What is your favorite bravo related podcast?

What is your favorite bravo related podcast?


For sure WWC. Their impressions make me laugh in public. Another one I really like is Kara Berry’s podcast.


I love that the WWC family is all here! I get a chuckle when ever anyone mentions Sochal Mediah or other isms by Ben and Ron


Everyone’s Business but Mine with Kara Berry.


The best!!


So good! She’s really been shining on her own!


came here to say this. LOVE HER, always had the best takes, and she makes me giggle with her observations constantly.


Love this one! I also posted it before I saw yours


I really struggle with the ones where they have guests, I think that’s why I love Ben and Ronnie, because it never feels like they’re trying to gain clout.


Ben and Ronnie are the only ones out there not pandering to Bravo. It's refreshing and they remain consistent. Plus, no one else even touches their level of humor.


Ronnie’s Andy impression kills me every time.


Judy from Judytown, Ohio asks…


How are your BOOOOOOOBS?!


They are the only ones I listen to that I laugh along with and have tears stream down my face. They’re great!


Which one is that?


Watch What Crappens


Are there WWC playlists somewhere for each franchise? I would love to binge some RHONY recaps while I toil away at work!


I've never found any but if you use stitcher then you can search within their podcast. It's not perfect but it is the best I have found.


Bravo Docket!


I had to vote for WWC but bravo docket gets my honorable mention.


Thank you 💗 -also check out The Reality Is - one of my faves!


Ronnie and Ben!!!


I haven't even been watching this season of RHOBH and every Thursday and Friday I'm so excited to listen to WWC, Everyone's Business But Mine, and SUP. I think Everyone's Business But Mine is my favorite, she has guests sometimes but often does her recaps solo and they're still so good and really juicy and long. I also like that she discusses non-Bravo stuff as well I love Danny Pellegrino but I find his recaps to be too short sometimes, I like my recaps to really get into it and take sides in all the fights etc. SUP has been fun this season because Lara started out as a bit of an Erika apologist and now she's full on team "what the fuck is wrong with you Erika" lol




Their Danielle impressions are amazing lmao. Every Bravo iteration of SUP has been really incredible and a light in my week. I started listening to their recaps before watching the shows because it made things funnier + I could enjoy the show like I was watching with friends.


I’ve gotta be quite honest with you… I thought you were you own woman Jacqueline. These woman…


And their Milania impressions! They make her sound like a crime boss😂 “AYO MA!” Also “SONS OF BITCHES” always gets me


Their milania KILLS me. I cry. So far of all their recaps, NJ was my absolute fave. Although im loving their evil erika voices 🤣🤣


I've listened to it twice! It deserves more praise lol also love how they recapped earlier seasons. I wish other bravo pods would do that cause they were gold back then!






Danny? Danny Provenzano? We gotta get a panin!!!


Denyelle, taking to the range, wondering when she is going to be sent to hell


HAHAH okay time for yet another relisten


“Caroline Manzo has a closet full of slapjacks”


Yes! I wish they would cover all the shows. I’m excited they’re doing BH and SLC though, so I’ll count my blessings.


Yep!!! Larz and Carey are truly my fave people ever


Me too! I talk to my husband about them like they are really my friends lol I am a crazy person lol lol.


Hahahaha omg I do the same!!! They have basically become my internal monologue lol


I think we are the same person. Lol lol


Love it!!! 😂




I have found my people!!!!


![gif](giphy|2rAHGnWVWyXOKAmYZZ|downsized) We are SUP family!!!


The federation!!! (No one in my life would get this so, had to)


She's startin'




SUP is soo good! Especially love more now that Carey is permanent co-host


Ahh I just commented this as well. I love Lara and Carey’s banter. I wish they were my friends 💔


This all makes me so happy! I love SUP and everyone who loves it!


Bravo Docket because they met here on this sub!


Can you believe it girls!?


We got the podcast!


