Dorit and Lisa coming for Garcelle tonight.....

Dorit and Lisa coming for Garcelle tonight.....

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Rinna’s “Really? That’s nice” isn’t passive aggressive then? Or have these terms lost all meaning, and certain housewives just apply them to any situation they don’t like?


Dorit keeps rehashing this passive aggressive nonsense with Garcelle but this just shows she has absolutely no idea what she is talking about. She's latching on to the only buzz word she knows but can't recognize a literal example when it's sitting right next to her in the most garish purple people eater costume I've ever seen.


They do this every season, pick a new word or phrase that they think makes them look smart and then they use it incorrectly until it's lost all meaning. Last year it was Rinna with the "gaslighting" and this year it's Dorit with the "passive aggressive" crap. They're human bobbleheads, these two. Not a single healthy brain cell between them.


It's particularly hilarious with Dorit because she's always been incredibly passive aggressive on the show.


And it annoyed me that no one pointed out to Rinna she has no idea what the term gaslighting is because if she did she would have known that she was actually the gaslighter not Denise.


Nobody points anything out to Rinna. She lives her life thinking that because she has a lot of slobbering Instagram followers who kiss her bony ass on everything she posts, she is right and that what she does is ok. Nobody who matters stands up to her. Not one of these people will hold her accountable and it's depressing.


It gets so old! They think the fans are stupid and think they "bring it" to the franchise. They both need to go away!


Garcelle is one of the least passive aggressive people to ever appear on Bravo which makes it extra hilarious. She’s the definition of “direct”. These women need a damn dictionary lol


![gif](giphy|Khe9lLO3fiIAR7QTbJ|downsized) “What kind of game is that?”


I don't know if she's confused about Garcelle being real and having the wisdom and life experience to be able to confront and say what she doesn't like with kindness? She's used to people being nasty in confrontations? I don't know.


Dorit is trying to take attention away from the fact that her and PK are in a big financial hole.


Dorit is over compensating for “my mom’s best friend is black” comment. She doesn’t want us to remember she said that. So deflection continues


On the only black woman on the cast. What an idiot.


Ding ding ding! Calling out racist behavior is a bigger sin than racist behavior to certain people.


Well screaming at a Black woman, on television no less, is certainly not going to help us not see her for the ignorant, racist she is.


Im not even kidding, watching Dorit and Rinna speaking to Garcelle in that manner is seriously giving me some rage. Its the fucking tone. The TONE.


I find it triggering. It makes me furious.


And saying “I want you to be” YUCK Dorit


Dorit had no storyline this season so she’s got nothing to add to the reunion except to bang on about Garcelle. We’re sick of seeing her clothing lines and her tacky labelled clothing. She’s not entertaining and going for Garcelle isn’t going to work for her either because Garcelle is smart and won’t make the mistake of wasting her breath on Dorit again 😂


Now it's gonna be boring *and* coming after the fan favorite. Bad move.


Miss I SPEAK THREE LANGUAGES. That's rich. And Rinna?! Wth?


Purple people eater costume😂😂😂💀


I came here to say this. Rinna will never miss an opportunity to do/say the wrong thing.


Rinna and Dorit are gaslighting Garcelle, by saying she needs to be more direct and not make "digs", yet she is the most direct of all of them. Problem is the gaslighting is not working


I find it crazy how none of the other women on the couch interjected or defended Garcelle, after that fake ass hear to heart and my girl opened up to them and they still do this to her. This show is honestly beneath Garcelle and those ladies look like some middle aged mean girls.


Right?! Rinna is literally doing the thing Dorit is accusing Garcelle of in practically the same breath.


Remember when Rinna was all annoyed about being called a racist....yeah


It's called gaslighting. It's annoying because pretty sure D is just trying to have a story




Say it louder for the people in the back!!!! ![gif](giphy|gjrPnz7jOpOxwGFxrO|downsized)


You might be on to something…


Rinna is an absolute passive aggressive weirdo. Cringey.


