He’s so much fun… but such a pain

He’s so much fun… but such a pain


At least we can all agree that the final Ganon boss was disappointingly easy to beat?


True. But I still loved it. The over dramatic music and big cinematic visuals. My kids love it when I show them the ganon fight. But yes it was very easy 👍


Agreed. I struggled when I first fought him because of how much people said it would easy and the sheer panic/pressure was too much when I messed up my parries. It’s easy now, but still an epic fight imo


I think Calamity Ganon should have been harder but Dark Beast Ganon can stay the easy epic cutscene that it is


You can always start a new game and head straight for the castle.


I do speedruns sometimes are you’re right that is fun


In all honesty, Dark Beast Ganon being that easy was the most disappointing part for me. Like, I got through the fight with Calamity Ganon and still had a fair number of hearts and health-replenishing dishes and of course the Master Sword was still going strong, having saved it from its last recharge so it’d be fresh for the fight. And then Link gets teleported to Hyrule field, the piano beat gets going, Dark Beast Ganon starts to form and Zelda gives her introduction, and I’m getting real hyped like “yes, this is what I’ve been waiting for! I’ve avoided all spoilers, I’ve worked so hard to get everything in the game, and Ganon’s final phase is always the toughest” (WW, TP, the Oracle games, ALttP, ALBW, and technically SS have all stuck with this tradition, with OoT being the only minor exception), “so I *know* shit’s about to really go down!” And then the bow of light shits all over my anticipation. Just defecates all over it with smelly, rancid, quick, easy, Thanos-finger-snap “aim for the glowing shiny spots Lank!” poopoo diarrhea. Like, for God’s sake, I hope that, with the *real* Ganondorf coming back with all his rage and physical, non-phantom power, that the final battle of BotW 2 will be more satisfyingly challenging. I’ll be pretty sad if not.


Favourite Ganon fight of all time is still Wind Waker, dramatic cinematics and music and was actually difficult for me (I was fairly young when I played it), with a kick ass ending. So awesome


I once described the end scene to someone, where Link stabs Ganon in the head, and they said they felt sick. I tried to explain that it was cartoony and not bloody or anything but it didn't matter, I guess the horrible mental image they had had already taken root lol


Even on a recent replay of wind waker hd, it was just as epic of a fight. Id say a tad harder since he has invulnerability phases


"Brace yourself, Ganon, for the sting of my revenge!"


Calamity Ganon was pretty decent. Dark Beast on the other hand was a total cakewalk. It was still exhilarating tho


I think Dark Beast is meant to be more of a dramatic, interactive cutscene than anything else


Never thought about it this way, I never felt strongly either way about Dark Beast but that does make me appreciate it more


Fighting dark beast on the master cycle was fun as hellllll


I'm pretty happy with believing that Dark Beast is supposed to be more of a playable cut scene than actual fight.


Nah I really enjoyed it and the easiness didn't bother me because the phase before was very difficult and I found the second part very dramatic and awesomely done.


the freaking Lynel’s are harder to beat imo. i’ve never successfully beaten one lol


Really? The one outside Zoras domain isn’t too bad.


I think of it as the video game equivalent of Samurai Jack. Jack defeats Aku in the very first episode, and pretty handily. There's no drama or suspense in the inevitable showdown between them. It's a foregone conclusion that when they fight, Jack will win. The story is about if and how he will ever get to that fight. Link is literally a hard counter to Ganon. He's a hero born destined to fight Ganon, armed with a sword that is Ganons lethal weakness, and he's beaten him countless times before in past lives. When we get to round 20 between them it's a bit silly to even ask "who is gonna win?" Because it's obviously Link who is going to win. The actual fight is more like a victory lap than a real conflict.


*Heroes Downfall Timeline has entered the chat*


I’m old and BOTW was my first game since Myst (!) and even I thought Ganon was easy. Disappointing. I did Thunderblight 4th (I think the game leads you that way) and I had a very hard time with it.


Wtf, did you slip into a coma for 25 years? Are you telling me BotW was your first modern 3d gaming experience of any sort?


I was aware of my son playing OofT?? in the 90s on a PlayStation he bought for himself (used from a friend, I think). But yes, my son and my son-in-law did an intervention right at the beginning of COVID and told me I should get a Switch and play BOTW. So much fun. I am still truly terrible at combat but I’m pretty good at physics and creativity. I’ve played all the way through twice and then got bored somewhere in Master Mode after I got the motorcycle. Any suggestions for a new game? I tried to play Skyrim (again, the son and the SIL) and it’s just too brutish for me.


