Just came here to say I loved when Sutton laughed when Erika was having a tantrum.


And it really got to Erika - she was SEETHING.


Sutton didn't give her the reaction she wanted and I LOVED it


Its so interesting to me that in other situations, Sutton has totally melted when presented with conflict - last year with Dorit (let the mouse go), earlier this season in Tahoe - but here she is laughing in Erika's face. I wonder what's different about this situation compared to the others in her mind ..... maybe she's just extremely confident that she's on the right side in this instance vs. the others (which, she is!!!!)


I wonder if she's found her footing a bit more (and more of her sanity)... Last year she was going through a divorce, this year selling her house and renos... I didn't necessarily buy it, but maybe it did impact her ability to engage maturely in conflict. As well, she is clearly on the right side of the issue and is worlds above the other women when it comes to caring about her reputation. Erika sitting around with Kyle and Lisa and saying Sutton was so small town for 'caring what the neighbors think' was so laughable. She's so wrong, it is in fact laughable at this point.


For Erika to lean on the position that Sutton is so small town is rich. Honey, you should be so small town. She doesn’t have to crawl on the floor for diamonds and tiaras. Her husband is gone and she’s driving a Bentley Continental GT. Girl Bye.


Yeah its ridiculous. Its also incredibly embarrassing to watch her act like Sutton doesn't have anything to protect. Is she being intentionally obtuse? Or is she really that stupid...


After watching the extra scene where we learn Sutton actually offered Erika a loan at the beginning of the divorce, it frames Sutton’s anxiety about being associated with Erika after learning of the widows and orphans. It was quick of Erika to forget of Sutton’s kindness there and at the spa, but loaning money to someone who had their assets frozen and under investigation would give me cause for worry, as well, even in hindsight. Ronald Richards said he’d want to talk to Sutton, had she loaned Erika money and under what conditions, but she would not be deposed. I think Bravo did her dirty by not tying this together or maybe I make too much of it.


She’s laughing at her because she could say more.


I think because it’s something within her comfort zone. Dorit came out of no where last season just like this one with some dumb mess. Sutton is not comfortable talking about race which is why the Crystal issues started to begin with. BUT, when it comes to divorce financial forensics she’s knows exactly what to do.


ITA. I think perhaps, when the situation doesn't directly involve you, clearer heads can prevail. In her mind, it's probably all factual and procedural, since she has been divorced before, is rich, and knows how money works. It's fascinating to me how people can function so differently and compartmentalize. She's such an interesting person, and I am so glad she is here this season.


I think it probably helps that Sutton, like so many of us, are reasonably sure that Erika is full of shit. So I mean really, what could someone like Erika \*do\* to someone like Sutton? Be a bitch of tv? Erika is going down hard. A smarter person would be more humble and kinder to others, but clearly Erika thinks she has nothing else to lose. Sutton knows that the Morally Corrupt Erika Jayne has no power anymore.


I hope that Sutton has (had) the opportunity too tell Erika EXACTLY what she means about protecting her reputation. Sutton sits on boards and charities, that's her rep. Erika gets on stage in lingerie and "sings" about how many fucks she doesn't give... And this is before any hint of what the Girardi's did. Sutton should laugh in her face!


Yes! More rich bitch behavior, please.


Erika thinks the viewers are idiots and will fall for her 'I'm a victim and tom was in an accident' story. Do you know how I know that? Because she was wearing the matching CARTIER earrings that go with her 195k ring!!


I spotted them too and was amazed that she would wear them after dumbly questioning where all the money went.


Yeah, I think her jewelry yesterday was a poor choice,. And would we have EVER seen her in a "ladies who lunch" outfit like that EVER in the past? She's gone from Miss Innocent in the headband to "I have old money and style Attorney's Wife" look. It's almost like she's put Erika Jayne in the closet but is still flaunting money but in a more gentile way


Her outfit was so strange! The matching ribbon in her braids was very “little girl dance recital”


OMG I didn't think of that but you're right ![gif](giphy|B9mSMS4qA5XGg|downsized)


At first I thought: Maybe it's loaned? But what stylist or PR company would loan an alleged thief and criminal anything right now?!


She’s delusional if she thinks anyone will be sympathetic to her anymore. Especially after her behavior tonight.


Erika is on demon time next week. That snarled face in the preview genuinely made her look evil AF.


I wish she had that much anger for Tom 🙄


She becomes a different person when she is pissed! Those clenched teeth omg!


I keep thinking that this show isn’t the only place she has quickly turned into demon mode. She must have done this to Tom, as well. I can’t imagine her having control for all those years, even with the threat of losing her $$. She knows she’s being filmed and the whole world can see and she can’t control it.


the more i watch the more i believe that this may be dorit’s last season, constantly (and deservingly) taking the L


And honestly? Last season was a fluke where I felt like she came off great - but this season she’s either showing her entire ass or is completely MIA. She hasn’t ‘brought’ anything other than weird rented fashions and secondhand embarrassment. Last season for sure.


I honestly think production is (rightfully) giving her enough rope to complete the deed. Everytime they've featured her she's come off as a total idiot. They included her confessional where she doubled down on being an ignorant racist and missed Garcelle's point about her kids being exposed to POC. Last episode it was clear that Dorit decided her next move was to confront Garcelle so they had her film with Crystal to set up the fight. Not sure if it was Dorit's idea or if production nudged her to do it but regardless, it was a flop and she's going to get murdered every week for it, until the reunion when Garcelle fully finishes her.


