We’re about to find out just how good Brian Kelly really is, since he’s apparently going to be coaching the entire team by himself


Brian Kelly will run the offense, while the defense will also be run by Brian Kelly but with a gumbo drawl and drinking chicory coffee


Iowa fans will be quick to point out that Brain Ferentz is available. He is jack of all trades and will fit in any open role.


[coach kelly at staff meetings ](https://imgur.com/a/S3NG2KP)


Solid effort


*Kelly draws smiley faces on tips of each of his fingers and looks at his open palms longingly* "The gang's all here!" *Sheds single tear*


LSU is gonna throw a stack at the assistant pool too he’ll be fine


Agreed. Huge overreactions about Kelly at LSU. The sky is not falling. May take a week or two for all the pieces to come together, but he'll get it done. More telling, to me, is that LSU has not seen the mass departures and decommits that OU has, near as I can see. Also, same for ND. That suggests, at least so far, that most players are in wait and see mode and probably optimistic about what comes next. Getting Mickey back to Lincoln may be very helpful for Nebraska recruiting. Even if Frost doesn't last after this season, I hope we can find a way to keep Mickey on staff.


Not trying to shit talk, but part of the reason you aren’t seeing recruits leave after Kelly was hired is because they all already knew Orgeron was out anyways


Good point. I forgot how early in the season that was, as compared to usual coaching changes.


That and the state of Louisiana has a massive talent pool (and many of the kids in it have dreamt of playing for LSU since they were in little league)


It’s not unwarranted. A lot of CFB fans see the obvious which is that he left his team in the midst of a potential playoff run. NCAA is set up to promote that but the finer details get missed when looking at the bigger picture. Mickey Joseph is a huge loss for LSU, New Orleans legend in a tight knit group of coaches in that part of the state that takes an insider to recruit. But, it was inevitable. Every coach and assistant Kelly misses out on will be under a scope though, a lot of people want to see him fail now. As an LSU fan, I’m pumped and hope to see a return to excellence.


Not many followed Saban here from Mich St either and that worked out pretty well. (Not saying Kelly is Saban by any stretch) We have the facilities and resources to put a solid staff around him. Our AD is motivated to put a quality product on the field again.


I’m fascinated to see what the Kelly/LSU experiment turns into. He feels like a mercenary for hire rather than instilling a football coach. He’s the antithesis of Pittman or Dabo or Coach O or even Miles. Might work, might not. I have my doubts. But LSU has a heck of a brand, so who knows.


He's definitely a very different sort of personality than we are used to down here. I think 8-4/9-3 is kinda the floor we are looking at with a NC being a real possibility with the in state talent we have in Louisiana. It really comes down to recruiting well and that's why I think we will spend big money on filling out this staff. Gotta keep Bama/Georgia/etc from pillaging the state.


I'm very interested to see how it goes for him down there. I know there is a lot of hate being thrown his way right now by ND fans and some of it is warranted, but at the end of the day you don't become the winningest head coach in ND history by being a bad coach. He's a great coach. What remains to be seen is how he'll do in a completely different region/culture than where he's coached his entire career. So in that regard it's going to be interesting to watch.


I mean comparing transfer culture in the early 2000’s to transfer culture now is laughable at best


Mike Bobo and Will Muschamp are readily available.


No coach in the history of coaching has ever gone to a school and built a mostly new staff.


Associate Head Coach / WR Coach / Passing Game Coordinator / Assistant Corn Detasseler Damn, this dude will be busy up in Lincoln


Not recruiting coordinator?


[Recruiting coordinator was not mentioned on the graphic tweeted by the Huskers. But now I'm totally busted, because you'll notice that Corn Detasseller is not on there, either.](https://twitter.com/HuskerFBNation/status/1466824580736159747?s=20)


How many here know how hard corn detaselling\* is


This guy right here. Absolutely one of the worst summer jobs I had in high school.


Let me rephrase. How many here (without a nebraska flair) know how hard corn detasseling is? lol


Lol. I hated the spiders. Nasty fuckers.


^*I* ^don't ^even ^truly ^know. ^I'm ^a ^phony. ^:/


what a fun time, i remember loading up on a bus at 4am going to some random field for two weeks and getting my hands shredded. Wouldn't trade that for anything.