Ha, Ocarina on PlayStation...you really haven't been paying attention! That was Nintendo 64, and it's actually the exact game I had in mind when responding to you since it established so much of what is now just standard gameplay across the industry in action/adventure type games. Man there are so many phenomenal games out there that I'm not sure where to start. Skyrim's not my thing either but mostly because I tend to really dislike gameplay in first person view games. I much prefer 3rd person and the perspective it gives. I almost exclusively play story/narrative heavy single player titles, I like deep world building and fleshed out characters. I'm going to guess the Switch is your only option for gaming at this point? Do you have any other games for it already? I might be at a bit of a loss on what to recommend based on your reasoning for not liking Skyrim. Could you expand on exactly what it was that you don't enjoy about it? Any other games or genres besides BotW that you've either enjoyed yourself or have seen others play that looked interesting?


I would have loved a full fight after all of that effort. But they instantly drop him down 75% or whatever, and the horse fight was way too forgiving.


Only 50%, but one could argue more. For every blight that is defeated, there is also one less enemy in the last battle. So, if you finish all Divine Beasts, one could argue the fight loses 90% of its content. (20% for each blight and 10% for halving Ganon's lifebar). Not counting Dark Beast, that is.


Yeah I should have lost the horse fight


Beast Ganon was meant to be fought on horseback but he knocked me off my horse at the start of the fight so I said "fuck it let's do this on foot"


People rag on the Calamity Ganon fight, but it's actually pretty cool. He has the attacks of most of the related enemies, the smaller guardian swords he attacks with, fireblight's giant sword, a guardian laser, plus when he's on the wall he can do the tornados and fast laser shots from windblight, waterblight's spear and cryo attacks, and that giant fireball attack. And on top of all that has a cool slam attack. The biggest issue is that they take out half his health if you do all the divine beasts. From full health, that fight is actually super engaging, because Calamity has time to use all his attacks in the different phases. Then Dark Beast isn't really much of a boss fight, it's more like a playable epilogue.


Maz Koshia was awesome tho


I'm very hopeful that BotW2 will give us exactly what we hoped for in an ultimate fight, as well as the few other nitpicky things I missed in BotW. BotW is still in my short list of greatest games but yeah the final boss fight was disappointing. That along with some properly massive, sprawling dungeons with their own unique design and a bit more discovery of new items/abilities during game progression are really the only things that I felt were Zelda staples which were lacking a bit. I'm trusting that once we have the sequel and when taking both titles as a whole it will lay all of those criticisms to rest.


I definitely miss the sprawling dungeons.


Ugh me too, and that's not at all to say I didn't enjoy the divine beasts and their puzzles, or the shrines either. They were great. And there were landscape things scattered throughout the world of course to still give that exploration feeling, like the forgotten temple and everything else. But still, I really missed having to crawl deep into some crazy ass looking dungeon, having to figure my way through a maze, with its own personality and unique enemies and bosses and whatnot.


Also true


To be fair, my first time fighting him was literally the first time I used a horse, and it died before I could figure out both A, the controls, and B, the fact that I didn’t know that I had to *manually switch to the bow that damages him*


rubber set is fairly easy to get once you know where it is, thunders a joke with it.


The stable between the gp and dueling peaks has a beadle that sells the bugs for a tier 3 12:30 electric elixir. That alone is good but combine that specific dragon parts and it lasts 30 minutes. You become immune to his electric balls as well as never dropping your weapon. You also don't get hurt by the elemental sword damage in phase two. In fact, the only elemental attack you get hurt by is the magnesis poles breaking. Not the lightning that hits them.


Has anyone made an electric balls joke yet? No? I confess myself disappointed.


Your nearly as bad as the "I know you see it" meme that was just posted on this sub.


Haha, you’re not wrong


I shall condem you to repeating the imprisoned fight 346 times.


Joke’s on you - that’s literally the game (thanks for the laughs! See you round.)