Sutton was right about Erika directing her anger at her. If she was innocent, she wouldn’t get mad about every minor thing. It takes more than to dress up as a 6th grader and talk in a low voice to convince others, that you’re innocent, Erika.


That bullshit about ‘talk to your attorney about me some more’ is so childish. Erika is an awful human being - and so incredibly dumb.


Erika is worried that if the other women consult with their attorneys someone is gonna see through her bullshit. She thinks this group is too dumb to see through it on their own but she underestimated Garcelle, Sutton, and Crystal (you can see her putting it together in her head) actually having the intelligence and awareness to not fall in line. I think Erika thought this was all gonna go differently and what we're seeing is her still desperately trying to pull it all off but also freaking out as she realizes that her world is collapsing in spite of her inflated ego telling her she's smarter and tougher than anyone around her.


Crystal is starting to look increasingly uncomfortable in these scenes, you could tel when Erika was saying to go ahead while shouting at Sutton. I think she’s trying to stay neutral but isn’t really in her head. Especially as I think Kathy has no time for this bullshit and Kathy is her friend


I like Crystal on this cast so far. I think she got thrown into quite a difficult atmosphere for a first season housewife with the pandemic and the whole Erika scandal happening at the same time but she seems to stand up for herself so I think she can hold her own in this group and hopefully hold some feet to the fire when she's more comfortable.


Firstly, if you haven’t seen this episode yet, friendly warning to skip the first ten minutes because your brain will literally turn smooth. Secondly, does anyone else think Dorit is only going for Garcelle because she looked bad during that discussion about race in Palm Springs? When she met with Crystal to talk about Garcelle she was very clear to compliment Crystal on her “traditional” cooking videos. Makes me think she’s more concerned about looking like a racist than supporting Erika so she’s trying to make our Garcelle has a problem with her for no reason.


Hey, don't dare her call her a racist, her help is non-white and her mom's best friend is black. She's basically MLK in lots of Gucci.


This triggered me. As a white person. So I can only imagine how off putting it was to poc viewers, Garcelle and Crystal. The fact that no white cats members called her out at the moment, was so frustrating. Because I KNEW that if anyone of colour mentioned it, they would be attacked. Fuck, sometimes these shows piss me off. Edit - in my anger I said cats and not cast. I'm sorry. edit 2 - Now in hindsight, I feel like it may sound like I am trying to co-opt these issues. I promise I am not.


Cats is appropriate too 🐱


Yes I totally think that she feels like Garcelle embarrassed her but she’s saving face and can’t use that as a reason to have a go to her because it makes her seem even more problematic. Regardless, Dorit needs to stop and shut up.


On your second point, YES


if that’s her big plan that jeeeez did that backfire


I noticed that awkward compliment about her traditional cooking videos also. Just say you’re interested in cooking those dishes because they look tasty.


In Dorit’s accent “I’m gonna attack the one black woman in our group just to not look racist👱🏻‍♀️”


Turn smooth! LOLOL So true. 😫


Lmao I fell asleep at the boring start and missed half the show. So the first 10 minutes comment is 100% true.


Dorit going for Garcelle for not saying things to her face while Erika is sat right there lying through her teeth about stealing from widows and orphans. I cannot.


And the whole issue is Garcelle DOES say things to her face!! Like.??


That was so annoying. She literally recounted things said *to her face*. This is gaslighting.


Also calling Garcelle a bully when Erika is literally bullying Sutton at the table in real time had me like 🤯 Erika's like "fuck you small town bitch I'll fuck you up" to Sutton. Meanwhile Dorit is like "Right-o! Anywho Garcelle let's revisit that one time you told me I'm long-winded, that was quite rude!"


Erika admitting to sneaking out the crystal stemware, and her worry they "they'll come and take it away" is just the best. These fools have had this divorce/dementia plan as their oh shit parachute move for years, I am completely convinced. But please, continue to brag on national TV about how he is sooo smart he would get out of a prenup but sooo stupid he couldn't properly manage other people's settlements.


I, too, am convinced this was a long con: the accident, the divorce, the dementia...Tom probably knew he would be investigated at some point so he lawyered a solution with plausible deniability and corroboration (the accident/dementia). The only problem is how much of EJ was already on tape boasting about the wealth. The Feds don't like braggarts. It was Theresa spending tens of thousands in cash on furniture on tv, that got the Feds interest piqued. Not to mention the enemies Teresa made publicly like Kim G who was absolutely willing to sell her out.


Erika and Dorit are apparently both bonded in pressing the self destruct button this week. Every week when I think Erika can’t look any worse she brings it on herself. And I have no idea WTF that was from Dorit but her mocking Garcelle was gross and uncalled for. Not to mention she was way too bothered by Garcelle calling her out on her BS.


