Garcelle from Beverly Hills, California is asking the real questions




Garcelle is the HW that we've always needed on BH.


Someday she will hold center diamond (she already holds it in my heart).


I know! I adore her!


Ok I caved and watched the clip! I love how Garcelle didn’t get emotional when talking about things that clearly were bothering her. She stays so cool 😎 somebody tell her that her next career is being a lawyer pls She’s not uncool.


the B in FBI now stands for Beauvais


I’m dead. This made me laugh so hard (internally at work)


Take my award! You are a superstar!


Giving me “hi Andy, I have a question from Porsha in Atlanta?”


what a friggin queen 👑👑👑


“Kyle you were a kiss ass” 😂☠️👏🏼 ![gif](giphy|YPKIJdwYWJ3Ik)


The way it naturally rolled off of Andy’s tongue 🤌🏼


He seemed so happy to say it 😂


He's probably been waiting for years to get that catty dig in.


I actually think Kyle should’ve gotten the duplicitous title and Dorit the kiss ass title.


I think they were tryna do an alliteration thing though, so I’m not even mad


Ah I see. Well then never mind. I love me some alliteration


Welcome to the stage… Alliteration. ![gif](giphy|l46Cpa6DAjG2qSRLq|downsized)


Why wasn’t Rinna mentioned! She is the biggest kiss ass a round


Does anyone else wish that they would've aired several episodes of the reunion over the course of a week? Didn't another show do that recently, where they aired the first episode of the reunion on like...a Monday, and then aired the second episode a few days later? A whole month of reunion episodes is a bit excessive to me.


💯 I think that was RHOC s14. And I agree this 4 part reunion didn't need to happen.




Don’t forget they lost like 3 episodes from no RHONY reunion


Two 2 hour nights would've worked and not been so obnoxious.


That's exactly it! Lol a whole month is so damn long...I've forgotten most of the shit that happened this season already ![gif](giphy|xT1R9IXVnaLuZtqKVq)


Agreed it never required more than 2 parts but if they chose to do four parts then releasing it all in a week would improve the reception.


Yes, it got boring very quickly.


Yes, it seems as if the Reunion episodes are longer than the actual season.


They were probably trying to milk more episodes to make up the time slot for the NY reunion that never happened.


Kyle you were a kiss ass. 💀


Boom. Roasted


I love that he just went down the line!!




But also like….you ain’t say anything bitch. The fuck would they waste time coming to you. LA Times had more answers then she did. With her creative writing ass 🙄


Exactly. Why would they ask her anything when all she’ll do is bite their head off and/or lie? Erika is so ridiculous.




Yes when Crystal finally had the nerve to say something. Hope she keeps it up next season. You know what would be a show I would watch? Garcelle, Sutton, Kathy and some other fun lady running around town playing pranks and some antics. That would be fun.


"why are you doing this to me?" 😭😭 "do you want to get sued?" 👺 "or what, or what?! right, so shut the fuck up!!" 👹 ☠️


Yup - those are all her responses to being such an "open book" that anyone can just call and ask.


The T in “or whaT” got worked so hard lol


WorkT that thang into the DIRT! 😂


Yes! And even when Rinna gave her a heads up what Sutton was saying and that she’d likely ask questions, she still lost her shit at her and refused to have a conversation just between them. Please.


It must get confusing to live in Erikas head


The one sympathy or insight I have into Erika is that I think her mother raised her to be who she is - tough, unapologetic and aggressive. Of course she's responsible for her behavior but this is her classic go-to when she feels threatened. What I wonder is - if she ever has to testify in criminal or civil court, either on her own behalf or Tom's or whatever - will she be able to turn the attitude off? Because her demeanor will absolutely alienate a jury (and maybe a judge, I don't know) and make thing SO much worse. Her lawyers must be SO sick of her.


Honestly kind of glad Andy sorta backed up Sutton with the “..for threatening her”. Erika is so fuckin mean.


A lot of the housewives should have been doing that all season i.e. Kathy just letting a guest call someone else a c*nt and threatening them. In what world was any of Erika's actions acceptable and why did they just watch it happen?


Mary from Long Island is my hero


Monty from Magootville walked so Mary from Long Island could run.


Sorry I read this Monty from Magootville a lot here. What’s this about? 🤣


The season 9 reunion! Someone asked a question I think about Dorit and Mo’s legal issues and why that wasn’t brought up, and Kyle got pissy and mocked the viewer calling her Monty from Magootville. 😂


Right, like they were some hillbilly who was beneath her for daring to ask a question.


