Leah’s Instagram story about Sonja!

Leah’s Instagram story about Sonja!


Girl bye, where was this energy for Dorinda?




This is gross and cruel. She’s literally making fun of a disturbing assault. Who does that?


I know Leah is a well known edge lord, but this goes too far! This is fucking disgusting!


What? I have no context. What happened? Did someone burn Sonja w a cig or something?


Person above said they put cigs in her. Honestly I’m not denying that if Sonja said it happened but I’m having a hard time understanding how that works like a cigar I can see but wouldn’t a cig just like break once u started to put it in ? Idk 🤷🏻‍♀️ either way Leah is a piece of shit


This was all from Heather Thompson everyone FYI. She is literally quoted in the book saying she rescued a drunken Sonja from having lit cigarettes put in her vagina in a vestibule . There I said it kill me. But I can’t take all this bullshit about justifying based on incorrect information now that the correct information is out. Sonia did not speak well about Leah ‘a sister in the bbook . But what she did say was accurate, That Sarah felt she could yell at the ladies and harass them on behalf of her sister.It was a true reflection of what happened when they all met up in Newport or wherever. I’m over it with anything involved with Leah. She’s back on page 6 today in fact. Leah, Luanne and Ramona walked out of a launch party for the diamonds and rose book when Ebony showed up. They are now scapegoating Ebony as the reason why the show flopped last season.Leah look in the fucking mirror.{EDIT: In the beginning here I posted that Ramona was the one drunk & letting guys put lit cigarettes in her vagina. It was Sonja though. Heather told this story In the book because she was pissed at Sonya that she would not let the girls into her townhouse on a freezing cold day. The girls were supposed to stay in their limos in front of Sonya’s house. But Heather was adamant that she wanted to go and wait inside the townhouse where it would be warmer. So in the book Heather goes on a rant about all the things she did for ungrateful Sonja, including the vestibule rescue. FYI}


Wait now Leah is turning on Ebony?


All of them have turned on Ebony. It’s on page 6 at this very minute. Luanne Lea and Ramona were at a launch party for the diamonds and rose book in New York Last night. When Ebony walked in, the three exited en masse without acknowledging her. They blame her for the seasons bad ratings. I could see Lou and Ramona blaming Leah & Ebony for the bad season, but how Leah thinks she can blame Ebony without looking in the mirror....It’s beyond me. The good news is this group will never again work together.


That is mean & looks terrible for them imo. Assholes. Ugh.


Agreed. Agreed.☕️


Those ratings sucked because nobody wanted to watch wrinkly old white ladies tip toe around a black person, and then go to an event FOR black people to then TALK ABOUT THEIR WHITENESS BEING DIFFICULT


Nobody wanted to watch it, but it sure was good education.


I was just contemplating how I think I may be done with NY. It makes me really sad, but I can’t with the present cast. They ALL suck in their own ways (obvi some worse than others). I don’t know how the show rebounds from this. But maybe that’s a good thing.


Oh my God I’m totally over it I’ll never watch again. Frankly I don’t think it’s going to come back. There’s no ensemble. Ebony surely wouldn’t come back on, especially if she gets the View gig.


Leah is a see you next Tuesday. I have always disliked her


This makes me hope that the rumors about Ebony joining the cast of The View are true. She deserves better than that.


Leah is the reason I couldn’t get through the season.


Are we sure about that? Eboni is still liking Leah’s Instagram posts


Who expects it to be warmer in Sonja's house? Heat was probably out.


And the leaky windows probably needed replacing.


Just to let you know, you accidentally say Ramona when you mean Sonja in this comment!


Wait. Ramona or Sonja? Either way, this is gross & there's no way I'm reading this book. The excerpts are plenty terrible.


This is about Sonia and how Heather claims she helped Sonia so much, including saving her from a drunken pass out where she was so loaded guys were trying to put cigarettes out in her vagina.Heather is a little bitter bitch I would say, But her part of the book was interesting. The whole toaster oven thing was such a joke.