And then the look on her face when Garcelle calmly said “I remember”. Ahaha


After years and years dealing with bitches with “pretend amnesia”, Garcelle is truly a breath of fresh air! Garcelle pls roast everyone in the reunion we got your back 🙏


I dont know how Erika can be so nasty to Sutton and Sutton doesn't go low "go get another legal opinion" "okay, well at least I can afford it" would have been my reply "I'm worried about my reputation because unlike you I have a future in high social circles" LOL


She needs to channel some New Jersey ![gif](giphy|3o7WIuJorYQk8H6DEQ)


Erika straight up admitted she stayed with Tom for money. Lamenting that she hasn’t gotten any money from him while sipping on champagne is so tactless. You know she’s really not mad at Tom at all, if we go with her story then he cheated on her, she lived in fear of having nowhere to go, he was horrid/unsupportive of her and now he’s dragged her into this mess. Any rational person would be seething or at the very least upset but aside from her dramatic crying session with Kyle she seems unbothered about the things Tom has done. I don’t understand her strategy because it’s not coming off well. She’s more bothered about money and she could not give one single fuck about the victims. ETA: Anyone have any info on those Panthère de Cartier earrings? I’m interested in the £ tag but I couldn’t find them on their website.


OMG the champagne glasses: "A little parting gift...to myself. They will probably try to take them away from me but I don't give a fuck at this point." 😳


I don’t understand how these other women sat there laughing. Ugh it boils my blood.


When she said that, I heard the attorneys auditing the show all gasp and then start typing with such glee. She’s such a moron.


Erika is not deliberately cold, she’s inherently cold.


the Sutton and garcelle against the rest is a little unbalanced imo. get rid of dorit next season and bring on on of garcelle’s friends to balance it out


idk...Sutton & Garcelle vs the other women are far better odds than previous seasons. LVP vs the other women. Denise vs the other women.


Dorit talking to about Garcelles ‘obnoxious and rude tone’, while having an obnoxious and rude tone, while nodding her head like those nodding dogs toys you have in the car. Get fucked. Fuck you. I’m not finished - the way Erika speaks to Sutton next week, I would literally love to cut her down with words. What’s she gonna do? Sue me? I’d donate it to the victims. Hit me? I’d have those Cartier jewels of hers so fast, then sell them for the victims. Fuck Erika. Fuck Dorit. Who do they think they are? Seriously. Some scamming skanks, with a superiority complex. Send me to Beverly Hills, I’d tear them both down happily, with kisses from my Reddit loves.


As a designer I was so upset by that horrible font on the Rose All Day sign at Rinna’s party.


I noticed it too! Black arial on a white background?? Is it 1994?


Omg I've found my people. It was offensive. I legit opened up a foundry on my computer and started looking through other fonts I would have chosen


I’ve said it last week and I’ll say it again- everyone underestimated Sutton.


The look in her eyes flashed “it’s on.” when Erika started in on her again after Sutton tried to laugh her off. I really, really, really hope she stands strong when confronted in the next episode. She is smart, but emotional, so I hope her getting pissed helps her stand up for herself better than her meltdown with Crystal.


I think the difference is that Sutton didn’t intentionally mean to make Crystal uncomfortable and that rattled her. With Erika, she’s coming from experience and what’s been presented in the articles so far… I don’t think Sutton will back down.


I don’t think Sutton will give us what we want as far as clapping back or being equally vicious. She’s not a Kenya (which is why I love her). She’s not used to this kind of confrontation. I think her grace and confidence goes far in her coming out a winner while Erika’s street thug demeanor just shows the world who she is.


I do think Sutton laughs and also tears up when she's uncomfortable as well, I mean I'm a pretty self assured person, but if anyone, friend or foe family or whatever was literally yelling inches from my face? it has to get a little scary.


Omg Erika, dont try to fool us with all these cleaning scenes. Do you think we dont notice expensive fresh cut flowers all over your place? Stop making yourself look SO poor.


And the fact that her hair and makeup is professionally done. She's still glamming as we can see.


I thought the same thing when I saw that elaborate blue ribbon hair-do. That is not something she could do by herself. And by “blue ribbon,” I don’t mean winning hair-do.


Sure, $9,500 a month in rent, but a housekeeper once a week is *crazy*.


Pap pics of herself pumping her own gas... 🙄🙄🙄🙄 Into her new Range Rover 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


also, what a bad scene: - using a wet wipe to clean a stainless steel fridge that’s leaving smudges… - expensive cordless vacuum…. - touching her couch pillows. Lol. Babe at least commit to acting poor what’s this faux poor shit you doing.


Yeah I noticed that because I just paid way too much money for that exact (awesome) vacuum myself. That's a lot of widow and orphan money.


Her vacuuming with a $600 cordless dyson. Like girl…you ain’t fooling ANYONE


As well, she consistently serves champagne. Has a Dyson. A pool, a cabana... Professionally done make up. A Range Rover. Seemingly a whole new 'poor girl' wardrobe. Poor Erika.


Rinna demonstrated a surprising amount of self awareness when she compared herself to a cockroach


I did love the footage of Erika vacuuming because I thought she must’ve felt really sorry for herself the whole time she used that $800 vacuum


I wish I was cordless Dyson poor


I do not care about Rinna and her offspring and who they’re dating. Please stop forcing them on us.


It’s even funnier because in the UK noooo one rated Eyal when he was on TV.


I love Love Island so it’s weird that my two reality tv worlds are colliding but with cast members I cannot stand.


He was the worst. Pretentious, full of himself and not that bright.


‘He’s a male version of Delilah’


Insert Sutton’s “god help us”


Imagine exploiting your daughters and name dropping Scott Disick every episode, so you have a ‘storyline’. I’d much rather hear them talk about the husbands.