WOW that was reminiscent of the viewer question for Lynne Curtin calling her a passive observer in her own life I swear I spit out my drink when I rewatched that


Justice for Lynne's cuffs!


Cuff Love!


Im so over andys fakeass viewer question bob from bumbofuck etc


>viewer question for Lynne Curtin calling her a passive observer in her own life 😳😮


What reunion was that question from??


I want Mary from Long Island's question printed on a t-shirt


It's Andy lol


Lol the producers write all the questions




Sorry! Working in reality TV has ruined my life lol


Ooooh any shows we’d know 😏😏😏


Probably, but not in the housewives vein…so I don’t have any gossip that’s especially juicy lol


Raise your hand, Mary; where you at girl?


For real though. I know she’s here….Mary where you at!


I just know Kyle and Dorit are probably sitting at home, watching everyone tear them apart, and still wonder why people hate them. Listen, I honestly don't expect a housewife to be, like, the moral high ground (lmao) in any situation, but this is preposterous. They seriously cannot take any responsibility and own up to the fact that there is some lingering connection or something that prevents them from speaking badly about Erika. Not even badly -- just correctly! Like, even if Erika is (legally) innocent, her behavior has been completely disgusting and her threatening Sutton didn't make it much better. But, of course, the women can't admit that Erika is literally a sociopath of sorts that can't lift a finger for anyone but herself. I'm so sick of this show, only because it feels like we are always either way below or right underneath the brink of asking the real, unfiltered questions. This lawsuit and case goes far beyond the usual RH "drama", and they are all acting like Erika is their bestie and she can do no wrong. Garcelle is a real one for asking that question... like of course she's not going to apologize to Sutton, but good on her for getting her to admit that.


kyle and dorit still have a lot of sympathizers and fans, let's be real. even rinna and erika have their defenders. chief among them being production, evidently. 🤢


They lack so much self awareness, it’s breathtaking.


It's the same way they were all shocked when they were called mean girls for the way treated LVP and later Denise.


"Moral high ground, really? Moral High Ground?" 🤣


This show is just meaningless right now, what is driving anyone to watch the next season?


SUTTON HAD LEGAL QUESTIONS So did almost everyone there but sure go off hun


I thought they all did. I mean they all “asked lawyer friends” because they can’t read anything longer than a tweet.


Kyle has been hiding behind Sutton all season. She could not be more irritating at this point… her reunion hair isn’t helping lol


Those hair strands work like the hat on a court jester, goofy af.


For me it’s the kids back pack clip holding her boobs in a cleavage prison.


Omg this killed me ☠️




The only people Erika needs to go after are her stylists who chose this look and soon to be ex husband. She’s so pathetic.


She looks like she’s trying to outshine her granddaughter at a toddlers and tiaras beauty pageant.


She looks Middle Aged Office Manager Barbie from the 1985 collection.


​ ![gif](giphy|uC8SQoaY5EHhC)


Every time Erika speaks with her tired snappy attitude makes me want to throw my screen out the window.


She’s such a clown. She’s not half as intimidating or witty as she thinks she is.


Not even close


I still don’t understand why all those grown ass women (Garcelle included) seem scared of her and never shut her up during her tantrums 🤷🏽‍♀️


Erika is a vile POS.


She is disgusting


I had a weird repetitive dream last night about shaving Erika's head and now that's all i can see when I look at her. A shaved clown


Seriously. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard.


She’s speaking like she’s a world leader. Throwing out phrases to purposefully elongate the time she has to answer the actual question.


duplicitous dorit i like that alliteration


It was all alliterative phonetically :) Crystal/quiet, Kyle/kiss ass I appreciate that viewer question so much lol


I feel like the question was from Anonymous Andy


I'm just wondering why reprehensible rinna was left out




You know Dorit was like “sooo that’s good, right?”




Kyle just had to make sure she ran over Sutton one last time and really leave her dead, didn't she? Like you were just as complicit in talking shit about Erika IN ALL YOUR SHADY ASS CONFESSIONALS. At least Sutton had the nerve to confront Erika, all Kyle did was skirt around everything and then pretend to be innocent. This group grinds my gears so muchhhhh omg lol


That is the most infuriating thing about Kyle. She always does this and no one ever says anything!!


