Garcelle with the truth tea!

Garcelle with the truth tea!


How people find her intimidating baffles me, she's arguably the most fragile of the group


THANK YOU. Not that I think it matters but Sutton needs to realize that she has ALL the power here to dismiss Erika whenever she starts her bullshit. She has real money and real standing. Erika has only this reality show cause the rest of her world is completely broken at this time.


I wish Sutton would do this but think BECAUSE Sutton cares about her standing and wants to be smart with her money is one of the reasons why she won’t dismiss Erika. She knows Erika is unstable and while Erika has no leg to stand on when threatening lawsuits, frivolous lawsuits happen all the time that require constant attention and legal fees. Erika now has nowhere near as much money as she used to and she actually could stand to gain if she sued someone like Sutton. I said this in an earlier thread but instead of Sutton bashing Erika, I wish she would have gotten up from the dinner table and said: “Ladies, I am speaking to you all now. We are dealing with an individual who is unhinged. You dare ask for clarifications on her many inconsistencies you will apparently be “promised” a legal situation. I’m going to go home now but I want you all to think about what you are going home to. Your big houses, nice cars, kids in private schools and colleges, your ‘businesses’ and know that when you are around someone like Erika, those things will be threatened. To me, she is not worth the trouble and so I am leaving. Enjoy your caviar pie.”


I don't believe Sutton has had to deal with hostile confrontations much in the social circles she moves in. I think it flusters her, and she has to pause and consider how to handle it without getting down to Erika's level. I like Sutton, but she is a little awkward. I wish she would level Erika with some classy put-downs, but I don't think she is that comfortable in the housewives milieu yet, especially when everyone keeps turning on her. Except Dorit who I don't think is getting enough credit for speaking out. I love how she keeps mentioning "widows and orphans".


I agree about Dorit, she has surprised me. I think, after the latest episode, that a lot of Dorit speaking out is because she has PK at home putting the whole situation into perspective for her. If that's how he's talking about it in camera, imagine the conversations they've had privately. I think PK was spot on in everything he said. Also, maybe she felt a little guilty for the way she copped out and threw Sutton under the bus the first time they saw Erika after they all met up to talk about it without her.


I think she’s like a lot of us, or at least like me, I have nothing to say in the moment, but on the drive home I’m the comeback queen, ugly crying.


Haha exactly!


She is totally in control with this, laughing in Erikas face was icon behaviour


Yes but she didn’t follow up on that. She should have dismissed all dumb Erika’s threats and not leave.


It’s sounds from the after show that she’s on board now. But in the moment? To have another person literally bear her teeth at you? I’m not afraid of confrontation but I’d totally be like, wtf? See ya.


she said on the after show that erika said something under her breath that she wouldnt repeated and im so curious as to what was so bad that it couldnt be repeated.


For sure, Erika really thought she had Sutton when she was like "bye" "theres the door" ect.


...pushing her chair in with glee.


And picking up the puppy. Those tears surely dried up quickly when she thought she won the round. Which means that the whole crying "look at me" "why are you torturing me?" the low gravely voice etc is a total act. The only true her we saw was her angry (which by the way Garcelle telling her to hold it in was awesome) and happy. She holds no remorse for anyone but her own life and blowing away in the wind, money.


I think Sutton has to be careful because she still shares custody of minor children with her ex husband. She's not trying to be the Tamra Judge 2.0...


She reminds me of Lala when she does her ganster act. It's so embarrassing I don't understand how they dont just laugh in their face.


Totally like Lala! Remember last season when Raquels presence was enough to rile Lala up and made that gross Michael Vick comment? it reminded me of Erika sooo much


I would love to see Garcelle amd Sutton start laughing so hard they’re crying when Erica acts like that.


Or Camille! ![gif](giphy|woep9lZ7V41I4)


that gif is too good, the real dinner party from hell!


The audacity to name last week as a sequel - not even close!


“he will never emotionally fulfill you, ever.” gold.


She was on WWHL last night with Eileen. Really wish Camille was on BH this season!


What happened?! Any good bits?


