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Nobody is gonna bully you in the gym.




Reddit is not real life. Bad stories get more attention and good stories are rarely posted.


Just because you don’t feel like this doesn’t mean others don’t either. I know plenty of people that avoid the gym because they feel they will be judged by people who already go.


That's on them. The reality is that's not what happens in a gym.


I’m sure they’re very sorry for their anxieties


They wouldn't have the anxiety if they actually listened to what people have to say about gyms.. Obvious sympathy for someone with actual anxiety disorders, none for people who don't listen to what the reality is from people that actually go to gyms..


You know how telling someone who’s depressed to cheer up doesn’t work. Well telling someone with anxiety to stop worrying doesn’t work either


Obviously. There's a difference between being anxious about something vs actual anxiety disorders though. Being anxious about something can be overcome if you listen to people with more experience than you and take it slow. I used to be kind of anxious about flying, educating myself on how safe air travel is eliminated that fear. Same for the gym.


Education about flying is completely different to education about peoples own thoughts. One can be backed up by statistics and numerical data, the other can’t


Just go to the gym, you'll be okay. Even if someone laughs at you "AHAHAHA FATTY ON THE TREADMILL" so what? Hes an idiot, ignore him and keep on running.


OP going to the gym alone probably won't stop you gaining weight, you need to fix your diet too. Also try and add as much walking into your life as possible, it burns about 60% calories as running but it's easier and less miserable than running if you aren't a runner. Pure gym is fine and no one will bother you. When you go for the first time, just use a bike for a bit and subtly observe what everyone else is doing. Then when you feel comfortable start using other equipment etc.




MYFitnessPal is fantastic. I mainly use it to keep track of what I'm eating. I tried keto and it just didn't work for me and I felt so weak. I'm now solidly losing weight on CICO, so exercise really helps, because a few hundred calories out extra is good. That way I know I've definitely burned far more calories than I'm eating. I'd recommend it to anyone wanting to diet/eat healthily.


Depends how you function but Puregym really aren't at all interested in their members, turn up and do what you want unnoticed. I'm awkward af when it comes to working out in public but I either go when it is super packed or in the middle of the night when it is totally empty and I can do my thing, I've never talked to anyone there and never been barely looked at, you'll go unnoticed in any of their gyms. ofc if you're after a more personal approach, it is not the place


I go to an everyone active leisure center as it's the only one in my area, not gonna lie its a bit shit. BUT I started off in the barbell bodypump class, loads of nice pensioners, I was the youngest there by about 30years when I started, the class taught me all the main basic barbell moves, how to do them properly and built up my strength (going from basically body weight to about 10-20kg added weight in 6months). They were super nice and supportive. Then when I felt more able I went into the gym section, I watched lots of youtube videos/ some of the center's videos to understand how the equipment worked. No one in there has ever bullied me or anyone else in there, people are frequently very quite but when you see them every week they slowly start to smile at you when you come and go, its nice. you can also get a personal trainer sessions if you have the money. Everything that I was afraid of was not the case, even the rowdy teenagers don't pay any attention to you. Have fun, good luck :-)


Can you afford a trainer? Even just every so often. A huge part of my gym anxiety is around feeling like I don’t fit in or know exactly what I’m doing. So working with someone who develops a routine for me and teaches me how to do it - and why - has really helped. I’m now getting more familiar and happy following the programme, or make adjustments that work for me rather than feeling clueless. If you can’t afford that then there are programmes online, and my gym has an app with some pre written workouts of all sorts too so that’s worth exploring. For me it doesn’t matter how much you try and reassure me that nobody else cares, I struggle without a plan and knowledge that gives me “permission” to be there. I know I pay as much as everyone else and have the same right to be in the space as someone who can bench a small family car, but that feeling lingers. That’s just my mental block to overcome. Work out what yours is and have a practical plan to work past it. I’ve been going to Pure Gym and it feels pretty safe and comfortable. Mix of newbies and people taking it seriously. I’ve not really felt watched or judged but I have definitely had to be very strict with myself about not letting irrational thoughts that someone is watching and laughing with no evidence take over


"I was bullied as a kid for being weak and skinny, and the people I see going in and out of gyms look like grown up versions of the same kids that bullied me so I don't particularly want to go in." It's worth remembering that school has almost no disincentives for bad behaviour. Kids who hate school and are bored will just bully other kids. Worst case, they get expelled which suits them fine as they don't want to be there. Most people at the gym are just minding their own business. They aren't bored kids stuck in a place. They've chosen to go to the gym. They want to be there. They don't want to get kicked out by upsetting other users. And in my experience, people are very supportive in gyms. A lot of people at the gym were once like you. So, they're often sympathetic to the new fat or skinny guys. They'll encourage them to keep going. They'll talk to you and give free advice.


I’m a member of Bannatyne since Feb and they are really lovely, the trainers are great, I do loads of classes and the people are so supportive (I’m in 2 WhatsApp groups now!) and it’s just been a lovely experience. They have so much time for you to help you out and give advice. I’m not sure if they’re nationwide but I know there’s more than a few. Good luck!


Actually I think you’ll find a better experience at a small independently owned gym where the owners actually care about their members. Obviously it’s not guaranteed but I think it’s more likely


This 100%


Totally agree with this as well.


I used to be like that, I don't remember it being bullying at school but it is probably classes as that now. I went to a local hotel chain that had a small gym/pool with memberships, also helped I went with someone I knew. I now go to a local gym near where i moved to (Carterton) and its great, definetly looks like the place you are afraid of but I've never seen anyone be anything other than friendly. Maybe someone in this list is near you, goes to the gym and can be a gym buddy for a while?


Pure Gym


Honestly I thought this before I started going to The Gym group, but nobody has ever given any time to anything anyone else is doing around them as everyone is just trying to get in headphones on, get their exercises done and leave


Most gyms will do an induction with you when you join. Also get a few PT sessions to help you work out a plan. Don’t worry about being bullied. Nobody gets bullied at the gym.


Look up your local council run / associated gym - they are often cheaper and better set up for people who don't know what they're doing yet. They may also have a get fit programme which can include meal planning as well as a fitness programme and explanation of how to use the machines properly.


My number one bit of advise before anyone signs up for a gym is to do stuff at home. If you cant manage to set aside an hour a day to go for a walk, do some press ups/ sit ups then it's unlikely you will suddenly find the time to go to the gym just because your paying for it. Gyms are great but you've got to put the effort in to get the results and if you can't do that now, you won't when you start paying for something it.


Pure gym is cheap and no other members care what you are doing. If you sign up for a class tell the trainers that you are new. I am crap at exercise but no one ever comments on how useless I am. You can do a three day trial usually to check if you like it.


Not sure what you mean caters for, all gyms should give you an induction and staff to help out when needed. Gyms like Energie Fitness or The Gym Group are worth a shout


If you want to lose weight then just eat less...




Holy shit grow a spine. To lose weight just eat less and don't bother with gym you dumb fuck




Does some stretches then dumbass. You can do that in a bedroom wtf do you need a gym for?