Thanks for posting this as it's a sign Im going to need to make a quick stop at the wine store on my way home. One glass might not cut it.


I've spent way too much time today debating whether to skip Publix for wine and just go right to the mothership ABC Liquors for a variety of the hard stuff.


With this clip?? Think you need the hard stuff.


A case of Belvedere it is!


I’m getting queso to sop up all the glasses that will be poured. ![gif](giphy|uYcuStWfBtHnW)


Why is Rinna so pissed in this clip?


because she can't get Garcelle to stoop down to her level.


They want Garcelle to play into the stereotypes of being an agressive black woman so bad. Constantly calling her "shady" is a dog whistle. Kyle tells Dorit to STFU every two episodes. She also told Erika she didn't have any real friends to her face. But she's never been branded a bully or shady by either of them. Just because Garcelle is a black housewife does not mean she's Nene Leakes. Their game plan is to push Garcelle to bloop bloop and bitch please enough that it becomes obvious that the mean ol black lady is attacking these poor docile white women. And while it would be well within her right to curse them out, Garcelle is not that type of woman. She manages to be direct while also being kind, compassionate and empathetic. She doesn't seek out conflict and doesn't seem to enjoy it like the other bozos on this cast (ahem Rinna). I'm glad she's keeping her composure and not letting anyone on the cast take her outside of who she truly is.


I want to get out of character so bad just to put these old hags in their place but you’re absolutely right and I applaud her for doing so because it makes them look like hateful ugly dried up no real talent having assholes that they truly are.


Because Garcelle was a selfish pos who didn't make a second thank you for the sauce Harry Hamlin worked himself boldly, to make for her! /s In all seriousness, Rinna has watched the episodes, realised her screen time was limited, and is worried she will be the next Teddi. So she is being extra disgusting at the reunion, hoping she is brought back another season as a villain. She needs the cheque.


BINGO. Rinnna actually needs the check. She’s had no moments this season so she’s going for it


Because Garcelle is a fan favorite and Rinna has lost about 90% of her fanbase.


I think it’s about Garcelle bringing up Denise multiple times to Rinna. They discussed this and last season. One to argue that Garcelle wasn’t being authentic when she brought it up.


Would be funny if they brought out Denise. Then they brought out Kim carrying the bunny again.


Someone said on twitter they’d die if Garcelle gave back the jar of sauce lol That would be hilarious and the kind of content I’d love to see


Erika saying she doesn't want to grow at her age. Right, thief, we know you don't want to do better or grow. Fucking monster.


The one comment from Erika speaks volumes about who she really is. She is so ignorant.


No remorse, no empathy, no self-reflection. She’s utter trash.


Top of the list traits that make someone an asshole.


Right? Especially because she wasn’t even provoked. She interjected to volunteer the fact that she doesn’t want to grow.


I cackled at this comment and idk why but you’re right 😂


Ironically, Erika looks like she's aged at least 10 years in the past year.


lol, she did age....she's back to her REAL age now, as all her fillers and cosmetic wizardry have dried up and disappeared from her face. The lines and sags of a late 40's woman are back in place. No money for special treatments exist now so all she could have done for the reunion was a measly facial. oh well.


Play that clip in court, please!!!


dumbest broad ever. stays trying to sound cool but looks like an idiot everytime


Erika is the worst.


Kyles little shocked look and side eye to Andy




Rinna saying "oh well that's nice" sarcastically is fucking rich considering she is STILL beating the Bunny incident to death as of last night's Halloween costume. Not to mention their constant obsession with hating LVP and Denise.


You can tell how much Garcelle has gotten under their skin. It's delicious to see them both so bothered LOL.


They may realise that their time is nearly up and it's Sutton and Garcelle who are the future of the show.


They’re going to make it hell for them next season 😒


Kim Richards gave her exactly what she deserved. She was disgusted by Rental Rinna and she let everyone know it.