I love how you refer to beadle as if he's just one of many, like an actual bug


Even easier of you got the master sword


Without a doubt. I usually go Magnesis, Bombs, Stasis, Cryonis, Horse God(for ancient sadle), faron tower(for hearty food), Ruta, Medoh, Hyrule Castle(for good weapons), Rudania, Korok Forest, Naboris, Calamity.


i use a wrong warp glitch to skip the master sword trials too sometimes and just get fast maxed sword lol.


The issue is, all the blights can become a joke with the right knowledge and equipment


Level 2 electro food and topaz earrings from the Gerudo town shop is my go-to.


I totally get that however I usually go to faron after gp for durians and the stables there have an easy quest for rubber helm so I'd do that first.




His first phase is okay if you know how to dodge him, the second phase gets annoying one he summons those metal poles and you have to hit him with them. Also having a good weapon makes it a bit easier. Especially if he is the first blight you face (they do scale, i havent been misinformed, right?).


Yes! The first blight you fight has 800 HP iirc.


Ancient sword must have some crazy scaling towards those bosses then. I remember taking his first phase down with an ancient sword in a flurry rush and needing only 4 or 5 hits. And that must habe been 400 hp then.


I believe ancient weapons get a buff agasint Guardians and whatnot and I believe that applies to the Blights/Ganon. Ancient Armor + Attack Boost Potion + Ancient Weapon makes ridiculous fast work of most bosses.


You've got me thinking. Could i possibly oneshot a blight (or at least its first phase) when i get all those buffs? I think i once saw a video of someone claculating how much damage that would be, but i dont know how much it was. Might have to look it up again.


With a max Guardian Axe++ (75 damage) + 80 % Ancient Proficiency + 50 % attack buff you can do 203 damage per swing. A sneakstrike should do 1.624 damage. Against guardians and blights it should also get another 30 % boost.


Thanks for doing the math. So it seems i cant, since bosses arent sneakstrikeable. But good to know that i could technically oneshot a silver moblin.


It's possible to fake a one-shot using good timing on Stasis+, bullet time, and a multishot bow. I've taken out Calamity doing that with ancient arrows, and it only takes like 6-7 shots with a x3 bow. [Here's a clip of me playing around with it before I had done the testing to see how many shots it would take at minimum.](https://streamable.com/diudvi)


I actually didn't know that. That explains why he was so weak when I fought him a few days ago as he's the first blight I fought on my current run. I usually fight him like third or fourth. Having said that, it was still frustrating because he would spawn in his second phase above the bridge thing and I wouldn't be able to reach him in time to hit him.


Whoa whoa whoa…. So I’ve done a silly thing where I “started” all four blight fights after competing the divine beast puzzles and running away from them so I could choose the order later after getting better at fighting. You’re telling me that order is already stuck?


I really enjoyed the first phase, but by the end, I was panicking and just screaming "HOW DO I KNOW WHEN TO DODGE" and just swung my sword wildly until it died


Thats how i did it on my first playthrough. At that time i fought him in hyrule castle, because i didnt know where i would find the last divine beast. I completed vah naboris eventually.


He's by far my least favorite tbh, at least on Master mode. He may be more bearable/less tedious on normal mode, but the refight took me dozens of tries due to lack of weapons.


I’m gonna do as if the refight never happened because all the refights felt about the same. But the first fight, in my opinion, was so much more fun for thunderblight. Was a challenge and it forced me to parry and dodge a lot more and get used to those moves.


I dont even think about boarding that camel until I have the rubber armor set with the unshockable bonus.


Been a while but I feel like I remember Waterblight being the most annoying for me on Master Mode. I had the timing for Thunderblight flurry dodges down pretty damn well so I don't really remember any issues there. Which is funny because they were pretty much flipped on my first playthrough. Edit: I'm a dummy, I was definitely thinking about the DLC when you can only fight the blights with the specific weapons they give you. That is the one that sucked for Waterblight because that spear is a pretty shit weapon. I guess I don't really remember much about my Master Mode run at all.


I've never played master mode, but I've seen YT videos of master mode play throughs, and I've seen high level weapons from the very start. Why do you say lack of weapons? Are the rules different for boss fights?


When you fight Thunderblight during the Champions Ballad you’re only allowed certain weapons and armor.


They only give you 2 swords, 1 Shield, 3 healing items, no bow, and put you in the male Gerudo outfit.


