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*Titan A.E.* is an animated movie produced by 20th Century Fox and directed by Don Bluth. It is known as one of if not the BIGGEST animated movie box office flop of all time. The story is about this random guy named Kale, who finds out a ring his father gave him before he died and the earth blew up, has a way of bringing earth back. So Kale, Corseau (a friend of Kale's father), and some girl named Akima set a course to find the Titan, a ship that can bring back earth. It is a movie that blends 2D characters with 3D set pieces and backgrounds. The problem with the movie and why it bombed so horribly, is because it had an INCREDIBLY troubled production. It wasn't even going to be an animated movie at first. And when they decided to make the film animated, it wasn't the plan to have Don Bluth make it at first. All of these last minute changes, on a one hundred million dollar budget. The second main reason why it flopped is because 2D animated movies were practically dead thanks to computer animation (Pixar and DreamWorks). Because of these reasons, the movie made 36 million dollars worldwide. Ouch. This movie did SO bad, 20th Century Fox had to shut down Fox Animation Studios. OUCH. It made SO little money, it ended Don Bluth's career right then and there. OUCH!!! Fun fact, this was the first animated film made by Blue Sky Studios, the studio behind films such as *Ice Age* and *Rio*. 20th Century Fox ended up acquiring the studio and making Ice Age a few years later. It's kind of like *Treasure Planet* in a lot of ways.


Son of the Mask. There, I said it. It's a pretty funny and bizarre film if you aren't the film's target audience.


Doctor Sleep