I think we all here can agree that Kim certainly had her mean moments but the fact that Rinna continued to go after and question her sobriety again and again and again will always make me seethe. But then Rinna is like oh poor me my daughter has an eating disorder we need to appreciate and discuss mental health, like... ADDICTION IS MENTAL HEALTH TOO.


Also pretty rich in the context of Dorit saying that passive aggressive remarks are bad and people should be direct. So Rinna, missing the entire point, throws a passive aggressive remark (a “dart”) at Garcelle.


Exactly! Those two women are so gross.




Omg i didn't realize that was why she was in that awful costume


I don’t have the words to express how confused I am by “the bunny” becoming so “iconic.” Andy pushes it SO hard and Rinna will never let it go because Andy blows the smoke up her ass. If anything, it was an iconic moment for Kim and Kim only.


Girl.. you so nailed it. Rinna only can attack ppl so she keeps the heat off looking at her life. They need to clean house except Sutton and Garcelle.


I really get an uncomfortable feeling whenever Rinna speaks these days. I used to be just annoyed but the way she talks and tries to get a rise out of the other person, the blunt viciousness and the overly calculated drama-seeking attacks…I can’t really describe it well but she freaks me out.


i re-watched season 5 and it was kinda freaky because she was almost... normal (funny enough, denise shows up at a party held at rinna's house - meanwhile, rinna only met erika during season 6). like, i could have come away thinking that she might not be a complete demon (yes, even after the glass breaking incident and diving in to choke kim in amsterdam). the facade started to progressively unravel midway through the season and into the season 5 reunion; but she still maintained a veneer of "normality," even then. over time (except for season 7), she's just gone on to get worse and worse.. she said in season 5 of rhobh that her longest steady acting job lasted for three years (both days of our lives and melrose place, i think). she spoke about how she coveted job security (brought it up in relation to eileen being lucky enough to star on the same soap opera for decades), and it really does kind of explain her approach to rhobh. she's been on for 6 years or so, so far, and will hang on to that paycheque with a vice grip. she's never had job security like this before and especially at her age, she's not about to just let it go. in the meantime, she's greatly contributed to running rhobh into the ground and influenced the other "castmembers" to really look at the show in a **purely** utilitarian/mercenary *job* and workplace framework. not giving any more - not a single ounce more - than that. eta: andy's first instinct to not want to hire her from season 1 (not wanting soap opera actresses who would ultimately treat the show like a job and have that reflect on the end result) was the right one, and he should have stuck with that instinct.


This!!!! She will do anything to stay on RHOBH.


> in the gully where the ogres live Is this a Nene line?


She is starting to resemble Erika in my opinion. Before her comments would be said in a joking way but now she sounds like she wants to have the last word with one comment that leaves the other party speechless. Not working, she just sounds too aggressive now and annoying


So true, the aggression has gone up a notch or two for sure. Hadn't noticed that.


When she was screaming and chanting the ‘GASLIGHTINGGG GASLIGHTINGGG’ at last years reunion over Denise, that’s the most vicious most condescending I’ve heard her talk and she’s only gotten worse


She’s trying to really overdo the rough act because she’s arguing with a black woman. She wants to pull Garcelle down to her level and she gets angrier when it doesn’t work.


I don’t think it’s an act. I think she’s a bitter racist and she’s pissed off that she can’t say what she really wants to say to Garcelle. She doesn’t want to bring Garcelle down to her level, she wants Garcelle to be put in her place, which is a level beneath her and her nazi costume wearing husband. Racists all think that they’re losing something, or that something is being taken away from them when faced with having to change their white supremacist mindset, instead of being grateful for having more knowledge and understanding of the people they share this world with by seeing the value and opportunity for deeper human connections. Erika hit the nail on the head when she said she wasn’t looking to make any changes.


Well I can’t argue with facts. I was using “rough act” to mean more that she’s super weak and spineless but she wants everyone to think otherwise. She’s one of the most emotionally and physically fragile people I’ve watched on reality tv.


She is spending too much time with Erika. Almost as of she noticed people back off when Erika is a bully so she will do the same.