I really appreciated Thunderblight as it was the boss that forced me to learn how to dodge and parry attacks, which made me much better at the game. Tho I’m sure I would’ve had a much tougher time if I didn’t have full rubber


I totally agree, he’s the one who made me dodge and parry attacks too


Thunderblight was my first blight, and I have to agree. It took me like 4 tries since I only had 5 hearts though. He’s so annoying but genuinely challenging and fun. Waterblight has to be my least favorite, just because you get out of The water and then he knocks you off again and then you have to get out of the water again and then he knocks you off AGAIN. Waterblight isn’t challenging, he’s just annoying.


waterblight was my first one and he wrecked me like 10 times before i figured it out. all the other blights were a cakewalk in comparison and i didn't die with them.


I had difficulties with waterblight, I wasted so many arrows trying to break his cubes


i learned a trick! if you use stasis on the first one and wait behind it for the others to hit it and then hit it towards him it'll knock him out of the air. it's pretty much the only way to do the illusory blight fight since you don't get many arrows for the fight.


That's a good idea, I didn't think of that one! I tried breaking them with cryonis, but I wasn't quick enough and felt arrows were more effective, but I'll try that when I replay the game.


Thunder and water are the best


Definitely the only one I found challenging, but man the K/D ratio that mf has on me


What about the flower blight


She’s just above all of them so she doesn’t count


Oh yeah cus technically everyone already knows she's the best so its more of a competition between the other blights


Exactly exactly


It was a pain in the ass for me because in both my playthroughs, I fought him first because I always forgot he was the hardest one and he kicked my ass so much.


Honestly i have never had trouble with thunderblight. He’s quite easy and I usually beat him in a minute. The only one that I sometimes take damage on is waterblight just because the water and some bad timing on my part. Lynels are the only hard thing in the game. They break your weapons, shields, consume you hearts but are a fun challenge.


for me, it was a nightmare I didn't rly know how to play the game so it took me hours on end


I have fought him first in both normal and master mode just so I can get him out of the way (and so I could go visit the Gerudo first because I'm in love with them.) It wasn't until after I finished the game I found out that he was supposedly the hardest? I've always thought that Waterblight was the most annoying one to fight.


The arena makes the fight less fun, but it is the most interesting one to fight.


Best? If best means the most annoying and most difficult to kill, then yes he is the best


Fuck thunderblight gannon, all my homies hate thunderblight Gannon.


I think either windblight or fireblight are most fun as you have to time correctly but it also lets you mess with them Also you can actually tell what you are meant to be doing unlike thunder bitch (/j)


windblight is best. thunderblight is up near there. fuck you waterblight you hurt me a lot on my first run you little bitch and the other battle is very forgettable


My girlfriend struggled with thunderblight for days and days. It forced her to finally take a small break from BOTW. When I finally got around to playing the game, I beat him in one go without taking any hits while she watched. We didn’t talk for the rest of the day.


Windblight makes me feel the most badass


That meme is so dead that it looks like a propped up corpse. Chnage my mind.


Having played Dark Souls 3 a short while before fighting Thunderblight, my gut instinct was to parry the guy instead of dodging for the flurry rush.


I did thunderblight last expecting a difficult battle, i was all prepared... and I beat it first try. :/ I do still agree that he was the best out of the 4, especially on the refight for the DLC


Specially if you go there FIRST!


You just decided to wake up and choose violence I see.


It is a fun and unique fight but if you're not prepared you can end up using all your food up in the first phase


I prefer Water or Wind. Flame is the worst for me. Though lightning is very difficult, it’s also pretty fun. Flameblight is just annoying.


Like, strongest? Definitely. Most fun to fight, definitely not. And both for the same reasons.


I remember fighting him for more than an hour and I wanted to cry. A cry of rage. Then I realized i was wearing gerudo clothes and had 3 armor the whole time, getting one shot every hit.




the only boss that’s not lame as fuck


Being the best of a bad group of bosses is still being the best, I suppose.


Best boss fight is still Monk Maz Koshia though.


Shhhhhhhh idk what ur talking about, he isn’t real


Flowerblight has entered the chat


Damn your right, Thunderblight would get clapped by Flowerblight


Yes. I know BOTW has to be fun for a wide array of ages but cranking up the difficulty a bit on bosses would be great.


Thunderblight would be a good boss if the arena was actually good change my mind. Naboris is just not flat enough imo.