Only two weeks? Also, I mean, you didn't wear gloves?


Yeah we had gloves but they weren't very good and we still had blisters and shit all the time. And I'm from Omaha so I didn't do much, just me and a couple dozen people I knew then going to somebody's farm to detassel, and it only took two or three weeks iirc.


Oh man I miss those days. Shivering when you start the day and dying of heat exhaustion when you end the day. Also, those farm girls whose parents made them work 😍


Its implied by the state


It’s part of the K. Coaches and players cannot report to fall camp until the detassling is done


From what I’ve read positions like “recruiting coordinator” and “passing game coordinator” are mostly just made up positions to give a coach a “promotion” and more money so I don’t think it really matters


Yeah but recruiting coordinator, on a functioning, well organized staff, is a critical position.


From Corndog to CornCob


As the corn turns


Mickey Joseph has decommitted from LSU




Position coach: takes job at his alma mater and adds titles /r/CFB: Brian Kelly is a failure at LSU


Has Brian Kelly lost control of LSU?


It’s supposedly been in the works for weeks while LSU has been searching for a coach. I think he just wanted to return to his alma mater


*That's not the slant the people want!*


Oops, you’re right. *Report: LSU Head Coach Brian Kelly likes to grease the floors of nursing homes and spit on babies*


*I fucking knew it*


"Wait Tom you've actually witnessed him greasing floors and spitting on babies?!" "No no, nothing like that. That's just what we're *reporting*"


You’d make a great “journalist”


Rumored that the ND WR Coach (Del Alexander) was one of the very few coaches that were following BK to LSU. I have not seen that confirmed anywhere, however.


Wouldn't Kelly want to keep this guy though? Jefferson and Chase are two of the best WRs to come out, and with decent QB play, LSU's offense would have been a juggernaut. Whereas our receivers...not as good.


I am by no means saying that losing Mickey is nothing to worry about, nor am I saying that he wasn't a good coach or recruiter that helped bring in some of the best WR talent LSU has ever seen. However, LSU has been producing NFL level talent at WR for years. We also had OBJ, Jarvis Landry, Rueben Randle, Dwayne Bowe, Brandon Lafell, Early Doucet, etc., on the team before Mickey showed up. It's a big loss, but I'm hopeful that we can bring in talent at the position without him.


Nebraska has been flirting with Joseph as far back as last season. Burrow/Brady were the main motivators behind Jefferson and Chase. They mandated like 10,000 catches over Summer 2019. Joseph will be missed for his recruiting prowess, but we'll be fine at WR


For the reasons you've mentioned, I would imagine that BK wanted to keep him on in some capacity, but he may not have wanted to *stay* on. And, like I said about nothing being confirmed with Del Alexander - I have seen rumors that he's going to LSU and I've seen rumors that he's going elsewhere. Nothing definitive either way.


Mickey ain't that good and Nebraska is his alma mater


[coaches multiple first round picks and is widely regarded as the best recruiter on a staff led by ace-recruiter Ed Orgeron] “He ain’t even good pawwwwl”


Not regarded as the best recruiter at all, our receivers have been miserable outside of insane talent from Boutte the past 2 seasons, and 2019 was more the high demands and expectations of Burrow/Brady than anything he did.


Jesus, do you even know yer own team pal? Please enlighten us how the best recruiter and best skill position coach, “ain’t that good.” ya’all took Pelini again, so this take is pretty weird.


He's a good recruiter, but he's honestly not a great position coach. Outside of 2019, our drop rate is terrible


Clearly know our team better than some huskers do


Bruh trust me they weren’t good because LSU “coached em up” so well.


Where did you hear that from? Just curious how credible it is


I wouldn't assign any credibility to it currently. There has been a lot of discussion on various threads over at r/notredamefootball about the OL and WR coaches either following BK to LSU or just not being kept on at ND, but I don't remember seeing any sources, just "insider information", haha.


Would make sense, since Freenan is trying to steal Hartline


I heard it was because Mickey didn't trust Kelly. Fyi, he is Terry Joseph's cousin and Terry apparently wasn't fond of Kelly upon leaving for the longhorn job (in part butthurt that Freeman came in and became DC over him). Regardless, when Mickey heard it was Kelly he was ready to leave over working under him based off how Terry felt he was treated.