If you really wanted to help her, Heather, you don’t blast that information to the public. No matter how much you dislike that person. FUCK Heather.


Truly fuck Heather of course. But she’s already pretty canceled. I think we should cancel Leah for trying to shame and out Sonia for a fucking sexual assault on her when she was drunk. Leah posted a meme with an ashtray and lit cigarette in It—Alluding to Sonia sexual assault —for talking ill of her sister in the diamonds and rose book.Victim shaming is not where we are in today’s world, which Leah pretends to be so much a leader of.#CancelLeah.


Oh 100%. Eff them both. I sadly think RHONY has jumped the shark at this point. How can they come back from all of this?


Sorry it was Sonia. A commenter below pointed it out to me and I just edited. I’ll make a note. Thanks for pointing this out that it’s obvious as a discrepancy.


Sonja - https://www.reddit.com/r/BravoRealHousewives/comments/qca9p7/heathers_disturbing_story_about_rescuing_sonja/hhfbiqr/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3


Omg Thanks for posting this explains everything


I’ve heard of strippers using lit cigarettes to show they’re tight enough to take a puff of one. I’m guessing that’s what was drunkenly trying to happen here.




I'm sorry... What?


I read the articles she published before joining NY & this post is right up her edgy alley.


Leah is trailer trash ✌️


She probably thinks it was transactional like Asia Argento and Rose McGowan's assaults (link NSFW) https://penthousemagazine.com/can-we-talk-about-toxic-femininity/


Leah thinks she’s so woke, but this article proves (even further) she’s no different than Ramona. 🤮




Asia Argento and Rose McGowan aren't great people to say the least but I'm not going to question whether or not either of them were assaulted by Harvey Weinstein like Leah does in this article.


Leah is so toxic. This is awful. Sonja said nothing that should incite this type of response. This can't be tolerated by Bravo. Leah has ruined RHONY for like two seasons and we don't want her ruining another. This is traumatizing for Sonja. Every season everyone complains that Sonja need to "get it together" and has a boring storyline. But if what Heather stated is true, she is a victim and that is horrifying. I can't imagine the pain Sonja is experiencing as a survivor myself.


She deleted this post and now has the excerpt that has her enraged in her stories. Sonja didn’t even say anything bad. The response is so over the top.


This is disgusting if you know what the cigarettes are referring to


Never mind I just read. Leah is disgusting. I’m so sad for Sonja. It’s all too dark.


What are they referring to?


Something like Heather “witnessed “ men putting 🚬 & on Sonja lady parts. Heather disgusting on so many levels. Edit: sorry wrote quickly in hurry


Not putting them out. Putting them in.


*Bill Clinton's cigar has entered the chat*




Wait wait wait what?? Holla Heather?!


Yes, begging for clarification


Yeah can someone say more here?? I’m confused/shocked?


Holla Heather has a section in the book where she's complaining about when the women were going to Atlantic City and Sonja made them wait in her porch. She claims she was a really good friend to Sonja, helping her out when she was drunk, including "rescuing" her when she found her with men putting lit cigarettes into her vagina. People are upset because it sounds like that was some kind of assault and it's kind of fucked up for Heather to divulge that information. Leah is referencing the situation by posting a picture of an ashtray.


Thank you! Wow that is some fucked up shit!!!


What?!?! Is this in the book?


I commented on Heather’s most recent insta post and asked why she thought that someone else’s sexual assault was her story to share with the world. She deleted the comment and blocked me.


Good for you, that is beyond F\*cked.




.... omg


This is horrifying.


I loath heather.


Link for clarity https://www.reddit.com/r/BravoRealHousewives/comments/qca9p7/heathers_disturbing_story_about_rescuing_sonja/


Soooo…Leah was mad at Heather for talking shit about the cast on Heather’s podcast (where she didn’t even mention Leah) but now Leah is gonna back a god awful, and disturbing story that Heather told about Sonja because Sonja “talked shit” about Leah and her sister? What the actual fuck?