Thunderblight *felt* like Urbosa. Windnlight was too big and slow to be Revali, Waterblight was nothing like Mipha and Fireblight felt a bit like Daruk, but I didn't get that impression from it. Thunderblight, on the other hand, has a fighting style like Urbosa, it uses its lightning like Urbosa does and it has a similar build to Urbosa. It felt like Urbosa, but better, which is where the rest of them failed as bosses for me.


Mastermode sucks. If you miss one parry he regenerates again. I tried doing him without doing the devine beasts so that he would have full hp but that way he regenerates back to 3/4 of his full health. I haven't beaten him


It was nice when I did a flurry rush for the first time and Urbosa congratulated me in the background :)




Honestly Waterblight is my most hated. Having to swim through water kills the momentum of the fight.


Absolutely not, that fight made me SO MAD. Really hard to parry when the fucker is constantly ninja zooming around the room and breaking my lock on him.


That was the first blight I fought and it was a challenge. All of the others just felt easy and boring


Agreed neat idea. But I had to farm so many nonconducting shields


Idk I feel like the only one that hasn’t ever had problems with thunder blight in literally any context. Like first run of the game ever it’s my second divine beast right so I’m def not near endgame prepared. I swear al I have to do I jus spam parry when shit gets scary and it always always work. Wind blight on the other hand….


He’s also the hardest, I always save him for last when it comes to Devine beasts


it took me so long to figure out that you could rotate the parts


I love the fight, but I also love how Thunderblight is so tiny compared to the other Blights


Agreed. Easily my favorite BOTW boss.


Thunderblight is the best. He’s the hardest for sure, but I also think that’s what makes him the best. However that magnesis part is dumb.


They all felt the same way to me tbh


I found WindBlight and Fireblight to be super easy.


Especially windblight I mean you get free bomb arrows and he’s a goner lmao


I liked that it made me use parrying and dodging more, felt more fast pace and exciting but hey that’s just my opinion lmao


The worst thing about this meme format is that I have to look at Steven crowder. I need to play again but I think I agree with you. Someone’s comment above is correct though if you have rubber set it’s not hard at all.


Yeah but all the blights can be extremely easy with the right knowledge and equipment


I hated Waterblight the most to be honest, with Thinderblight I at least got the chance to practice dodging and parrying


It took me forever to deal with him and water blight because I didn’t understand what I had to do to hit them back. It took me the re-fight in the DLC to find out what I was SUPPOSED to do for each of them. I just cheesed it the first time.


Yeah thunder and water were the first two I faced and got absolutely rocked by because I was still new to the game, and low on hearts. But fire, wind, and calamity Gannon we’re all push overs and a little disappointing.


So true except second fase, i can never get It right


It's the only good blight.


Naboris dungeon in general is just the best. Ruta by far had the best story/build-up to it tho.


I don’t like it much, I’m great at flurry rushes and still somehow miss it every time


Was the hardest for me but also was the most rewarding. Kind of felt like beating your first boss in dark souls


A boss should never have a second phase that makes them easier but agreed best boss


I agree with OP


I like it but... The lead up to it is the second worse (in my opinion windblight is the worse) however it's a lot of fun because of how challenging kinds like monk maz kosha which has a great lead up to the fight making it better


For me personally its waterblight.


I love them all, they’re all so cute and fun to battle. My personal favourite is windblight, he’s just adorable lol


He was definitely the most fun because he was the hardest, but still took me 3 tries to beat, I wish I had played this game when I was a little younger because the boss fights were easier than I thought they would be, it kinda ruined the game for me a bit, like exploring the world was fun but all of the story battles were really easy to the point where they were the laughing stock for me, like lynels were harder than the bosses for me, and even lynels got easy after getting used to them a bit, I get the game is supposed to appeal to most ages but I wish it was just a bit more challenging. Still a good game I just think that people really hyped it up for me when I actually ended up playing it this year it disappointed me a but.


Thunderblight and waterblight are the only challenging ganons


Waterblight is the best since it’s the hardest


All the bosses are a joke. They didnt aim to make a hard game they aimed to make an easily accessible game


It was one of the few switch launch titles. kind of have to be accessible.


My first run I took on thunderblight not knowing it was the hardest one. I got absolutely destroyed I remember raging for two days at that fight. Second run I did him last with the master sword and got him on my second try. Very different experiences lmao.


