Favorite mattress?

Favorite mattress?


Thousands of "new" mattresses are released on a yearly basis, and everyone has different preferences... If people give you the name of a specific mattress, it's likely been changed, discontinued, or it's someone who belongs in r/hailcorporate. Go into MULTIPLE stores to personally lay on them however you normally sleep. Make note of which ones you like, and immediately walk away from ones that cause ANY discomfort. DO NOT let you or your partner convince the other into getting one that you don't mutually love... If that's the case, keep looking. After you've narrow them down, lay on your favorites (in your normal/desired sleeping position) and spend at least 5 minutes on each. Once you've narrowed down your options some more, look up reviews. Pay special attention to the warranty! If it says "10 year warranty", dig to make sure it is a non-pro-rated warranty and find out what their warranty claim specifications are. Some warranties are immediately voided just by not purchasing their box foundation/frame... stay away from these manufacturers. Be weary of newer companies, especially the thousands of online retailers that have popped up in the last 5 years. You'll see almost exclusively 5 star reviews on their websites, but hundreds of negative experiences if you look elsewhere. If I get a mattress with a 10 year non-prorated warranty, I don't want to wonder if a company that popped up out of nowhere will disappear just as quickly. Controversial but personal opinion, I'm very against mattresses that are made of all memory foam due to their lack of longevity (unless you're OK with paying $3k+) and difficulty getting a successful warranty claim (most claims look for a 1.5"-2" deep impression to qualify, but foam core mattresses generally don't "show" impressions... this is why Tempurpedic offered a lifetime warranty) Look for "Hybrids"! These are mattresses that have memory foam + a cooling agent on top with individually wrapped coils underneath. You get the same comfort/contouring as an all memory foam bed while avoiding the heat/moisture issues that most foam core beds fall prey to. I've run a local mattress store for a little over 4 years. Let me know if you have any more questions!


Seconding this and hybrids. The bounce and fun of traditional style and the non pokey no pressure point support and comfort of foam. They do heat up a bit, but not bad. Mine has a cooling layer that supposedly helps. I just keep the thermostat low at night and it's perfect.


I would like a new mattress but I don’t have thousands of dollars at my disposal. I’ve always hoped to have a “mattress guy” that could hook me up with warehouse prices, but barring that what do you recommend as the best way to save money without soaring quality and the best way to get financing??


I don't feel comfortable giving financing advice, but really it come back to checking multiple stores. Keep the warranty info in mind and find what you believe to be the best balance between price and comfort. :)


Also seconding this, but I'd like to add that you should also keep on eye out for trial periods! For example, Brooklyn bedding has a 120 day trial period so you can make sure that it's the right mattress for you.


I use D&D furniture tri-fold Shikibuton. I literally just got my second one today after 7 years on the old one. Best bed I've ever found *by far*, and extremely affordable. The only one that's ever come close was sleeping on my friend's Purple mattress (I've tried a lot of mattresses). Purple was about as good.


I have the purple 3 and I love it, easily the most comfortable bed I've slept on. Unfortunately my wife hates it so we'll see how long it lasts.


Sams club is where I got mine and it’s memory foams ! no springs !


I have an okioki mattress and I love it! I went with the second firmest option, as I was recommended softer and my partner was recommended firmer, and it actually ended up perfect for us. We don’t feel each other moving, it’s super comfortable, and very affordable!


I’m also on the hunt and the first one I found that I just laid in and had no problems at all was aireloom eurotop plush.... I asked the price almost $6000 it’s safe to say I’m still trying out all the beds in hopes I’ll find one near as good without the price tag and online reviews don’t help much cause it’s all online beds that aren’t at the store except maybe the purple one and Casper ones I’ve found in store. Good luck on your hunt


The Hesstun at medium firmness provided me with the best experience I've had with a mattress; however it only lasted like 3-4 years, at which point I switched to the Helix Midnight, which is steep at $599 ($899 for queen) for a twin as of now (with a very easy access discount code). It does provide a great sleeping experience though, so I would recommend it if you want something possibly more longlasting (it has a thick foam layer on the bottom.) Hesstun: https://ingka.page.link/G9cqNB6tWbE31NnQ8 Note on Ikea mattress return policy: their policy says you can exchange a mattress only once within 90 days; however you can return for a full refund or exchange as many times as you'd like so long as you are experiencing pain caused by the mattress and you tell them that, as well as presenting your ID. Helix Midnight: https://helixsleep.com/products/midnight?variant=queen Sidenote about helix: the dusk might be better than the midnight since it contours to all positions, compared to the midnight which specializes in side sleeping.