Idk why we are all shocked. This is so on brand for Leah. She’s a reactive, petulant child. She’s a pathetic edgelord and stays trying to be a sassy snark queen like it’s 2008 and she writes for Gawker. She needs to stop trying to be like her friends Tracie Egan Morrisey and Cat Marnell.


"Reactive, petulant child" is the perfect way to describe Leah. I think I've been calling her a petulant child since she first came on the show. I find her insufferable.


Same here. She has tantrums and her mommy issues are pathetic.


Gawker lol… this is amazing


Did you write this or did I throw my voice?


Oh my God do I have another reddit account I don’t know about that I type stuff in when I blacked out or something. Because I literally have said this out loud haha


Lol am I your Tyler Durden?


Leah will do anything to stay relevant


Hang on… what on earth could Sonja have said for Leah to make a joke out of an alleged sexual assault, if we’re to believe what Heather said? I’ve never liked Leah, she’s just proved why.


Leah touts herself up as this kick-ass #GIRLBOSS, some modern day face of women's empowerment, yet still hops on social media to shamelessly post shit like this. I have no clue what Sonja said about Tinsley or Sara but it absolutely still didn't call for Leah to be poking fun at Sonja's *sexual assault* and I am so disgusted - although not surprised - that she would stoop so low. Gross.


I so hope that didn’t actually happen to Sonja. I’m disgusted by Leah and I’ve never had much against her but this is WAY over the line. Fuck Leah.


Same, but it's weird & specific enough for me to find truthful. Heather's not that creative. Sonja needs to stop binge drinking during filming. It's not safe. Edit--her drinking is its own separate issue & the blame is on the shitty people who assaulted her. Not Sonja. Just to be clear. I just want her to be healthy & safe.


If it hadn't happened Sonja would be suing her right now for slander...so I suspect it's true. Holla is a nasty jerk. Despite "working for Puffy" oooh she's so blackish.


They were never real friends to begin with, she just wanted allies to take on Ramona. The way she speaks really bugs me, she tries to act so cool and she’s not at all.


First season she was somewhat of a breath of fresh air…. then she started drinking again and the air started to get foul. She needs a kick in the ass.


I’ve been anti Leah since she threw all those tikis around Ramona’s yard like a drunk teen. Yeah Sonja and Tins joined in but Leah spearheaded it. Ramona had every right to be livid. Like how old are you again?


This scene is the turning point of when Rhony lost its magic for me. It felt like she was trying to recreate golden rhony moments but the soul and fun was missing.


Ugh, why did Heather have to tell that story? Why did Dave have to include it? Why does Leah have to be such a bitch!


Heather seems to be the type to claim ownership over anything she witnessed as her own story to share. It’s really sad and a problem more people to recognize. She should’ve kept this to herself because it’s Sonja’s story to tell. Her need to be seen as a savior is alarming.


Yes. Why did this stupid domino effect happen. This should have never been published. Period. Period. Period.


The simple answer is Heather is a sanctimonious asshole and Leah is an immature edge lord.


I don’t even care what Sonja said. Posting this picture is absolutely vile and disgusting. Bravo please fire Leah!!!


I agree!! Bravo needs to start getting rid of these women instead of keeping them (ie: Erika, Jen, Leah…). It really makes me want to stop watching Bravo


Bravo loves this shit


Note: they also both don’t follow eachother, was this because of today or have they not been on good terms for a while?


Shut up Leah, you’ve been a HW for like 5 minutes and most viewers can’t stand you.


That’s fucked. Absolutely fucked. I was so upset by that bit of the book - no one believes Sonja is into this kind of kink sober so why are we shitting on a woman with an also hol use disorder for being taken advantage of like this. Fuck Leah, she’s a boring bag of bullshit.


Is Leah still on the show?