This ^. Erika is the worst influence on her because she now thinks she can act anyway she wants and never has to apologize because she’s being a “bad bitch”


Absolutely. Erikas rubbing off on her.


Yes she’s also hiding behind Erica and feels like she has some sort of insulation that she could be so rude to her alleged friend Garcelle!


Ehhhhhhhh idk about that. whenever someone tries to come for her she does get nasty herself. Not very many people do, so u don’t see it a lot. She goes for ‘weaker’ targets. She tried with dorit, saying her and her guest do drugs at her house, Then she tried with Kim Richards, and Kim was talking back and threatening to tell her business about her husband- ( she got REALLY nasty then) and now she’s doing it to garcelle. She REALLY was not happy when garcelle was talking to her about Denise and making up. That’s when she started the ‘no one is going to tell me what to do’ stuff. She clearly doesn’t want Denise back on, so she’s trying to redirect and control the narrative. She’s pissed garcelle brought it up, and feels she has nothing to prove to her regarding her old pal. My guess too is that it was a producer induced conversation.


This. Rinna was nasty long before Erika became her thug-in-a-cocktail-dress-bestie!


That’s the thing for me too. Let’s pretend she’s even playing a part. She’s not a good or great villain. She doesn’t have a tragic backstory, she’s not witty, she’s not smart, and her personality is stuck in 1992. There’s just no depth or complexity to her. Harry’s sauce is more interesting than she is FFS. Like I’d get it if her meanness meant anything but she’s just a bad “character.” Get off my screen!! And if you read here I used to love you. I thought you were beautiful Picture Perfect and I’m so sad you are a shitty person. BYE. Also to add: I don’t believe she’s playing a a character — she’s had the same schtick for so long.


> her personality is stuck in 1992 💀


Rinna has been ruining this show for years


Agreed. She needs to go!


The way they are treating Garcelle is giving me how Tiffany was treated last season on RHOD. Coming at someone who hasn’t done anything wrong except maybe annoy you and the POC is on the receiving end of vitriol. I hope bravo/nbc universal sees the fan reaction to this and acts accordingly. Even if you don’t like Garcelle, Lisa Rinna is ugly inside and out for speaking to her that way. I like my housewives to argue but this is sinister. Fitting for Jigsaw headass Rinna.


bravo dgaf. they cancelled rhod, cancelled rhony reunion, haven't brought back southern charm yet (it should have been debut-ing around this time), etc. they've pivoted to the strategy that any of their 2021 airing shows that had anything awkward to do with race would be swept under the rug/ignored/made to go away. it's a noticeable change from last year's approach, where they seemed to *appear* to want to take a more head on/transparent tack. wonder if management has changed in the interim, which would reflect the change in approach. if not, wonder who made the specific decision to change tacks.


I’ll be back for the live thread. Can’t get banned this afternoon! ![gif](giphy|l0K42RIaNOZcK7CNy)


😂😂😂🤣 i’m dead #priorities


Twitter already put me on timeout 😂😂


Lol what did you say??


In hindsight I went too far. I called her a c*nt. But her boss Erika thinks the word is great so 🤷🏽‍♀️


You’re words aren’t even that out of line for ‘that stupid cow’ to quote LVP


Lmfao it’s warranted at this point.


> her boss Erika 💯


Just far enough in my book.


Nothing annoys me more than a HW doing jack shit all season only for them to come to the reunion to try to get a paycheck for the next season. I actually don’t hate lisa, but she really doesn’t need to come back. She could have supported erika, but at the same time could have also asked questions to at least get a discussion going. The fact that she didn’t do this grates on my nerves and shows that her heart is no longer in making good television. She no longer is that blunt and iconic lisa we got in her first few seasons. She is now taking up space.


Also how is she dumb enough to not see that grilling Erika would’ve put her in the graces of the audience? I do wonder a lot how Bravo handles the casting and contract renewal. Like would they ever get rid of her? She is someone to hate on, but do we even need to hate on anyone in the first place? Like does bravo see her as the antagonist and therefore needs to stay? I mean after all, this is still tv. There is a scripted element and producers running the flow.