And sitting there, in a pandemic, with a straight face saying those girls have really been through a lot. Wow, Lisa- who could have possibly known that the modeling industry was cruel and exploitative?


What’s ironic is Sutton is being the most upfront and honest with Erika out of ALL OF THEM- aside from Garcelle. She’s in my opinion being the best friend to Erika there. None of the FFF have the balls to say anything to Erika’s face. Erikas definition of friendship is blind loyalty.


Dorit is so full of it. Bringing up Garcelle's tone was loaded - there was nothing negative with her tone in the clips they showed, Dorit is just pissed she was called out. Complaining about Garcelle joking about her being long winded was pointless given how many of them have said the same thing, in a much nastier way! I wish they had got more into why Garcelle feels like an outsider, she could've called out the FF4. I hope Dorit gets her ass handed to her at the reunion. Garcelle being called a bully is just laughable given the characters we've seen on this show!


Let’s take the Xmas dinner as an example. During that dinner Kyle and Lisa Rinna kept telling Sutton that she wasn’t being completely open with Erika or saying exactly what she’d said at their pre-meet. Garcelle did the *exact same thing* with Dorit. She says to Dorit ‘that’s not what you said’. And in a very even tone voice. So how is *that* bullying yet when Kyle/Lisa do the same to Sutton it’s ok?


What a depressing launch party. Like 8 people and not one mention of the product and the spotlight wasn't on Rinna. She must be livid. I loved every moment lol.


I was wondering if that party setup was actually for another party and they just filmed Rinna’s party there too? Crystal mentioned hosting about two parties a week. That setup was wayyyyy too much for just the girls.


It made it look sort of...depressing? That set up was enough for 40 people.


Kyle, Lisa, and Erika cackling over drinking expensive stolen rose. That's all one needs to know about all of them. Disgusting.


Other than Garcelle and Kathy, none of the HWs are engaging with any of Sutton’s insta content. They’re deff going to gang up on her at the reunion. God forbid she ask questions. Also, Erika is posting death threats again in her story after screaming at Sutton. Remind me who’s the bully again, Dorit?


I also believe the ONLY way Erika is coming for the reunion is by knowing the questions beforehand... after the season she's had and the audience reactions... her lawyers would've NEVER allowed it otherwise... ​ Edit - I clicked enter before completing my sentence... lol!


The irony of Dorit calling GARCELLE a bully while Erika cusses out Sutton and tells Crystal when she can speak. ![gif](giphy|uh7FwmNWduCtwFFxTo)


Sutton is on the board for several charities and organizations that repeatedly ask for monetary donations from wealthy people. Her reputation IS important, and that doesn’t make her a bad friend or an asshole. Erika acting like Sutton caring about that is “so Augusta” or even high school behavior is ridiculous!


While Dorit was just incredibly boring for this season, she completely overstepped a lot of boundaries in tonights episode. The use of the word bully, just then backtrack and say she doesn‘t like Garcelle‘s tone, and on top of it the mocking of Garcelle‘s speech is just incredibly concerning. She has nothing going on this season so she desperately tries to have a moment, but she‘s just showing her true colors here. Get her off the show please. Garcelle on the other hand handled this situation great. I once again found myself clapping for her and cheering her on.


And the nerve to do it in some weird Tim Burton meets Maggie Simpson get up.


she really was trying hard to say garcelle is an agressive black woman without calling her an agressive black woman


Mimicking her cadence crossed a line.


What was it again, a “rude tone”? Fuck her, fuck her, and fuck her. The nerve to think she would have support to do it in front of the group, instead of being a real woman and talking to her one-on-one.


I hated it and loved it at the same time. ![gif](giphy|2UvAUplPi4ESnKa3W0)


Dorit still has me pissed off. The more I think about it, the more I hate what she did. First of all, the micro aggressions. She was one step away from calling her an angry Black lady. Bully, your tone, so rude. But beyond the obvious, her anger makes no fucking sense. Her whole thing is “say it to my face”. She DID which is why you are complaining in the first place! You’re saying you’re upset because she was mean to you. Why is she coming so hard for her? Is it because Garcelle called her out last week for being two faced with Erika? Is she trying to initiate the process of driving her off the show like they did with Denise? Because if so, she’s got the wrong one.


When she said, "I don't want to be accused of belaboring a point." I guffawed. That was too much.


hahaha, as she proceeds to belabor yet another point!


I think it’s bc Garcelle called her out about not seeing color last week and how only people Dorit has in her home who aren’t white are service people. And THEN when Dorit said, “Well no, my mom’s BFF is Black.” 😑 Did you notice how Dorit conveniently didn’t bring up ANY of those examples??


She also blamed Garcelle for feeling like an outsider. Like, half of you get together and secretly decide what the season will be before it even tapes. Half the time *I* feel like an outsider! I think Dorit getting called out really threw her off. And she needed a way to fight back and just say "oh you're just a bully and that statement had no substance". Such a b.s. angle.




Yes! She is new to their group. It was on them to try to make her feel welcome, not the other way around. And they never tried, especially because she wouldn’t go along with what they were doing to Denise. Dorit is grasping at straws and I can’t wait to see the Kemsley House of cards come tumbling down. Let’s just hope Boy isn’t in there when it happens.


