieces because his wife is manipulative as fuck. It's been a whole year now. My brother was my best friend and my niece's are my favourite humans to ever exist.


I watched my best friend carry his still born son down the hallway to meet me in the hospital. I've had bad things happen to me and been physically hurt horribly, but seeing the best person I know so filled with love and grief at the same time still tears me apart.


Sneezing a day after a c-section. I never knew how many muscles are involved.


The first poop after a C is...not zesty.


A poop after vaginal delivery w/3rd degree tear was something too.


I made my foot turn 180°.


Physical would have to be my worst migraine, I came very close to actually clawing my eyes out. My worst emotional pain would be the feeling of absolute abandonment and betrayal when I split from my friend group


I split from mine too. When I told my best friend I was attracted to a mutual friend, she told me she didn't want me to date him because she liked him too. Long story short, I decided to pursue him. We are now married with 2 kids and very happy, but that was very, very hard on me.


Before Gallstones/Pancreatitis it was kidney stones. Worst pain imaginable.


Torsion of a basketball sized ovarian cyst


I had a soccer ball cyst in me … ended up taking my left ovary and fallopian tube


Yesss. I came her to say this. I was vomiting for 10 hours straight thinking I had a terrible stomach bug before I finally called someone to watch my baby so I could go to the hospital. That torsion is awful! I thought I was dying. Far worse than child birth. Also, high five for being right ovary twins. My left one is gone too.


when my (ex) gf broke up with me i think it's not the point of the thread but it's been months and I haven't gotten over it still I think of her all the time every day the worst part is there was no reason behind it, she said I did nothing wrong and I was great, she just woke up one day and decided she's not in love anymore I guess.... i would have preferred it to be my fault somehow, I can't explain why.... but it's so much worse this way


tooth pain. Mainly an infected, broken, back tooth. Didn't feel anything on that tooth at all, but had 4 days of unbearable pain in the left half of my face. The pain was so bad I was contemplating suicide by med overdose at some point.. I also was sure it was NOT the tooth because I could put pressure on all of them with no effects. It was probably a sinus infection that moved downwards and resulted in an infection underneath the tooth, because after a nap on day 3 The tooth was suddenly lifted. Overcame my fear of dentists, got proper antibiotics and pain killers, a week later had the tooth pulled under local anesthesia and its been fine since. I mean I still feel a hole where the tooth used to be but.. eh.


Waking up and realizing everything things will never be like they were before. I can never go back.


I ate a ghost pepper and was in pain for 5 hours and after that I got random pains in my stomach for 2 days


Haha. Man, have you heard of the One Chip Challenge? I had the Carolina Reaper/Ghost Pepper one, and accidentally rubbed my eye. Shit felt like I got maced at close range, plus that chip was so damn hot I had stomach pain for days.


Contractions for 19 hours with broken membrane and later the ring of fire on my vagina as my baby was being born. It literally feels like FIRE! I remember thinking I’d never recover from it.


With both my babies, as soon as I felt the ring of fire, that damn Johnny Cash song popped into my head and it made me even more miserable, haha. (I was really exhausted both times.)


Your brain was like "hey, you know what would make this better? Mood music!"


Heart attack then triple bypass


IBS pain.


It can be really bad


i violently served with a wii remote while playing tennis and i managed to hit myself directly into my nuts, i was in pain on the floor for at least 15 min wanting to cry but couldn't


Either getting my urethra stretched or the headache you get after a spinal tap


Abscessed tooth. Nonstop pain for days and I could barely open my mouth. paracetamol/ ibuprofen didn’t even ease the pain.


Holding on to my dad trying in vain to let him know that I was there as he slipped away into the void.


When my girlfriend died last month due to a sudden heart death. I've never felt as much pain as on that day when she died right in front of me and I tried CPR on her but it didn't work. I felt her ribcage breaking and saw how life floated out of her. She was only 22. We were our first everything. I miss her dearly


I was going through our chillis for dinner, i held a carolina reaper for a few mins while i searched for long reds but i forgot that chilli juice cannot be washed off easily. I later took a piss and it was on fire, it has to be the most painful thing i ever experienced, or at least the most painful thing i remember That flamethrower penis lasted about 3-4 hours Edit: i rinsed my hands after touching the reaper, so it was 100% my falt :,)


I have cervical and lumbar spondiolytis, I have chronic migraines. I also have osteoarthritis. And also, I’ve had a kidney stone. Sighs


accidentally hitting my ankle with a scooter


Was looking for this


Currently passing a 4mm kidney stone. It’s going on week three. I have been in so much pain multiple days these past three weeks that I throw up. Add in the empty wallet feeling from going to the ER. I do not wish kidney stones on anyone, not even the people I despise the most.


Going through strong depression over a few years.


The pain before trying to commit suicide, it's the worst pain you can feel.


Got dumped right after some traumatic personal stuff. Heartbreak on top of a depression is a hard to describe pain.


Losing the love of my life. Nothing compares to that pain. Nothing.