Is it worth applying for a supe position?

Is it worth applying for a supe position?


If you are VPL or already at pay cap for adviser, probably not worth it for the increased stress unless you REALLY need the money, If you are at the base pay as an adviser, prob worth it. If you want to move up in the company, worth it. If you want leadership experience for the resume, worth it. All depends on what your future plans are.


I would suggest logging into HR and looking at the pay range for your location. For example a Geo A pay is only 17 to 20ish. I am currently in management. I used to love my job before covid. Now I host for 3 hours and SFL for 3 hours. I squeeze a 8 hour workday into a hour and a half. As long as you know how to handle people and stress it's worth it. Best Buy can be a great career.


If you like the sausage with no spit and never no thank you then yeah go for it.


I wouldn't worry about the restructure. They might elimate positions next year but you might as well make money while you can. I would expect to be a general sales supervisor rather than a computer supervisor. I would expect to be paid $20/hr at least. If they don't offer you that they can go fuck themselves.


I just got promoted to computer supervisor in my store. I would say it is worth it based of the pay increase I got especially when you account for the 2 bonuses per year. As for the restructuring I haven't heard about anything except for the one changing all supervisors to general sales supervisors


That's the one I was referring to, is it a change in name only or a shrinking of the number of general sales supervisors necessary? Is it difficult to hit bonus?


It's just a name change/slight responsibility change. To my knowledge they do expect us to be coverage for about 6 hours a week though. And the bonuses are easy to hit. It's all based off company performance not store level so if the company makes money we get a bonus.


My store just had two supervisors vacate their positions and they are not being replaced, but their responsibilities will be given to the other supervisors.


At my tiny store, they have already switched to the general sup positions. They go everywhere just as we do. Pre-covid I was 100% sure I wanted to be a manager. Now I don’t. $20 an hour is nice but just remember that if this is a job and not a career for you, it might be hard finding something that pays equivalent (part of my reasoning). Plus, you will be doing what you are already doing plus dealing with Karen’s, order issues, opening/closing the store, metrics, etc. This is just my take, but do what makes you happy of course.


Im gonna be honest, im pretty new to being a supe but coming from a vpl role, i am a lot happier. The pay increase for me was great but overall the hours are better because i mostly open so im off at 3. I recommend going for it, i was doing mobile for 5 years and this change of pace has for sure made work exciting again. Worst case scenario its not for you but it does look good on a resume!


Honestly if the pay is much better then go for it, I left and became a vendor and am being paid a lot more to do a lot less.


It’s the least reliable position in the store. Whenever a big restructure happens, supes are the first to go. Expect this to happen within two years.




Minus all the lay offs of people who had been with the company for years yep!


Apply for every position you think you can handle. Every interview is experience for you. I worked at BBY for 13 years and loved most of it. But keep your options open. As you grow, things will be more important than working on Thanksgiving or having holidays blacked out. Apply for jobs that pay more outside of that place as well. I don't regret the time I spent there. I do regret not having applied for other positions for so long. But Best Buy developed me into a very hirable person.


Given the coming restructure and how the company loves to make changes after holiday, be prepared for the possibility of the supervisor position being completely eliminated in the near future.


Depends whether you want to go the leadership route or the consultant route. Going consultant is sales-oriented and you get commissions. Going leadership is more responsibility and higher base pay/leadership bonuses but no potential for commissions.