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You guys notice how these just kinda tapered off after Google got us all to do enough free labor for them to train their AI to do this?




is that for everyone? i thought its cuz i have traffic turned on...huh. the stop signs can be useful sometimes, less so the lights


Yeah it rolled out like a month ago


Depends. Google still has a behind-the-scenes captcha that you just won't notice. But I always get the pop-up click-on-crosswalks-and-buses ones, I assume because I'm always on a VPN.


Don't you find it annoying? It's literally the reason I started using Bing. Don't have time for that captcha bs. Plus I get gift cards for just using Bing.


Annoying, sure, but it's absolutely worth it for the additional privacy I get from using a VPN. They're not just on Google's site, though. I use duckduckgo and still get them on other websites.


I never really think twice about them since I usually complete them under 10 seconds. They’re more of a speedbump then anything.


Stop googling 'how to bury a dead body without being caught'


I also always gotta fill out the captchas when I’m on my VPN


I don't think they ever "tapered off." I find myself doing these just as often as I always have.




[For those that still doubt we're not being used to train robots](https://imgur.com/DZgx85M)


If I have my VPN on I usually have to do them. That’s really the only time I’ve ever noticed it tbh


OK I have no source for this and I may have dreamed it, but I swear I read something about how these tests don't go by if you actually select the right images, they go by how fast you do it. An actual robot won't have any hesitations, so will be really fast. So for the last few years I always leave a few seconds between selecting images and I haven't failed one since.


While its true that a computer would have a much MUCH faster reaction/‘movement’ time than a human, I don’t think that’s the basis behind the test. Believe its cause a computer could not distinguish anything in a picture. In other words it couldn’t tell you if its a picture of Brad Pitt or Whoopi Goldberg unless it was written in the ‘coding’ of the picture.


Bruh wth are you talking about? Coding of the picture??? AI can and do recognize images. It is one of the earliest applications for AI after sound.


>Coding of the picture??? Different image formats (.jpg, .png, etc) are each encoded in different ways and they possess varying ways to include metadata. The metadata can sometimes include info about the image itself if the image's author did something to include that info in the metadata. That's likely what they meant but didn't know the right words for it.


Well they can because of human input training like Captcha tests. That's kinda the point of the thread. In order to have an AI recognize images you gotta first tell it what image is what.




Google’s captcha always thinks I’m a robot. I’ll go through like 8 rounds of captcha before it lets me through. It gives me an identity crisis sometimes. Like oh shit, *am* I a robot?


I hate the word minute because it's a completely different word than minute and it gets confusing


I read it's based on what other people also do, so if most people count it as a light you must not be a person unless you count it too


Yep, that's part of how it works. It's by collective consensus. If you pick images that other people have picked, then you're probably not a robot. If you pick images that very few people pick, then you're sus. They probably also factor in how fast you do it and such as an extra form of validation.


Meanwhile I have a laptop with a touch screen so I be hitting them all immediately lol


No, that's not how these work. The way they work is Google's AI knows like 5/12 contain a part of a traffic light (or whatever they are asking for.) They also know that 6/12 *do not* contain a traffic light. The captcha checks to see if you get those 11/12 right to decide whether to let you pass or not. The last 1 out of the 12 Google's AI isn't sure on. Maybe their classifier gave a result of like 60% that it does contain a traffic light. It doesn't matter what you put on that one because Google doesn't know either. That last one is just data for them to add to their AI classification algorithm based on what the average user puts. Speed of use *might* be a small factor, but the main thing is getting the 11/12 known ones right.


Tip: select three squares that have the most of the object visible. The vast majority of the time, you need three squares to solve the CAPTCHA. Try it next time. Changed my life as I always second-guessed my CAPTCHA decisions before. (It probably won't change *your* life, mine is just boring)


The 3x3 grids select the three and the 4x4 grids select 4


And 4x3?




I'm the opposite. I know they don't always submit images they know 100% so I try to click on things I know might be considered the goal. Fuck your dataset.


I hate the crosswalk the one with buses cause part of it be in the other frame as well.


Omg yes. Crosswalk bleeding over into another square, pick it, wrong. Well... Which part is wrong?


I just did the worst one of these. I had to choose seaplanes and all the pictures were seaplanes in blue water vs. airplanes in the blue sky. I damn near had a crisis


I've tried both selecting and not selecting these sort of boxes, they always got accepted. (Personal anecdotal experience)


Or is the button considered part of the crosswalk? Are those “mountains” or just like some hills?


Remember, these are trained on previous human responses and humans like simplicity in their choices. Now, you get one asking to select the boats in the middle of the ships, you're on your own.


Don't overthink it: if its just a sliver, just leave it unmarked.


And no matter what u decid, you're always wrong the first try