But see Kyle asked but didn’t accuse… 🙄🙄🙄 Why do they always let Kyle off but try to assassinate Sutton every time?


In the aftershow, Sutton said that Erika threatened her with something so malicious that she had to walk out and even considered quitting the show until Garcelle stopped her. She then said it was so bad she couldn’t repeat it. I wonder if this will be revealed during part 4? That’s the only reason I’m going to be watching tonight, otherwise, it’s just a rehash of the last three weeks…


She said in a interview that Andy got it of her and she hoped they were going to air it!


I doubt we'll get anything as 'good' as that, with Erika coming back next season.


Oh fuck OFF Kyle!!!!


Erika saying that kyle “never said I was lying” is so frustrating? Kyle openly said how she didn’t believe any of the car accident/burglary story???


I think Erika recognizes Kyle is central in the show and close to production so will never go directly against her


Agreed. I also think Erika *genuinely* believes Sutton isn’t as smart as she makes herself to be nor is as strong-willed but I think Erika bit off more than she can chew and picked on the wrong cast mate. Maybe the producers had it out for Sutton to be walked all over by the EJ drama but that’s certainly not how it’s played out. I just want them to mention it all!! Lol


Absolutely. Last year Sutton was a bit fragile as she was newly divorced and finding her way as a single, rich woman. Over the last two years, her confidence has grown and she's becoming a real force of a woman. Plus - to quote Rinna - she is really rich. Likely more rich than most of the women there so she is realising her power. I'm probably not going to watch next season but I hope Sutton emerges as the take-no-shit Queen she deserves to be - and forms an alliance with Garcelle.


Sutton talked like a lawyer. She’s logical, decisive and precise at the moments she puts her mind to it. Like reading that l-o-n-g LATimes piece that so crippled Kyle. . . I’m sitting next season out, too. Sutton is the one I’ll miss.


I am still absolutely bewildered by the lack of screen time Sutton is getting at this reunion. She literally was the most pivotal person this season. The two big story arcs were Sutton vs Crystal then Sutton vs Erika. Time for BH to get new producers.


Erika doesn’t need to explain what she meant by threatening Sutton. She threatened her, and it was mean-spirited. No other excuses are needed!! She meant what she said.


And the threats are EMPTY…..unless she is going to have her former glam squad go after Sutton. Erika is a bully.


Someone should have shut her down right there and told her, they knew the definition of threat when they heard. Even giving her a moment to explain herself is too much sanction.


Exactly! Why is she being given all this time to explain 'what she meant' when Sutton isn't being given equal time to share how she felt or it came across.


People who do a shitty job of “explaining” themselves then get self righteous at you for not “understanding.”


About time they address the fact she threatened Sutton and then never apologized. But Garcelle is the bully am I right?! /s


Garcelle is so good at being a housewife. These women never saw her coming


They just know deep down that they’re not at her level


She is earning that center diamond. 💎


Looks like a few people will be limiting social media comments for some time 👀


Truly beating a dead horse here, but I do not understand why Erika thinks this incredibly defensive attitude is the way to go. It's exhausting and it makes me hate her so much more. "Do you understand what I was saying when I threatened you?" You were fucking threatening her, yeah, she got it. Such a fucking bitch.


That kind of attitude is scary when the person has “fuck you” money. However, if you don’t have that kind of money, you just come across as crazy. She is looking more and more crazy these days. I can just imagine her, 5 years from now, living in a motel-apartment, all glammed up in her 80’s bridesmaids dress and smeared makeup, hitting on some 25 year old dude who is just trying to clean the pool, slurring her words “you know, I used to be famous. I was a singer, the world loved me” while taking a drag of her cigarette.


https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-06-05/claims-us-lawyer-embezzled-millions-from-indonesian-client-funds/100181262 I honestly am so sick of wondering about EJ. Fuck her. We watched a PBS show about the Lion Air crash and Boeing mishandling the software installed on those new jets. It was proven the man in charge (CEO or head engineer I don't recall) purposely left out training for the software, and ignored engineers concerns. So one jet crashed, they did nothing and another one crashed. The software was triggered and the jets were basically driven to the ground by the software. Pilots unaware the software was installed, no training either. In trial Boeing reps said risk assessment determined their inaction, they were safe enough. They gambled on passenger lives. So one thing I want to do is give the families a voice, not that disgusting spoiled bully POS. This Indonesian man who lost his mother, a Judge, thinks Tom is faking dimentia like me. Phone calls were not returned and then " I have dementia ". Very suspicious.