But Boy George is one of the greatest legal minds of our time! They'll be calling for his aid at some point


Well he DOES have some experience thanks to chaining a guy to a wall and keeping him captive while assaulting him. Maybe she’s on to something.


Thankyou for mentioning this. I find it highly disturbing that Boy George’s horrific criminal history is seemingly just forgotten by the general public.


It’s so wild to me that when he first came on the show and everyone was fangirling at the party, I started to question my memory of what he’s done.


OMG I had never heard that. Wtf? Then again, I’m not a fan and was too young when he was super popular.


Yeah I was born in the late 80s so I didn’t know him when he was famous, but I remember it was huuuge news when it happened because he actually did jail time, which never happens to famous people.


>she wouldn’t go along with what they were doing to Denise That’s the core of it. She didn’t go along with what they did to Denise last season and she’s not going along with supporting Erika this season. She’s an easier target at the moment than Sutton because Dorit has found “things” that Garcelle has done to all of the Fox Force Five over the last two years. Plus it looks like they’re going to leave Erika to deal with Sutton herself.


I’m extremely angry and upset by this too. Dorit and the whole table in fact who think it’s normal to just go head to head with someone, aka ‘we’ve all been there with dorit’. Firstly, her face her sitting there like she is hot shit on the show and acting like the queen. Garcelle handled it well and I felt her every emotion of wanting to fire up and go in on her but already black women are labelled as angry and aggressive. This was fucking awful to see a super privileged woman grasping at anything to create drama and a bigger divid between the group when during the the conversation Garcelle had already expressed she felt like an outsider. I’m so tired of this BH franchise of using the only thing they know how to do, manipulate the narrative to make them look bad and bully women by sitting at lunches or trips and doing nothing else but deflecting from the truth. Let’s get to the truth, using this season to deflect Erika’s unapologetic and lack of empathy, lies and shady money laundering (alleged). Last season we see the same thing with Denise, and previously LVP. What is the show truly trying to give us here? Lunch after lunch tearing down women. I understand that this is reality TV, but this is not fun to watch. There’s drama and arguments and then there’s vile witches. Sorry for the essay.


Yes I think it was retaliation for calling her out about being two-faced. Which is silly on its face because we all saw it first hand! At the time of filming, if dorit had a prayer of seeing that bullshit edited out, she ruined it by being so aggressive with garcelle at this dinner. Dorit is literally stupid.


THIS IS WHAT KILLS ME. Dorit and Kyle changed their tune about things once they were actually around Erika. Dorit threw Sutton under the bus and left her holding the bag. Did she… not remember all of this is on tape and will be aired? And Erika would see it? That’s why I feel like the the Fake Forced Five are trying to gaslight the audience this season. WE JUST SAW YOU.


I hate that she fixed her fucking mouth to say those things to Garcelle... for what? Garcelle ultimately took the high road and said ok I'll never do it again. Do what? Say how she feels.... to your face? I really hope Doris gets her ass handed to her at the reunion. Garcelle did nothing wrong. If anything, she's doing it right.


I hated how when Garcelle she didn’t feel welcome that Dorit was like why? And I was like stop it. You know why.


if dorito dares to call garcelle aggressive next episode, i will fucking lose it. none of them bitches ever call out erika for her unhinged, misplaced anger.


They didn’t even address Erika’s blatant aggression towards Sutton DURING that same conversation! Imagine if Garcelle had had that reaction towards Dorit, omg


She was coming for Garcelle so hard and it sucks that you can tell Garcelle has to be SO aware of how she reacts. Because if she raises her voice, there it is. The aggressive Black woman. Meanwhile Erika’s demonic twin takes over and no one even calls it out in a confessional.


“Demonic twin” 🔥


Erika with the throwdown smack talk and the hand gestures to match--wow, she went back to her roots.


Calling Sutton ‘small town’while acting like the world’s biggest hick. It’s just amazing.


and I feel it is just the opposite, in a small town you can control your rep much better than on the world stage.


Yes absolutely. Erika doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Just because both she and Sutton are from Georgia doesn’t mean that Sutton is a dumb hillbilly trying to make it in BH. That’s you, Erika. Sutton is on the board of trustees for American Ballet Theatre for God’s sake.


I hope Sutton doesn’t back down even though I’d be scared too, sitting next to her while she’s frothing at the mouth.


yeah, I agree, super aggressive.


It’s weird because I can’t recall a single time since Garcelle came on the show that I thought she raised her voice. Every time I hear her speak I think “wow she has such a nice voice and soothing tone, I wish she would read books on tape or tell me a story to help my anxiety when I’m trying to fall asleep.” I also think she’d be a great lawyer. In fairness, I have a lower tone/pitch to my voice but I am REALLY FUCKING LOUD when I want or need to be, so maybe my idea of “raising her voice” is different from other people. I come from a big, loud AF family so yeah, that’s probably it. Anyway, my point is, “aggressive woman” (black or not) has never ever crossed my mind when it comes to Garcelle.


I felt like Dorit kept going on and on because she was waiting and hoping to get a reaction out of her. She's such a little shit.


She just doesn’t like people calling her out on her bs.


And is dorit willfully ignorant or just that stupid to try again to make a problem with the garcelle/Erika misunderstanding? It’s been explained a million times. Dorit you’re either too stupid to grasp garcelle’s misunderstanding or you’re trying to rewrite the history of what happened


I think she was trying to deflect and get Erika mad at Garcelle again after Garcelle let Erika know Dorit was singing a different tune behind her back.