Username checking in!




I really can’t lick between Danny and Ben & Ronnie. I loved when Danny was on his “does he leave when you need him the most” kick and whenever he sings “wuhuuuuuut the fuck?” I can’t help but giggle. I need that as an audio clip for my texts. Ben & Ronnie forever have me cracking up.


I love that Danny always calls a shirt a “blouse.” Gets me every time.


Me too. Love danny’s law and order sound and his short stories about his life, like the time he had a tooth in his pocket and dropped it on the floor in public and was embarrassed. Shit is funny 😆


Same! And the time his dad was cleaning out the gutters and accidentally almost hit his mom with a dead animal. I can’t wait to read his book when it comes out.


🤣 “my mom just had a premonition when she woke up in the morning ‘I need to clean the gutters!’


Those are my two faves too! I find myself singing “wuhuuuuuut the fuck” all the time now!


Same! I love Danny and Ben and Ronnie!


Ronnie & Ben y’all are my faves. You’ve gotten me through some darks times. I appreciate y’all! EDIT: corrected a word


Same! I love them so much that I’m afraid to read the comments on this post because when people say anything negative about them it makes me sad lol.


Same. They made me less lonely during a time I felt alone. It weird, they are like friends even though they are not talking to me 🙃


But they are talking to you!


♥️ I’m sure these gentlemen are just covering a show on their podcast but they are good eggs, and I get good vibes from them. 🤗


Same!! I don’t know if I’d be able to wake up most mornings if it wasn’t for them🥺♥️


Omg! So true! I met Ronnie after a live show - Ben went somewhere but I drunkenly told him how I loved them and how specifically their Married to Medicine episodes got me out of some really dark times. Embarrassing but true and he was just the sweetest!


Danny Pellegrino is the GOAT!! I love him so much 💖


Listening to him now 😍


Love even he couldn’t stop singing Jessica Simpson take my breath away


The Bravo Docket! Love for my fellow subredditors!


The mention it all by betches is a good one as well.


They are my current favorites!


I'm really loving the Bravo Docket


bitch sesh is frustrating because the two hosts have the same personalities and lifestyles of housewives. and then casey talking about going to hawaii as it's getting fucked hammered with covid cases, and what i know of danielle's husband and upright citizens brigade... UGH


Wait…what about her husband??


okay, a lot of stuff has been deleted since it went down (ugh) and i gotta sleep, but i'm going to dig around tomorrow and then post what i find. so watch this space! it's messy


Reality Checked with Amy Phillips


Yes, she’s the best!




I used to love Bitch Sesh but now I find I just can’t relate to their stories, and so much of it is about the hosts/guests more than about Bravo. There always seems to be 45 minutes of Casey humble bragging about something or June Diane getting her hair done or Danielle telling a story about her kid. I stopped listening when they recounted a text chain of someone trying to buy a shirt, that took up half of the podcast, and trickled over into the next episode! They also have some questionable views and guests. Love WWC though!


Yeah I switched from bitch sesh to WWC about last year for similar reasons. BS was really irregular and I never knew what they would be covering, I’m glad they Ben and Ronnie are consistent and do it by show.


Same, I used to love them and even saw them live (waste of money) but I stopped listening mostly because they get so many things wrong!


I agree. There was the bragging and lots of LA woo. They seem like lovely, talented women, so before I really turned on them like I did with GP I chose to stop listening.


I used to love Bitch Sesh, too. They just take so much time getting to the heart of the shows. And there’s just so many reactions to the shows rather than articulated responses. I wish they could have pulled it together and connected more with their listeners and what we want. We like them but we are not enamored of them. We’re not actually tuning in to hear them talk about themselves. Wonder why they don’t realize that?


Bravo while black is pretty great!


I hadn’t heard of them! Have they been around a while?


I just started listening but so far so good!


Bravo Docket


The Bravo Docket is amazing. I think the 2 ladies post here too. I love their take on all the housewife crime!