I thought it was interesting that Eileen stated (not word for word, but close) that the "cast has their parts to play", and Andy tried to repair/cover the statement with "opinions to share". It was enough to make Eileen repeat his statement to try to walk back her own. I thought it was interesting bc, while "reality" TV, unpeeled another layer of the onion that they have "roles" that they are encouraged to play up or play to with production.


Eileen seemed nervous. She was protective of Rinna probably because they’re promoting the soap opera right now. She excused Erika’s behavior as stress. Camille was cool as a cucumber


Eileen, letting me down again. I'm fine that she never returns if she can't even get off the fence on WWHL. 🤬


Kathryn Edwards gave an excellent interview on podcast Behind the Velvet Rope


Erika and Lala are so much alike imo.


​ ![gif](giphy|3o752jjrIkxJfliEw0)


Lala with the finger guns? Lol. Is this Rand approved? ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|poop)


They both try to act like they're from the streets when they're not. Erika thinks being from the ATL suburbs gives her street credit, and Lala thinks cause she dated football players she can act like she's gangsta. It's really embarrassing, I'd love for Garcelle to call them on it.


She was also a gogo dancer in NY thankyouverymuch.


New Jersey\*


In the club next to the Bada Bing, so yes, that's some gangsta ish right there.


Does Jersey mean more or less street cred??


Roughly similar levels of musical talent, too


I literally would never be able to keep a straight face. I'd be like Ariana laughing out loud when Lala went for Raquel. Even Bambi-eyed Raquel handled Lala better than these women are handling Eirka.


I think Erika is even less “scary” (🤣) than Lala. I could see Lala throwing hands and smacking someone but Erika isn’t gonna do shit either physically or in any other way. She has literally no power.


And also, she'd definitely get sued if she did. I'm sure Sutton has a lawyer on retainer (at least I would if I had that kind of wealth..)


OMG YES. lala is erika in training.


Need Fofty to weigh in on the Erika Jayne persona. 😂


Fuck. Im having flashbacks to how good that fofty weekend was. What an experience.


Somebody needs to photoshop Tom with the "pls, no more, I'm in the hospital" image that Randall used. 😆


Exactly. As much as I loathe Kyle, She was right when she said Erika's bark is worse than her bite. A well-timed 'fuck you' would shut her up.


What irks me about that is she should say something then. Kyle is a spineless coward.


I was seething when she had the nerve to call Sutton cowardly.


and weak! She says nothing at the table, but acknowledges the thoughts of others when EJ isn't around. I am more interested in next week when (looks like) in the promos that PK and Maurico both state that EJ is lying or that there are a lot of lies here. And Kyle looks like "dude! shut up!". I wonder if EJ will go at Kyle and Dorit at the reunion now that she can see the shows and see who the real cowards were. Sutton is right, she is the only one that has been at least vocalizing her concerns with direct questions. I would love it if Erika lashes at Kyle so we can watch her reaction here. Would also be shocked if EJ even attends the reunion now with all of the newest spins on the lawsuits (suing her directly etc).


Agree! I read in another thread that she unfollowed Kyle and Dorit. And made some highly inflammatory comments about both, if the article was true. She also said Rinna was her only real friend and has had her back. So, all of that tracks. I hope she shows up. I’d love to see a final meltdown before she disappears into obscurity. She is the worst.




I don’t know if that rumor was ever proven true. She sure seems to have something on her because Rinna has displayed unwavering loyalty to the point of it being ridiculous (pretending to black out and sleep through dinner when there is a major verbal altercation happening right next to her, one that she insisted they discuss).


She has said on Twitter that she will be there and I don't think she can afford to not go.


Kim was excellent at ringing Kyle’s bell and throwing her off her game. Without her, Kyle’s id has run riot. She’s an average lady with a haughty spirit who has convinced herself of her great importance.


“She’s an average lady with a haughty spirit who has convinced herself of her great importance” is one of the best sentences I’ve ever read


Agree... and agree with OP's original post -- I think the bully word is way overused, especially on reality tv and with adults, but Erika's behavior was bullying ...


