I’ve momentarily been full bodied somewhere else, back in time, a few times now while meditating on lsd. It’s really different than trying sober while going to bed, with acid it feels like a guided experience and more intense, but never lasting more than five or six seconds. When I attempt ap from sleep, or laying and meditating before bed it’s like the starting point is where ever I am and the world around me is like a cloudy version of my actual surrounding. I think the link would be the activation of some part of your brain that brings about the meditative stuff, also lsd causes rapid eye movement called REM, like when you dream in rem sleep. That seems relative to me


Hey, I’m not certain but it kind of feels like that. Everytime I do a psychedelic that thought crosses my mind. And you’re asking it, so there must be some truth in the theory.


Psychedelics help put you in an altered state akin to a trance and relaxes your body in a way that helps you easily assimilate your consciousness into the astral realm. Different substances hold a key frequency that helps lift your consciousness up to higher realms.


So I would find it easier to AP whilst tripping?


I find I can’t concentrate on ap when I’m on anything…. Maybe adhd related?