That’s the worst part, that it’s capitalism that was to blame, there never should have been options for more expensive simulator training vs iPad as a selling point of a fucking plane. The fact that it crashed twice is sickening. It’s all so horrible, and Boeing should pay out the victims again since they didn’t get the money the first time around. Whatever the settlement was, it will never be enough for the corporate manslaughter of 300+ people.


I’m kind of over these people


Same. I watched part 1 and have just been listening to WWC and reading here to stay updated on the rest.


Same. WWC is much more entertaining and they basically feel the way I do. Edit: I can’t wait to listen to Ronnie yell more about Kyle after this episode! 😁


I’m the same. I watched half of part one, and then I decided it was more fun just to come here to find out what happened.


It's frustrating, because I'm interested in Garcelle, Sutton and Crystal, but can't stomach the others anymore. So I'll miss out on those interesting ladies because they're overshadowed by the nastiness of the others.


Honestly at this point I hate Kyle as much as Erika and that’s saying a lot


You and me both.


Same, but then I've always hated both of them.




Same here 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️


Bravo and Andy are tone deaf. Erika had tons of opportunities to show a fingernail full of humanity and chose not to. You can’t go back and you can’t erase what we’ve all seen you say and do this season, honey. This whole thing is a PR disaster.


A doo doo nail!


Haha yes! 💩💅




Erika can sit down & STFU. Her bad bitch routine is old.


*Mediocre bitch. She can’t even do bad bitch right, just like her blending skills.


It was never fresh!


Lol I love watching this dynamic. I love Garcelle so much.


Sutton wasn’t the only one with legal concerns? I’m pretty sure most of them admitted to at least speaking to a lawyer. Tbh you’d be dumb not to


Honestly I even called my lawyer too. Watching this show feels like aiding & abetting a crime.


This killed me haha


I'd be way more pissed about kyle talking to faye resnick's attorney husband than sutton talking to her actual personal lawyer if I were erika. One is professional and private, the other was probably kyle gossiping with faye over a bottle of wine and then faye's husband getting home from work.


Well, fucking Kyle tries to cloak it in "I asked Faye's husband", like it was just a one on one breezy chat with a buddy. He's a lawyer, Kyle, you asked him to make sure you were covered. And then threw Sutton under the bus.


Erika helped steal millions from widows and children, but someone talking to a lawyer is where she draws the line of morality.. what a shameless strumpet




I fucking hope so.


i really hope lisa‘s feet get held to the fire next season. it’s been a long time coming but her treatment of garcelle has really pushed me over the edge with her. if i were garcelle it’d be no more grace for lisa rinna


>lisa‘s feet get held to the fire next season y'all have been saying this since season 6 lol she's production's pet, it's never going to happen in any meaningful way.


WHYYYY are they so scared of Erika? Like does she have photographic evidence of Mauricio cheating? Or legal shit on Dorit? Or threatened rinna with talking about the husband? I just don’t get why they’re that far up her arse they’re scared to ask simple questions


She has to have something; Kyle looked absolutely terrified when Erika did her whole, "I'll remember who was with me and who was against me" line at the start of one of the reunion episodes.


I’m already annoyed and it hasn’t aired. Erika’s huge blow out is being downplayed, where is the outrage for Sutton? They’re going to talk shit about bullying and not being direct but let slide that Erika verbally assaulted and threatened Sutton? Why is no one other than Garcelle asking her to apologize? Andy, this isn’t the roasting of Erika and “answers” you promised us. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


We didn't need this 4th show. It's nothing new. No one on the couch except Garcelle and Sutton care.


I'm not even watching them. I just tune into the WWC recaps and the reports on here. 4 us too much, I can't listen to Erica for 4 hours 🙄


I don’t know if I can stomach another hour of this. Kyle is so full of it. She’s spineless. Erika pretending to be a victim while bullying anyone that stands up to her is no longer entertaining to me.


Same here. It's stopped being entertaining. This is shades of my high school bully being 'called out' and having it all turned around back onto me all over again. I think I'll just read the threads here for the rest, I can't do another episode of Bully Erika.