Couldn't agree more👍


Kyle is really pissing me off this season


Just be open and honest!!!


When she told Sutton that she was disappointed that she was weak I wanted to punch her in the face


This season is sorely lacking a Camille.


erika tried to make some snide point about "finally being able to relax" once lvp was run off the show. i don't want erika to feel "relaxed."


I dont have any social media, is kyle getting called out anywhere other than here? I wonder how they always manage to pick the wrong side.


![gif](giphy|BfawgzfUOAbA5POIxQ|downsized) Just kidding!


Kyle saying that is hilarious since she seems to manipulate situations so that bark is directed at anyone but herself.


I can't believe she called Sutton weak. She has a lot of nerve.


Sutton told Erika how she felt about everything that is going on. She may have softened her tone a bit but I think that was a combination of Erika losing her shit and them being at a dinner at Kathy's. Sutton has actual class and being southern she was probably told how to "conduct herself " growing up. Kyle needs to shove her "I just want you to be honest" up her ass because that's exactly what Sutton did. She just had the decorum to not foam at the mouth or scream when she did it. Sutton, Kyle isn't even your "friend".


Everytime I read "Kyle" and "be honest" in a sentence, I hear it in Ronnie's voice (or Ben's - I lose track).


Sutton didn't want to ruin a dinner. Kyle didn't view it as a dinner. To her, they were on set, filming an episode. None of this is real to Kyle because she's not a real person. Sutton is too real to fit in


I think you got it, the constant look of shock on Sutton’s face when Ericka (or Crystal, who I no longer defend despite my agreement with her on racial issues, as presented) tries to ‘go gangster’ is real. Sutton was raised with manners, Erika was not (and apparently not a moral compass…well, “allegedly”). I totally took Crystal’s side in the early season race debate, but now I realize she is just as fake as Kyle, both nuevo rich garbage.


Or a "shhh Erika. Nobody cares" everytime she tries


The only thing that makes sense is that Tom got away with his scam for decades by having dirt on everyone, State Bar regulators, judges, attorneys, newspaper editors, etc. So it's possible Erika and Tom made certain they had the dirt on all of these women.


Dorinda-style! I still think about her dossier on Sonja.


Totally! I want see that dossier so bad. She basically said that Sonja is a prostitute. I didn’t catch it at the time, but whoa. It doesn’t seem implausible, really. I think you‘re right about Tom and Erika. I don’t know if they have dirt, but one of the ways Tom put the state bar in his pocket was by providing (extremely unethical) gifts, tickets, plane rides, vacations, etc. He had PIs on the payroll, so he probably did investigate them. I also think they have contractual obligations to bravo to limit what they say.


Exactly! You’re going to sue me? With what money bitch, you can barely afford your current legal fees.


I loved when Sutton laughed in her face at whatever get together they were at (I think it was Rinna's lip party?). She tries so hard to be menacing. It makes me laugh.


I agree that she’s fragile, but I also get how she’s intimidating. Her tactics are unusual, like she doesn’t just yell. She’s unhinged in a way that I’ve never seen before. She literally looked like she was going to bite Sutton.


She showed her fangs!! Literal fangs. Erika Jayne has FANGS!! I also don't think people are used to being talked to that way by someone after enjoying some caviar pie.


“Or what? OR WHAT?” “Or nothing? What, are you gonna bite me?” Would have been an excellent comeback.


I find her intimidating. I know I am a wimp but honestly yelling like she does just sets something off in my brain and makes me want to freeze. It’s why I could never be in a show like this.


That does not make you a wimp, it's normal to not feel comfortable in an environment as toxic as that!


Because Tom gave her dirt on most of them when she started the show.


I agree!! Why else would they be so afraid of her unless she had dirt on them.


She’s weak. She wouldn’t do shit to anyone if they dared her to. All talk and nothing behind it.


The two words “be honest” need to be removed from RHOBH forever.