This has crossed my mind a lot, too. The one to hate. If that is what they cast for, who did they cast in the first seasons that they thought viewers would hate? They didn’t, so I wish they’d cut it out and stop insulting the viewers intelligence. Rinna is doing nothing original this season. She has turned on friendships. Really made those friends think their friendship meant something and then wammo. Even after making up after a fight. Wammo. It’s not getting old. It IS old.


Agreed!! I’m reading Brian Moylan’s book on the housewives franchise. (Highly recommend it’s called “The Housewives: The Real Story of the Housewives) he touches on the fact that the demographic for the franchise is mostly college educated women between the ages of 18-49. Some where BH turned from being this ridiculous p look into the lives of rich women in BH. And now it’s just this insult on us as an audience, cause it’s like each season follows this own it format now. Pick one lady. Bash on her and tell her she needs to be more upfront and honest. It’s not good enough, she’s ostracized except for one person having her back, lady leaves the show. Rinse and repeat. It’s SOOOO old


Shutup Erika


Gawd I WISH Garcelle would have brought some surprise guests to the reunion -Nicolette Sheridan and the woman who chased Dorit at the beach lmao Actually I want a parade of past Rinna enemies to come on stage.


God these BH gals (Rinna and Dorit) are soooo boring with their “drama”. They wouldn’t last a second on any other franchise! I want my RHOP ladies to drag them 😭


Seriously, I hope Rinna DOES get put on All Stars so one of the women from the other cities drags her ass. It's what she deserves LOL.


OMG Karen and Giselle would drag them for filth. Ashley would dig up every single secret they’ve had since childhood. Candice would actually kill them. Like with a weapon.


The Candiace description is fucking killing me... like with a weapon!


Oh, that would be soso sweet. That, or a good old Kenya read


Team twirl! 💃🏻


Dorit and Rinna are so dumb, respectfully


Dumb, rude, obnoxious and completely unaware of those things is quite the combo really


I really wish I could just come to Garcelle’s defense and tell those two to stfu but no one come’s to Garcelle’s defense except Kyle’s surprise pickachu face lol


I do too. I honestly believe these two expect Garcelle to be intimidated by them because they are white and back down. The fact that she’s not is what infuriates them. They might not openly hate anyone, but expecting the woman of color to always give them the right of way is still racist. Garcelle correctly pointed out that all the people of color that Dorit’s children see every day (which she was bragging about) are in domestic service positions. That is Dorit’s issue with her but she won’t say it. You know, be direct, be honest, own it.


​ ![gif](giphy|6nWhy3ulBL7GSCvKw6)


I don’t think I can watch this


Right? Just this clip has got my anxiety up.


Same. Just felt my blood pressure rise.


The anxiety I’m feeling from this is real. Whyyyyy. Can’t wait to watch and join the live support group here.


Personally, my anxiety comes from the fact that there's a criminal right in front of our faces that's being treated with kid gloves and allowed to skate by because she's a bully. Then there's the blatant double standards applied to a woman of color that puts her in an impossible position. And it's not just on this show; our society, as a whole, is allowing rich criminals to get away with incredible crimes that they aren't even trying to cover up or show remorse for, not to mention how we treat POC. So I feel like my anger and anxiety about THAT is multiplied when a show I formerly enjoyed and I'm used to watching for mindless entertainment is doing the same thing.


This comment nails it. Diversifying the housewives cast has really revealed what these women are really like and it just isn’t fun anymore. Unless there’s some real accountability from Rinna, Dorit and Bravo as a whole, I don’t think I’ll watch anymore.


Ya I’m done with BH hills, I don’t even think I’ll watch the entire reunion, just read the threads here.


I quit watching OC over Kelly’s crap. There are some things I watch that aren’t fun, and challenge me, but I’m not looking for that on the frigging housewives. Not worth the stress


Yup, agreed. I dropped the OC a few years ago too.