Is it even still a show for that matter? They didn’t even do a reunion it was so terrible last season.


lol I stopped watching halfway through but I was wondering what Happened with the reunion. I guess it got canceled


It is amazing that Heather & Leah didn't jive because they are both assholes.


I don’t know wtf is going on but team Sonja all the way


Heather said in the book that she saved Sonja from an assault where men were sticking lit cigs up her ya know. So this is fucking gross beyond belief fuck Leah


WHAT?!?!! Seriously?!


Yes there’s a post about it. Heather’s trash too for telling it


Read the post. It makes me sick. Honestly RHONY has been tainted by the past season and now this information. So gross. Also Leah was and continues to be despicable


Omg?! Wtf! 😱😱 ![gif](giphy|148XP1Dh7RtiCY)


Poor Sonja! Those men are pure trash !!! 🗑


Oh poor Sonja. She is even more troubled than we knew. Makes you just want to protect her. Heather is vile for putting this story out there and Leah is disgusting and evil for referencing it Boo hoo Sonja said something mean about Tinz and Bangs McSweeney that’s what housewives do. This is bringing a bazooka to a water gun fight.


It’s even worse than that. Heather said Sonja “let” the men do it.


how is that worse than Sonja being assaulted?


Because it’s victim blaming. Heather said Sonja “let them” do it rather than saying this was something that happened to her. So it makes it sound like it’s her own fault, rather than the men’s fault.


She is saying that Sonja had agency. Heather is showing disgust with her words, not empathy.


“Holla” Heather?


Yes mama


Message to BRAVO - please put viewers out of their misery and FIRE vulgar, humorless, Leah. 2 seasons of her temper tantrums, boring sister is enough.


I fucking hate her sister lol. Like so much. She just takes up space and contributes nothing to the show.


Leah is trash


Leah is hardly important enough to be in this book…


Leah is such a hypocrite it's unreal.


Victims of sexual assault are often not believed, often have to endure having their experience diminished or made light of and have to carry the burden of the experience the rest of their lives. For someone who acts like she's the epitome of 'female empowerment,' this shows Leah to be the BIGGEST hypocrite, as this is nothing but degradingf. This post diminishes Sonja's experience and makes fun of the situation. When something is made fun of or made light of, it makes it seem like it is ok. Sexual assault is NOT OK and it's something that should *never* be made light of or wished on someone's greatest enemy. Honestly, I don't know what was said about her, but it doesn't matter - nothing that was said could have warranted this. Leah is disgusting and I am truly appalled. Really hoping her daughter didn't see this or knows the reference.


Thank you for posting, yes to all of this!!! Her behavior actually made me sick, making a joke out of someone’s sexual assault. That is NOT something to use against people in an argument. It’s not being shady or funny, it is just downright cruel. Leah has been a fake woke feminist this whole time from the Michael Che texts to her articles criticizing the Me Too movement. But this takes it to a whole new level and should be the final nail in her Bravo coffin.


Her Mama shaking her head once again


Whoa. That’s so messed up to mock another woman being sexually assaulted. Leah and her sis are complete 🗑


This is fucking horrific. She’s a grown ass woman with a fucking kid in high school. Never again will I defend this horrible cunt. Fun fact: really expensive private schools in NYC do not like when parents are in the tabloids. They don’t care about page six parents and especially page six parents that don’t gave the money to pay $60,000 a year for their kid to go to school. Leahs behavior could very well have consequences for her daughter.


Yes! Which is why Ramona refused to be filmed during the reunion segment about Alex McCord’s nudes. Leah’s Twitter fingers need to retire.


Leah and Heather are the epitome of "white feminists" if yall know what i mean. They act woke until its time to actually be woke. They pretend to care about women's rights but only when it comes to their own brand. I'm sure Tins can stick up for herself here without Leah having to insert herself


It’s nuts because the lowest bar for feminism is like “don’t make fun of abuse survivors” and neither of them could even handle doing that.