Although I'm not very concerned about kElLy HaS lOsT tHe TeAm, it's worth noting that Mickey Joseph is a big time crooter in the new Orleans area, which is obviously talent rich but particularly so for recievers (odell, jefferson, chase in recent years among many others). It will be important for kelly to have guys on his staff that have in roads with Louisiana recruiting, and the fact he seems to have already tried to replace kevin Faulk and now Joseph leaving has me very interested in who he decides to keep and who he ends up bringing in


So a lot of comments here about Kelly and in general about assistants this coaching cycle but isn’t it pretty normal for coaches to assemble their own staff?


It is. Less normal is reaching out to several coaches at ND and one at OSU, and having them all turn you down. Particularly the OC he tried to buy with a $400k raise.


Ah yes, particularly the OC whose family are ND lifers


And played QB at the school




Notre Dame supposedly not just matched LSUs offer for Rees but actually went a little higher


Well yeah I'd imagine losing a young coach who played at your school by getting outbid is embarrassing. No way ND would just let that happen.


This has been in the works for a few weeks. ND fans just trying to make themselves feel better


Let them have their downvoting brigade


I’ve been upvoting most these comments, we can make fun of Kelly’s pandering, way he left, and missing out on some hires, but he will be totally fine. Stuff like this is an overreach


It's really a&m fans acting a fool. Yall were in a good spot with either freeman or fickell


Hopefully he brings come croots with him


Will be interesting to see. I would guess it will be hard to pull kids out of LA and the SEC to play in Lincoln, but who knows. Dude is a legend.


Nebraska's all time leader in receptions and yards was from New Orleans lol


Yeah y’all picked him off when the Huskers were the scourge of the land and were stomping everybody. That period was also a low point for LSU, so completely understandable that he bailed.


I'm talking about Stanley Morgan Jr who played from 2015-2018. Nebraska was most definitely NOT stomping anybody then lmao


Hum. Learn something every day!


So in the end, it wasn't Lincoln (Riley) to LSU after all? It was LSU to Lincoln?


This is one of the more believable accounts I’ve seen. https://www.si.com/college/2021/12/03/college-football-brian-kelly-lincoln-riley-wild-week-daily-cover


Big reverse-get for Kelly


Coach Mickey Joseph has recently developed a Corn Accent. "Knee high by July" and "And sometimes soybeans too!" are his knew recruiting pitches.


I saw Mickey at hyvee buying corned beef and talking to the cashier about corn prices


Now is this hand picked sweet corn?


I'm over the moon!


Congrats, y’all got a great one here




No, Joseph is a Nebraska alum. He is from LA, though.


Can some LSU fans tell me if this is good or not? Or just anyone in general?


He's a great recruiter and very tied-in the Louisina high school football community.


I can’t tell if you’re being sincere or not, cause Reddit, but yeah this is the best skill position coach Frost has ever had. Hell of a recruiter, particularly in NOLA, and has coached multiple WRs to the league.


I was genuinely curious


I really can't imagine Mickey is your best skill position coach. Recruitment is his strength, not coaching WRs


You haven't seen much of our players then.


I suspect Beckton is still a better skill position coach. What he's done with our TEs has been amazing.


True, he has done good work with Stoll and Allen.


Yeah you guys are 2 years removed from a natty, we’re 5 yrs removed from making a bowl game.


Didn't something like 7 WRs get drafted to the NFL under him, with multiple first-rounders and pro-bowlers? I can understand that may very well be because he recruited the talent, but certainly, that also means he develops them well? Not trying to instigate, just curious what makes you say he is not good at coaching WRs


He got here in 2017. DJ Chark went in the 2nd in 2018. No one went in 2019. Then the rest are Jefferson, Chase, and Marshall. Jefferson, Chase, and Marshall made a huge leap with Brady's offseason workouts. He separated them from practice and did indoor focused-workouts with them. Then our 2019 season happened. Our drop rate in 2018 was one of the worst in the country. 2019 was great. 2020 was bad, and this year has been bad. To be honest, I think a lot of people on this sub are confusing him with Corey Raymond. I'm not saying he's a bad coach or anything. I'm just saying what I've seen.