Bravo Docket


Love me some WWC, Rondall has me cracking up on the regular. I also love Danny because he manages to keep it light while throwing some equivocal serious shade.


Bitch Sesh is probably my favorite, but I recognize why other people don't like it. I'm just a slut for C-list out of touch white women who are vaguely hollywood-adjacent. Their takes are rarely good but I love their banter and stories. They usually have a pretty interesting guest, so that keeps it fresh. I just wish June Diane was on it more


I’m totally with you. I read Casey’s book, too which was so good! I laughed and cried. I’m a big Bitch Sesh fan but I think that often translates more into being a Casey/Danielle fan. I don’t always agree with them but I find them so funny. I only recently started listening to other HW podcasts and Danny Pelligrino’s is my other fave.


Casey’s book is a delight! I was rolling over with laughter, but I am also a bed/bath woman who found my salvation in Housewives.


>C-list out of touch white women who are vaguely hollywood-adjacent That is the perfect description.


June has her own podcast now! Not about housewives but it's reeeeeallly good and funny


I like when they have Ziwe on. I find her opinions interesting


*Wah wah* Enough said.


I like SUP (Sexy Unique Podcast) with Lara Marie Schoenhals. The podcast, initially, was just her recaps on VPR episodes, but she has now expanded to other topics like Real Housewives, Mob Wives, celebrity gossip, and other non-Bravo Shows. I find her amusing. She does the show with Carey O’Donnell, and they’re entertaining together. I can’t wait for this season of VPR mainly to hear what she has to say. One cool thing about her is that she is quite unbiased. In the previous VPR podcast she had with her former cohosts, it ended because of a conflict of interest. They became friends with the VPR cast, and her old cohosts began painting certain cast members in a favorable manner. So the podcast became compromised because the cast members they were friends with wanted them to ease up on mocking them; her cohosts were willing but she wasn’t. They had a huge falling out on the podcast and went their separate ways. And thus SUP was born.


I came here to say SUP too!!! Lara and Carey are my FAVE and I’m so sad I’m not in LA for the live show tonight. They are my queens 👑


I know it’s a matter of “to each their own” but I really don’t get how people don’t like WWC. They have me literally laughing out loud. 🤷🏻‍♀️


I’ve seen folks say before that they hate the impressions and that Ben and Ronnie literally go scene by scene through an episode. Personally it is those things that I love most!!


I listen to them a lot and enjoy, but often their riffs in Southern accents go on a bit long and seem a bit too obvious so I end up fast forwarding. Am explaining this since you don’t get why some people tune out! Don’t mean to dump on them. Enjoy them most of the time but they can sometimes be a bit much, a bit annoying, and very loud!


Yes! I used to love them but they carry on too much about the accents and impersonations. I love them and want much success for them, they just aren’t my style anymore. Super awesome to see so many love them.


![gif](giphy|sanoHrtWDN5ew) Ben and Ronnie are the best!


It took me a while to appreciate WWC. The first few times I would listen, I was expecting an actual, like, recap...where they give their opinions and make jokes about the episode. I was turned off by the long, drawn out impressions. But I kept listening and realized that's the whole point of the podcast, and I've come to love it.


The problem for me is that they basically just go through every line of the episode. They don’t really discuss. I think analysis is what I’m looking for in a podcast personally


I fall asleep to Crappens every night ❤️


Come Thru Queen!!!


I love come thru queen!


Wah wah, OHKAY!


I like Ryan Bailey’s So Bad It’s Good.


I really like Danny Pellegrino, but sometimes he’s just too nice and positive for me! I like my bravo podcasts extra snarky


WWC is the GOAT - Ben and Ronnie are hilarious


Mention it all- Bravo Betches


I absolutely love WWC. My fiancé always thinks I’m talking about friends when I tell him about the podcast and to be honest it feels like I am. They get me, OKAYY?!?