Kyle literally needs to be confronted about it at the reunion! I know I can’t be the only one who loses it after repeatedly hearing her whiny “be honest” countless times PER episode. I know she’s inherently insufferably but like learn a new word or something 😭


I called her a bully. I think she's such a solid example of a bully. Calling Garcelle a bully was the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.


I'm rewatching the first five minutes of dinner party part two, but can we talk about how Erika keeps insinuating that TOM is the one that is going to "sue" Sutton, not her. She keeps saying that and there are no GROUNDS for him to even sue Sutton for, but honestly if this was Erika's "concern," why wouldn't she speak to Sutton like an adult or in private? SHE IS SO VILE and yucky.


she forgot her script - that's the thing. The whole "mental diminished capacity" thing was something both Erika and Tom concocted together. If he was actually being mentally fragile the last three years, then she would have that instilled that she wouldn't come out and threat the lawsuit. I smell a fraud. Edit to add: this was around the time that Tom was suspended and barred from practicing law.


He couldn’t do shit. It was a totally empty threat aimed at intimidating. She’s no legal eagle, and she’s a terrible actress.


Sutton is the least of toms problems


I wish Sutton would have said "with what money?" and watched as Erika fled sobbing.


With your mentally incapable ex-husband?


Erika is full of shit. She has no grounds to sue someone for having an opinion. That’s not how defamation works, at all. A frivolous lawsuit can be expensive though. This would likely be dismissed right away and she could get slapped with a fine for filing a frivolous suit. It came out that Erika whispered to Sutton at that dinner and she threatened Sutton’s family. That’s a much different kind of threat, and she is right to not engage with her any further. Erika is really exposing herself as a lying, thieving piece of human garbage. She has single handedly taken an awful case against her and made it incredibly worse for herself. Which, is good for justice!


Oooh where do I find out more about her threatening Sutton’s family?! That is SO sickening. She can have a problem with Sutton and leave it at that by why involve everyone else?


Because she's gutter trash, that's why.


It was in a post earlier today. I think the source was radar, so take it with a grain of salt, but it was a VIDEO of Sutton being interviewed. She would not repeat what Erika said, so is probably vulgar af! Edit: It was posted today by u/gggggggigigoode. Its on YouTube.


And shame on Bravo for editing that out.


Can you imagine how these woman were to respond if Garcelle did the exact thing Erika did at this table?


Kyle absolutely flinched when Garcelle got up and walked toward Dorit at Crystal’s party. These women would 100% pull the “I don’t feel safe” card


the the biggest joke is garcelle is the classiest one! she would never lower herself. unlike rinna who broke a fucking glass. or brandi who slapped someone.


Kyle and Brandi threw hands a bit too but I can’t remember who initiated…it was at Eileen’s game night party/Kim debacle.


It was Brandi, she pushed Kyle away


Not just someone, she slapped LVP!!


Ugh that makes me think of Rinna and her fake comforting Erika on the couch after the La Quinta argument. The way she looked at Garcelle and told Erika I’m sorry this happened to you while coddling her made me sick. Sans Sutton I think they would all pull the ‘I don’t feel safe card’. Yet Garcelle has yet to throw anything or scream in any of their faces like all of the ladies have done in the past.


Omg. I get irrationally angry about this. They are so full of shit.


“Hello 911, a Black lady is aggressive, making threats, and I fear for my safety.” ![gif](giphy|l41lSXrZXKxBYyyty)


And not just a random black lady, their “black friend.” 😑




I swear as I get older the egotistic New Yorker in me looks at these BH buffoons and thinks damn, y’all truly live in a different bizarro world out there. 😅 Trust you’d get torn apart so fast in NYC for some of the shit they say and do because it’s absolutely a microcosm that doesn’t exist anywhere else in America. At least in Manhattan we are well aware of the bubble effect. I think the harsh weather brings people down to Earth haha


I'm a NY ex-pat who now lives in California and this state may as well be another country. People here are aggressively passive. They do NOT like people who shake up their passive aggressive ways. The best quote I've seen is "NYers are kind but not nice, Californians are nice but they're not kind" and that really sums up the cultural difference. (I miss NYC every dang day!)