Right. If they only diversified the casts in order the give the rest of the cast a person of color to target as the bad guy, I can't keep watching. There is nothing entertaining about it.


Classic white women playing the victim card the minute a POC speaks up against their actions. Gaslighting from these ladies. Also dorit, just jab back! Am I the only one who sees the “jabs” as a joke? Like learn to laugh at yourself. Dorit knows all these languages but sarcasm and humor is not one of them.


Same, my heart is beating way faster just from this clip. Idk how Garcelle holds it together the way she does, I would lose it


SAME!! This made me angry watching it. I can not STAND these women being so vicious and just all around awful human beings.


Me too. I'm protecting my peace and passing. I can't watch them go after her and Sutton for 4 hours like they did to Denise last year.


I’ve been doing sober October but I’m gonna need a cocktail for this.


I am aging watching this bullshit


Right? I just watched this scene and I’m seriously considering committing a crime against Rinna. She’s even worse I imagined from the teaser


Happy to aid and abet. Rinna is vile.


Jeez, thank god, I thought it was just me.


I feel the same way. I’ve only ever felt as frustrated watching housewives when I watched Teresa on RHONJ and I had to take a few weeks before I could watch it again. This is even worse than that. Poor Garcelle :(


If Lisa wants to have this energy fine but why is she saving it for the reunion? The thing that annoys me most about Rinna is that she’s too much of a coward to really stand ten toes in her choice to be an evil backstabbing villain. Like she should’ve had this energy to Garcelle from the start (ofc I still would’ve been Team G regardless) if that’s what she wants to do rather than be cool with her then hype up for the reunion. She looks stupid.


1. rinna wants to be erika soooooo bad, and its tired. give it up 2. rinna is talking back to garcelle like a rebellious teenager to their parents. grow up 3. erika shut up. no one asked you, nor do we care. 4. poor crystal, i see why her back her. she was sitting on the very edge of the couch and the couch was entirely too small for four people. 5. why is kyle in the center? 6. i hope this episode isnt only them attacking garcelle 7. im starting to enjoy kyles fake-ness? maybe i need a nap... 8. dorito shoudlve learned that picking a fight with garcelle is not a wise choice, but alas she hasnt 9. and they still dont understand why garcelle didn’t feel welcome lol. literally look at how yall talk to her and treat her!! im glad she can hold her own, but damn its gotta be tiring as fuck


even when badly styled, garcelle is a world class beauty (inside and out)


Ok girl but what even is that dress? 😭😭😭


I've noticed she's always wearing the perfect shade(s) of lipstick to complement her complexion.


Dorit has literally done nothing during her time on the show besides abandoning dogs and moving in and out of rental houses. Her misguided confidence continues to astound me.


Rinna makes my blood BOIL🤬


Yes, with all the fighting that's gone on on Potomac this season and last, I never felt this heated about ANY of it. But THIS!!


I really need these two bitches off the show. I feel like they love th negative attention. Ugh Dorit used to be so cute and fun, wtf. In a sense, I get what she means about Garcelle making "jabs". Garcelle makes mean side comments sometimes, but they all do. So it's like get the fuck over it already. What does Dorit want? For Garcelle to explode into a million beautiful butterflies, like wtf, if sorry doesn't work, then wtf will? It's been months. Garcelle is a Sagittarius. She is probably always gonna say off the cuff shit, and if the most sensitive person on the show can be great friends with her, I think that means that Garcelle genuinely doesn't mean harm. But whatever. I'm tired and just typing shit.


It’s also extra ironic because Dorits first seasons centered around making “cheeky little comments” and justifying it because she lived in London


Black Twitter is about to drag the life out of these idiots. Rinna is already trending and its all negative. 😄😄. I hope The Shade Room reposts this!