There’s watch what crappens and then there’s everyone else. Premium content!!


Reality Checked and Juicy Scoop


Love juicy scoop too


Watch What Crappens is the only right answer.


SUP(Sexy Unique Podcast) is a great one. The hosts are insightful & brilliantly funny.


Sexy Unique Podcast!!!! The best. Lara and Carey are hilarious


The Bravo Docket is my new favorite pod. I haven't listened to WWC but I might start


Everyone keeps mentioning this one! I need to check it out


Am I the only one who doesn’t like the WWC voices/imitations? Maybe it grows on you? I know it’s super popular but I just struggle to listen!


I've been listening to them for years and have had to stop periodically when I feel they're leaning too heavily on their impressions. I think they get a lot of good feedback from them and it's what they're "known for" so it's kind of their bread and butter. But I've always loved to hear their actual takes on the episodes/fights between the women and IMO it's still well worth it to listen to their episodes to hear them rag on people!


yes i totally agree! i love the analysis of the behvaior and pointing out faulty logic. that sprinkled in with the impressions are great but when the whole episode is just about impressions, i find it draining.




I like them and have listened since day one. I loved Ben’s tvgasm site back in the day. But I had to stop listening to their Top Chef. I know it’s a joke, but I don’t enjoy their Padma Gayle faux feud. So now I know that about me and I can enjoy their other episodes.


i love ben & ronnie but take frequent breaks from WWC unless i’m super interested in the season they’re recapping (it’s been a minute). i love their banter so i subscribed to their patreon last year and that along with dumb gay politics patreon singlehandedly got me through quarantine. highly, highly recommend checking it out because it’s just unstructured conversations about whatever they want! i also love listening to them on guests on other podcasts (ronnie on dumb gay politics and mother may i sleep with podcasts are gold)


Not of a fan. I’ve tried a couple times and can’t get past the voices and I didn’t really find the humor in it.


I go through phases. I won’t live for a year or two and hop in when a season is good and I want to hear their perspectives.


I don’t like it at all. I stick to bitch sesh and Danny pelligrino. I also really love Bravo while Black!


Those are my two faves so I’m def going to check out Bravo While Black.


Those are my two favorites too and I even sometimes get sick of Danny’s Dorit and Luann lol maybe I just don’t like voices. Will check out Bravo While Black!


Their sound quality isn’t always the best - but I love their takes on the episodes! And yes, I can do without Danny’s Luann Cookie Monster but his Dorit isn’t too painful. I don’t like impressions either though. That’s never been something I’m looking for in recaps shows.


I tried so many times. The voices they do destroys it for me.


Same. Can’t get into it.


I keep trying to get into WWC because people love it but I can’t get past the voices. I don’t think they’re funny.


I struggle with the voices occasionally too! If I’m in a really shitty mood, I can’t do it but they’ve also had me cracking up / retelling their jokes so I think they win overall


It's infuriating having to adjust my earbud volume throughout the episodes because Ronnie is yelling his impressions...esp Dorit's PeeeeKaaaayyy


I don’t like WWC for this reason. It feels like I’m listening to a re-run almost.


Omg me too. I just can't find it funny. I've tried because if this sub but it's a no from me


It comes off as very try hard and grating for me 😐


It gets annoying after awhile.


I listened to an episode and it wasn’t for me. They’re funny but I didn’t enjoy the overall format.


For me it depends on the show. Some of their voices drive me crazy - pretty much any of their NY voices - and others don’t bother me. Some are funny


🙋🏼‍♀️. I tried but find them just annoying. Danny Pellegrino and SUP are my pods.


Count me in the nope group. Ronnie sucked hard at TVGasm, and he still does. Annoying as F.


Behind the velvet rope. Always excellent guests with an emphasis on present and past housewives


Sexy Unique Podcast is also a great one!