Yo! Philly here. Same 😂 Maybe that's why it's so tough to watch this crap. There's no way this shit would fly in the NE and I'm horrified that nobody points out what a joke she is to her face.


SAME!! Like bitch, who the hell are you talking to like that lmaooo?! Like when Nene and Kim got into the argument on the bus, I woulda stood up real fast 😂😭


It's true! I feel sick. BH is still the worst. And it sucks that the only reason they're finally entertaining is that they're forced to film with a narcissitic criminal whose victims are barely recognized.


God I hope PK is right and she is just making this so much worse for herself with every episode and every post. I hope they are seeing how much she truly doesn't care about anyone other than herself and I hope they make an example out of her ass.


I forgot about that humongous bankruptcy case. It does sound like he’s got some good advice from personal experience.


PK was on point but Dorit pissed me off with her selective listening. Erika never mentioned the victims - Garcelle did. And even then she said that the victims need to be taken care of. What does that even mean? The victims need to be shown compassion and given their money back but Erika would never say that because she doesn’t want to commit to that.


I remember EJ saying "the victims need to be 'taken care of" and my very first thought was, oh sh!t she's gonna kill them!


Her entire delivery of that line was SO odd. The pause, the "um", saying they needed to be "taken care of" instead of "compensated" or "offered some closure or healing".


Agreed! At least now if Dorit sticks up for ol Snarl she will be directly going against her dear PeeeeKay!




I really don’t understand why these women put up with Erika’s shit. I would’ve flat out told her she was embarrassing herself trying to intimidate me. She needs to be humbled.


I would've also kicked her out of my home. She's trash and she threatened another guest, who decided to leave because of it.


Kathy enjoyed it. It was nothing to her. She may be rich but her family is kinda fucked up and has been through some crazy shit. Probably why she maybe sympathizes with Erika. I’m curious how the butler could be shocked if he worked in the same house as her son Conrad, for instance.


It was really telling that the butler didn’t recognize Kyle.


Not only was she a bully, I’ve never seen such a low brow classless tacky woman sitting there at a nice dinner party threatening and basically throwing someone out of a house that isn’t hers and is not the host. She did all of this while Bravo had to blur out her nipple at the dinner table.


I never liked her, and when she became this exact way with Eileen in Hong Kong my opinion was solidified. And now she’s doing it again to either instill fear or get pity (or both?) and it just infuriates me


Garcelle coming through with the truth


Denise: The way you've ganged up on me was like Mean Girls. FF5: 👁️👄👁️ FF5: ThAtS a LoAdEd WoRd --- Garcelle: *says anything, diplomatically* Dorit: BULLY! 🥴


The words these people think are “over the line” insults blow my mind lol. Like, in the entire lexicon of words that can be considered insulting, I’d put calling someone a “mean girl” pretty low on the totem. Especially when they are in fact being Mean Girls™️


I'd put "mean girl" in the same category as "ragamuffin".


In the context that both of those words were used, I'd say "ragamuffin" was worse. Denise said "mean girls" to express that she felt bullied. Kyle said "ragamuffin" as a catty aside to her friend (can't remember who), just to be mean behind Denise's back, to keep her othered from the group.


Yeah, I feel like intent is important when comparing the two. “Ragamuffin” was directed at Denise’s appearance whereas “Mean Girls” was meant to condemn the women’s behavior.


It honestly does make me nauseous. They need to go, or at least some of them. Like, Rinna can never return IMO. She’s done nothing this season but lie to the camera and they don’t even give her an edit showing how much she contradicts herself. Dorit almost redeemed herself with this last episode, if she apologized to Garcelle I might actually like her. I want them to bring in tough bitches next season who will dragggg Kyle and Erika, if she comes back.


Ugh Dorit would have had to learn about micro aggressions and be able to articulate it in order for her to be redeemed in my eyes. She’d also have to admit that her children don’t really interact with poc other than people they hire, and admit she was trying to save face. Then she’d need to apologize.


Yeah, 100%, it would have to be a HUGE apology, with a lot of self-educating done!