Mickey has great recruiting ties to New Orleans. With the current state of Nebraska football you probably won't steal any of the major recruits that LSU goes after but you'll get some solid 3* and the occasional 4*. Overall I think this is a solid move for yall.


Good to great recruiter. Questionable development. You could do a lot worse but I'm not losing sleep over losing him either. That would be my two cents anyway.


Appreciate it!


So who’s LSU hiring for their position coaches and coordinators. LSU fans who are y’all looking at


OC is really my main worry. Our DC has improved tremendously over the season. Our defense was playing its best at the end of the year, and we were missing ~6 starters. Our OL, DL, and DB coaches are still recruiting, so that bodes well. I haven't heard anything about RB coach Kevin Faulk, really want him to stay. Hearing SMU is wanting LB coach Blake Baker, but I'd really like him to stay as well.


It seemed so odd that the OC was going to be the interim coach? LSUs DC has turned the entire defense around and like 90% of your starters are freshman


Brad Davis is the OL coach, he was named interim.


This is a dangerous question to ask LSU fans. Responses will vary from the obscure to Sean Payton. I blame passion and poor public schools in this state.


Insiders have been completely quiet. Unclear if it's because nobody is saying shit or if they're too embarrassed after being very wrong about the head coach hire (it was Riley is the top target for ~2 months with a ~week of Riley said yes). Beyond the ones that turned us down that were posted here anyway. And that someone (aka Texas) is trying to steal Corey Raymond again. If I had to pick a name out of a hat and commit to it, I'd probably say Doug Belk for DC. Seems like a good combo of poachable and actually good at his job. No fucking idea on anything else besides Raymond being a definite keeper and probably Baker as well.


Well that’s not ideal


We see things differently, friend


I can’t stress enough how great it is seeing Brian Kelly get dumpstered by everyone he’s had contact with right now. Shows how disingenuous he is


In my best Forrest Gump impression- coach Kelly you ain’t got no coaches!


Not to ruin y’all’s slant, but this likely has nothing to do with Brian Kelly. Rumors of him leaving have been swirling for weeks. One rumor suggests that Joseph was telling administrators that some current recruits claimed they would decommit from LSU if he was not retained. Apparently administration did some digging and found out he was fabricating this claims. Not a particularly great look for Joseph.


I don’t think Nebraska fans care which is what matters


Can confirm I do not care


That's a bingo.


You're ruining the narrative!


LSU; have fun with Kelly. My condolences.


People don't like him, but he wins games. Oh noooo, what do we doooo


He’s literally another Coach O…. You have to surround him with great assistants for it to be successful.


>He’s literally another Coach O lmao what


I mean, even IF this statement were true, would you take another Coach O and National Championship if given the opportunity?


Of course, not even a thought. It was just such a weird sentence to see.


Brian Kelly is a horrible human being who I wish nothing but failure for, but he's won at every place he's ever coached. How is that similar to Ed O, who other than one magical season, has been a failure of a head coach outside of being interim a few times?


Ok, come back when LSU is doing an assistant reshuffle in 2 seasons.


Actually when you put it like that, it seems like they might be twins.


They were doing that with Orgeron anyway.


You realize Saban does an assistant reshuffle all the time? He goes and gets great coordinators for a couple of years at most, then they go be a HC somewhere. If you are keeping coordinators long-term, its probably because they aren't that good.


I could be Saban’s DC & Alabama will still be top 5…


It will be interesting to see how ND does with Kelly's too assistant taking over there. Other issues with Kelly as a person (trash) aside, it's a rare, rare dude (Nick Saban) who can do all the tasks required of a top college coach: recruiting, game planning, day to day coaching, managing the players, being a public figure for the school. Kelly seems like a guy who leaves the day to day coaching and managing of the players to his assistants, but is successful at all the other stuff.


How well did Joseph do at LSU?


If you ask LSU fans now, he was terrible and did nothing for them. If you asked them a week ago, Brian Kelly really needed to keep him on staff because he's a great recruiter and has produced some solid WRs.


Well that’s just dandy




brian keLLy


No comment