They really have no idea what’s coming their way 😆


Ohhhh look at Rinna getting spicy with her backbone right next to her! Rinna is a CLOWN. The absolute fakest, phoniest, inauthentic person I’ve ever seen on a reality show in my life - not to mention she’s a literal bully. Doesn’t even have her own personality, had to take pieces of everyone else’s. Don’t even get me started on Dorito. She doesn’t have enough brain cells to make a proper argument.


So after Dorit says Enough with the Passive Aggressive bullshit, Rinna says "Well that's nice..." Lol, these girls are a HOOT.


The way they speak to her with such disgust. I’ve seen these women scream at each other for years but the disgust they have with Garcelle is just another level. It’s uncomfortable to even watch this. Not sure if I can take this reunion.


I noticed that too. Especially here with Rinna. They’re mad they can’t just coast on by and clip a paycheck anymore. They hate that Garcelle and Sutton are the fan favorites. They also probably hate that Garcelle’s presence has now exposed their racism.


It’s because fans like garcelle, and the affection we have for her makes them look even worse. They can’t stand that someone would be more beloved than them, and they can barely hide their seething resentment for her. They read the audience wrong every year, and I think they hold on to the “fox force five” as a way to feel better about the hate they get. “It’s ok fans hate us; we have each other and don’t care!!” Oh but they care. A lot.


You've nailed it!! I wondered why I just cringe and feel so anxious inside at how Dorit talks to Garcelle. And now Lisa Rinna is doing the same. They act like they are disgusted in Garcelle. It's so elitist and horrible.


Yup, completely agree. They really do speak to her with complete disgust. They’re awful humans and I honestly don’t think I can stomach this reunion.


I realize that Garcelle keeps calm and doesn’t go for the jugular like she should because she has a real job and an image to maintain. Rinna and Dorit have careers that revolve around posting tik toks and dancing for Instagram so they don’t care how batshit they act.


Rinna is so proud over herself for attacking Garcelle😡 Kyle with her fake-faces😴 Erika truly has no shame in her body🤮 Edit: Bravo should really get a new host, Andy can’t do his job and is too far up in the mean 5-group asses.


She makes me literally fucking sick. I thibk if I saw her out, my brain would just reptile out and call her an asshole to her face.


She is truly horrible 100% , just hearing her name makes me pissed.


I don’t know how Garcelle hasn’t chosen verbal violence with these two twats. I would descend into petty and bring up Dorit being chased around the Bahamas, why wasn’t Dorit direct then? Instead of bobbing and weaving like Mayweather away from the woman that was confronting her???! Then I’d say Harry Hamlin’s bolognese was shit and gave me an upset stomach.


I want to knock the plastic surgery out of these two.


Wow I’ve never hated Rinna more than I did watching this


It’s weird how often I say this and it’s always accurate.


What exactly did Rinna think she accomplished? Ooh, sassy woman wearing ugly nude lipstick with an Ariana Grande ponytail sitting next to her grandmother repeating the same line. How bad ass of her. Kyle and her real life emoji reactions can slide to the end of the couch where she belongs. Andy knew they were both full of shit. He clearly knows the fan reaction to those two against Garcelle so he's letting them dig their own graves.


Garcelle is a queen 👑


Dorit is a fucking loser. Rinna has no personality outside of ass kissing and annoying vileness. Kyle is just punchable. Erika is dumb as fuck. And Garcelle is queen.


They want to police how Garcelle speaks, and it is so maddeningly disrespectful to watch. Also Erika - I wouldn't proudly announce you're too old to change for the better. You dumb fuck.


Rinna is oozing hatred for Garcelle. I think she is jealous of her professional success and her ability to maintain her composure in the midst of the attacks against her character. RHOB used to be a nice escape, but Rinna’s disgusting behavior is no fun to watch. Can someone finally put her in her place before she drives off yet another housewife who adds a little something different to the mix? Stay strong, Garcelle.


I. Fucking. Hate. Rinna. Words cannot describe how much I hate watching her. She’s not even a villain anymore, she’s a waste of a diamond.


Rinna where was this energy at all season?!