My personal favorite is comments by celebs on their comments by bravo episodes


Danny Pellegrino makes me laugh out loud every time. He has recurring jokes and nicknames and they kill me


I agree! I love the overall positivity theme of his podcast but it is funny when he gets a little sassy.


For the Watch What Crappens listeners, what is your favorite impersonation they do? There so many good ones, but I really love when Ronnie does Kelly Dodd. It’s the only way I could tolerate her.


Mauricio and Camille


So upsetting


I love Ronnie's Dorit. It gets me everytime!


I really love when they would do David and Shannon Beador. Sometimes I go back and listen to old episodes to get pre-divorce Shannon impressions


I do too! David?….David?….want some Salmon and CREEEAM CHEEESE!??


Ladies of London. Caroline Fleming especially!


Such a good question! I mean baby dean js def up there! Haha For Ronnie I say Kelly Dodd or Ramona For Ben Luann


Baby Dean!! Also, Ben’s impersonation of Dorit is so good. I could listen to him say Buca di Beppo all day


Agree with everyone else but their Ramona (WOAH!) and Lisa Rinna (HELLOOO!!!) make me giggle every time.


I love Ronnies Ramona and Eboni


The SLC choir singers. Their Erika has also been especially hilarious lately.


There are so many… but sometimes it’s these random ones that get me… like their Jordan from Summer House…


Dorit hands down bc they're both very different😂




I often scream ‘thomaaaaaas’ to my family members (none of whom are named Thomas) in my best WWC Kathryn Dennis voice just for fun. Also - does anyone else still find themselves humming ‘is Ariana mad at us?’ sometimes?


Dorit (I have no idea how Ronnie doesn’t lose his voice doing that), Carl from SH (gents), and Ramona/Bethenny.


SUP does great recaps.


I love SUP with Lara and Carey


WWC is the only correct answer to this question


I am in shock Bitch Sesh isn’t rated higher!


Me too. Seeing the comments here, I can understand that it's maybe not for everyone but I have been a Casey Wilson fan since Happy Endings and I love her her Danielle's takes. Different pods for different people!


Sexy unique podcast!


Voted for WWC but Sexy Unique Podcast is great! Sorry if someone already mentioned them. They are currently recapping Mob Wives (they do old reality shows as well) and it’s hilarious.


WWC by a longshot!!! Oooookaaayyy


Watch what crappens all day, however I do enjoy everything iconic too.


Bitch Sesh brought me to housewives. I will forever be grateful to Casey & Danielle. They will always be my bravo lighthouses!


Does anyone listen to TJG? I’m dying to talk about how much Mary annoys me/says the most problematic things. Their friendship fascinates me.


I love WWV but Sexy Unique Podcast is my fave! I could listen to Lara and Carey discuss whatever topic all day.


Andy’s girls!


WWC is my favorite, but I really like Dear Diary, You're Effed! with Hannah Ferrier from Below Deck Med.


What happened to Justin?? I've fallen a bit behind, has she mentioned why he randomly stopped being there??


I'm not sure, but I really miss him!


Family Karma Cast is really good


I’ve really tried with WWC but I find most of their impressions awful.


Juicy Scoop!


Juicy scoop and Jeff Lewis (technically not a podcast).


Danny's recaps used to be sooo good when he had co-hosts, but his solo recaps are a bore, whenever I try to tune in. Props to him though for going at it solo. I listen to 20+ podcasts and none are solo.


Danny is the worst.


Why do you say?


I find it interesting that male voices tend to curate housewives - Andy, WWC, Danny- and female podcasters get a shitload of criticism. It’s interesting because I work in a female dominated industry in the arts in which men tend to also take powerful positions. Full disclosure I love WWC and Danny but I enjoy the ladies point of view on Bitch Sesh and the bring on women on colour a lot too. I’m always surprised by the level of vitriol I see against Bitch Sesh, Heather Mc Donald etc because the WWC boys have said their fair share of stupid shit too.