I’m convinced she wasn’t even upset, she had that menacing happy look on her face when Garcelle got up from the table. She was just making drama for no reason, she knows she’s boring and it’s showing.


#Team SuGar


I normally find Dorit the least offensive of Flop Force Five, but yikes. She had a terrible episode. Accusing Garcelle of being a bully and then doing an impression of her like a bully was so absurd I had to pause and rewind to check I'd heard correctly.


It makes sense that Garcelle co-hosts *The Real* because she has been nothing but genuine this entire season


Why is Bravo giving Erika such a sympathetic edit?


In case they want to keep her. See: Teresa Giudice.


In the preview for next week. Who is Kyle yelling at across from her? I praise Garcelle for not knocking Dorit on her ass. The way Dorit was talking to her was so obnoxious. I lived for Kathy putting on her lipstick without flinching during Garcelle’s F U comments.


Kathy is going to hate Erika for ruining her dinner party next week with her acting like she wants to arm wrestle people at the table meltdown next week. Also, Erika is extremely off with the Sutton is small town thing. Her small town is the (ex)wife of the extremely wealthy, not Hollywood wealthy, Wall Street wealthy, and it’s not the group to alienate. She could’ve helped Erika navigate this more than anyone in the group. Erika is the provincial one. Sutton literally laughed in her face when she said that.


Also, reputation is not not important. Erika thinking she’s being cool and edgy saying it’s insignificant is cute. Our names will stay with us even long after our deaths, I’d say it’s important. Imagine being recorded in history for the rest of eternity as a con artist who stole money from widows and orphans and burn victims..


One thing that I cannot stop being confused about is how the other women always just sit back and don’t call out Erika when she’s being vicious and threatening. The way she talks when she’s upset is not okay — and truly makes me feel so uncomfortable to my core. Does anyone else feel deeply uncomfortable by the sharpness of her words? It’s just NOT okay. The other women should be appalled for just sitting back and letting this happen. I would never sit at a table with friends or even co-workers and just let this happen. Stand up for each other and don’t allow others to be verbally ABUSIVE. And I know this is a show and entertainment, but as a viewer who grew up in a household where parents had anger management issues… scenes like this seriously give me anxiety.


And I know she’s a polarizing figure but I miss LVP and feel like she 100% would have stood up to Erika when she was acting like a psycho to Sutton.


Erika went from if you want to distance yourself I understand and respect that😌 to you better motherf*cking watch your step biiiitch!!!😡 real quick.


Right, when she lashed out I felt so embarrassed for her. Like a highschool bully.


Yeah I was like didn't yall just decide to agree to disagree where is all this transgression coming from?


Dorit "but that's how I felt".... funny how the tables turn. She was the main one saying Crystals feelings weren't valid and now she's playing the tone/word game Sutton was.


Thinking about the real life timeline between last ep (before Christmas) and this ep (after Kyle’s birthday on Jan 11) made things very clear to me - obviously Erika was pissed with Dorit after the dinner, so Fox Force got together to discuss plan to not only shift attention away from Erika, but to get Garcelle back for it all. Cue Dorit playing the fool and the others facilitating this. Plus Erika rehearsing her lines to go after Sutton 🙄


Erika’s hair at the lunch looked like a middle school girl who came back from the Bahamas with a hair wrap, and Erika is using money meant for victims on that stupid-ass glam look. Gross


I need some of the Potomac ladies to come in BH and back up Garcelle. They would not have been as nice to racist, broke Dorit.


Cannot WAIT for next week: ‘Dinner party from hell part 2’ ![gif](giphy|woep9lZ7V41I4)


I feel like Erika changed her tone last night. She isn’t playing victim anymore. She came across like a snake that was ready to flight. I just don’t know if that was the best approach. We shall see. Did anyone see that or am I wrong?


That drink NO APOLOGIES....Wow. Why was a drink even called that


As a black woman, I was totally offended and triggered by Dorit’s condescending and superior tones and sneers at Garcelle. It totally gave me “put you in your place” vibes. Dorit doesn’t pay her bills, doesn’t buy those rented fashions, doesn’t have people of color other than employees, can mock Garcelle’s voice despite using a phony accent, Kyle calls her stupid all the time and told her “fuck you” several times last season, but they still pretend to be friends…and GARCELLE is the “least authentic Housewife”? Throw that bitch in the trash!


I totally agree, and Garcelle was having none of it!


As a fellow black woman I agree with this 1,000%. Fuck Dorit


Last episode, Erika says, "we need to take care of the victims first. I come last in all this." Yet, in this episode, she's sitting with the two people who won't call her out, and says, "I don't have a prenuptial, and I still haven't seen a dime from that man!" You KNOW at this point all the money he's been using to fund your lifestyle for the last several years is from the victims. Consider the interest free loan with victims money you've had for several years your alimony, and shut up, you evil wench.