I "love" how Erika keeps yelling that she is not a liar. Well, in one of the previews she now says Tom was unconscious 9 hours, not the original 12, and there is no police report "they can't find it". So where do the numbers come from? A confused and brain addled Tom? The staff who weren't there? Or is she taking a timeline guess? Did her son flip his car 5 times or did it spin out of control in a circle 5 times? Not at all the same thing. None of it makes sense and I commend Sutton for her good work. Sutton, you are our hero!


I wanna see Kyle called out for being a two faced bitch in her confessionals


I’m so sick of Erika and her fake mob wife routine. They all cower in silence...smh. We need Drita up in here! 😂


An actual scary bad bitch? Erika would fucking crumble if she had to deal with Drita.


Fuck Erika for that attitude.


I really detest Erika as much as I detest Rinna, even more so now than I ever did. Her nasty attitude and the way she doesn't even show any compassion or empathy for the victims of her devious ex husband is just disgusting to me. She needs to get off our screens


Lisa just keeps getting weirder and weirder looking


Her disgusting lips 🤢


Garcelle: *Are you going to apologize to her?* Erika: *Not tonight.* What a biiitttchhhhh. At least Andy acknowledged her threatening Sutton.


What a waste of 4 episodes lol




God Erika sucksssssss


Erika can’t even apologise to widows and orphans, why would she apologise to Sutton? Erika is such an ugly human being, I really cannot wait to watch her comeuppance.


>I really cannot wait to watch her comeuppance. not gonna happen on this show, lbr.


I HATE the way Lisa and Dorit imitate Garcelle. It's skin crawling the way they put on a different voice and no one NO ONE is calling them out on it when they do it. LISA AND DORIT, STOP IT!!!


Asking “did you know anything” is not a tough question if anything it was one of the lightest ones asked. Kyle admitted herself she felt there were wholes in her story, but she decided to say it amongst the husbands and in confessionals. Those were the “tough questions” you should’ve been asking to her face.


I'm glad to see Garcelle stick up for Sutton. Sutton has been facing Erika's wrath singlehandedly this season.


Lmao Erika when she goes “what” to garcelle. “Wut” love how Andy intercepted with “apologize for threatening her”


For some one who needs this show (Erika) she sure his a shitty attitude about it. You know these ladies don't need her but for some reason they take her bullshit, some more than others. Hell yeah they should question her, if she doesn't like it, then don't do the show. Ugh, this woman!


I hope Sutton speaks more this instalment. Also, has Kyle EVER admitted she’s done something wrong? I can think of a few times but only in the context of her telling someone to stop bringing her wrongdoing up because they’ve already dealt with it.


>Also, has Kyle EVER admitted she’s done something wrong? nah, she spent many confessionals seasons 2-9 hammering in the narrative that lvp could never admit she was wrong though.


Kyle and throwing somebody under the bus. Name a more iconic duo


I have no idea how Erika and Kyle and Rinna can still insist Erika isn’t a liar, when the whole damn internet is reminding them all the times Erika lied


I'm quite sure that many of you, myself included, are so done with this vicious smug and extremely unlikable Erika's face. I'm not sure if I could handle yet another episode where they just sit and kiss each other's ass, being afraid of speaking out. Why do other franchises call each other out. I mean, Theresa would have already called Erika way worse than a 'prostitution whore' and threatened to throw a chair at her. Monique would have smashed Erika's face already.


Gawwwd what a miserable bitch.


Erika, Rinna, and Kyle 🤢 I have no words


can already tell this is going to be a waste. not tuning in.


Dare we hope for shit to go down tonight? Plus, I meant to say this last week, but Erika's whole "You can call me and ask me anything" is such bullshit. Because, sure, Erika has been just SO calm and SO welcoming about questions regarding all of this. I mean she hasn't snapped or threatened or freaked out at ALL! Just an angel, that one. ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|facepalm)


Kyle is a coward


I can’t watch these women. I really like Garcelle & Sutton but I am sick of everyone else


You could tell that Garcelle was genuinely disgusted that Erika refuses to apologize and paint herself to be the victim instead when it came to Erika threatening Sutton. Kyle has always been a snake. She has no friends only pawns and soon-to-be victims of her psychological mean girl's hazing.


I truly hope they take the time to play back and discuss the scenes at Sutton's meeting and wherever else when both Dorit and Kyle voiced their concerns as adamantly as Sutton. They seem to be getting away with their part in any shadiness and it's really grinding my gears.


I don’t think I’m going to be able stand it


Already rolling my eyes 🙄…


Lord why isn’t this over yet?