Rinna's storylines : Harry's spaghetti sauce Her daughter dating Scott Dissick.


Which she has to mention at every opportunity like it's the achievement of a lifetime and confers some kind of status to the family.


The FF5 are determined to go down on the SS Erika, pinkies locked, with Captain Kyle at the helm.


Erika is trash. She proves it more with each passing episode. I really hope she does jail time. Karma is a bitch




In order of cowardly cunts; Erica, Rinna, Crystal, Kyle, Dorit, Kathy. Absolutely disgusted. ETA Crystal where she she belongs.


Don't forget Crystal who is dedicated on Erika's side.


Her baring her teeth like a rabid dog is just so…weird. Like did she think she was intimidating? And how paranoid do you have to be to think that “you need to stop talking to me like that” is some sort of veiled threat?


And then she literally says she didn’t make any threats, she made promises!


Someone in a other thread pointed out that a threat is a promise. Kinda made that whole cliche statement sound ridiculous now


If I promise someone to kill them, what would that be ? Of course a promise can be a threat.


I was shocked Dorit and Kyle actually said anything, especially Dorit. But yes, the reaction should have been a lot more intense and they should have told her to leave. Erika won by removing the person who makes her narrative not work and says it out loud.


Kathy should have stepped in and told Erika to cut the shit in her home. Erika should have been asked to leave.


it bothered me that kathy was more mad at sutton for wanting to leave and not the one having a temper tantrum at the table


I think in real life she would have, but this is the bargain she made by coming on the show to rehab her image. I mean, she had just shot Dorit down and told her to stfu at the dinner table so they could have a nice dinner. That dinner was a set up to attack Sutton.


It's so true 😣. Kyle said "Erika's bark is worse than her bite". If anyone else did this (including the Fox Force Five) then Kyle would have said all their lives were threatened and she wasn't comfortable being around them. If Erika's bark is worse than her bite how come Kyle never stands upto her? I don't find Erika intimidating at all but she needs to be knocked down a peg or 10. She wouldn't be acting like this on any other show (except maybe Dallas) because she knows she wouldn't get away with it. She reminds of Lala Kent. Gets aggressive and acts like she is the victim and better than everyone else. But Lala acts like she's from the streets and Erika acts like a mob wife. Where is Renee Graziano when you need her? 😂.


She's a freaking psycho. Heads up Bravo lawyers, she's going to cost you.


It’s probably not though. They have robust agreements in place limiting its liability. That’s why Sutton was forced to fend for herself. Tinsley seemed to break through though, although she just left and got a release from her contract. I think the threat Dorinda made that was later revealed seemed to be her leverage.


So does Tom have Alzheimer’s or not? Does he have money or not? Does she communicate with Tom or not? Pick a fucking narrative, Erika. Guy claims he can’t remember shit and in a conservatorship but will sue Sutton? With WHAT money lmao? She’s disgusting and so are all those women for allowing her to behave like that.


i WISH someone would speak to me that way. Erika would have a lot more issues on her hands.


Absolutely! The person who would show their teeth like that at me best have a pet tiger or wolf to back them up. How they all sat there and allowed her to act that way is beyond crazy. Kathy should have escorted her out of her home. Normal people who are not bazillionaires deal with divorce everyday so what’s her big deal? She only married him for the cash anyway and I am sure she has some stashed somewhere.


The flop force five are projecting hardcore onto Garcelle and Sutton. Bullies and cowardly.


Where’s Karen to say Clankety Clank? Imagine her there doing that it would be great


“The bar of soap…you might wanna help ya husband” 🧼🤣


Privilege is a bitch. Hugs for Garcelle


LOL my husband watched this scene and he’s like “WTF is wrong with her face!”