I'm rewatching old rhobh episodes and the latest episode I watched was when Delilah and Amelia went to Lisa's hometown with her and one of them asked if there were a bunch of "chub chubs" there. Needless to say that's when I instantly lost respect for the girls and for Lisa who basically didn't tell her that was inappropriate. I skipped the opening scene:)


So I’ve mentioned before, but my boss’s hometown is Medford, OR and her mom helped host Lisa’s baby shower. And Lisa has always been a huuuuuggggggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bitch


An Open Letter to Dorit "Shut The Fuck Up" Kemsley: Shut the fuck up, Dorit! You lost the battle that you started last night with Garcelle, because you could tell by the faces around the table that everyone agreed with her and not you. It was low and shitty of you to bring up the Lake Tahoe incident, because first of all, you weren't even present so it had nothing to do with you, so quit taking a chapter out of Rinna's book. And second of all, that was totally producer driven, and everyone knows it now. And how fucking DARE you imitate Garcelle's manner of speaking! Let's keep in mind that if the shoe was on the other foot and Garcelle wanted to imitate YOUR way of speaking, we'd be there for three hours while Garcelle ran through every changing accent that comes out of your mouth. It's disappointing, because up until your tone-deaf racial comments (*"my mom's best friend is black"*), you had started to win me over last season when you stood up to the mean girls clique and actually defended Denise. But now, you're just back to being the same ass kisser. Go get your head transplanted again, dumbshit. No love whatsoever, Emergencycat17


Erika: “this would be a lot less sad if I was having some great sex” As if she was having great sex with Tom for the last decade?


I applaud Sutton. She had the presence of mind to see through EJ’s crap before breaking news or documentaries, and the courage to be the only one standing up to her despite being attacked in a group of brutal women. Glad she has Garcelle’s friendship. Bless them


Its funny how Erika grooms herself for the case. Making sure to clean her house on camera and talk about how “cleaning is her new therapy” and then subtly mentions how she’s not getting laid. Trying to portray this innocent new life she has like she was the one victimized by Tom’s shady wrongdoings.


Dorit totally showed herself. First, stupid argument stemming from her embarrassment she brought on herself because she’s not honest and is a wuss. Second, WTF, initially I wasn’t sure I heard what I heard. But she really did drop her child of the world from Connecticut, married to an Englishman accent and was truly trying to what? Mock? Frighten, show her ass when she retorted to Garcelle. After reading most of these posts, pffff, hope she’s through. It’s BS. Garcelle showed much class and restraint. You know I don’t like to wish or hope for misfortune on anyone, but Dorit needs to be annihilated. And you know what? Screw Bravo too.


Still have so many thoughts about this episode! It was soo good! - Dorit probably got the blessing to call out Garcelle from the faux five to take the heat off Erika at the party. I’m convinced had the Erika drama not played out it would be a Garcelle take down season right now. Dorit failed miserably. - Rinna’s “lip launch party” didn’t get any screen time due to Dorit which makes me laugh - the REAL Kathy was in that scene with Kyle. You could even tell when she switched back into her aloof character at the end of their scene - why did production sit Sutton next to Erika AGAIN for next week? I feel like these arguments are better when facing each other across a table - praying Garcelle has Sutton’s back next week 🤞🏼


I can’t believe that they cut out the part about Sutton offering Erika a loan during her divorce. That’s a huge reason why Sutton is upset and I don’t understand the motivation to cut it other than wanting the audience to tune into the never before seen episodes. Insane.


What's more performative, Erika cleaning or Rinna eating?


I think it’s so funny that Erika seemed to part amicably with Sutton after Kyle’s Christmas dinner, when she was still playing her demure/worn down part….three weeks later, she’s off her benzos, clearly glammed up, and Sutton can’t even speak about her in an unrelated discussion without Erika growling at her. Also find it interesting how much she’s fixating on Sutton getting legal consultation as if it’s the height of insult. Lotta quiet people at that table not speaking up that they did the same thing. Also the derisive “small town shit” dismissal….haven’t we been hearing for years that reputation does matter a lot “in this town”? Hasn’t selling stories or discussing tabloids or Munchausens on camera been one of the greatest Beverly Hills Housewife crimes? Anyway, Sutton laughing in Erika’s face was a Moment.


It irks me that Kyle and Rinna told Erika that Sutton didn't want any problems in society. It seems like Dorit also felt the same way, why wouldn't they bring this up to Erika as well? Garcelle should have also doubled down and rattled off everything that Dorit was saying about Erika when they were at Crystal's house. These ladies have really let Sutton take the brunt of Erika's anger even though they were all on the same page, except for Lisa.


Kyle’s “birthday” at Erika’s house really cemented Erika’s lies. So she knew about the third party (him cheating) for 6 years before she left? And she worked hard in order to get money to leave? Didn’t she say in her first season she was singing as Erika Jayne for years? And she had her own money? And when she discovered Tom’s phone with the “evidence” 6 years ago after Yolanda’s party- you’re telling me it was a flip phone with texts from 2011? Does she really think we’re that dumb to buy this story? And that she decided to divorce him coincidentally during the biggest legal battle of his life? Girl, bye.


Erika’s lack of self-awareness will ultimately be her downfall. She doesn’t know how to read a room and thinks she’s smarter than everyone else. It’s very telling how we haven’t seen an ounce of her ire directed at Tom. If she truly had no idea about what was going on, would she not be LIVID at him?! Make it make sense.


