my ex is bullying me in a group chat but i deserve it

my ex is bullying me in a group chat but i deserve it


Take yourself out of the group chat. You don't have to listen to that negative talk. You have realised your actions were negative and have tried to make amends. Anything after this is just going to hold you back from healing and growing positively.


Agreed. Recognizing and accepting the consequences of your actions is great. Trying to make amends, even better, if the other person is willing to accept that. Anything more than trying to learn from the experience is unnecessary and self-punishment.


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That's a big no, my friend. See here is the thing. If you fucked up the other person can leave righteously, like that can be the price of bad behavior. But they dont get a blank check to fuck with you or act out. They got a "leave the relationship and it's on me" token. That is not transferrable to "bully me" tokens.




may i ask where i was doing any of that?