Leah doesn't give a shit about Tins, anyway. If she did, she wouldn't be besties with Dorinda and would've spoken up during the countless times Dorinda verbally assaulted her.




Can someone tell Leah she did NOT elevate RHONY - she demoted and destroyed it!!


Anyone know what Sonja said to trigger this gross response?


I've read the entire Rhony part and Sonja didn't say anything too bad or different from what she said in the show. Sonja basically said she's a mooch, an opportunist. Leah is coming at her because it's an easy prey. None of the wives really said nice things about Tinsley. Dorinda was mad that Tinsley didn't open up more about being on and off with Scott but Lu thought that was a but hypocritical since Dorinda didn't say much about her own breakup with John. Carole says Tinsley wanted to find a rich husband and Scott liked "boozy" pretty girls so she thought it would be a good match and introduced them. She says she likes Tinsley and she's sweet, just that they weren't best friends like Bethenny made it seem. The producers like Tinsley and weren't angry at all that she decided to leave to Chicago, they say she's very professional. Dorinda was fired because she was getting out of control but they make it clear she'll probably come back eventually. Edit: I forgot to say Sonja called Leah's sister a nightmare, said the sister kept coming at her so she and Ramona hid under a table


Doesn’t seem like they said anything that derogatory about Tinsley that she would need to defending over, not that that would be an excuse for Leah to post this


The worst thing alleged in the book is that Tinsley doesn't really have any money, and that she's an opportunist who needs cash. But like.. this isn't really anything that hadn't already been implied on the show.


LOL like they are all opportunists that need cash. Well, maybe not Ramona because she sold her soul to Satan.


Thank you!


I ended up MENTIONING IT ALL because it was really an interesting read 😄


I’m sorry but that last sentence made me laugh too hard. So on brand for them to hide under a table😭


I'm picturing Sonja and Ramona hiding under a table to get away from Bangs and it's making me laugh. Leah is the worst and her sister is boring and humourless.


Piece of shit, worst thing to happen to Rhony, disgusting trash


Trash. She ruined NY the minute she came on.


Sonja talked about Bangs in the new Housewives book?! That is super funny to me.


Really? Where was this energy when Sonja was being outright aggressive and bitchy towards Tinsley right in front of your damn face? Not to mention DORINDA? Leah is a joke.


This is so upsetting. We are talking about Sonja possibly being assaulted and this is your response?


Gosh Leah, turns out you are not so much sex positive as you are sexual-assault-positive, transforming violence against a woman into a toxic little meme. This is repulsive and deeply hateful.


Leah is such a loser.


For a few blissful months, I completely forgot about Leah. Thanks for ruining the moment, Leah


Her sister, Thursday Adamz


This is really, really gross. I don’t care if Sonja called Tinsley or Leah everything but the biggest whore in Macy’s window. Making fun of someone’s assault is not funny, not cute, and not appropriate.


Leah is the Erika of NY. Keyboard gangster. Didn't defend Tinz like this on the show but has all this smoke for Sonja. Nobody cares about her sister and nobody wanted her on the show besides Leah.


Heather and Leah are two of the biggest assholes in the universe and that's saying a LOT.


Dude. Fuck Leah. She’s a disgusting, egotistical, narcissistic bitch.


Oh stfu Leah


This is cruel, even for her.


This book is Bravo's Burn Book. The DRAMA.


Leah... stop trying to make your sister happen. It's not gonna happen.


Remind me why people liked Leah?


Beats me, I found her insufferable from jump.


Even in text Leah’s language feels forced.




Leah you are a nasty piece of trash. ![gif](giphy|ACIITGzLTZUUE)


Euuuw jfc Leah you are a white woman, stop with the AAVE you fucking loser.


she is gutter trash omg


Gross… just unfollowed. What a vile, desperate asshole Leah is.


I stopped liking Leah when I read the Michael Che interaction. This post is disgusting. Sonja is a sweetheart and the thought of that really makes me really sad for her. She has a daughter for fucks sake. Too far.