Quick recap of my feelings this episode: - Erika: despicable, just so done watching her be tough and throwing herself a pity party every episode. Show some fucking respect and humble yourself. - Garcelle: Amazing amazing amazing. She makes great television. - Sutton: ditto. Hope she keeps it up. - Crystal: hope she gives us more. I think I love her but she hangs out in the back too much. I loved her at the start of this season and hope she gives us more of that. - Dorit: shut the fuck up against Garcelle. - Rinna: at least she’s clear about being on the wrong side. Less frustrating to watch than Dorit being a flipflopper. - Kyle & Kathy: their family dynamic is interesting as fuck. Really hope we see more of their past. I loved that we got to see a glimpse this episode. Also, I like Kyle this season. She isn’t as flip floppy as Dorit and I still have hope that she’ll go against Erika. Would love to see that happen. Kathy being there balances her out. Great season overall.


Kathy didn't even flinch when Garcelle said fuck you fuck you fuck you. She was fixing her lipstick while the rest were clutching their pearls.


Has anyone seen a GoFundMe for the victims?? Now that is a cause I would donate to.


I reaaalllly hope Garcelle goes completely scorched earth at the reunion and cuts through all of Dorit’s fakery and bullshit (aided by Sutton and Crystal). G is doing a good job of keeping her cool for the most part, but I want her to send Dorit back to the fake Louis Vuitton cabinet she came from.




"Not too much mayonnaise, because Kyle likes to watch her beautiful figure." Kathy is a professional sniper from the side.


Did anyone wish they would show us more of the party post fight? They just ended the scene and we moved on but I wanted to see if Erika and Sutton interacted more after that or even Garcelle and Dorit.


Was that Teddi flying into Rinna's lip in her talking head?


Dorit is the epitome of “believe them when they say who they are.” I felt like I became a fan of Dorit last season but upon reflecting back it was because Lisa Rinna completely took over my hatred and she just fell into the background. This season reminded me that Dorit is still the woman who’s running away at the pool.


I remove every good things I’ve said about Dorit in the past. To quote Garcelle : « FUCK YOU FUCK YOU AND FUCK YOU! » . She can leave the franchise now 😡!!!!


Can we talk about the new discovery of cheating that Erika suddenly mentioned? This whole narrative of where would I go is bullshit. Back then he had lots and lots of money and she would have gotten half with no prenup. No matter how good of a lawyer he is, California is a 50/50 state after 10 years and he wouldn't have been able to fight that. None of it makes sense especially when she has touted how wonderful and loving her marriage has been since she's been on the show. I get not airing your dirty laundry but to spout all the wonderful things about Tom on a regular basis is not someone that has a shitty marriage.


Why doesn't Dorit worry about paying off the 9 lenders on her mortgage instead of being racist?


It's so blatant that Erika is jealous of Sutton and that's why she's losing her shit on her. Sutton has everything Erika doesn't: actual money, freedom, independence, respect from affluent people. No wonder Erika is targeting her over Dorit or Rinna.


It was nice to see Kathy tear up a little bit talking about Kyle in her talking head, but I do wish she showed that side to Kyle (whether she agrees with her show concept or not). Another frsutrating experience watching Erika be angry, rude, and off the mark with Sutton (her insults were weak) when that anger should be directed towards Tom or turned into some sympathy for the people that have suffered due to his (and by extension her) actions. My mother shouted 'people would kill to be sitting in that house with champage' during the Kyle/Rinnna/Erika scene, and momma ain't wrong. At this point, some fake empathy from Erika would be better than the house of cards she's trying to build.


Oh god the first 15 minutes is Rinna’s kids *modeling* her ugly dresses in the garage and her talking about their famous boyfriends? “RRRRREEEEEEEEE WHY DID AMELIA HAVE TO PICK SCOTT DISICK?!?” like she doesn’t love every minute of that. Then we have to watch Erika vacuum her couch and CLEAN HER OWN HOUSE?!?! In SWEATPANTS?!?! How ever will she survive, pray tell?! Kyle is EHHHH to me at this point but her “you ask her what time it is and she tells you how to build a clock!” about Dorit is like the greatest quote of all time. My future MIL is the same way and every time she’s telling a story we’re like “OMG LAND THE PLANE!” so the “build a clock” line will be my new go to for her. Thanks Kyle. Jesus Tapdancing Christ I’m gonna have to day drink today. Fuck it. ETA: AND another version of the Tom cheating story? Guess I’ll just keep adding to/editing this comment with the rest of my thoughts as the episode goes on. Didn’t watch last night just watching now so I hope some of y’all are doing the same.


Dorit is mad because Garcelle made a very valid point about Dorit’s comment about working with people of all colors. Garcelle pointed out the relationship dynamic of those individuals- the POC in your life are cleaning your house, tending your garden, and watching your kids. It was really a fabulous point that touched more on the lack of equity rather than diversity. And I think Dorit could have really reflected on that point instead of getting defensive. “Like omg as a white woman, it’s never been explained to me like that and I didn’t even realize the historic relationship dynamic between POC typically serving white people. Good point. How can I create a more equitable environment and be an ally to help advance people who’ve been disenfranchised?” Garcelle isn’t saying that it’s wrong for her to hire people because everybody has to make a living- she’s just pointing out a fact of how it’s historically been and to reflect deeper into what Dorit was saying. And we all know Dorit is pretty elitist over the sheer fact that she had to clean her own dish.


I don’t mean to be rude but does Lisa’s daughters have some condition? Every time We see them they’re complaining about their stomachs hurting


It’s probably hunger pains from not eating


Garcelle is class. Dorit is trash.