That was the first one I did and the easiest imo.


he easy, my strat is litterally "RUSH NABORIS!"


He’s by far the hardest. Which makes him the best. But I do love me some fireblight on a bad day. Waterblight is second toughest tho.


Wrong... Flower Blight is best Blight


The magnesis rods are by far the most annoying thing about that fight




I think there is not many people that will disapprove. ​ Saying that windblight was would be more shocking.


Nah, my two favorite were Waterblight and Windblight. Van Medoh was an easy divine beast but the fight was memorable. Van Ruta also has easy puzzles but I’ll never forget the rush I first had when trying to dodge that long ass spear and after wards constantly bullying that old kings advisor guy who hated link


Long ass-spear [xkcd: Hyphen](https://xkcd.com/37/) --- ^^Beep ^^boop, ^^I'm ^^a ^^bot. ^^- ^^[FAQ](https://pastebin.com/raw/vyWra3ns)


My favorite kind of spear. The ass-spear (spear made out of ass)


Wind blight gives u the best ability and is pretty easy if ur good with a bow




i raise you monk maz koshia


No need to change your mind, thunderblight IS the best


Thunderblight is my least favorite simply because of the metal pillars that he uses


I'll never understand thunder blight Gannon I beat him easily the first time his attacks are so easy to predict and dodge and counter it was a cakewalk. Woosh.......woosh,woosh,woosh,woosh,woosh dodge tons of damage rinse repeat. Second phase hide under thing until in a good spot up electrocute him dodge woosh again rinse repeat dead. I didn't even have the master sword when I killed him.


Man speaking FACT


Yes. I still feel like the Lynel should be a boss.


Well, he killed Urbosa, who is pretty bad ass herself, and arguably the strongest of the 4 other champions. Hard to argue.


If you fight him pretty early on he is real easy to beat.


Was he really that hard? Like aside from needing to block instead of dodge threw me off buy it wasn't that complicated.


If I were any good at parrying, I might be more inclined to agree with you. Until then, I'll be on the floor, rolling next to my sword and shield.


I hate DLC Thunderblight because you get sucky equipment, but base Thunderblight isn't bad because you can wear electric-nullifying armor. I seriously drop my weapon a million times in the DLC fight.


Ok yes funniest but not hardest for champions ballad. We can all agree the hardest one in champions ballad is water blight.


Coldest take imaginable


Water Gannon was fun


I got ptsd by thinking of him


Using this meme format as if u want to be even remotely like the guy in the picture...


Eh they all kind of suck


Yo no he’s poopy cause I can’t beat him there for he is bad


god I can't stand seeing that punchable face ...Crowder's face that is, not Thunderblight's


The guy in the meme is a racist tho


Pffft, Flowerblight is the scariest most dangerous of all the bosses


I had a harder time fighting Monk Max Koshia than all the ganons in the game


FAX like Wind was SO EASY and Water was just tedious. Fire was okay but Thunder was SO FUN even if it was hard.


He's the only legitimately challenging boss in the game. All the other Blights can be hilariously stunlocked, and you're OP as hell by the time you fight Ganon.


Definitely the hardest one.


Thunderblight ganon and its reception is proof enough to me that if a botw type game was handled by FromSoft it would be a banger


I’d like to disagree and say fireblight. Thunderblight can be a bit cheap if you’re not 100% locked in. Fireblight seems to throw a good balance for me.


It’s the funnest since all the others are kinda easy


All the blights and divine beats were pretty lane imo. Breath of the wild defiantly has the worst dungeon design of all Zelda games


Feels good to parry his attacks.


He is the best fight because others have some weird mechanic that I just find annoying. Like waterblight has the water level, windblight... is windblight, and fireblight I think is second best and would be best if it wasn’t for how slow and uninteresting his fight is. And thunderblight would be top 3 zelda fights if it wasn’t for the disarmament from lightning attacks.


uhm. For me he was such a pain in the ass it made me want to scream. so no.


The only dark souls boss in the game. I know it probably isn't as hard, but dang is it boring when there is almost no challenge whatsoever


It was the hardest but I think I enjoyed it the most when I beat it


I do agree with that! Although fighting him for the first time had me scared shitless 😅


Seven months and counting since I've tried to fight thunderass. I can easily defeat phase one but phase two fucking kills me. Every. Damn. Time.