“But then you fired me and hired her (Heather)!”


Tamra looks amazing ![gif](giphy|lKaCRaAFL6KQg)


She does!


the drinking word being “she” is so aggressive LOL


Yo I had to rewind, like I fee a lawsuit coming 😩🤣


Omg I’m dying with Tamra calling out the SLC women for not questioning Jen Shah. Yes!!!!!


Tamra’s takes are on point tonight, I have to say.


Kadooz to her for giving props to housewives she has personal beef with (i.e. Shannon).


Really enjoyed her on WWHL! And I love her and Eddie together


I love when she said she was fired and Andy glossed right over it.


andy's guests reliably have the worst opinions


This comment compared to the one above it 😂 I agree with you though, a comedian with no comedy... how dreadful


I have restarted RHOA after having stopped years ago and this comment is giving me so much Dwight. A fashion show with no fashions…how dreadful


I love Dwight. Wish he was on my screen again.


I know right. I got so excited when i saw him on Married to Medicine


Fuck this WWHL guest. She was praising Jennie throwing the glass saying it needed to be done??


Disgusting, what happened to Bravo being anti-violence? They really had a guest celebrate an anti-Black troll throwing glass at a Black woman?


And Andy didn’t check her for encouraging racially motivated abuse. He’s turning a blind eye & think it’s cute. We know Jennie HATES Mary because of her racial identity. This isn’t about incidental ignorance not knowing xyz is offensive but *deliberate* dehumanization. It’s the equivalent of a Westbro Baptist member constantly harassing their LGBT coworker. Yeah they didn’t use the f word but they’re clearly targeting a person they don’t see as human. 🚮


​ ![gif](giphy|25OBBnY9j1uiVDV4lJ)


She’s clueless ugh gross :(




That was so weird. She’s obviously not a true fan.


This was my thought as well. She was introduced as a RHSLC Superfan. If that’s true then she should definitely be aware of Jennie’s SM posts and the fallout. If she was aware and was still in support of this confrontation then WWHL needs to get better about screening their guests bc that’s pretty abhorrent.


That’s the sense I got. When Andy asked her about her thoughts it felt like she went blank. No way that woman keeps up with HW regularly.


Yeah I doubt she had even watched the episode lol


I came here just for this. I’m fuming 😡


I was praising Jen for her comparison - now that was a good one


This guest is the worst


EXCUSE ME. Tonight was the season finale of RHOSLC, potentially one of the best seasons of HW of all time, and the guests are: - a thirsty ass HW who was fired two years ago; and - some rando who is clearly a HW fan (which we love) but is obviously only on WWHL to promote the new Jackass movie WHAT THE FUCK BRAVO?? truly what the actual fuck were you thinking????


Probably bc the reunions on next week and they’re currently filming the new season, they didn’t want to spoil anything


Kinda off topic but, and you would have to remember or go back and watch, but Andy has hugged absolutely every guest in the last two weeks, but twice Margaret went in for a hug and he dodged it, best she got was his hands holding hers in that weird hand-hug lol lol just hoping Andy has “feels” about Margaret like many of us do! lol or he doesn’t trust where she has been! lol


I remember people commenting on that when it happened but I totally missed it 😢 if anyone has a clip of it please share


I know people don't like her, but Tamra would really excel as a producer of a RH franchise (or of any reality tv).


Well there aren’t many questions to Jen’s case. It’s kinda all out there. Like she’s most definitely going to prison. What’s there to question?


I'd like to question why they're all so ok with defrauding the elderly if they believe/know she's guilty


They’re all okay with it because they don’t care about other people idk easy answer to me. Meredith has spoken out! Meredith also doesn’t ask questions tho bc what’s there to ask?


Your "friend" defrauds a bunch of people and you have no questions? Sure 😂 How about: is it true? Did you do it? Is that where you get your money from? Do you feel badly? Are you scared? What do your lawyers think? Any of that would've been much more interesting than the memorial storyline.


If I had a friend accused of that they simply would no longer be my friend. I’d also cut off all of their friends. I think most of the other housewives (everyone who isn’t Meredith) know she’s going to have a rough next few years. Why make it worse? Prison is hard enough. Erika is different bc she’s likely going to continue walking around facing basically zero consequences. They did ask Jen was she scared tho.


I agree with you. I’d have no questions because I wouldn’t be friends anymore. Erika still has no charges against her personally. Only lawsuits, which they all have or have had. Jen has been actually charged with criminal activity. There’s really no comparison except they both SUCK lol for different reasons lol


I think it’s because it’s a rhetorical question. Does it need to be asked and answered? Who would condone it. I think by not giving it life they are saying that there is nothing to debate. It’s wrong and she is guilty and is going to jail. I think also Andy got all of her information from the reunion, as we saw. She has doubled down on her innocence. No one can argue with her. Can’t wait to see her carry on in court lol if only! lol


Tamara is so desperate to return😭


Andy didn’t even acknowledge her compliment when she said she was forever grateful to him. So awkward. I internally cringed for her.


Yeah, that was...noticeable.


It was very uncomfortable. Especially since she sounded like she was choking up a little.


I am desperate for her to return.


Tamras new face is kinda freaking me out. She needs a few wrinkles here and there to even it out.


She said on her podcast that she had just gotten filler the day WWHL invited her on the show. And that she’d overdone the filler. At least she acknowledged it.


I didn’t know that, thanks for the info! It’s definitely the smooth face that was throwing me off. I’m telling you ladies, leave a couple wrinkles when you do Botox, it’s weird when your 50 and your face is trying to look 25.


She’s giving Kelly Ripa


I had to double take.. didn’t even realize it was her at first. Her cheekbones look higher or maybe it’s just her face is skinnier?


She had fresh Botox


I didn’t think it was Tamara at first 😬😬😬


did she get an eye lift? I know she did her face years ago but her eyes look freshly done


Maybe that’s what it is! It’s not the same face she has post facelift years ago and I couldn’t figure it out. It’s too much! She should have waited. It’s partially because we all know her original face, if I was just meeting her onscreen I wouldn’t mind it.


Terrible take


🍅 🍅 these are for tonight’s guests All of her answers are wrong with a capital W


Tamara is having serious Barbie doll legs tonight. They look almost plastic. Too much baby oil.


This guest really hates Mary. It’s weird.


There is no world where Tamra is more iconic than Vicki come on


Disagree. Vicki was boring before Tamra was cast. Don’t get me wrong—she was a bitch, but a dull one.


Andy sure loves his felons. Allegedly.


Tbh Tamara is sounding terrible. Her podcast is pretty good - so it’s a shame


I would listen to her but I hate Teddi


Literally any other HW would have been better.


Nothing with Teddi involved can be considered good.


Promise teddi is actually ok on it - I felt the same way I tried it


I really loved tonight's guest.