Some of the NFL’s best CB’s… oh and Roquan Smith

Some of the NFL’s best CB’s… oh and Roquan Smith


Still can't believe how badly he was snubbed last year for the Pro Bowl


Him not getting in was criminal. People will sleep on Roquan while catching a boner over someone like Bobby Wagner, who got first team all pro last season. Roquan basically went stat-for-stat with a first team all pro, and can’t even get the fucking pro bowl. It’s a joke at this point.


>It’s a joke Always has been 👩‍🚀🔫👨‍🚀


> People will sleep on Roquan while catching a boner over someone like Bobby Wagner a first ballot HOFer and the best iLB of the last decade? I get your point, just kind of a dismissive way to talk about Wagner lol


Bobby’s a beast, wasn’t tryna take away from him. He’s been consistently great for a minute now. Just a means for comparison due to stat similarities of last season, no disrespect to a hof career.


If only BC could stay healthy


Luv u Callahan


All-Pro CB Roquan Smith


Love that our LB is a better CB than the Packers star CB...




Idk why you’re getting downvoted, i thought it was kinda funny.


Thank you sir :)


I guess context matters. The commenter you're responding to is, based on 10 seconds of scrolling through recent comments, a Wisconsin-based Packers fan. A little rivalry ribbing is one thing, taking any shit at all from a Packers fan? No thanks.


Its just sportsball, its not like the packers are gonna win anything past the Divisional round anyways.


Agree. And to be clear I wasn't a downvoter. Ok, what. I just scrolled up and saw comment removed by moderator. What the actual fuck. Bears fans are a lot of things, but soft isn't one of them.


Weird, idk why they removed that lol.


It’s the way these subs are. I made one joke and have been banned from the packers subreddit since.


Roquan is just absolutely insane


Fred Warner who?


Urlacher 2.0. And, so far he hasn't done anything racist. Urlacher 4.20


Urlacher's racist BS really made me get bitter on him real quick. I will always respect his play on the field, but man why do so many sports stars have to always let me down.


What racist stuff did he do or say? I don't recall him being racist in any way


He wondered why NBA players would sit out a game because a stranger was murdered by police but Ol’ Dick Pic Brett Favre could play after his father died with no problem. He gets his talking points from the same place as Scott Baio and Kevin Sorbo. Fuck him.


[He got political last year during the BLM protesting. Showed support for that white kid who traveled to Wisconsin to shoot a couple of protestors](https://www.sbnation.com/platform/amp/nfl/2020/8/28/21405561/brian-urlacher-disturbing-social-media-behavior-was-rightfully-condemned-by-the-chicago-bears)


Well that's not racist. It's just an opinion you don't agree with.


What do you think the definition of racism will be in 15-20 years?


Hopefully the same as the first time I learned it as a boy.


Did you learn the definition from a black man who has experienced racism?


First off no I didn't, secondly, what does that have to do with the definition of the word racism. You don't need to be black to know what it is.


My guy, you are naive as hell.


Yeah, a racist opinion


This is why nobody takes these movements seriously anymore. Got an opinion on anything racially charged that doesnt line up with mine? Racist.




Lol he was on the ground being jumped by armed pedophiles and defended himself. Should he have been there with a gun? No. Should you defend yourself when your life is being threatened? Absolutely. It's not a black and white situation but hunting black people? That's a hot take


It doesnt matter if he is. Thats what im getting at. Big ben raped a chick. So did Kobe. Ray Lewis murdered a dude. Did you give a shit when that happened? God forbid Urlacher makes a potentially racisrt display of something. The thing is i dont watch these people for how good of a person they are. I watch them because they are amazing athletes. If they are also good people all the better. If not? Im not a judge or work in the justice department so I shut the fuck up and let professionals handle the matter so that i dont presume to be intelligent enough to cast judgement. Truth is im not..... and judging by the fact you seem to not be able to understand this neither are you.


Yes I give a shit about all those things.


This is why looking up to anyone in a celebrity status as more than their job (in this case football) is naive and unintelligent. Brian Urlacher never was paid to be a good person or take a certain political stance. He was there to be a linebacker. He isnt a politician. Why the fuck do you care what he thinks about blm. Same shit with kaepernick. NFL viewership wemt down 15 percent that year he was kneeling. Then people wonder why he got fired. He aint there to be a politician. He was there to make the 49ers money. Which he did the opposite of lmao.


Let's not bring this somewhere it doesn't need to go; we're mostly bears fans here first and foremost, we have at least that in common. No need or point to argue over a retired players' personal stances...even while most of us completely disagree with them. I can't wait to watch Roquan continue to dominate, and I hope with everything that Fields turns into an exception to the bears historical QB rule so they could turn into the dynasty we all want them to turn into. 🐻⬇️


FrEd WaRnEr Is BeTtEr In CoVeRaGe ThAn RoQuAn.


Must be why he’s never on the top LB lists. They got him listed as a CB.


Xavien Howard would look nice next to Jaylon Johnson 👀


Surprised Kyle Fuller isn’t on there


Kyle plays off man with a bunch of space. He gives up a lot of underneath stuff which fluffs up the passer rating. He’s also not a top 5 corner sooo


If only we still had Bryce Callahan...


He’d be spending 2/3 of his time on IR like he has in Denver. Missed all of 2019 and 6 games in 20. Great corner, rarely available




The 'Quan is the most underrated CB in NFL history - and don't even get me started about LB, too...


I thought the foot would end Callahan’s career. One who got away. A rare time where not forking over the big bucks was the wrong move…


Eh, I still think it was the right move. He’s started ten games over two seasons and we have more important positions to use that money on IMO. Love to see BC do well though.


Yeah but we thought the right replacement for callahan, who was a beast in Chicago but had injury concerns, was Buster Skrine. I wish we had retained him but he went back to Vic's team. But you love to see BC playing well and getting recognized for it.


I don’t think we ever thought Skrine was the right replacement. We just couldn’t afford to pay Bryce that offseason, let him go, and brought in Skrine off the street. I remember after signing him the sub wasn’t exactly super hyped, it was like a “meh, he’ll do” response.


With these stats, and seeing what Fred Warner and Darius Leonard got, Ro bout to get PAID. Good for him


And we better NOT even remotely attempt to not pay this man his rightfully deserved money! After what Leonard got yesterday from Indy, Quan’s deal is gonna have to be around 4yr/80M.


You do realize passer rating allowed as a defender is very flawed?


Maybe I should leave Chicago so I can get a second wind for my career lol