I can SMELL the microaggressions coming through the screen.


It smells like cheap tanning lotion and the lemons from bucca di beppo 🥴


Dorit lost me this season. I was really starting to enjoy her last season but she’s taking this too far with Garcelle. Rinna needs to leave. Seriously. I’m over her shit. She’s not a fun villain at all. Even Candiace is more endearing then Rinna. This attitude she’s using with Garcelle is completely insane.


>Even Candiace is more endearing then Rinna. without a doubt, because candiace is authentic - authentically vulnerable, authentically funny and authentically messy. rinna is fake and phony af.


Oh Rinna, please stfu


Kyle loves this! She’s such a witch.


oh hell no


What Dorit really wants to say is “stop being mean to me!!!!!” but she knows that’s juvenile af so she says the thing about “jabs” and Garcelle not being direct, when in reality she is being direct. She’s just not sugarcoating what she’s saying. Like how direct can Garcelle be? She literally said “that’s not what you said the other night” when Dorit was word vomiting to try to soften the blow to Erika at the first dinner.


You know what, fuck Rinna. Shes agressive as hell. If this was flipped…


Rinna is so desperate to stay relevant and on the show that she’s willing to destroy relationships she’s maintained with people for decades (Denise and Garcelle) as if she just met them yesterday. She’s pathologically insincere and inauthentic.


It must have been infuriating for Garcelle to be called passive aggressive by Dorit, while Rinna is going out of her way to be snide and sarcastic.


What is with Rinna and gaslighting, I can't stand her at all same with Dorit!! Dorit BLOCKED me on ig just because I liked a comment that was negative about her on her ig, it wasn't even a nasty comment it was just saying she was wrong to go after Garcelle and it had over 300 likes, why block me for that lol! She is so crazy, I can't stand either of them! I am starting to dislike the BH franchise since these women get worse each season, they aren't fun to watch and live in their own weird & fake hollywood bubble where they look down on everyone and think they're the best and above all cus they're in hollywood..ugh.


What the hell is Rinna's problem? Is she hellbent on destroying every relationship in her life in pursuit of the reality paycheque?


I have never felt so mad watching television wow! The way rinna spoke to garcelle. My blood is boiling


Fuck Rinna.


I don't get understand how Dorit and Rinna have the nerve to call Garcelle a bully when their leader sat at a dinner table and spoke to another woman through gritted teeth, has threatened to "go all day with that shit" and much more all because someone dared to question her. Erika is the epitome of a bully...she must have some really good dirt on Dorit and Rinna for them to blindly follow her. She isn't a bully, she just refuses to kiss up to them and pander them. Give me Garcelle and Sutton over the disgusting "Fox Force Five" any day.


Watching this is already pissing me off. When Rinna opens her mouth I want to scream SHUT UP YOU CLOWN! Dorit needs to shut it too, she sounds like a *bully* that needs to let the mouse go. Erika of course will never grow. Garbage doesn’t have to.


Doorknob is reaching… she’s been reaching all season. Garcelle is literally more direct than everyone with the exception of Sutton so please go away from us with this, Doorhandle


Yes, Rinna, it is easier for Garcelle and Dorit to set aside their issues after an apology because they’ve only known each other for two seasons of Housewives. When you have a longer friendship with someone, the betrayal cuts deeper!


Is it wrong to say that if I had to pick, I would rather have Brandi on this reunion than Rinna? I think Rinna has surpassed Brandi on nastiness, plus Rinna is demeaning.


Holy fuck. Those two are triggering me from just the previews. I might just sit it out and read the live thread


PROJECTION, DORIT! Girl, you are the one delivering jabs with a saccharine smile. STFU!


I won’t be watching this shit show live, I’d rather finish squid games instead. Fuck Rinna, fuck Dorit, fuck racists.


I watched this and then walked to the grocery store to get brownie mix and ice cream for tonight. It’s the only vice I have being pregnant. Very sad I can’t be drunk and mad for this shitshow.