They better talk about this at the reunion


They won’t. Andy is an Erika sympathizer


This is why I can’t stand Andy he always takes the fox 5 side and it’s always obvious🙄 sticking up for someone who’s husband robbed people of money says a lot about his character though 🤮


Well, he's made his life, career, and fortune on the backs of people with personality disorders, showing them in their worst light, and exposing them to the world at their most vulnerable. His character has always been nonexistent.


yeah, this reunion isn't going to go well for those of us that aren't Erika sympathizers. He's so clueless and it's really somewhat puzzling. **Read the room, Cohen!**


Nene would have DRAGGED her, emotionally and physical But Erika would never provoke her like that bc she knows she’s small beans


Hey. This nice lady said the victims need to be "taken care of"... ![gif](giphy|eIggpnGR5P4gzjo5U9)


It’s implicit racial biases. That’s why Garcelle gets accused of things the white cast members wouldn’t. Dorit has never called anyone else a “bully” when they came for her. The only real bullies are Erika and Rinna.


a bully if you joke about talking too much (that EVERYONE has done so often that there was a clip reel of it) but not if you whip a wine glass to the ground, or threaten / promise a friend. ok ladies.


I don't want to get jumped myself here and I actually feel bad for Kim, but that game night where her and Kyle terrorized Brandi was classic bullying. The two of them, their identical stances, fingers pointing...ugh, I'll never forget it.


That was so gross. Like, they hid her fucking crutches, that has to be the biggest example of bullying I've seen out of any of them.


I despise Brandi, but this is so true. It was an absolute mean-girl gang up.


kyle and teddi are also 100% bullies


Fuck Erika for real


It’s this sh*t that pisses me off most. Erika is trash


I can’t believe Erika (I’m assuming) paid people to do her make up and she left the house looking like that 😂


With her teeth bared like that, she is the epitome of intensity. She looks like a caged animal.


Garcelle better drag these bitches during the reunion. Time to call them all out on their bullshit.


If Andy completely turns a blind eye to this Erika shit at the reunion, and doesn’t even care to take in that 99% of the bravo fans wants to see some repercussions from her hideous actions- then I say we start a petition to rock the Bravo world upside down. Reunions are supposed to be Andy letting the fans call out what couldn’t be called out in the seasons. Listen to the fans! We are the people that make these series stay afloat.


Yes. I stopped watching last season because I found the Denise gang up so uncomfortable and only started again to watch Erika's demise. Yet they're protecting her!


I couldn't believe how Andy treated Denise during the last reunion. I had really believed that they would receive some pushback for how they had ganged up on Denise, like, I didn't expect him to come right out and bollock them but I thought he'd be aiming his passive aggressive questions at them at least a little; instead he pushed Denise, as if it's anyone's fucking business anyway and as if anything would justify how they mercilessly pecked at her for the whole season. He told her she'd said she was good friends with Brandi and then they rolled a clip from an interview where she said, when asked, that she was friendly with her, as if she would have said "nah I don't like her" in that situation!


She’s a preying mantis


Garcelle is full of Grace and a class act!


She has nothing but to say “shut the fuck up” repeatedly in a old Dobby voice.


Erika is the biggest snowflake of them all.


Sutton was poking holes in her story and she was pissed.


I love Garcelle for being the ONLY one to show Sutton any empathy and concern after that horrible dinner experience!


She is literally threatening people and snarling like a rabid dog and no one says anything. Gross.


Garcelle Bouvais the voice of the people


Why didn’t Garcelle stand up for Sutton about Erika’s lying? Erika obviously lied to Garcelle about not knowing about Tom’s mistress


I think she hasn’t paid the glam team. That brown make up looks like payback. Oh … sorry… was that bullying??


I really wish Sutton turned around and said ‘go ahead.. you will lose’


She showed everyone who she really is


When Erica goes into a rage her language immediately goes into the gutter. She uses curse words to intimidate her target because she's ghetto and she knows these wealthy women would be horrified by her vulgarity. In her rage montage she is bleeped for every other word. Sutton comes from a world of people who do not curse at others like trash so she must be confused on how to respond.


Dorit clearly is racist that stupid comment she made about her having staff of color . And her mom has a black best friend so she “ CaNt bE rAcISt” We all know Erika acts way worse than garcelle has ever acted !! If Garcelle was white she wouldn’t have called her a bully at all 🤷🏾‍♀️