I believe while Johnny deserves justice we shouldn’t put him on a throne and treat him like an innocent angel or like a god.


I've seen a few funny memes about it but overall I really don't care at all. Just two rich celebrities making a show out of their messy divorce.


Depps side is coming out of this better. Heard is certainly no angel. They should never have got together, there’s only 8 years age difference between Heards Dad & Depp, was she looking for a father figure, cash cow or both.


There's a 22 year age difference 😳


I think it's crazy that this intimate case is being broadcasted live like a Hollywood show Shouldn't be legal, it doesn't protect anyone They both seem fucked up, and the whole social media fuzz rooting for Depp and threatening heard is so dumb. Depp's Stan's are so naive. Like it's black and white. We don't know those two persons, yet everyone is acting like a judge I find this very disturbing and unprofessional from every side (court aswell) There fore I wouldn't even trust the final judgement, what ever side it takes


It’s America, even the justice system is a show.


Amber Heard is a thundercunt. That about sums up my thoughts on it. I imagine this entire thing had the complete opposite outcome of what she was going for, with the whole planet now intensely disliking her, and not Johnny.


Amber sucks


I'm holding final Judgement until the case ends but damn is amber out to fully ruin herself or what and where on earth did she find her wish.com grade law team? So many soundbites of toxicity




Hard to reserve judgement when it seems like one side is actively trying to derail their own case, I've seen highschool plays more convincing than whatever charade is playing out in court. Some of her "expert witnesses" are just bizarre.


I think it’s really weird how it’s all over everyone’s social media and everyone is weighing in on a pretty serious case. It’s been Hollywood-ised, if that makes sense.


Amber Heard is the crappiest actor I've ever seen. She goes and cries on camera with no useful information to the case and then sits down and asks her lawyer how did she do. "I can't see his old self in his eyes anymore" boohoo. Where's the evidence though? "my dog stepped on a bee" tf that's gotta do with Depp??


Cries with zero tears though. She’s wiping her eyes but there’s nothing coming out.


Repeating what others say but basically Heard seems to have greatly exagerated some of her allegations, which is why she is suited and Johnny deserves justice, but Johnny is not just a poor victim, and has presented signs of violence. So basically make me wonders why the f did they get together in the first place.


Don’t u mean turd depp case?


Johnny will, unfortunately, lose, and he deserves justice


I could not care less


the same thing as americans?


Couldn't care less