We need more people like him

We need more people like him


You can tell a lot about a person by how they react to Dan Brown.


[Don’t make fun of renowned author Dan Brown](https://onehundredpages.wordpress.com/2013/06/12/dont-make-fun-of-renowned-dan-brown)


"They even say my books are packed with banal and superfluous description, thought the 5ft 9in man. He particularly hated it when they said his imagery was nonsensical. It made his insect eyes flash like a rocket." That whole thing was great, but that part in particular just killed me, lol


I never enjoyed The DaVinci Code. Everybody thinks I’m weird for that.


Interesting. I’m not much of a reader and I couldn’t put that book down.


I’m a huge reader… maybe that’s the difference? I don’t know why it would be though…


I’m with /u/tueanh I don’t read much and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m not an avid reader so I’m easily impressed and it shows.


Avid reader here. Enjoyed it thoroughly, but I'm also a recovering catholic. So bias must ensue.


I get that what he does is unusual but no, we don't need more jobless people and we don't need existing jobless people to be doing this. We're need decent opportunities out there for people to earn a living, not just "barely enough in order not to beg"


This is basically just saying. "If you're jobless, rather than spending time trying to get a job, just spend time reading books since it worked for one dude half way across the word".


That's more an *outcome* of what they're saying. I think that what they're saying directly would be better summarized as, *'I like the idea of books even though I don't actually like reading books, and I find the notion of a poor black man who enjoys reading magical, because I'm a bit simple.'*


I get what both of you are saying and I agree. Unfortunately here in SA we currently, quite literally actually do not have enough jobs for our people ( I think we have the highest unemployment rate in the world right now?) so just finding opportunities for a job can be next to impossible. The spirit of the post was more along the lines of admiring the innovation shown by this man to create possible opportunities for himself in a jobmarket that is almost nonexistant, and to acknowledge his motivation and perseverance.


While I don't know your situation (and share your admiration fo anyone who tries to innovate a new way to make an income and contribute to society) I'm skeptical of the notion that a country can really lack jobs for people. IMO, a job is just the role one fills in order to contribute socially in exchange for survival assets. If a population has enough survival assets, then a lack of jobs is really just the manifestation of a society that has chosen to distribute resources ineffectively. And if it doesn't, then that society has a shortage of a basic need, not of jobs. My city (Los Angeles) is unfortunately a good example of this principle in action.


Well said! I think SA definitely has this problem as well even from before covid, but unfortunately the successive lockdowns with alcohol bans have also made it swing in the other direction. For example 60% of our restaurants closed down permanently in 2020 alone, I'm not sure where that number is now. Another lifeline for a lot of communities used to be tourism and obviously that has taken a huge knock, with a multitude of companies closing down or having to retrench staff. But, like I said, unemployment has been a problem for a long time here so I definitely agree with you as well!


That assumes he can't get a job. For all we know that's the business he chose. That said I agree....if everyone did this the traffic intersection book review market would be saturated. Prices would plummet. Then recession followed by a deep depression the likes of which we haven't seen in 90 years. On top of that there's the real wrath-of-God type stuff. Fire and brimstone coming down from the sky. Rivers and seas boiling. Human sacrifice. Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria. So yeah. We don't need more people doing this. But one is alright with me.


Tyler the creator is pretty famous


This looks like Mayweather in another timeline where he is poor but he actually knows how to read


Just a man who loves to read novels, nothing to be amazed...


It's amazing to people who don't like reading but wish they did.


We need to stop telling ourselves that homeless folks are homeless because they are lazy or won’t work.


In the USA, most of them don't want to work. It is largely caused by drugs or alcohol which leads to homelessness and often times mental health issues. I have offered homeless people a job and they refuse. When they ask for money, I offer to buy them food and they would refuse. The one time I gave a homeless guy cash, I watched him walk into the corner store and buy cigarettes and beer. We do have a huge problem with homelessness in the USA, but a offering them a job will not fix it in many cases.


I think your understanding of homelessness is reasonable, but demonstrates some common misconceptions. First among them is the binary impression that one either rebels against homelessness or embraces it. You're absolutely right that many of them aren't receptive to an offer of work. I've definitely encountered people asking for money supposedly for food who then refuse food after I offered to get them something. But what you're missing is the lived reality that disincentivizes someone from pursuing your impression of a better life. One example: if someone has taken an offer for work and then gotten stiffed on payment, for instance, they won't take your offer when you show up, and you would simply assume they like living in the gutter. This might sound like a wild story, but it's not: the sheriff in LA "rescued" a homeless veteran a few weeks ago by taking him to the VA on camera to show how he could do what the local city councilman couldn't. But the VA wasn't expecting them and didn't have a bed. So the vet ended up sleeping on the curb in his wheelchair outside the VA, and then hitching a ride the next day back to the encampment he was picked up from. Will that guy accept help in the future? Hell no. There's a really great podcast I recommend frequently called "[Samaritans](https://www.kcrw.com/news/shows/samaritans)". It's a miniseries about the friends of a homeless woman named Christine trying to get her into city housing. It really defies stereotypes. And offers a case study in why it's so complicated finding housing for the homeless and getting them into it.


This guy needs a blog or podcast or something. Work smarter not harder.


He definitely has something going on with this.


Is this current? We could find businesses near there and encourage them to hire him. This guy is smart.


This post is like most of reddit, old as time. Dude does 100% no longer do this


This is pretty cool.


meanwhile, 15 yr old girls want to follow their "influencers", who had to "struggle".


That and funding for public libraries


An admirable ‘highbrow’ variant of street enterprise


"collects" books.