[She’s still going](https://imgur.com/a/hunzTHf)


The irony of Leah hating Heather and always calling her out will never not make me cackle. Heather’s behavior triggers Leah so much cuz it’s like looking in a mirror. They both are try-hard vapid white feminists who mistake their proximity to Black culture by way of appropriation as familiarity. And they both love speaking out of turn on their soap boxes. Truly one and the same. They deserve each other 👯‍♀️


Also the audacity to act like she’s above Heather when she made an Instagram story with the cigarettes? The delusion is too much


Exactly! I thought the same thing during that dinner. You know how they say we sometimes hate people who are similar to us.


This is painfully accurate.


A reminder that Leah called feminism toxic before she went on RHONYC and rewrote herself as some kind of feminist hero, ignoring her right wing past. Fuck you, Leah. I hate you but I would never make fun of a sexual assault you experienced. Go to a therapist and get your head examined.


Leah why are you talking like that? Quickly!


Are we shocked? Cause I'm not. Leah loves a trigger 🔫


Leah and lala Same energy


Leah is such a cunt and such a loser.


Like Leah hasn't "talked mad shit" about Sonja


Leah was, is and will always be a garbage human being. I can deal with edgy abrasive personalities and self delusion if they are entertaining...but I can literally find nothing redeeming in Leah to care about or root for. This post was extra disgusting, even for her. For someone who has been open about her problems with alcohol, she should be ashamed, if she had any self awareness that is.


I really forget sometimes that these women are ruthless assholes, this book is really bringing out the worst.


This is fucking disgusting.


She put responses to this on auto lock. Lol. I went in my boyfriends Instagram to actually comment I couldn’t believe it.


I'm confused why the picture lol


I assumed it was unfortunately related to this, which would be pretty fucked up for Leah to reference: https://www.reddit.com/r/BravoRealHousewives/comments/qca9p7/heathers_disturbing_story_about_rescuing_sonja/




Looks like she’s deleted it!


How quick she must have realised how fucked up that was!


Just checked. It’s still there for me.


We’ll always remember this cunt move though.


She is fucking disgusting. She should be ashamed. This isn’t funny or witty. I just checked to see if she still had it up and to DM her how nasty she is but she has her comments off🙄 bitch still has it up though. I really liked her on her first season but really came to dislike her this second season and I stopped watching completely because of her. Any ounce of respect I had left for her has vaporized.


Leah, for the last time. WE DONT WANT YOUR SISTER ON THE SHOW!!!!


Anyone know what sonja said about leah to incite this? Cant afford the book just yet ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|cry)


According to comments on here, that Leah was a moocher. So, Leah decides to mock an alleged sexual assault. Somewhere in Leah’s brain, it made sense.


I think I am not following! Who has a book out? Andy or Sonja? And yes, regarding this both Leah and Heather are horrible


What is she going to do? Scream like and fool and then start crying


Grow up, Leah.


What did Sonja say?


Basically that Leah’s sister was insufferable and kept trying to make a scene to get camera time.


Så much to unravel here. The disgusting dig at Sonya, the way this 40 year old “woman” talks/writes. Wow Leah. Wow


Leah did not understand the assignment.


This reads like an elderly person doing a mad libs sentence with what they think is cool to say.


I am going to know everything in this book from Reddit before I actually get to read this book! And I kind of love that, because the wait list is long at my library.


Leah always thinks she’s the smartest person in the room. If someone could remotely match her personality she would be toast.


wait so what did sonja say about tinsley? and leah your sister is literally the most annoying person on the planet and you bring her to almost every single housewife event... stfu.


She remains THE WORST ![gif](giphy|NDIiWKEQEgr3VA7aqM)


Fuck Leah and fuck Heather. They’re disgusting.


leah is so fucking tacky for this, imagine making fun of someone’s literal assault (heather is gross too for even outing that)


Sonja is a goddamn queen. Leah needs to hit the bricks. She brings nothing to the show but a noxious dark energy.